Pokémon Sun & Moon RUMORS from 2ch Pt. I

WARNING: Rumors are posted in hopes of spurring discussion. Do not take them as legitimate information until proven otherwise.

It’s RUMOR TIME and you can probably imagine how giddy I am to be able to start up the discussion with Pokémon Sun & Moon’s November release on the Nintendo 3DS drawing nearer and nearer.

Today we have some information from Japan’s anonymous forum 2ch. Users are regarding this rumor as highly dubious but its contents made me think it would be great to talk about:

  • The Alola region will feature 90 new Pokémon
  • 15 new Mega Evolutions will be revealed, but they are different or may have a different mechanic than what we’ve seen
  • There is a special attack gauge in battle that fills up and let’s you pull off a super-strong attack when full
  • More Pokémon in the “Tapu” series will be released, probably all of the islands have guardian
  • Lillie’s father is involved with the evil team and is either high ranking or its boss

Again, these are just rumors, but I’m very curious to hear what you’d think if there were 90 new Pokémon and if the gauge mechanic turned out to be real.

Exciting stuff!

<3 PJ