Jungle Asks: What do these Mysterious Stones Do?

The bracelets that the trainers wear in Pokémon Sun & Moon are different than those worn by protagonists of Generation VI. Instead of a Mega Stone, it seems as though they can be outfitted with diamond-shaped inserts. The image above is one that a fan did to display the possibility. You can see that there’s areas for not just one; whether the diamonds on the side are for modifying power or just for storage, we don’t know.


We do know however that the logos of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon do feature diamonds and it is likely to be a huge new part of the games. Remember, Professor Kukui is studying Pokémon attacks


So, before we get an official reveal, what are YOUR thoughts on these mysterious bracelets and possible diamond-shaped stones?!

<3 PJ

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ps- thanks Ethan for the tip!

  1. some sort of new form like mega evolution. (probably related to ash greninja) and possibly super attacks as well

  2. Am I the only one that feels like these stones seem to just look like they would activate Solgaleo’s and Lunala’s phase shifts for their special attacks?

  3. I never thought about the bracelet holding multiple gems! Still, I think it will serve as the item needed to power Solgaleo and Lunala’s Phase Shift. Also, I believe it will serve as allowing Mega Evolution with stones through a surge of power.

  4. They summon the great wrath of delivery dragonite and he is angry because you woke him up so he eats all your mail

    1. (I have no sweet clue what the bracelets do but wanted to contribute in some way, I apologize greatly)

  5. Probably a mega stone replacement. If not, they really need a better way to organize the mega stones within the bag. Perhaps give them a special case within the key items or something.

  6. I know now what they are based on my knowledge I heard this on a fan made Z version wiki page that a Mega stone like thing that can Mega evolve more than one Pokemon that explains several things like how the Main antagonist can Mega evolve Multiple Pokemon at a time and why there is room for the Multiple Stones and remember this a diamond mega stone in the Diancie and Cocoon of destruction movie might have hinted to this.

    1. More evidence on it in the movie he can activate multiple Pokemon as shown

    1. Mine just downloaded but I have a warning that if it says go to the police station and do something don’t their has been many cases of people being arrested because of it!

        1. Hey, for your nickname, are you doing your actual name or your PokeJungle name? I just want to know what others are doing, in case I can’t change it.

          1. I did both my alias and my real name (so PercyJamie)
            So I would suggest your PJ name since your real name is most likely taken

  7. I need help for Pokemon Go. For some reason I’m getting “GPS Signal Not Found”, but I downloaded the game legally from the Australian App Store on my iPhone 6S. Right now I’m in Thailand for a holiday and it was working yesterday for half the day, but then it stopped and it hasn’t worked since. Can anyone help me?

    1. I think apparently you need wifi the whole time cause I leave my house it stops working and nothing is in my house well my Jetpacks gonna be used a lot this summer now

      1. A Jetpack is a wireless router that is a little sucky in case your wondering

        1. Mine falters in and out too I hope when I GO (pun intended) to Greatwolf Lodge Sunday That I’ll find some rare Pokemon there

  8. Caught myself Charmander and a Caterpie <3
    If it wasn't night, I would go out to go catch some more

    1. I caught Squirtle and Weedle but my game refuses to move my character around a lot but I have discovered a Drowzee is outside but I can’t leave to find it!

      1. What I have is a F**Kin have a Spearow in my house yet I can’t get it because my thing keeps losing connection and it keeps moving!

        1. aw that sucks D:
          I click on it if its nearby, but you might be doing that already
          Hope you get that Spearow

          1. I’m giving up for tonight and at my grandmas tomorrow I have a pool and back yard there so I’ll search then yet Pokemon I have spotted but can’t get to Nidoran Male, Caterpie, Drowzee, Spearow and have a Weedle and Squirtle.

  9. So far I have Bulba, Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, Rattata, Venonat and Eevee. But I have no pokemon near home to grind levels with, and I don’t have data on my phone, so I’ve used up my incense and I’m all out :s

  10. To anyone who plays GO: what does it mean when I see leaves fluttering around somewhere? I thought it was a Pokemon so I went to it and I was standing straight on it but nothing happened.

    1. I dunno, I thought it was a Pokemon too. Sadly, I can’t double check as it’s night and I really don’t want to go too far from home

      1. What is the best way to find Pokemon? I walked around my block three times and didn’t find any, but when I was standing still at a poke stop I found a rattata.

        1. I’m using one of my Insenses right now. But I only want to use one for tonight

  11. If only it wasn’t night, I’d glady go try to find this Eevee near me D: </3
    One day Eevee, you will be mine.. :3

    1. i made an us apple id just to get it jfhvgfd i’m really desperate haha

        1. Ehh my country’s apple store sucks anyway so I doubt we would’ve gotten it. It still doesn’t have Miitomo 🙁

          1. oh sh*t, thats been out everywhere for like months, I am so sorry :C

      1. The Jynx came to me next my game bugged and Jynx popped out right before and yet I check my Pokemon a Jynx with 70 Cp is in it yay!

  12. Sorry for all the questions, I’m such a noob at GO. 😛 Maybe this isn’t the right place for this, but I’m going to ask them anyway.
    1. How do you get poke money other than buying it?
    2. Does incense work when you aren’t moving?
    3. Is anyone else experiencing a lot of crashes? I’ve missed out on a doduo and now (literally as I’m typing this) an eevee due to crashing. :/

    1. I just lost a rattata the same way. It crashes as soon as it goes into the ball.

    2. I’ve missed a few from crashes, and the incense works somewhat while not moving. I used it at work while I was within a 10 foot walking area, and got a few mons

    3. Okay. Answers to your questions.

      Pokemoney is very hard to obtain. You have to own a gym to obtain it. Which is annoying because only so many people will battle your gym.

      Incense spawns one pokemon close to you. The rest that are close must be walked to within a short walk.

      I also was experiencing crashing, however partly is when the pokemon is in the pokeball, and the other is when Pokemon GO servers were down earlier this morning.

    4. THe last two I can answer.
      Insense does work if you’re not moving as much, but you don’t get too much.
      And I think I had a crash earlier when I saw an Eevee, tried to get near it, but it said error and Eevee disappear.
      Which is sad as I really wanted it </3 D:

  13. Oh! And why can’t my brother log on with a google account? The option isnt there and we’ve had horrible experiences with Trainer Accounts before so we dont want to use that.

    1. Don’t know I caught a Jynx in a Suburban area so anything could appear

    2. I caught a lot of Pokemon in very rural areas. You’ll be fine. The problem is, there are almost no Pokestops around those areas.

  14. My IPod might just go through the wall it refuses to accept my Pokemon account now and locked me out and my school account expired and can’t detect any new things only old why I still have my account here

        1. Wait you found a starter after you were given one? I still have to find another starter.

          1. I lost my Squirtle my Weedle and Jynx but will revive from the ashes so it’s okay. For you at least

        2. Mine are down yet my new Google account can save me when it comes back on!

  15. Second day of Pokemon GO and my experiences.

    Driving is the best way to obtain a fun and also successful GO experience. It is the best way to catch lots of Pokemon, (i still have yet to go to a PokeStop…..), and also claim gyms.So far no gyms near me have been claimed. But I know that’ll change very soon….

    The PokeMoney thing is making me mad. 250 pokemon is not a lot of storage space, and the only way I think I can get more storage is by buying Pokemoney to get more Storage. Maybe by leveling up you get more storage, but lets see….

    The last thing is the servers. They better fix up those servers fast cuz people are going to turn away from the app soon. It’s pretty darn annoying.

    Anyway, overall I’m having a lot of fun not only catching Pokemon, but a lot of my friends (who don’t even like Pokemon) are enjoying playing this with me as well. I think when they add more pokemon from other generations it’ll become more interesting. Especially with trade!

    1. Coincidentally, the church right next to my house is a PokeStop. I’ll have to give that a try soon and see what I get. I’ve only opened the app once so far, but I’ll definitely use it a lot more! So far I have Bulbasaur and Diglett.

      1. Awesome! That’s cool that you have a PokeStop right near you. It would be convenient if I had one, but I guess no pain no gain? XD

        It definitely is a very fun game though.

        1. My park in my community is one and I have a pool to catch various water areas and this motivates to go on walks at night to catch good Pokemon

          1. Oh, I wish I can go on walks at night, I’m too scared of the dark, so I don’t like to go alone xD I always have to have a flashlight on me if I do need to go over to my friend’s house, which is like 2 minutes away xD

          2. My community has some good stuff a Gym a pokespot at park a pool in community and at Grandma’s that has huge backyard and still a pool yet can’t go out much at night here.

          3. Yeah, I live on the water so I’ve probably caught about 15 magikarps today XD. Also Staryu, lots of Tentacool, Dratini which is pretty sweet, and lots of Psyduck. I’ve also caught a Seaking with CP 148, which actually was one of the first pokemon I caught today!!

          4. that’s it
            I don’t care if Florida is hot as crap
            Tomorrow, I’m walking around my neighborhood so I can catch some mons.
            I missed my Eevee due to a crash, but dangit, I will get another one

          5. Yeah… Who knows, maybe we might meet up by accident. XD

            I actually walked with all my friends in the stinking heat in my jogging pants (don’t ask why) a whole half a mile away from home (I can’t really exit the community, it’s gated). I caught a ton of Pokemon. Seaking, dragonair, exeggcute, and poliwhirl are my strongest pokemon so far.

      2. I think it’s so cool that it shows what landmark is the pokestop! Two churches near me are pokestops.

        1. A moskee at the end of my street is a pokemon gym. I wonder what kind of pokemon i need to battle there…

  16. How do poke stops work? I know you get items, but can you only use it once ever or does it regenerate?

    1. I think after 4 hours? Or maybe after 24 hours. I’m honestly not sure. But I know it definitely regenerates.

      1. All of the Pokestops near me said that they had an empty module slot. Does that just mean someone got to them before I could?

  17. Is anyone else experiencing a problem where it says there is a Pokemon nearby, there is the radiating circle where a Pokemon would be, but no Pokemon on that circle. So I can’t tap on it, encounter it, and then proceed to capture the Pokemon.

  18. okay my fellow Gamers listen up if we want to figure out this new way of this bracelet,we need our top secret agents to figure out this mystery! so who’s up for the job?

    1. There’s literally no information on these bracelets so stop asking for people to find out stuff, when all there is are theories ?

  19. So I have no Pokemon nearby my house. Do you think that will be rectified soon? At least one species of pokemon should be available at all times, no matter where you go, no?

    1. I mean, sometimes I have to walk a little bit to find some. But if you have walked a little, then try putting incense, if that doesn’t work then I’m not sure. Maybe something is glitchy….

        1. Hmmm…. I see. So maybe go a little further out of your neighborhood. But don’t go to any bad areas XD!!!

    2. You could try using the incense. They are supposed to attract Pokemon to your location. Maybe that’ll help?

  20. I really wish they had all 721 pokemon though…if I’m going on a real pokemon journey I want to be able to catch my favorites and not use fillers.

    1. They are going to add beyond the original 151, but to what extent, we have no idea. Maybe they will add all Gen 2-7 Pokemon one day, given how popular the app is proving to be already.

    2. Patience my friend. The app is initially only having the first 151 but more will come after, which is confirmed. And it literally came out several hours ago so hold your horses partner ?. But I totally agree, I could use some gen 2-6 Pokemon…..

    1. As someone who hasn’t watched the anime since the end of the DPPt era, how has x and y been so far?

  21. looks like to solve the mystery of the diamonds,I’m must head to my super secret laboratory so I can figure out the mystery of the diamonds! *puts on lab coat*

  22. Me in Canada right now watching all these other countries get PokemonGo

  23. Maybe you can get 3 kinds of stones. Red, yellow or blue. Team yellow. Team blue or team red. Im looking at you Pokemon GO!!!

  24. CATEGORY Toxic Lizard Pokémon
    TYPE Poison/Fire
    HEIGHT 2’00”
    WEIGHT 10.6 lbs.
    ABILITY Corrosion
    Salandit emits toxic gas, together with flames, from the base of its tail. This poisonous gas has a sweet smell, and anyone who unknowingly breathes it in will become dizzy. Salandit is not a very powerful Pokémon, but its cunning nature allows it to battle fiercely by throwing its opponents off balance.

    Salandit females not only release toxic gases, they can also emit pheromones that attract males of all species, including Pokémon and humans. Inhaling these pheromones may cause opponents to be controlled by Salandit’s will.

    Salandit has the Corrosion Ability, a new Ability that no other Pokémon has possessed before. With the Corrosion Ability, it becomes possible to inflict the Poisoned status condition even on Steel- and Poison-type Pokémon.

  25. I think that, if this fan artwork is right on, that, the gems are power boosts for your Pokemon’s Power. Ex: The red gem powers up fire type Pokemon/moves, and the blue gem powers up water/ice type Pokemon/moves. so on and so fourth. 😀

  26. the answer is simple and at the same time it isn’t. In the pokemon anime olympia said that ash and his greninja would unlock a power never before seen, and they did. greninja looked like ash. They’re bond was so deep that when the power was unlocked it was also noticeable that ash could feel greninja’s pain, and was also in mental sync.

  27. Sun and Moon will introduce a new mechanic called “Mega Move”. Pokemons will have a new stat called “Stress” that will be like a bar. The bar will be filling by variuos ways: beeing in battle, suffering a status condition, receiving damage, using certain new moves… the bar will fulfill faster or slower depending on your pokemon Stress stat. As a curiosity, I’ll say that all Eeveelutions have a very high Stress, so they will be able to launch Mega Moves easily.

    Once the Stress Bar is fulfilled, the pokemon will be able to launch a Mega Move. The Mega Move will be exclusive by type. I mean, all grass type will have the same Mega Move, all Fire the same Mega Move,… and so on. Pokemon with double type, can choose which Mega Move they launch once the bar is filled. For example: once Skarmory’s bar is fulfilled, it can choose between Steel Mega Move or Flying Mega Move. Rapidash, however, can only use Fire Mega Move.

    The recquirements to use Mega Moves will be:

    – The pokemon must be a final evolution or mega evolution.
    – The trainer must have found a certain type quartz. For example: once you find the Grass Quartz you can use the Grass Mega Move. Quartzs is what the pokemon trainer has in his bracelet in the image above. In this case, he has the Groud, Fire and Water Quartzs.
    – Mega Moves can only be used by one pokemon once per battle.
    – The Stress Bar must be fulfilled.

    The Mega Moves are, typically, a very strong move of every type. Besides, every Mega Move has a special effect, related to the type itselfs. For example, the Fighting Mega Move is called 戦闘の王, “King of fighters”. Will do fighting damage and increase the attack of all the pokemon in your team. The Posion Mega Move is called 酸性雨, “Acid rain” and, besides damage, will have the chance to poison each pokemon in the foe’s team at 50%.

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