Pokémon Mascot Showdown: Grand Finale

Greetings everybody! We’re bringing you the Grand Finale of the Pokémon Mascot Showdown! Our last winner is Lunala with 52% of all the votes. It was a close call.

It’s time to choose the ultimate Pokémon Mascot. Pick your favorite and tell us who it is in the comments below!

Pokémon Red – Charizard      

  • The Flame Pokémon
  • Fire/Flying
  • Based on a European dragon
  • Even though it’s not its intention, it is the biggest cause of forest fires
  • Blast Burn
  • Both Mega Evolutions have the highest base stat total of all non-Legendary Fire types
  • Charcoal‘ and ‘Lizard

Pokémon Silver – Lugia

  • The Diving Pokémon
  • Psychic/Flying
  • Trio master of the legendary birds
  • Even though it is not a Water type, it’s called the Guardian of the Sea
  • Aeroblast
  • Highest Special Defense of all Flying types (tied with Ho-oh)
  • Lutetium‘ (a silver element), ‘Lugeo‘ (‘I lie dormant’ in Latin) and ‘Luna‘ (‘moon’ in Latin)

Pokémon Emerald – Rayquaza

  • The Sky High Pokémon
  • Dragon/Flying
  • Snake-like dragon that lives in the ozone layer
  • Has an organ that resembles a Mega Stone, which enables it to Mega Evolve without an item
  • Dragon Ascent
  • Highest Attack, Special Attack and base stat total of all Dragon and Flying types
  • Raqyia‘ (‘firmament’ in Hebrew’) and ‘Quasar‘ (a region surrounding a black hole)

Pokémon Platinum – Giratina

  • The Renegade Pokémon
  • Ghost/Dragon
  • Serpentine-like creature with six black ghostly wings
  • Can travel through the dimensions created by its counterparts
  • Shadow Force
  • Highest HP of all Legendaries and Dragon types and highest base stat total of all Ghost types
  • Girasol‘ (a red opal), ‘Guillotine‘, ‘Girare‘ (‘to wander around’ in Italian) and ‘Purachina‘ (‘platinum’ in Japanese)

Pokémon White – Zekrom

  • The Deep Black Pokémon
  • Dragon/Electric
  • Black dragon with dark patches covering parts of its body
  • The tail produces energy and can emit an anti-gravity
  • Bolt Strike and Fusion Bolt
  • Highest Attack, Defense and base stat total of all Electric types
  • Ze‘ (a harder sound than ‘re’) and ‘Kuro‘ (‘black’ in Japanese)

Pokémon X – Xerneas

  • The Life Pokémon
  • Fairy
  • Stag-like creature shaped like an X
  • The horns on its head can grant someone eternal life
  • Geomancy
  • Highest base stat total and Attack stat of all non-Mega Evolved Fairy types
  • X‘ and ‘cervus‘ (‘deer’ in Latin)

Pokémon Moon – Lunala

  • The Moone Pokémon
  • Psychic/Ghost
  • Skeleton-like bat whose wings are shaped like the moon
  • It’s called the Emissary of the Moon
  • Moongeist Beam
  • Part of an evolution chain
  • Luna‘ (‘moon’ in Latin) and ‘Ala‘ (‘wing’ in Latin)

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