Pokémon Mascot Showdown: Generation VI

Greetings everyone, here is another Mascot Pokémon Showdown. The winner of last time is Zekrom with 35%!
Now it’s time for Kalos. Generation VI released in 2013 with a worldwide release for the first time. This generation contained just two main games, namely X and Y, and featured some great new stuff like the Fairy-typing, Mega Evolution and trainer customization.

Pokémon X Version

Pokémon X showcased Xerneas, the Life Pokémon. It’s the first Fairy-type Legendary and is a stag-like creature shaped like an X. The horns on its head contain the colors of the rainbow and can grant someone eternal life. When it’s at the end of its own life, it transforms into a tree and sleeps for 1000 years.

There is no other Pokémon known than Xerneas that can learn the move Geomancy, making it the only Legendary Mascot whose signature move is a status move. It has the same stat distribution as Yveltal, but has the highest base stat total and Attack stat of all non-Mega Evolved Fairy-type Pokémon. Its name may come from the letter ‘X‘ and ‘cervus‘ (Latin for ‘deer’).

Pokémon Y Version

Pokémon Y featured Yveltal, the Destruction Pokémon. It is an avian Pokémon with the Dark/Flying type combo. Its wings and tail make the letter Y when fully extended. It has the power to absorb life energy. In contrast to XerneasYveltal sucks all the life energy of every living thing around it when it is at the end of its life, creating a cocoon of itself so it can sleep for 1000 years.

Yveltal‘s signature move is called Oblivion Wing. It has the highest base HP stat of all Dark-type Pokémon and is actually also the only Dark-type Mascot Legendary Pokémon known yet. Its name possibly derives from the letter ‘Y‘, ‘yvel‘ (Middle English for ‘evil’) and ‘talon‘.

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