Sun & Moon Speculation Pt. IX: Lillie’s Plan & Z-Move Connection

For a while now, speculation been floating around the internet concerning the character Lillie. Her bio on the game’s website calls her “mysterious” and says that she will have “an important role in the story.” Beyond that, we don’t have much more to go on. Which, of course, means that rumors and theories have been popping up everywhere. Some say that Lillie will be working with the villainous team, recently revealed as the gangstas of Team Skull. (Although, let’s face it, PMD Team Skull is OG.) Others say that she has a connection to the Kalos region. Some theories say both, or close to it.

lillie-bridgeSince Lillie’s initial character reveal several months ago, The Pokémon Company has focused more on revealing new Pokémon and characters rather than adding to what we know about already-revealed characters. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since it means less story spoilers coming our way, but it does mean that we’re probably not going to learn anything more about Lillie until Sun and Moon release this November. Thanks to the lack of info, most theories and speculation about Lillie’s character and her role in the story are based mostly on rumors, and maybe a little bit on wishful thinking. Which means that most of these Lillie theories come out sounding a bit… wait for it… Farfetch’d. (Yes, I went there.) So, I thought it would be fun to come up with a theory based on what we do know.

Right now, the only solid information we have on Lillie is from her bio on Pokémon Sun and Moon’s website and the gameplay clip shown at E3 2016. Her bio says that she’s an assistant to Professor Kukui “for personal reasons,” she’s a huge bookworm and she doesn’t like making Pokémon fight in battles. In the clip from E3, she seemed worried that the player’s and Hau’s Pokemon would get hurt in their battle during the village festival.

The question is, what kind of “personal reasons” are Lillie’s motivation in working for Professor Kukui? Most theories assume that this part of the bio must mean that Lillie is actually working for the Professor out of selfish motives. But how boring would it be if the innocent, anxious young girl who everyone expects to be secretly a villain actually turns out to be secretly a villain? The main series Pokémon games aren’t exactly known for their brilliant storytelling, but Gen 5 threw us a few curveballs (Pokémon GO reference not intended), and personally, I’d like the plot to be less obvious more often.


Every Pokémon Professor so far has had a specific area of expertise, and Professor Kukui is no different. According to his bio on the Pokemon Sun and Moon website, his research focuses on Pokémon moves. It also says that he’s even willing to take hits from Pokémon moves if he thinks he can learn something from the experience. A Pokémon Professor’s area of expertise usually has to do with some new feature introduced in the new games, and with Sun and Moon introducing Z-moves, this generation looks like it’s going to be no exception. However, if Lillie’s concerned about Pokémon getting hurt by Pokémon moves, she would probably also be concerned about people getting hurt by Pokémon moves. To be fair, this isn’t completely unreasonable for her to be worried about. Pokémon can let loose some really powerful elemental energy, and the stronger the Pokémon, the greater damage it’s capable of. What if Lillie’s “personal reasons” for assisting with Professor Kukui’s research into Pokémon moves are that she’s trying to find a way to neutralize moves in order to keep people and Pokémon from getting hurt?

lillie-stairsIf a Pokémon’s moves were neutralized, then that Pokémon wouldn’t be able to battle, which would really upset the premise of the game series as a whole. And with Team Skull running around Alola wreaking havoc, things would work out pretty well for them if only their Pokémon could battle. It’s possible that Lillie might still be involved with Team Skull, either out of pure intentions or as an unwilling victim. It could be that Team Skull might trick Lillie into sharing her research with them by convincing her that they’ll help her in her quest to keep Pokémon and people safe, only to have them turn on her and use her research for their own selfish goals. However, Team Skull is so obviously bad, even for Pokémon villains, that Lillie would have to be ridiculously naive in order to fall for it. It’s more likely that Team Skull will hear about her research and steal it from her so that they can neutralize the moves of any Pokémon that dares stand against them. With the results of Lillie’s research in hand, Team Skull would be invincible – except for the only moves strong enough to break through their new defenses, Z-moves. This puts the game’s new feature into the story, with the player having to master Z-moves in order to beat Team Skull.

Or maybe I’ve completely missed the mark. We won’t know for sure until November.

  1. Ehh, no, I’d like it more if she was a villain. It would be cool because she doesn’t look like an obvious villain screaming “heeeeey I’m a villain” like Pokemon always makes them. (Not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s nice to see exceptions to the rule)

  2. I wish she’s a villain too otherwise she would just be another boring character who we’d avoid (Shauna). She’s probably working with kukui so she can learn as much as she can about the z moves in order to help team skull achieve their goal (I have no idea what that’d be)

  3. “But how boring would it be if the innocent, anxious young girl who everyone expects to be secretly a villain actually turns out to be secretly a villain?”

    Not at all, if it fits the story.

    Thats the problem of many people today, they want to be surprised just for the sake of being surprised. Shock value for the sake of shock value.

    That’s what matters most: how well does the revelation fit.

    1. Hit the nail on the head.
      Putting shocks in for the sake of them being shocking and ignoring them not fitting the story is terrible writing.

      It reminds me of Sherlock.
      The head writer couldn’t think of an explanation for how he faked surviving a jump from a stupidly high building so they just brought him back and left it purposely unexplained.

  4. I hope she’s not a villain but rather a bad ass chick who comes to save the day when its needed most, I would love it if she had a hidden backstory where in the past she was ruthless in her battling and became undefeated but her team became too strong and she hurt a weak team and trainer without thinking and so now she knows she’s too powerful and only battles when she absolutely has too and thats the reason she doesn’t like battling because she knows that becoming powerful can make you forget whats important and corrupt you without you even knowing.

  5. I wanted her to be a Pokemon in disguise. If she really holds a Zygarde-related thing in that bag,she can truly shove them up her

    1. ……..Up her what? Say it…..SAY IT!!!! I wanna hear you utter the words you seem to deem too offensive for this discussion!!! lol

  6. Maybe by neutralizing pokemon attacks she doesnt want pokemon to have moves/abilites, turning them into regular animals. If she succeeds then pokemon will become ordinary animals 😮

  7. Here’s what I’ve been thinking since the introduction of Team Skull…..What I really want to have happen is for Skull and if we’re also talking about Lillie too, to mess up bad. I always pictured skull getting way over their heads. Like they aren’t big time villains, but some how stumble upon something massive and it’s too big for them to control. Maybe they stumble upon a great evil of something and due to them using Lillie’s tech to cancel out attacks they can’t defend themselves. Then only the player can swoop in to save the day as for whatever reason they weren’t affected by it. Makes sense to me if you ask…….me I guess lol

  8. I think Lillie has some connects to the Princesses of Pokemon. She might be a descendant of one of them. Additionally, she might be study Z-Moves to find her past. There might be a slight connection between her and Team Skull but I don’t think it’s as huge as people make it.
    Also, everyone in my school only knows Gen One Pokemon. .__.

    1. “Also, everyone in my school only knows Gen One Pokemon. .__.”
      Ouch. They need a better education.

        1. They could jump around the generations a bit. They’d be better only knowing 26 pokemon from each generation than just knowing the first 151.

    2. Well at least they know Pokemon at all. Can’t really force them to go to other Pokemon games.

      I’d introduce them to other Pokemon games though. Some of them can be played in various ways on their exisiting devices. FRLG or HGSS are perfect starting points.

      (If you look at GameFAQs, there are at least 6 Pokemon games on the top 10… so I bet GO had a hand in that.)

  9. You would think with that fancy outfit she would’ve picked a better bag. I would work for Kukui for “personal reasons” too so I don’t blame her for that. I could see her trying to get one of the legendaries to completely stop violence.

  10. Well I think we can also conclude that she definitely is not from the Alola region. They dressed her like that for a particular reason, and it is reminiscent of Kalos, not to mention her name is derived from a type of flower. So piggybacking off what you said, maybe she’s just her own party though. She’s perhaps using the professor to learn about the region for whatever motive she’s after. Who knows more about the region than the professor? It could be something move-cancelling, like you mentioned, or maybe she’s secretly a Zoroark and wants to kill everyone. Idk.

    1. This comment has been identified as copyright infringement and deleted by RCA – Taylor Swift Entertainment.

    2. The Zoroark idea, as daft as it is, sounds better than some of the existing overly predictable ideas.

  11. WHAT IF Lillie turns out to be the ultimate antagonist of the game, but has no affiliation with Team Skull? Maybe Team Skull’s ambitions are smaller-scale, a la Team Rocket, and Lillie is the one who’s secretly planning to harness the power of the legendaries, using the info she’s learned about Pokémon moves from the professor. Just a thought at this point, but interesting to consider.

      1. I don’t understand you younguns and your modern haxxorz L33T speak.
        (Even though I’m in my 20s…)

        1. Lol I had to google what the hell an “OG” is xD. As a 20 something year old also there is a lot of lingo I don’t hear

  12. It’s probably just a bait and switch and she’s probably just a boring insignificant character they’ve drawn people’s attention to purposely to keep people talking and hide the really interesting characters for later.

  13. my take is she’s some boring nerd waifu who’s all like “oh i hate battles” but after sum emotional BS on how Pokemon fight not to hurt other because they can protect us yadda yadda yadda becomes a prodigy trainer, also ends up being Guzma’s daughter
    also for those who keep thinking Magearna or a Zygarde core is in her bag is stupid, its obviously her Rowlett

  14. Her braids are really similar to Mudsdales. Perhaps she’s an equestrian or rides one with pokeride? Maybe her father/mother is the owner of the Pokeride and so she’s more into using pokemon for practical means rather than for battling.

  15. Can these games come out already ‘_’

    On the topic of Lillie. Do you guys remember the text that can be read back in Kalos, Lumiose City train station that says something like ‘I’m going to get help ‘ I think it is indeed Lillie who wrote that note, and for what reason I don’t know but I believe she is hiding a Zygarde core/cell in her bag which may be the reason for her journey from Kalos to Alola.

    PS I’m new ! Pokejungle fan that has been too lazy to sign up.

  16. Just gonna say it now for the tournament if any of you use a Mega Kangaskahn or Greninja sweep I’ll personally come after you!

          1. Okay, since this is so unorganized, I might just have to run Greninja, Aegislash, Mega Kang, Dragonite, and so on

      1. I like Garchomp cause it can be beaten if you use good strategy yet Kangaskahn is Evil!!

          1. Smogon is considered a dictatorship around these parts.

            People must be free to do as they please…freedom and liberty is what our country was built on….hail Murica

            (i’m not American by the way)

  17. I honestly do think that Lillie is a good character and isn’t a villain as some people seem to believe, but its possible that she has ties to a villainous person. Maybe Guzma is in fact a relative of hers, or maybe Plumeria is connected to Lillie as it would finally give the admins a lot more importance, which I don’t think we’ve seen before.

      1. But I guess the same can be said for Hala and Hau, I think their names come from flowers also if i’m not mistaken

  18. Hey, Ithsme. If you don’t want this tourney to be a crap-fest of the same Pokemon, you need to have Smogon OU rules. You may think that banning legendaries will fix the problem of no diverse teams, but you’d be wrong. Many Pokemon such as Smeargle with Moody, Mega Gengar, Aegislash, and Greninja are very unbalanced, and everyone will use them if given the chance (exactly why VGC sucks) So read the OverUsed section here: and I will share the OU rules on the forums

    1. I personally wouldn’t participate if we had to follow any rules other than anything goes. There are other completions to join if someone’s interested in that..
      We should use our favorites or in game team.

      1. Well GG in game team users, here comes the storm of terribly unbalanced Pokemon, and just to smite you guys, I will use them (not really)

    2. People will complain that VGC sucks, but nobody will even think about making rules to avoid the shitfest of VGC.

      Simple fact of the matter is that if something is allowed you can be damned sure people will take advantage of it…it’s how the world works.

      1. Not even lying, this might be my team. I had another team prepared, it had OU Pokemon and UU Pokemon, but they did it to themselves. I have Spore on that Smeargle, and Tailglow. Also there is no Sleep Clause, no Duplicate Clause, so yeah, gg no re

        1. Duplicate clause? you mean Species clause. Pretty sure that ones enforced in the game automatically….honestly bro use whatever you want. Last times there was a Pokejungle tournament i was using Mega Gengar, people were using Baton Pass teams, and super OP shit…
          …alls fair in love and war.

    3. You know I’m really not trying to be that guy, but instead of mindlessly criticizing and complaining about the rules(which are still in the works for the most part), how about offering some advise on how to improve things. Like what items should be banned, what pokemon should be banned, and various other rules. Simply pointing at Smogon and saying “follow those rules” really doesn’t help much since Smogon doesn’t really explain why the rules are the way they are. Yes a seasoned battler would know without question, but others might not.

      1. Okay, fine, I will type up suggestions, but they will most likely lean towards Smogon, because Smogon is good

        1. And I won’t argue that. Smogon rules are good for singles, which this turnney’s going to be. Honesty I agree with most of Smogon’s rules, with really the only thing I often disagree with them on is how your suppose to look at their tiering system. I try to think of it less like lower tier pokemon are worse then higher tier pokemon, and more along the lines that lower tier pokemon have less uses, but can still be very good if used properly.

          No worries though. Theirs a thread in the forums if you wanna drop some advice. I’d personally mention no dupes, sleep clause, and maybe banning certain mega’s that are simply too good in singles like Gangar. Just my first thoughts after looking into Smogon’s own rules.

          1. I think the best way to look at it is. You can still play and have fun with lower tier Pokemon if you want to, without the OP high tier Pokemon coming in the way.

            I mean you can play RU or NU and not have to worry about things like Garchomp, Landorus or Rotom. But if you want, you are also free to use the lower Tier Pokemon in the higher tiers since they are still eligible in those tiers.

            My favourite thing about Smogon is the Tier system and I often play NU or PU when i get bored of the same crap in OU.

          2. You basically summed up my thoughts on Smogon. xD The rules are fair, but I hate the tiering system.

    4. I mean, you are right in that aspect. Although I’m not entirely sure we have those kinds of battlers here, though I may be wrong. Whatever decision I make will be controversial, I realize that. However, the votes for using smogon rules are currently split half and half. I need to look into it more, I’ll read the link you gave me.

  19. alright let’s the first meeting of the Pokemon Gamers secret Club begin,before we start can somebody tell me what the secret stand for?

        1. Lillie is Bonnie. She ran away from home because she started to feel like putting Pokemon into Pokeballs and making them battle and is now on the run. 12 years later, she came to Alola and She fell in love with Kukui and decided she could stay in Alola for a while. That bag has Dedenne in it. This Fan-fic written by Grn Apricorn. 100000000% Real. I wurk 4 GF. Trus me.

  20. Alright junglers i have a request to make of you: in anticipation for breath of the wild, im replaying every zelda game starting with twilight princess! Itd be more interesting if you all chose my next game!

    1. I’d say Wind Waker since it’ll feel fresher after playing through the bleak world of TP.

      1. You are missing like, 20 games. And im trying go to one game at a time as well, we can decide the 3rd game after im done with choice number 2

        1. I kinda assumed you wouldn’t be able to finish them all. Well, play OoT next, but I would say finish with Wind Waker

    2. Cant go wrong with either Majoras Mask, Skyward Sword or Wind Waker, but since you’re playing TP id go with Wind Waker or SS next so you can have some more fun graphics

  21. Hopefull there will be some limitations to the Megas you use in the tourney, cuz I do not want this:
    (Liek my art?)

      1. THANK YOU! Geez, someone agrees with me xD
        The balance is what makes it fun, also battling in different tiers is fun too

          1. I actually have a team I’m planning on using in the tourney filled non-OU pokemon that I’ve been winning nearly consistently on showdown

          2. I was trying out new Pokemon too, but if the tourney allows Mega Kanga and other Ubers, I might need to step up to OU sadly

    1. I’ve decided to go by OU rules for the tournament. What we need to remeber here is that the rules of smogon are based on research and results, and they really know what they are talking about. (But still no legendaries.)

      1. Is this what you want? I can sense when someone is doing something to please a group of people. I am fine either way, you started it, you make the rules

        1. I want to make this the most fair it can possibly be, this is not “my” tournament. It’s simply the tournament to choose the gym leaders. And I completely understand where you are coming from with your desire for OU rules, and they seem fair enough to me. I want to make this a tournament where it seems fair to everyone, and these rules seem to be the easiest way to do it.

          1. Okay, just making sure YOU wanted it. Cuz some people might want to use Greninja, Torrent Greninja is fine for OU i believe tho

          2. Again, not my tournament. I’m just taking the job of organizing it. I realize that this is a controversial decision. Either way, someone will be upset. But this seems fair to me, so that’s what I’ll do.

          1. Maybe. Still no Uber legends if that. I have a very negative view of legendaries, but like I said, I’m not trying to have personal influence on decisions.

          2. Think about it though. The leaders are going to be pretty easy to beat since they are mono typed so becoming champion will be pretty easy. Legendaries are a good way to make it more difficult. They could be restricted a bit like no mega rayquaza, no mega mewtwo and no arceus

          3. Ehh, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. For now, let’s focus on the tournament, okay? 🙂 But the suggestions are appriciated as always.

          4. Sorry I need some more info before I make the finalization post, because it will be another thread. But def 6v6 OU singles, yeah.

          5. mono =/= easy to beat trust me 😛 when people use mono teams they know what they are doing lol

    1. The “o”s are clearly different, looking at those in the text, and those in Turtonator

    2. Your right the font is weird 😛 O well I just saw it surfing the internet and there it was, so thanks for clarifying!

    1. Oh my gosh! I will actually go get that! I have a polar bear from there, don’t know where it is now

          1. Do it. And make sure you look around first and ask out loud “Which one would [insert name here] like…” Then picking eevee and saying, “oh yeah, he likes pokemon!”

    1. What if they announce that we get to go back to another region after we beat the game? Everyone expects it to be kalos, but what if we get the game and we get to go back to unova or something? Lol.

        1. I disagree. I feel like we should give Kalos a chance to redeem itself, Unova is great on it’s own.

      1. Nah, it’s gotta be Kalos! And it will be, I’m banking on it. Either I will be very happy or extremely disappointed, but to me we are 100% going back. Anxiously awaiting the file size of the games…

  22. Anyone have the rumor link again? I didn’t read the smaller stuff.. like turtonator being relavant

  23. I’m sorry for posting this here, but I want to gather some quick opinions. When do you think sign ups for the tournament should end? Sometime tomorrow?

  24. Anyone here have a PS3/ps4 that could recommend some good jrpgs? Other then Ni No Kuni and FF

    1. The Tales games are fantastic ! Tales of Zestonia, Tales of Xillia 1+2 and Tales of Berseria.

      To name a few 🙂 And if u have a gamecube Tales of Symphonia 🙂

      1. I don’t have a GameCube anymore but when I did, I played the living hell out of Symphonia! Haven’t played a tales game since Vesperia though

          1. I don’t have, too lazy. It was the one where they revealed last drawings. A commentor said it I think.. not sure how to tell who is who

          1. Lol. In a time where humans and Pokemon looked so similar…. (I don’t remember the rest)

          2. That’s the excuse people in the pokemon universe use when they get caught training their pokemon a bit too hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          3. Alright Gardevoir, It’s time to train! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          4. Use Calm Mind! Now flash… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          5. Use Moonblast! WAIT! First use Protect! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. I want to win so bad, that I’m testing out multiple teams. Whichever one really clicks with me will be the one I use.

      1. dude i’ve been playing like 16 combined hours
        and the new expansion drops midnight

  25. Reading through reddit is torture! Honestly, I’ve never experienced so much blind hate and derogatory phrases in one space before! ( ‘_ ‘)

          1. Also you can see her…. umm….
            Let’s just say that the red cloth isn’t properly covering that vicinity…

      1. Is it because of the Boar head or because they’re about to have sex? I’d wager it’s because they’re going to get dirty if they do it outside hahaha

      2. No art is inappropriate. To appreciate art you shouldn’t look at it with morals in mind because the goal of art is not to teach, but to tell a visual story.

        1. Greek art especially has anyone seen the stuff from then every god Goddess and human was almost totally naked

          1. Oh, that explains why I was confused, I don’t see his posts. So why doesn’t he just remove it and we all move on? From what I’m hearing its something about mythology? If its just art work I don’t see why it would be a problem, but still why not just humour the person and remove it, saves everyone the drama

          2. pretty much why i have like 5 people blocked on here lol, I prefer to live life in the positive even if I get a little mad sometimes at people and drama

          3. Surprisingly sometimes he grows on me, so I don’t think I could ever block him, I feel like its a love hate relationship at this point lol

          4. The one guy who liked persona a lot and like always talked about how he hated us all, and shady because he thinks I’m evil for sticking up for wallace and my fellow gays that one time, lol, good times, and a few others from like way back in the XY days. Its not that I dislike any of the people I have blocked though, we just have different views and I’d rather not see the things they post anymore

          5. Ok those are valid reasons

            Like why would you talk about hating us if you stay that’s a hypocrite right there

            Wallace I like him a little but less only for his team frustrates me but him as a person I like he’s fine with me there

            And Gays I’m not at all against them I’m not gay myself but that’s something you should be rude with cause that can hurt someone… A lot other things I don’t tolerate with jokes cancer, epilepsy, and mental diseases like autism and such cause those are pretty bad things and someone makes fun of them that’s just awful!

          6. I tried blocking some people, but I couldn’t stand not being able to see everything since I’m an observer. :p

          7. yeah, I tried that but there were a few people that just kept angering me with like every second thing they posted being insensitive or offensive so I blocked em, granted I think a few of them back in the day got banned from the site completely, I think there are only two that still come on here regularly but I wouldn’t know because all I see it the “this person is blocked” thing

    1. If this is real… Another subtle sexual slip inside pokemon. Some of those guys n women are perverts

      1. All mythology based on sex in some but sex in these days r different from ours day … didn’t mean dirty but fertility and spirituality and more.

    2. The second picture should be promptly removed because from what I learned of Kamapuaʻa and Pele, Kamapuaʻa did not have consent, which is probably why she looks so horrified in that picture. So basically you just posted a picture of a rape on PJ, don’t know if you knew that or not but you should probably take down the second picture.

      1. Wat the f***ck r u talking about ….now every body just focus in the sex issue and no body cares wat mythology say …..Y humanzzz attentive in sex in this way …raise up humanzzzz.

        1. Rape is not sex and should not be featured on a website with children, nor should sex. I was merely telling you its not an appropriate topic nor picture for a website with children why are you being rude?

          1. It is, I learned all about the story of Kamapuaʻa and Pele in my academics and it stated several times that he tried and succeeded to rape her. Why are you defending it? did you not learn the whole story? also you are still being quite rude. If this is how people on this site are, I will not be coming back.

          2. Come on shady, don’t be so exclusive. We should be welcoming people here, not scaring them off.

          3. I don’t have an account but since you want to know who I am so bad I will make one for you.

          4. There I made an account, are you happy now? I don’t understand what your problem is, and this will be my first and last comment on here since you were rude to me

          5. um, because I have better things to do with my time.

            nice try? I’m not sure I follow… also I did not pick the rowlet avatar, that is just the avatar that the site gives you when you don’t have an account, I seriously do not understand why you are being so mean

          6. Someone should repost this picture so I can see it lol, I’m curious to know what all the issues seem to be

          7. I mean, it doesn’t look THAT bad, but I can see why someone might get upset, but I see no reason to remove it. Why doesn’t he just do the things people do when they are posting spoilers with the dots down the side so its still there but you have to expand to see it? Like couldnt we all get along that way, its really not that hard

          8. I agree that sex should not be presented where children may see it, but the painting does not depict sex. An intellectual can clearly see that it’s likely a seductive gesture being shown, but a child isn’t likely to make that connection, and if they are, then they’re likely mature enough to handle it or ignore it.

          9. And I mean have you heard most of us are in teens or adults I’m 15 so we’re not children per say.

          10. Most commenters, yes, but there may be children who read the comments without ever posting. I know I did that a lot when I was younger. I understand the Anon is looking out for them, but I don’t think that painting is necessarily a bad thing. If it had shown the rape or more nudity, I’d say differently, but the image posted is fine in my opinion.

          11. Me too I mean I also was here since XY days looking yet never made account till this year

      2. While it is a horrible thing, it is also a part of mythology. I know it is a touchy subject but we need to remember that it a piece of a culture

        1. I understand that its a part of mythology, I took classics in school and learned a lot of horrible stories, but its still not something that should be on a website with children

          1. Actually I know a lot about mythology as it was my major for 2 years in university, but I accept that you are just a rude person who does not respect others so thats fine. Bye.

          2. the main subject of this drawing is related to rape at all ….if u call ur self a mythology reader …..y u didn’t know there always a symbol behind the scene ???

        2. This is true I mean look at Greek culture that has lots of nudity but its culture.

      3. The image itself is not inappropriate. Sure it contains some nudity, but hey, everyone has a body, so it’s nothing to get worked up about. As for the rape, you interpreted that as the purpose of the painting, but that is not the only aspect to consider. To truly appreciate the artistry you have to consider it as a whole, not a compilation of parts.

          1. Well, I don’t know enough about the subject to know what the painting is truly depicting. I was merely arguing the Anon’s point.

          1. Well, I’m not going to do it, but if I randomly got thousands of dollars I would . . . actually not do that lol.

  26. What do you all think I need on a tournament finalization post? I want to put all the info that people need on one post because a) If people only look at the top post, I want them to get all the information and b) I’m making a new thread so I want to get it right. So I know I need:
    – Battle rules and restrictions
    – Tournament time
    – sign-up ending time
    What else?

    1. I think for sign up ending this weekend so you have time to make pairings

      Tournament time no clue

      And rules
      Single format
      Legendaries not allowed
      Are transferred Pokemon available?
      What ever else…

      1. I feel like the sign up should end ealier than that. I want the participants to have plenty of time to prepare. The tournament begins the weekend after next. I have those questions figured out, but what I meant was any other questions?

          1. Some moves are only be learned in earlier gens, so it does make move pools a little more varied. It can be a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. Though honestly most people are probably using pokemon created in gen 6.

          2. Exactly the only Pokemon I can’t use is my lvl. 100 Shiny Manectric only cause I got it in trade and can’t tell if it’s hacked or legit.

          3. Honestly I don’t think most people would care really if you did use a hacked Mon. Most people are either using perfect iv pokemon, or their like me and really don’t care enough. Then again I was tempted to use my hacked shiny metagross or hacked shiny gliscore(hoped I spelled that right), but really neither had a real place in my team.

  27. If the theory of water starters being based on weapons is true…what weapon is Popplio3 based on?

      1. Blastoise= Cannon.
        Feraligator= Brass Knuckles.
        Swampert= War Fans.
        Empolean= Trident.
        Samurott= Sword.
        Greninja= Shuriken.

    1. kindness, the best weapon of all
      just kidding, don’t let those bronies tell you that

      1. or probably on being female. That’s a biggest weapon, the most feared from men, trust me.

      2. Trust me people this is true coming from the guy who can’t get a date if his life depended on it

        1. That’s why you have Steam and the countless amount of Dating Sims on there…
          I’m joking

      3. That’s true this is the true pic Sieren that was mention in mythology ….so don’t trust with beautifuls they r dangerous.

        1. After protean Greninja, if GF would have created another broken water starter it would be a scandal…

  28. For anyone new to comptetive, try building a team around one pokemon. Trying a team around a certain awesome pokemon and it’s working greatly

    1. My style is to build the second team member off the first, then the third off of the second, and so on. I’m not sure how it compares to your style though.

      1. I’m gonna use my Chimichanga (Infernape) cause of his Adamant nature and bad assness

    2. I made a monkey team once, it literally consisted of the elemental monkeys, primate, aipom and slakoth. I made it as a troll team but I actually grew to love it, it wasn’t even half bad lol

    3. I tried that before and I love it, and it works very well in two ways:
      1. Putting in counters to counters that threaten the “main”, then putting in counters to the secondary, etc.
      2. Making it so the “main” Pokemon is what will win the game.

      Though I’ve since shifted to focus on “cores” of 2-3 Pokemon that I build things around.

  29. When you see Chansey on the Nearby thing and you’re going to guitar class, then you don’t say anything when you could say “Dad, there’s a really rare Pokemon there. It’ll just take a few seconds”. Then you go to Guitar Class and before getting out of the car you say “There was a really rare Pokemon back there” and he says “You shoulda told me, I would’ve taken you there” 🙁

    Excusez mon français, but F**k my life o_o

  30. Challenge for you all, what are two pokemon that represent one of your favourite non-pokemon video game characters? I would say Lilligant and Bellsprout, bonus points if you know what character mine is (hint its from the legend of zelda) whats yours?

          1. ohhh I so they both don’t represent the same character? my bad idk then I’m lost 😛

          2. ohhhhhhh that makes sense! lol (I had to google Undyne and then I was like, she just sent me a pic of them like yesterday I’m dumb)

          1. Lol, the sandygast is a stretch, but look at the design of Sandygast, my character has to do with something ON sandygast

          1. sorry i’m both extremely tired from playing wow for 2 straight days and i’m dealing with foot pain
            i really haven’t bothered for registration atm

    1. Ok I meant two pokemon that represent one character lol, sorry I wasn’t clear but its all good, mine was the Deku Princess

        1. she is a goddess among scrubs do not say such things about her! lol tbh I wanted to see her so bad in Hyrule Warriors or at least to make an appearance again in another zelda game :c

          1. Correct only for Kirby is carefree like it but that was off his personality yet if that don’t count than Clefairy

          1. I guess because nintendo usually associates larger characters with greed, hence why they are created so big, like wario greedy for money, DK greedy for bananas (and briefly red haired women) bowser and ganondorf were greedy for power and domination, and King dedede, well he was greedy for food, but sometimes power lol

            Although ganondorf and dk are not fat, just bigger

          2. For King DDD I slightly count him less a villain more a rival of Kirby cause in many games he helps Kirby out in ways

          3. well I mean, kirby is such a friendly game, so he’s not much of a villain, nightmare is though

          4. Yep and yet one game he appears with one battle (and it’s a clone) and brief cameo Planet robobot

        1. First two are correct 🙂 I wasn’t sure what to do for Lara..I was thinking maybe Lucario or Bisharp for her since she’s also a practiced combatant, but ended up appealing to the bow-wielding side of her.

          1. -Cranidos: Think about what type of creature it is
            -Blastoise: Forget about it being a turtle. What makes Blastoise stand out?

          2. Yeah haha. Here’s another, although you may not get it if you didn’t get Master Chief.
            -Haxorus wielding a honedge

          1. … earthen don’t be transphobic Birdo is a woman, regardless of wether or not she was once a male or not

          2. …..don’t drag of that new age gender hoo ha into all this
            it’s a known fact that birdo was a male and received many controversies for overseas translation mishaps

          3. I mean yes birdo was a male but is no longer a man, birdo is now and will always be a woman, I’m not going to speak with you further on it though because I can tell its going nowhere fast

        1. No he’s from a game I mentioned a little earlier colors no yet same type of animal/Dino what ever

          1. It’s Nibbles the companion of the new one yet games not that good but I love nibbles

    1. I’ll try to now. I’m trying to juggle this and studying for two quizzes at once. Thanks for reminding me though, I almost forgot.

      1. My goodness you’re obsessed.
        Btw my daily drop was another sandvich, traded it for a rocket launcher called the original (tf2)

          1. you do your thang while i and several others cram into a server and try to set realm first achievements

          2. he have transmogrification with shit tons of hats
            Don Carlos’ famous hat
            a hat that magically produces alcohol
            X-Ray hat
            and the battered jungle hat

          1. Nope, that’s why I only play one casual payload game a day now xD
            The only way to fix this is to fix the rage quitters in competitive, and make casual quickplay but keep the levels

  31. alright guys we need to play good,cop bad cop on Lillie,so she can tell us what’s in that bag.

        1. you be bad cop
          i’ll be that psychotic inmate you just killed 4 men and stole a uniform and now is threatening a young women

          1. Okay, ahem!!! BAD COP MODE ACTIVATE! Welcome to the detention center, young lady. May we please check your bag for anything… illegal?

          2. Idiot don’t break the cycle
            You *smack* don’t *smack* change *smack* from *smack* bad *smack* cop *smack* to *smack* good *smack* cop

          3. the very moment you hand her her the mug she’ll smash it on the table and slash your throat and while you’re incapacitated she’ll steal your gun and shoot you in-between the eyes

      1. Whoa Easy Earthen! O_o Sorry About that,my all of us are wondering about that bag: A new Mega Stone,a New Z-Stone,So tell us what’s in the bag or this will turn Really Bad. Right Earthen >:)

          1. hmmmmm even though i’m the unyielding war machine who is fueled with blood and belligerence you all love and worship i could never harm a lady

          2. *attaches a extremely cumbersome metal ring around her neck*
            Pull any funny business and you’ll be blown halfway to Sinnoh*

          1. Put in @ and then some names should show up. If your person isn’t in that, Type in a few letters from their name, then they will get notified

  32. Bow your heads in a moment of remembrance to Gene Wilder with one of his most notable roles

        1. It’s a really creepy version, but it’s an interesting alternate take on the original. If you haven’t seen the video for this music, it’s on Chipotle’s YouTube channel.

        1. i save them so i can watch them to take mental note or watch fairies get slaughtered

          1. i had that match anyway
            Seismitoad is immune to water and has powerful special defense so i’d wear out them and get sand swept

  33. I finally made it to the Hoenn part of the anime! I honestly didn’t expect to cry like I did when Misty left. ;-;

      1. I already miss her. I’m looking forward to Dawn though. She was always my favorite companion!

  34. I guess I never introduced myself. You all can call me “Q”. I’ve been a lurker for quite some time and decided to join. You all seem pretty cool.

  35. I saw Fae’s comment about the Non-Pokemon games and stuff. It’s too far down, so I’ll put it here

    1. Rotom and Mr. Mime
    2. Spinarak and Kirlia
    3. Yamask and Phantump

    1. I’ll give you hints

      1. From a Mario Game (A Mario Game that is also my favorite Non-Pokemon Game)
      2. I won’t give you a hint. You should be Triggered
      3. Very easy, If I give you a hint, you’ll get it, but one word from the game he/she is in is in the name of one of the Pokemon)

  36. You guys saw the New Galaxy Style 3DS XL today? Something is definitely unusual with this. I’ve been thinking recently that Nintendo should start some kind of ARG for the NX reveal, and I feel like this may be very close to that. Reggie…announcing a new 3DS color in a video? I refuse to believe it. Maybe the new system is called the Nintendo Now (notice his inflection) or Nintendo Galaxy? I have no idea, I’m just insane at this point.

  37. Alrighty friends, ive asked for your input, and here are the results: the next game in my zelda adveturw will

    1. Jeeze freaking discs hates my phone. Anyways, The Wind Waker is next. Seems most of you think a change of graphical style is in order after twilight princess. Wind waker got 4 votes, Oot 2, Majora 2 (this ones my favorite) minish cap 1, link between worlds 1.

  38. So I was gonna get the SuMo steel case from Amazon using my prime account…..That may have a dream that I won’t fulfill however now…. My prime renews in October and I was hoping that my student discount would stick around for at least one more renewal, but it didn’t…..I’m not surprised it’s not going to, but hey that’s life. lol Anyway that means that the price will go up from $50 to $100 for prime and I ain’t doing that crap! lol so I guess I’ll just go with my usual plan and get the game from Best Buy. I won’t be getting both right away however. Was gonna spend the extra cash for the steel case, but since that’s out there’s no point hahaha Anyway I think my one fear about getting it now is what the weather will be like in November. Back in 2014 when ORAS came out There was a terrible snow storm that closed everything in my area for at least half a week. ( I live in Western New York by Lake Erie) Had to down’load ORAS instead as I wasn’t about to wait lol I’d prefer not to do that again however as I like going to buy the games at the store lol

  39. Ok so I have something to say and I hope all the mods and gym leaders hear it and if you ban me I’m ok with it because I am in a mood. This is not a nice or accepting community and all it has caused me is complete and utter grief, and no one seems to stand up for themselves except the time I am about to refer to where @shadydawood:disqus basically explained to us all his distain for wallace and made it very clear he was hating on feminine men, and in his responses all he did was comment with rude and hateful remarks and what did the staff do? they said that we were both at fault, which quite frankly is garbage, he posts offensive material all the time and when he gets called out, he will cus you out and attack you even just for a suggestion, and still staff does nothing, when really he should have been banned long ago for being so hateful, but since no one is every going to do anything and he is just going to continue to be a prick to everyone and everything, please. just fucking ban me from the site because I never want to return, the nice people on here are not enough to stay when the hate from others comes blasting in. I am a giant rainbow friggen homo and I do not even care.

    also @Shady I hate you and you are not a good person and your heart is corrupt so rot. An yes I was the anon trolling you. Duh.

    Literally. Just. Ban. Me.

    1. Muhahahahaaaaaaaaa……………..I know u was this anon hahahaaaaaaaaaa

      When the devil come to u and told u wat should do he will ask me wat to do first…….u can’t trick me I am Shady.

      1. Yes, I have the devil in me because I’m a big homo, you guessed it you’re so smart, and not a big prick

          1. Hey! That’s enough Shady. Please. I hate when people fight here! Just stop. You guys shouldn’t be fighting at all ;~;

          2. Yes I am because I was too lazy to unblock him, but I didn’t insult him, just told him not to post a picture about rape on here

          3. If i was a coward I would “@” you and tell you directly to your face that it was me and you’re trash

          4. you are a moron. Telling you something is wrong to post on a site with kids is not insulting you.

          5. im insulting you now yes because I have had enough of you insulting me and nobody doing anything about it. so the gloves are off now, before I wasn’t insulting you though

          6. He just told you that the picture wasn’t appropriate for kids and as a kid, I’ll tell you that that is true…

          7. did for just personal reason …and he did in this comment ….I didn’t know he was that stupid and Rancorous.

          8. You literally make me want to try to kill myself again. Its people like you that make me hate this world.

          9. I know it’s not my place to mediate, but I hate seeing you all fight, so I have to interject. Shady, please just give it up, and stop being rude. Whether you think you are or are not rude, the fact is that to others you are being rude, and that’s not good for a community like ours.
            And Aurora, please stop provoking Shady. It’s not accomplishing anything other than angering people, and I know you’re better than that. If you’re truly intent on leaving, you should do so quietly and with dignity; getting banned is no way to go.

          10. At this point I’m not better than it and I’m literally on the verge of attempting to kill myself again so its not going to matter if I get banned, I’m stressed a mess and on my floor crying I cant deal with any of this and cant stop myself

          11. I think I understand what you’re going through (I also understand that I might not), but the best thing for you is to just leave if you’re feeling that way. Something that’s this toxic for you can only harm you, and those of us who care about you would want you at your best. 🙂

          12. I would have let it go but when he posted that picture today he triggered something that I have been dealing with for a year now and it ruined my life, its hard when you can still feel someones hands and breath on you a year later and the scratches on your skin, I know it sounds crazy but sometimes you don’t have control over what can trigger you and I have gone off the deep end now

          13. don’t take it this emotional cuz he is ur friend …..the story was end 3 days ago y he try to make an impact with me again I just ignore him y he can’t.

          14. I’m not defending either of you. I think of you both (and everyone else here) as my friends, and I want the very best for all of you. I just want it to be clear I haven’t taken a side, and I have no intention to.

          15. so y u call me rude ?…..did u know we attack each other cuz he said that to me …..and he said all that shit and he is a nice guy.

          16. every body know my english is bad …..I didn’t hate u …. I was just test my analyzing skills ….but u deserve to be banned cuz u promid deduresu.

          17. Yeah if you hate gay people like everyone already knows you do, that means you hate me, and you are a garbage person and do not have a heart

    2. You should stay tho. You’re amazing and you shpouldn’t let other people tell you who you are and should be 🙂
      Be yourself.

    3. You can just block him so his messages dont show up for you. I figured this out randomly today as my phone was being irritating and i accidentally blocked green.

    4. 🙁 if you do leave this place Fae, just know that the majority of us will miss you. We all get into arguments, I get it but I hope you can stay here and maybe block Shady if you don’t want to see his messages (nothing against him or you tho).

      At the end of the day it is your decision but I hope you can stay with the rest of the people here and enjoy our Pokemon discussions 😀

  40. I need a power nap
    Legion starts in like 3 hrs 50 mins……I wish we can magically or biologically sleep and awaken at specific times

        1. Because I am a person who does not tolerate someone who’s only intention is to bully, hate and put others down and thats all I see him do, and I tried to be nice, I tried using humour but now I’m angry and fighting fire with fire because thats the only thing he knows, and I might pass out from the conflict but I can not let it go.

        1. Because its me John, remember we used to talk all the time, you have me on twitter and my ex boyfriend

          1. no its just been a while, but I’m triggered as hell right now so thats why I’ve gone off the deep end, and I miss collin, but he didn’t care when I told him what happened to me, and I’m just a big ol mess and absolutely done.

          2. Idk what happened to you two. I knew you broke up but didn’t know it was over a serious something.

          3. it wasn’t I moved away, got raped and then moved back and he didn’t care and he was with a new guy a week after we had broken up. Thats why I’m angry, I knew what the picture was about and it brought back all the feelings of hands on my skin and the pain of the bruising, thats what happens when you get triggered, and so I asked him to remove it because I knew that if someone else came along I didn’t want them to go through that too, its better to be safe than sorry, yes I know I’m a mess, yes I know I threw away the best thing that ever happened to me because I thought with me out of the picture he would be more successful and yes I’m causing a scene on here, thats why I said ban me, because I’m a crazy mess right now that hasn’t slept more than 2 hours a night in over a year

          4. its fine, I unfollowed you too in the hopes you would notice and think I’m a dick and unfollow me so that when I went off the deep end no one would notice, I don’t like to bother people

          5. oh ok, well, thats why I did that if you did notice…. or did I just think I did… now I’m not sure, maybe I didn’t

          6. You did. And I was going to unfollow back but I decided not to because you’re one of the handful of people I actually care for on twitter

          7. yeah, I felt awful about it, considering I remember back to the good old days of me you and that princess of genovia guy were all just so terribly gay on here and it was wonderful, I think I’m going to take my leave now though, even though I have lost all my dignity

          1. Well, still.
            1) Even when you talk about just Wallace and say “sissy”, you’re insulting homosexual people as a whole.
            2) You should’ve expressed that it was different in your language back when that happened

          2. you made it clear many times after that, you knew what you were saying otherwise no one would have cared

          3. Well actually its not. Sissy guy just mean (technically) that there being a big baby! Growing up my friend’s, my sibling’s, and myself all used the word “Sissy”. We weren’t using it as a derogatory term, we were using it as another way of saying that someone was being a big baby about something. Even now my best friend calls me a sissy when I’m complaining about something. And I am by no means gay.

    1. It’s times like these that I worry for the community. I can typically overlook the negativity, but I feel this may change the community unless something is done. 🙁

      1. Yeah, it makes me sad. I feel there have been a lot of arguments lately over trivial things. I don’t get why we can’t all just be friendly.

        1. I am sorry ultron and everyone else, but to me, its not trivial, I was ok, and had ignored his wallace comments, but when he posted that pic today it killed me a little inside and when he wouldn’t remove it and told me to f*ck off it just made me crazier. I’m sorry to everyone but not to shady

          1. I didn’t mean trivial in the sense that it’s unimportant. I meant more that it’s not something we should even have to discuss here since we’re all friends and supposed to be united by our love for pokemon. This issue matters to me too, I understand how you feel. It’s just petty to me that we even have to have these conversations at this point in time, let alone in a community such as this.

  41. Okay, I actually have to go to bed (mite use my phone tho) So Fae, if you do take a break from Pj, me and green can keep in touch with you thru twitter (only if you want to)

  42. I hope there is no more alolan forms from game freak because we had enough. Like the arabic saying says: if your loved one is made from honey don’t lick it all. Don’t abuse the idea or it will get boring.

  43. I have to go too. Fae, I will see you later. If you want to keep in touch with me and Poekoko on Twitter.

  44. ugh what happened to this place? this is the reason I love pokejungle, because we all got along and didn’t kill each other over trivial nonsense. we’re starting to look more like a beach than a jungle, and I really don’t like it…

    1. Honestly give it a day or so and I’m certain most of this will blow over. Either the mods will take care of it if they feel its necessary, or people will simply move on.

  45. I think I’m going to take a break from the Jungle and hope some of this negativity simmers down. I’ll probably be back when we get new substantial information, but until then, I’ll be seeing you! (You can contact me on the forums if you need; I’ll check there periodically)

    1. Agreed! I’ll be seeing you guys when there’s some fresh news 😀 Until then, pls stay Fae

  46. Nearly September which means new information and my excitement levels are already too much

  47. Okay I don’t know what happened, but it better not happen again. I’m not going to call anyone out on anything.

    However, keep politics of this site. Just because you think something is important doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with you on the same issue. If you think everyone should agree with you on something, leave. I don’t care how “important” it is to you, this isn’t an SJW/news site, it’s a Pokémon blog.

    Onto insults, I don’t know what happened there or who insulted who, but grow up. If you get hurt over a word on the internet, you’re going to struggle in life. Forget and forgive. You’ll never fully live life unless you let stuff roll off of you. I’ve seen the word “sissy guy/man/whatever” thrown around and countered with “that’s offensive to the whole gay community.” I don’t see it as offensive personally. Just ignorant. And don’t try to stand up and defend someone. You’ll just get yourself entangled in it and that’s unnecessary. Leave it to the mods or just ignore and report. Pretty much all of us have Twitter and that’s the quickest way to reach us.

    About those mythology pictures, personally I believe art shouldn’t be thought of in “Oh that artist was a pervert teehee naked woman BOOBIES,” but read as a wordless story. Regardless, there are a WIDE varieties of artwork depicting the same stories all over the internet. If you want to post one to support a theory, post a less explicit one. “But defensive you post explicit art all the time.” No, usually my are clothed in some manner and are not overly explicit.

    You might get upset about one of things I said, but hey, it’s the internet. You can leave until you get over it. This is not tumblr and no one is superior than the other in anyway.

    No politics, no childish arguments, no bullshit. Or I will start banning and closing the comment section until Moving or PJ become available.

    1. Sadly we live in a world where unnecessary drama and people getting offended happens way too much 🙁

    2. Thank you, I was in the process of writing my own comment. I will also enforce everything Defensive has mentioned. This, all of this, is no longer going to fly.

      1. To fly?!?! ??? couldn’t you just use psychic to levitate. Just saying (lol! Jk, what’s up bro)

  48. IDK what happened obv but real talk, if you’re getting into arguments over the internet, you need to get a life and have too much time on your hands hehehe

  49. Damn. After reading through the threads; I’m quite stunned of something like this happening on the Jungle. We’re a huge group of people with different backgrounds that love Pokemon. Honestly, I’m not a supporter/advocate of homosexual or feminine men, but it gives you no reason to critise others. Knowing the Jungle, everything will be fine tomorrow. Short outburst such as this are unnecessary and devalue the site. Let’s keep it on Pokemon instead of major social issues.

    1. Rock types should be ridden of and just combined with ground types. It’s an uneccesary typing.

      1. Honestly I don’t disagree with you Rock and Ground should be merged, though let’s keep that rock typing around. Ground is just such a weird unnecessary type. Like is it suppose to be dirt, or sand or something like that?

        1. But… but… I like Ground type! (Even if a someone calls me out on not being a true scotsman… since after all, Swampert is meh, Gliscor is a trashy staller and Landorus is a filthy legend… and I like Krookodile for the wrong reasons. Heh heh heh.)

  50. We come here because Pokemon makes us happy and to share that happiness not to ruin each others day

      1. OOOOOH!!!!!
        (assuming starter leaks are real) Popplio
        Ninetails (alolan variant)
        so far this is all I’m certain will be on my team. I never use hm slaves, and always use a team of 6. usually I never use pokemon that aren’t from the generation I’m currently playing but I feel the alolan variants can be the exception to this rule.

          1. nope. I was all set for litten but I cannot stand that evolution and it completely ruined it for me. every game ive chosen the grass starter, and while I really like rowlet, my friend is a huge owl fanatic and we never choose the same starter (I’m a huge cat fan myself so it seemed fitting)

          2. I would hope Masuda is editing the starter evos right now after the leaks. 😉

            Unless it’s an elaborate prank by Masuda himself…

    1. Not sure yet but
      Popplio(Litten if evo leaks are fake)
      Alolan Marowak and Fairy Oricorio as of right now

      1. You mean the psychic one? I hope the leaks aren’t fake because the Litten evo is potentially my favourite Pokemon along with gengar

  51. Let me boil down my new, stricter policy. It seems I’ve been a little too kind around here. Any comment that’s intentionally attacking a user of this site, or another specific group of people, will be deleted. Any comment that furthers discussion of these attacks will be deleted. Any comment that references recent past attacks will be deleted. That’s about it. Just be nice, okay? All I ask for is respect, as Pokemon so eloquently taught us over the years. Now tell me, are you a boy, or a girl?

    1. Shit, I fall under that “furthers discussion” category don’t I? I missed what ever happened so I really have to apologize if I spurred on something terrible.

      As for that question, I’m a girl

      1. You might have been one of the people that inspired me to mention that (it’s a common problem here that irks me terribly), but I will not name any name or judge anyone. 🙂

        1. If I am then I really am honestly sorry. I’ll drop it after this post, but I think I know where I messed up and I’ll make sure I’ve learned from it. I don’t want to cause anyone to feel badly

    2. Why must we associate with labels such as “boy” and “girl”, we’re all humans and should be treated as such. My gender is human.

      (Soz I know I’m not helping lel)

  52. To be fair, I don’t care for Litten but I like the “leaked” evolution of it. I’m just tired of wrestlers and fighters.

    1. I really wanted a sleek Fire/Poison panther, but I suppose that was too much to ask. At least Salandit is rad ;~;

  53. I hope litten’s evo is Fire Dark and learns Flying press. I also wish that it gets a hidden ability that gives it STAB for fighting moves, so it will get STAB for flying press and stab for other fire,dark and fighting moves. I’d use a focus sash with aqility, crunch, fire punch and flying press.

    1. To be honest though it does seem likely that their next on the roster. Given one of Nintendo’s European branches did hint that it might be shown off soon.

  54. I stated this on another article, but I think that Lillie could very well be part of the “abolished” Alolan Royal family that was talked about on the Alolan Meowth’s info page.
    To me she gives off the vibe of a Nobel, or one of the rich class trainers that you can face off against during your adventures. And what little bit of her personality that was shown kind of gives off the vibe of someone from a higher class. Even the way she dress’ says that she’s like the “Nobel” class.

    1. Sounds good, I dig that theory.

      I haven’t seen any other traces of royalty in trailers so far, though. I’d need more than Dark Meowth’s description… something like the palace in Kalos. It is possible they’re saving it for the release, of course.

  55. Pokemon Sun and Moon Litten evolution prediction. Name: Burnine

    Classification: Rampage pokemon

    Type: Fire/Dark

    DEX Entry:

    Due to it not being able to trust itself, Burnien becomes very offensive. Burnien likes to win against pokemon super effective against itself. It produces flames from its paw pad. Burnien can cause explosive impacts by using its flammable thrust.

    The concept based on Masked rookie wrestler (lucha liber)upload.

  56. Um. All mods of disqus: reply to this message. I think you need a way to contact us because it seems there are times where you’ve not dealt with situations correctly or in a way that we’d like.

    So yeah, just give a quick comment in response to this and we can arrange a method of contact.

  57. To me, Lillie seems related to Zinnia. Zinnias Japanese too is a kind of Lily, Plus if Lillie does have the Zygarde core, then it would be similair to Zinnia as she was after finding Rayquaza.

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