Korean Sun & Moon Trailer Released! [No new info]

A new trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon has been released for the Korean market.

The trailer itself doesn’t show much new for Western audiences, but instead just rehashes the information for Korean fans. Regardless, enjoy the trailer!


    1. I think the next update is next month’s Corocoro issue. I’m hopping for Rockruff’s and the Starter’s evos and the rugby monkey, breed cat, snow man, and/or the dolphin to be confirmed. I mean all 4 are confirmed at this point, but I want to see what they look like.

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is absolutely nothing new here.
    Why post something that has nothing new to show us nor applies to us?
    I don’t think there are any people from Korea checking this site out and if they were, this wouldn’t really be new to them either besides maybe these Pokémon’s names if they weren’t released already.

        1. Is it? Oh. I don’t remember seeing Sandslash using what looks like Icicle Crash and Ninetales using… Ice Shard?

    1. I must admit, the article was posted swiftly so we got it out to our readers ASAP. We haven’t claimed there’s a ton of new information, but we know we have readers who enjoy anything they can get and because of that we’ve posted the trailer.

      1. I concur. I, for one, love seeing even the tiniest new details. Sometimes, I find they are the most interesting. You occasionally get to see tiny things that no one is expecting when you watch it back. Like, how Furfrou was seen in a split-second frame in a trailer for X and Y, or how we found out about Skiddo. For instance, until I saw this, I had no idea there were two different colour variants of Alolan Exeggutor (unless that’s it’s shiny, in which case; it’s still different to how I expected). I also find I am able to get more of a “feel” for what the games are going to be like when I see extended cuts…etc. like this. Plus, I LOVE hearing all the new music! 🙂

        1. I found a detail in this video, when the Totem Pokemon Gumshoos jumped of the cliff there was a TM Yellow PokeBall behind it.

    2. Look, you got to watch Donald Trump as a mongoose jump and do a flip. That was worth the time

      1. I’m not being harsh at all. If I was, let me know where.
        And turn off my what and why?

        1. Harsh? The entire thing.

          Well if you gotta ask what RSS is, then I guess that means you probably never used it, so you don’t need to turn off anything. 🙂

  2. This provides no new info
    I propose in response to this article we revolt and burn the place to the ground!!!

          1. And will said Deranged Earth Elemental Barbarian sit idly and let it happen
            Or go Beserker and try to hit you with his Earthen Maul?

    1. Well if we do that then you will have to go somewhere else for news and comments.

      So, no. I ain’t burning nothing! Nothing!

  3. I’m really interested to see what the flying animation for Ride Pokemon will be like. We’ve seen the other versions in action, but only the intro to the flying one for now. It’ll probably similar to Soar, but the fact that they are keeping the actual motion from us makes it seem like it’ll be more involved. Either way watching this trailer again has me thinking lol

  4. lol you guys dont like this article and want new content, you have to understand that Pokejungle cannot just create news, they are a pokemon news site and they report on any and every bit of news. This trailer may not contain new information but it is still news. It is a new trailer for Korea, whether it applies to us or not, Pokejungle is doing what its supposed to do. Good job Moving, keeping up with all the pokemon news and reporting for us, and also this trailer shows Alolan Nintetails in it so that is always a plus!!

  5. Is that a gender difference, shiny, or just a randomly paler-coloured Alolan form of Exeggutor? I see a pale, and a normal coloured Alolan Exeggutor.

  6. So what Pokemon would like me to draw a fake Evolution for? For sun & Moon (all but Komala can’t think of one)

          1. Narkoala is bigger, tubbier, long bushy ears, it has Ruffles of fur over its eyes obscuring them, a big nose, the long it had now sits in its lap and now most importantly I want to say it has pearl in its forehead but I don’t want it to be too much like Musharna

  7. Personal opinion here: I hate article like this. No, I’m not talking about the content of the article, but rather the placement. Some people comment here, as it technically is the newest article, but some people still comment at the featured article because it’s the first and biggest on the site. I never know where to post things, and half of the people won’t see it. I know I can’t do anything about it, but I just wanted to get my opinion out there, not that it matters though.

    1. Yeah, sadly I think the issue comes due to two things.

      The first is that we don’t really use featured articles properly, but that’s largely because of the second reason… Which is that people just go to the first article they see on the site to comment regardless of whether their comment has anything to do with the content of the article. (Something proven by all the, “so where do we comment” comments.

      Sadly people continue to ignore ask when we ask they go to the forums/chat to arrange battles/go into 300 long comment threads about some Pokémon we’ve drawn.

      I guess it largely boils down to people not using our comments as we intended. But I can’t complain too much. :/

  8. Well this trailer showed some models of pokemon we havent seen in S&M before like Rufflet 😀

    1. The most unelegant leak I have seen. Unless Gamefreak are going to actually finally change the Starter gender ratio this gen then gender based evolution is not going to happen. In fact, if I remember correctly the only time gender based evos became part of leaks is around when Mallow confirmed Archer, Wrestler and Siren. So most obviously it is disbelief that Gamefreak would have such a ‘feminine’ Starter design without it being exclusively female. Never mind that Sylveon exists and people speculated the exact same thing.

      If there IS going to a split evos I feel the most likely trigger is day/night because it is the ‘fairest’ way of splitting off a line without making one rarer and it makes the most sense lore wise.

      Realistically though I dont see it being anymore than a slight pallete swap or similar. Because how does Gamefreak/Nintendo go forward marketing 6 FE starters? Not very fairly I am guessing. Given Gamefreak’s track record with blatant favoritism I’d rather they not give us options whilst simultaneously telling us what they think is the best one :L

      As much as I dislike the idea, I feel it is more than likely going to be something similar to Ash-Greninja. As for the Rockruff evos, convenient how they simply match up with the Oricorio/believed Island Guardian types. I do think Rockruff may have a link to the Z crystals though because of his type and the appearance of his collar evoking the Z Ring.

      *Wow much comment*

    1. It definitely looks a lot more like a 3DS game this time around. Really gives credence to the notion that X and Y were really a sort of ‘testing ground’ for working with the hardware.

      At times there are still some very ugly conspicuous pixels, but I’m holding out a tiny bit of hope it will all literally be smoother on release. (Not likely though).

  9. Some of these are legit..
    Found this today on 4chan. It’s one of the most popular threads right now.
    It has even art, showing evolutions and new alola-forms.
    Of course this could be fake, like all the stuff we got the last weeks. But it’s still interesting to read and spectaculate, isn’t it?

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