A 3DS Direct is coming, but will it have Pokémon news?

Fans have been distraught as of late because there’s been a distinct lack of certainty about when the next Pokémon Sun & Moon news would come. Nintendo has now officially announced a 3DS-centered Direct and, while not guaranteed, could be the source of some new Pokémon news as well.

The Nintendo Direct will be held on September 1st, so we won’t be in the dark much longer!

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  1. I most likely think we will get news, just because we had a trailer June 30th and August 1st so its around that time again 😀

  2. I feel like if we were going to get new Pokemon info they’d just do it the way they have been doing so. Instead of trying to connect the trailer to a direct. I just think it’d be odd for them to bundle the Pokemon news in the direct just because they can.

    1. the direct could show off like one new pokemon and then the pokemon company drops a new trailer with more news right after

      1. I suppose…..I just don’t see the point. Back in the day Directs DID have some important news as far as Pokemon goes, but since the reveal of Sun and Moon TPC has basically taken over and they don’t need the directs anymore.

        1. thats true, thats why i think NA Direct will include the announcement of the SuMo 3ds if anything

          1. Yeah I think that’s a pretty safe bet. It’d technically still be Pokemon news, but be more in line with the other stuff in the direct too

          2. Yea because I dont think Nintendo would dare put the Pokemon sun/moon 3ds in 2 out of the 3 Regions but not the other. that new 3ds will sell over here lol

  3. Btw these are most likely the following games to be shown.
    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Spirit of Justice
    Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice
    Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls/Bony Spirits
    Mario Party Star Rush
    Pokemon Sun/Moon
    also we could see the announcement for the amiibo update for New leaf and possibly the sun and moon 3ds coming to NA

    1. i think it is obvious we will receive pokemon sun and moon news, considering we have been getting news at the beginning of each month as of late, so why not september 1st, the real question is will they shown alot or just a small tease of whats to come?! either way its only a few days away til we find out ourselves 🙂

  4. Of all days for me to work
    I should be slaying demons and vykrul for 16 hours straight and do the same next day but I have stupid fart faced work for 7 hours

        1. That’s just for time off though, right? You should be able to call in sick vs taking time off.

    1. Dude, that’s the nature of work!

      Also you knew when Legion was coming out right, you had eternity to schedule your days off!

        1. Don’t you have a request off system? Like where I work all we have to do is fill out a form and hand it in to our managers. As long as it’s before 3 weeks to the date needed off it’s typically not a problem.

        2. No, I mean three weeks before Legion’s release (on which the date is set) you could already ask for day(s) off on release date. 🙂

  5. There is a huge chance we’ll have Sun and Moon news from the September 1st direct. We always seem to get news from every beginning of the month the last few months! 2nd June, 1st July and 1st August. I’d love to see the starter evolutions, more new Pokemon, more info about Z-Moves, more trial captains, more about Team Skull and definitely more Alola forms! (Sounds like a huge stretch I know, but I’ll accept what is to be shown) 🙂

  6. I guess what it boils down to is IF there is any actual Pokemon news then maybe they thought it wold be useless to have a separate announcement when they also had a Direct scheduled as well. Otherwise the Pokemon news might as well be its own thing. I do have to wonder though. Could this be connected the French Nintendo tweet about the starters? Maybe the Pokemon news this time coming from a Direct instead of alone is the reason a regular Nintendo account teased rather than a Pokemon account?

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  8. Pretty certain this will have our usual share of pokémon news, otherwise we would probably have been informed of the next batch separately.

    The real question is, what is in this next batch, and the next corocoro?

    So this time last gen, the corocoro revealed the starter evos and the fossils, so we’ll probably get either or both of those, some of which might be restricted to the Corocoro. (though the games came out over a month earlier, so this could yet wait). We’ll probably also get 2-4 new pokémon, including some related to previous reveals. And obviously 1-3 Alola forms. One guarantee is Rockruff’s evo, but that may have to wait for the corocoro.

    Assuming those leaks are fake (I like some ideas, don’t like others, they seem mildly believable but there’s no backing to them so as usual, they’re fake until proven otherwise), I’d place these bets on the specific pokémon we’ll get:

    – Something palaeozoic for the fossils, I’d wager an armoured fish line and a fish to tetrapod line.
    -A prevo for either Turtonator or Crabrawler (I think both of these are the final stages of two-stage lines, their designs seem about right for that level)

    And my dream picks:
    -A non-Kanto Alola form
    -A mega evolution

    1. I’d say the fact that XY came out in October is the reason we got the starters in September last time. That said, it does seem like they’re hinting at starter evo reveals given the French Nintendo tweet. I’d say if the typical trailer is in this direct it’ll be the starter evos and some smaller stuff. And then when CoroCoro comes out thy show off Rockruffs evo and hint further at the connection between it and the starters. I feel like we won’t get the full picture until the final evos of the starters are shown as they would be the ones with the direct connection to Rockruffs evo rather than the two smaller forms.

  9. havn’t got long, that will be on thursday 😀 i really hope their some some pokemon sun and moon news, even if its just a little footage like the pyukumuku gameplay ide be happy! just a couple more days and we’ll find out! but i honestly haven’t got a vlue what it will be about, maybe its just for 3ds games in general but if it did contain sun and moon news that would only be a plus for us fans right?! 🙂

  10. So if this is confirmed.. then the last leaker is confirmed?
    Or did the last leaker only build off what the Main leaker said… Meaning it would prove nothing if some of the stuff proved credible unless there were similar designs.. . ?

  11. Also, I know I assumed that Rockruffs secret had to be the same as the starters.. . But they didn’t say that right? They implied he has a secret of his own, which could be the changes based on time of night previously predicted right? On top of the groups main secret.

    1. Corocoro said they all share a secret. So what ever Rockruff can do is also related to the stares too.

  12. Just had a thought… What if the direct ends with a sneaky teaser for the NX by means of a reveal date?? That tactic would make total sense, and it’s about damn time!

    1. That is something I would not expect, but I also think Nintendo is not above putting surprises in directs.

      Also, I’m glad they are calling them “Directs” again; I thought they stopped calling it Directs, especially since the Metroid Prime Fed Force one was for all intents and purposes are Direct but they didn’t call it that…

    2. Nintendo would reveal the NX possibly next month, due to Sony revealing its 4k console this month. and no i think its not possbile since nintendo already said no NX news

  13. Finally preordered my copy of Sun + a Strategy guide which I always do with new Pokemon games. Looking forward to the lil Solgaleo figure that’ll come with it as a bonus (hope Sun gets some good version exclusives)

    1. I hope that the sun exclusives are good aswell since many times the version exclusives that i like can only be found on the version that i didnt choose ex: rufflet being in white but i played black

      1. Tbh I plan to play through Sun with all 3 starters, so that’ll mean trading so if there’s a Pokemon I really want on Moon, I’ll just trade haha

        1. Or you could store them on Pokebank each time you reset and get the starters and then after 3 times you can use em all

          1. I would but I don’t have Pokebank and I can’t see myself spending money on it when I’ll never use it tbh – unless there’s a big incentive in terms of RBY on the 3DS

        2. Yeah i plan to do this via wonder trade if its still a feature in sun and moon, which they should considering its a popular feature for us pokemon fans via youtube, twitch etc. atleast that way we can see what we get and eventually get starter pokemon. or via gts ofcourse which would be a massive downhill in my opinion, why? because so many hack legendary pokemon and others that are like level 100 and shiny which arent usually legit on their. atleast thats how its been for me everytime i go on there, but eh wonder trade and breeding eggs is what i do best 🙂

          1. Well one of the pluses of getting the game 5 days later is people would have already bred starter Pokemon (hopefully good natures and attacks) and they should be easily got on the GTS/WT – always looking for that silver lining of getting the games later than the rest of the world haha
            I do wish there was a faster way of WT’ing however (same with releasing Pokemon). I wish you could select like 6 at a time and then trade/release em

  14. so apparently Nintendo stated that the NX won’t be discussed at all on Thursday….sorry guy chill out lol

  15. So many crying over NX. No one cares, Sun and Moon are top priority right now. Other stuff needs bin

    1. People are just thirsty for any info on what the NX is. Honestly though at this point I’m getting scared that it launch will be a failure due to people being disappointed that it doesn’t resemble anything that the rumors have said it would be.

      1. Yeah I can see that happening
        People are just so hard to please these days (phrasing)

        1. exactly! specially pokemon fans they get greedy when they don’t get enough and when they give us alot more than we asked for they complain they gave us too much. this is why i enjoy pokemon sun and moon news, they’re doing this the right way, heck we don’t know much yet we have so many pokemon revealed! alola forms and z moves are only just become something we just found out, and we still don’t know what its about or how it works gameplay wise. we don’t even know the starter’s evolutions, all we have is the leaks of evolutions which has credibility. honestly if they become real then fine but if they confirm to be fake once they DO revceal the starters evos, alot of fans are going to be extremely dissapointed because so many of them love the artwork and designs of these three.

      2. They’re REALLY pushing it with this. They need time to generate hype. What I fear is that it isn’t ready for a march launch, so they’ll rush it and flop again. I’d rather have a delay, which is what I think may happen at this point.

    2. It’s the same thirst for info we had back in 2015 when there was no Pokemon game to be seen. Just for NX instead. I’m worried that it won’t have enough time to be hyped up before release. I trust Nintendo though

    3. Gotta disagree with you there. We’re seven months away till it supposedly releases and we have no information on it.

      In my opinion they should have showed it at E3.

    4. I am curious to see what the NX will actually be and what will it offer but yeah Sun and Moon interest me more at the moment haha xD

      1. Hey I have a puppy to take care of
        Believe me I want to relinquish my life to Warcraft but it’s kinda hard when I’m always being hammered with responsibilities

  16. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that we’re not going to get pokemon info in this direct.

  17. I can’t be the only one who absolutely adores the latest artleaks. From an artistic and design perspective they’re original and well executed, I really hope they’re real

    1. I quite like the art myself, as a concept at least. I also quite like your img for your profile, though I can’t quite figure out why ;3

  18. I say we’ll get a new trailer. But it seems close enough to the NX that I would necessarily expect new game announcments, but what other upcoming 3ds games do they have? Seriously, the only one that comes to mind is pokemon, which is odd. Maybe it’s a shorter direct? I don’t think they’ll anounce more than 1 or 2 new games, if we’re lucky, but I can’t think of any upcoming 3ds games other than SM. Odd.

      1. Wait, it’s not showing it in mobile. I had to click on the picture to go to Twitter to see it haha

  19. Finally European time!
    I don’t care what they show as long as it’s something we can speculate on

    1. Idk what else it could possibly be on other than Sun and Moon, and that new game that nobody cares about

      1. I was talking about SM, I meant they can show whatever they want from the game as long as it keeps us busy for a while

  20. When you see someone post about the stupid Lugia and Ho-oH cloud theory on facebook…. ugh.

        1. I hope you are referring to the cloud theory that ends with a Harambe meme or we are on completely different pages lol

          1. Honestly I didn’t stop to click their link, I just assumed it was the same dumb theory I had heard months ago lol

          2. Oh got ya lol. It’s this super wild theory that sorta makes sense if you’re open to the ideas, but then ends with a Harambe meme. I rate it 5/7.

          3. :O You were the guy who helped get me into competitive battling! You bred me three pokemon and helped me get start! I can’t thank you enough for that. 😀

          4. That’s me! Glad to see you around still. And you’re welcome! Always glad to help 🙂 Might be breeding some more in the future

          5. I haven’t competitively played in a while and would probably get destroyed, but if the tournament resurfaces, I’ll think about it

          6. Yeah. Busy with school as well. I still come here every day though because I alway finish stuff fast

          7. That’s good that you can get through all of it quick. A Monday-Friday job fills up most of my week and then I need to plug school into the schedule along the way haha

    1. ikr?! its pure coincidence in my eyes. like seriously enough already, that theory is old news, heck its not even news its just wishful thinking lol

          1. Alright. I’ll humor you. I don’t want your tails, but I’ll get you out of that filthy well. Here’s 5000 P. Go buy yourself a house ya bottomfeeder

        1. Yeah but good luck finding someone to 6 v 6 singles on the real game. Battlespot is so dumb, why is it only 3 v 3?

          1. Also half the people i do get into battle with, have full legend teams. It’s like, really?

          2. Mostly is for time. 6v6 tames quite a a fair bit of time, and honestly most matches of 3v3 vs 6v6 will play out about the same.

          1. I know, and I’ve gathered so much info on others teams too. I’ve generally kept quiet, only said one Pokemon (which may be scrapped) and others have given their whole team away.

          2. Basically. They didn’t say “OH HERE’S MY TEAM LIST” or anything, but over time they give their team away through other comments/replies

          1. I’m making one yet I’m having a hard time with some teams (wanted Gallade but don’t have dawn stone so I gave that up even if it was perfect naughty natured Ralts)

          1. Agree to Disagree there. Honestly I personally think that B&W 2 are the worst games over all in the series, and Hugh really doesn’t help with my feelings of that.

          2. Eh, thats alright. I’ve never liked most of the friendly rivals. Not because they’re friendly, but because they often lack personality, like May.

          3. I personally don’t really consider Hugh a rival. He’s just your friend who is motivated by a different set of goals.

          1. I always thought that evasion should be a stat, but I’ve realized it’d be way too broken. xD

    1. If you want to make a good rain team I suggest Goodra with Hydration ability so he can recover from status affliction.

    2. Dude just admit your obsessed with me and leave me alone
      Seriously anyone see he’s always trying to get up in my business

      And besides my gaming attention has shift back to world of Warcraft and probably won’t be doing any Pokemon until sun and moon and before the GTS shuts down (gotta spend them Pokemiles)

      1. It’s for fun. He used to genuinely dislike you, but now he knows you’re pretty cool because you have a few things in common.

  21. I have a Pokemon idea it’s a Tardigrade based one that is very resilient and can live any where.

      1. It’s not much a bear it’s a microorganism of sorts but Water bear is good idea!

  22. I have an idea for the people running this website. Make us vote for our favourite cities/towns in pokemon regions.

    1. Hmmm…Are you trying to build a well rounded team, or more a team built around a certain strategy? Really just trying to help here and not anything nefarious.

      1. The well rounded one I built seems to work better. I guess I’ll make more of those and see what happens.

        1. IN that case I’d recommend trying to pull pokemon from gen 4 or 5 to see if they can fit on your team. Their generally considered to have the most competitively viable pokemon.

        1. Really then I would just say start with a couple of pokemon you know you want to use, and you know their good enough to use, and then try to build around them. Like try to find a pokemon that covers their most common weaknesses, and then try to cover that pokemon from its weaknesses and so on.

          Like think of it like this. If you like a steel type, try to bring a flying type of a grass type next to counter ground or fighting, then a rock or a water type, and then so on.

  23. There’s something addicting about soft resetting for a shiny once you’ve been doing it for a while…it’s almost like gambling except you’re putting time into the slots instead of money.

          1. I think this Cresselia will be the only SR I ever do xD Does it take less time to reset for stats/natures?

          2. Theoretically, when yer going for flawless legendary stats. 31/x/31/31/31/31 sounds trivial on bred Pokemon… but when you have only 3 guaranteed stats, you might take hours-weeks.

            There are ways to hasten SR for stats and nature:

            1. Memorize the max stats.
            2. Register the legend in the dex.
            3. Knock out a synchronizer and put it in slot 1.
            4. If the legend has an announced ability (usually weather or Pressure), your lead Pokemon (after the synchronizer) can be 1 speed point slower than the enemy’s max stats and also have an announced ability. This verifies speed IV. (It will be at least 30 IV, since you might lose a speed tie.)

            1. Start the battle.
            2. Verify turn order if there’s an announced ability. If you go first, reset the game.
            4. After catching, look at the HP. Not max, reset the game.
            5. Then look at the nature. Wrong nature, reset the game.
            6. Then look at the stats. Not good enough, reset the game.
            7. Then calculate IV’s. (Optionally, check Hidden Power.) If stats are not good, reset the game.
            8. If you can live with those stats, congratulations!

            Randomly, the local VGC scene wasn’t quite good until someone offered a repository of legit flawless stats VGC-ready legends free for tournament attendees. (We cloned those legends free, and the only “payment” we asked for is event attendance and tournament participation.)

  24. 100000000% Off topic, but I know a lot of Steven Universe fans like this song

    I have to say, I absolutely loved this. Of course the original was better, but I loved the Ukulele.

    Poekoko don’t hate on me for this pls 🙁

    1. How’d you know I was about to say something along the lines of “Wow, Steven Universe Weeb” Geez you know me way too well

  25. I think this is the reason they haven’t said when we’re getting more sun and moon news like before cuase they were waiting for the Direct

    1. Yeah it makes sense. Why have a separate announcement when they can just bundle it with the other games. I have to wonder though. Could the trailer being played in a Direct rather than alone be the reason the French Nintendo twitter account teased the starters evos instead of the Pokemon twitter account doing so? And if that’s the case could this Thursday be the reveal of the starters first evolutions?

      1. That’s what I’m hoping at least. This would be the groundbreaker. (Though I”m praying they look like artaleaka’s)

        1. Once the starter evos get revealed a lot of “leaks” and rumors will be tested. It’ll be interesting to see what stands up and what doesn’t lol

      1. Yeah I saw that too but I was just wondering why they hadn’t said anything and now we know why

  26. After extensive testing, I’ve found my team! Time to breed! 1 pokemon . . . and train! 2 pokemon . . . lol I already have most of my team.

      1. Are you testing on showdown? I’d give you tips, but honestly I pretty much just stumbled upon my perfect team. What I can say that I did was that each pokemon covers another’s weakness, so maybe try to do that.

          1. Until platinum it was like that yet she changed from water/Ground to Normal/Flying

    1. Woah that’s so cool. The unown were weird, because they made it out like some huge secret, when really there was absolutely nothing at all. Maybe they were planned to have a bigger story but it was cut?

      1. That really wouldnt surprise me. I was disappointed when I unlocked nothing with them.

      2. I have the same view when I was a child ….I was think they will combined together and become like a huge dragon….but the same we have nothing.

    1. I want a new stand alone Bee Pokemon
      It’s basically Vespiquen and Escavalier fusion

      Bug/Steel or Bug/Fighting
      Just have a small humanoid insectoid body with gold and black European Knight armor, large trapezoid wings and a long lance stinger

  27. RIP: Grimer. one of the 5 first forms of Pokemon I don’t have. It spawned near my house, but it’s night. I used an incense, even though I knew it wouldn’t work. Then it despawned…

          1. I can already see him being all like “This is the only worthwhile fairy and its the best fairy of all! Aaargh *smash* *smash*”

          2. I think that the calcium from the skull would jus dissolve so no probably not, besides i cant see how its possible for it to hold liquids without them spilling through the eye sockets

  28. Well I think I’m getting close to finalizing my team…it was very gimmicky at first, resulting in me either destroying my opponent or me getting destroyed. No close games. It’s still a little bit gimmicky, but there should be enough consistent Pokémon at this point to give me a good shot.

  29. I think there will be more new Pokémon news, because so far every first of the month news released.

  30. well guys tomorrow is going to be the big day,which means we need to get everything set up for the big Nintendo Direct! 😀

  31. Son of a bitch the stream starts right when my shift starts
    Well I guess I better have an extremely fibery breakfast to ensure a time slot

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