POKÉCOURT IN SESSION: Nintendo Direct to Reveal Starters’ Evolutions?

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Case Background

There are a lot of expectations on the line for tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct and with good reason. Pokémon fans haven’t heard much about the highly anticipated Pokémon Sun & Moon for awhile now and they’re hungry for more. Will their appetites be satisfied with tomorrow’s Direct? Might it even reveal the evolutions of Rowlet, Litten and Popplio? To the good gentlemen and gentlewomen of the PokéJury, I would ask you to consider the following:

Exhibit A: No Information Scheduled

Pokémon Sun & Moon information has been held at regular intervals with advanced notice; until now. Why? Perhaps Pokémon International decided to share the love and give Nintendo something to hype fans with. Something that would fit nicely within a 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct, perhaps? Seems very convenient.

Exhibit B: Suspicious Timing

Think back to September 2013; fans were eagerly anticipating news from another set of Pokémon games… X & Y. With their release drawing closer, it was the month the second evolutions for the games’ starting Pokémon were revealed. Now return with me to 2016: would it not, in fact, make sense that a similar timeline be followed for Pokémon Sun & Moon? Not out the range of possibilities, certainly.

Exhibit C: Foreshadowing from Nintendo

Nintendo’s social media accounts have also been active, gently teasing Pokémon fans online. Take, for instance, this tweet from Nintendo France:

Roughly translated it reads “In your opinion, what will the evolutions of Rowlet, Litten and Popplio look like in Pokémon Sun & Moon?” A meaningless tweet? BALONEY!! More a calculated marketing tactic to place seeds of hype in the minds of impressionable followers.

How Do You Rule?

What say you Jurors!? I await your decision in the comments below. Share with your friends and ask them to weigh in as well!

<3 PJ

FEATURED DISCUSSION: PokéJungle League Information and Intrest

  1. I’m pretty sure they are going to reveal the evolution’s!. I’m extremely excited and hope Rowlet’s is a good one!

    1. They’ll probably only reveal the mid evolutions.

      Although their might be a chance with the final evolutions as well

      1. maybe they are done being bugged by all the ‘leaks’/leaks and wanna end them immediately

  2. I’m actually going to guess yes, they will reveal the next stage evos for the starters. But that’s assuming that there is Pokémon news.

    I’m guessing based off of how information has been revealed this generation, mainly through the YouTube channel, so a Nintendo Direct I’m sure is big enough to reveal the evos.

  3. I hope they’ll atleast reveal something pokemon related and pls Nintendo bring MH stories the west.

  4. First of all love the theme of this article! lol Anyway, I’d say that there is a very good chance of it happening. Regardless of what we DO get there will be a new trailer tomorrow. I think the starter evos could turn up in it too. Whether it meant anything at all or not I found it odd that it was the Nintendo account rather than the regular Pokemon account teasing the evos. TPC has basically taken over as far as showing off new Pokemon reveals by doing their own trailers on their own schedule. I wouldn’t be surprised if they in general had a trailer announcement scheduled, but then Nintendo also said they did for the Direct and decided to just bundle them all together rather than doing two separate things. Anyway I’m not gonna lie I really hope they do show the evolutions tomorrow. It’ll clear up a lot of rumors for us and possibly confirm some stuff. I will say however, if they do show the first evolutions it’ll be out of the ordinary. Usually they don’t show them until the month before or the same month as the release of the games. It makes me wonder if they would have a reason to show them off a month earlier than typical. (The possible split evolutions maybe???) lol

  5. Was it seriously October 12th? UGH. Sun & Moon will be out over a month past that date -_- Really puts the wait into perspective.

    1. BUT…..but……it’s earlier than we got ORAS…..so that’s a thing right? lol

      1. But ORAS wasn’t even announced until May. They didn’t hold us in supsense of news drought for three months.

  6. I definitely think it will! I also want to believe, on the off chance, that we get Super Mario Galaxy 3D (or a new 3D Mario game). Honestly, I just want a surprise that will motivate me to pick up my 3DS again.

    1. well, if it is it wont be released before pokemon, so…. U have no reason before SuMo.

    1. thanks for the reminder, just literally got it after reading your comment 🙂 many thanks!

  7. SO we got a lot back in september 2013.. We are gonna get somethign great tomorrow, will it be the evo’s of starters… Not sure, do hope so!

    Hopefully we will be surprised, starter wise.

  8. If I’m correct, Quilladin, Braixen and Frogadier were leaked in September back in 2013 and were revealed shortly after. So I guess the Starter Evolutions are a pretty safe bet.

    1. why? XY were released in the second week of october. SuMo in the 3rd week of November..

  9. And we usually get starter evos around September, so I have to say that this Nintendo Direct will reveal them.

    1. Although weren’t x and y released a month earlier? Wouldn’t that mean that if you follow the timeline, we should get them in October? I want them now, I’m just offering some critique.

      1. Its a hard call. Technically you are right in saying that if they were going off of X&Y, we’d get the starters next month. However we have gotten nearly double the amount of trailers by comparison to X&Y for sun and moon, and given their seems to be some pretty big key things they haven’t talked about yet, it seems likely for them to show them off now.

  10. It’s possible, but I think they’re going to want to focus on other 3DS titles instead, rather than be upstaged by Pokemon. We all know pokemon is a platformer and they’ve already revealed a bunch of info about it, so I think it’s safe to say they’ll take a moments break till corocoro


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    3. 1) Probably no more than 15 or 20 USD
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      1. You’ll definitely get to see designs before we put them out. Out of curiosity is there anything you’d particularly like to see?

        1. I mean…Volcarona in there somewhere would be cool.. 😉

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    5. honestly its not something i’d purchase regularly. usually if people spend the money on manufacturing things like this, they’d want to turn a profit. if you want to do something like this moving, i’d recommend keeping it slow and not releasing too much stuff.

    6. I would probably pay like, 10-15 dollars on one? I really want some pokemon in the style of Sweaddle heads. Maybe the Alola starters? I personally want Mega Lopunny, Furret, and Froslass. I would prefer shirts available at any time rather than limited edition

    7. I am totally interested, and I wouldn’t mind anything up to about 20-25 USD. Above that, it would kind of be too much, I feel.
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    8. At my point of view $10-$15 and yes very interested

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    9. I don’t mind the design so long as it varies from generic starters and Pikachu merch. As far as price I would pay up to $25 USD. And yes, I love you

    10. 1. YES
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    11. 1. I would spend upwards to 50 bucks.
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    12. 1) I would buy a shirt 🙂 I’d pay around 15-20 dollars for one.
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  12. I reckon Pokémon News and Hyrule Warriors Legends. Revealing the already leaked new characters.

  13. You know what I love about Sun n Moon.. . Whatever the secret of this game is… Your starters can do it! Thinking back now, its a little odd the games main focus was Mega Evolution and seemingly all starters can do it.. yet your starters of that gen were left out….
    Also, these “leaks” make me all the more hype! One pokemon can prove or disprove the entire thing.
    Too bad I’ll be at the DMV tomorrow hehe

        1. We haven’t had a third version since Platinum. Personally I think the games after this will be new stories set in kanto

    1. Nah, I think the reason sun and moon took longer because it was different graphics they were working with. so i guess we will be going back to yearly

    2. I hope so. I’m not a fan of yearly releases.

      At least this will give them time to change up their game engines…and make any modifications to features that aren’t perfect.

    3. I want another sequel game so bad. I always hear people complain that they are a cash grab, but they fix so many things and add so much content. Especially if they’re done like BW2, which is an entirely new game. Yeah, they should have the features like gym rematches and battle frontiers in the original games, but they never do, so I really want another sequel game.

  14. Rural Juror. Read that out loud. It’s like the worst thing for me to pronounce in English.

  15. since the the corocoro from September 2013 gave us our first look at the X/Y anime will this one feature the first look at the Sun/Moon Anime?

  16. XY starter evolutions were revealed in September, but the games came out in October. Sun and Moon come it in Novemeber, so that’s two months before release instead of just one

    I don’t see them being revealed quite yet, but maybe.

  17. Starter evolutions tomorrow, Rockruff secret w/ starters in CoroCoro, Mega Evolution next month

  18. I just wasted 30 minutes trying to get a cloned shiny venipede and he goes offline right as I tell him I’m not giving away a shiny since it’s costing him nothing. He cloned it. -.-

  19. I’m not really expecting it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we got them. What does everyone want to see non pokemon related from the direct? My list is wishful thinking but here it goes:
    1. New Fire Emblem (Too early?)
    2. Maybe the Pokemon x Fire Emblem they’ve mentioned
    3. Surprise me.

      1. I mean an actual crossever. I believe they said they had planned it before it was scrapped. Also if it happens I hope the Lord isn’t Pikachu. Someone else needs the spotlight for once. Riolu would fit nicely. Especially because he’s blue.

        1. Oh, an actual crossover…
          Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED FE:Awakening, but i would rather have Pokemon Conquest 2 imo

          1. Pokemon Fates: Conquest. It’s the game where you side with Kalos instead of the Kanto scum.

          1. I’ve watched every episode at least 4 times. Always the day it came out, then the next day after school to analyze it. Then some time later.

            I’ve seen Dipper and Mabel VS. The Future 16 times…. I have issues….

          2. I’m not that observative, but I have seen every episode at least twice. I just remember it because I thought it was funny. xD

          3. Mabel: BattleShutes and LadderShips, Necronomiconopoly, Don’t Wake Stalin.
            Dipper: Ah! Here’s one WHAT COULD GO WRONG? The last players who played it never made it out alive….
            Mabel: That could be good!
            Dipper: Should pass the next 21 minutes.

  20. Sorry to post this here, but does anyone have an idea for a fair tournament with 22 participants? (That’s the number or entries we have BTW.) What about this: divide 22 into two groups of 11. Round robin with your group and the winner of those groups fight in the finals? I really don’t want to give like half the people bys.

    1. since we’re trying to decide gym leaders and the champion, why not do it as two groups of 11 and play swiss round, everyone playing ten games I mean, and then the top four of those brackets with the best win/loss record move on to a single elimination finals for the chance at being the champ. Since that would leave you with one champ and 7 gym leaders, you could then take those who placed 5 in both groups and make them battle for the last gym leader slot.

      Just my first thought.

      1. Mm, I like that! However, the tournament is to decide gyms. I think the champion might just literally be who beat the gyms first, because when they get beaten, they have to step down.

        1. That could work as well. I just didn’t know if we want to have an established champion first, since in that system they technically would be the best of the best of pokejungle. But again your call.

          1. fair enough. So top four from two brackets and a single elimination to determine rank.pick order could work out well.

          2. So does the lowest leader get kicked out and each leader moves down one space to make space for the new champ?

          3. No, not really. Being a champion doesn’t put you with the gym leaders. The only way a gym leader can get kicked out is if they never battle anyone that wants to challenge them or their account is inactive.

        1. They aren’t ready yet I have them and they correspond with each other’s weaknesses

  21. i normally dont like to get my hopes up for this kind of thing, but its seems starter evolutions would be revealed if they are continuing the pattern from x and y, i wouldn’t be surprised if they gave us a trailer of the games, the gameplay, pokemon and then at the end they would finally reveal the starter evolutions, or atleast their secondary stages, i would say they would give us the whole evolutionary line, but maybe giving us the secondary ones would be for this month and the next month would be the final forms, that’s just something that would make sense to me cant think of a reason why it just seems like thats what they would do since the starters and rockruff have this secret that we are all eager to find out, in any case im extremely excited about this, trying hard to not have my hopes up too high incase we don’t see what we’re all expecting but nonetheless if we still get SOME news that would be enough for me since we haven’t had that much as of late but leaks to speculate. #TeamMoon #TeamLitten

        1. It all makes sense now….
          Wait…. Some starters should have the opposite ratio (Meganium, Popplio3.)

          1. Meh, it’s how gamefreak rolls. If we can get used to Gardevoir being male, we can get used to this.

          2. I’m sticking with Litten. I’m usually have unpopular choices and opinions anyway.

  22. I’m conflicted about the direct tomorrow. I could either glance over the info for five minutes at ten and watch it at four thirty, or just watch it spoiler free at the same time. I feel like if I glance at the info I won’t have any reason to watch the direct, but I really enjoy the surprise while watching them, so I don’t know what I’ll do. Also don’t they normally tell us the length of the direct?

  23. Just watched most recent Pokemon episode of Pokemon on my Dvr Ash is such a Bi*ch yet he did save a Bidoof!

      1. Well, that’s stupid. Doesn’t he have click bait-y type stuff anyways? Plus, he goes into rumors too, right?

        1. Aww I may be a cute Kirby but I get crossed like Verlis has I’ll Hammer them to death

  24. I’ve seen people point out that September is when we got starter evos with XY, but September isn’t the pattern. If you look back to BW in addition to XY the pattern is actually releasing the starter evos a month before the games’ release, and they’re not tied to a specific time. This could be the generation of breaking trends, and I may be proven wrong, but I just want to point out the actual trend so you don’t get your hopes crushed if we have to wait another month. 😉

    1. Hopefully France was trying to hint at this with it’s tweet. I mean a Direct on the same time Sun and Moon news comes out, a forshadowing winky face on the tweet, the direct being about 3DS games. They better be on here or Frace will get a tongue lashing.

      1. Believe me I hope that they were foreshadowing, but when I read it I just see it as a speculative question, not a hint at all. Personally, I don’t need to see their evos because with the leaked final evos I’m already sold on Popplio.

    2. No, September is the pattern. The Gen V and VI starter evolutions were revealed in the Corocoro issues released in September 2010 (just before the games themselves on the 18th), and September 2013 (a month before release) respectively.

        1. All good. I double checked Serebii’s archives just to be on the safe side, it’s definitely September 2010 for BW.

          1. I had looked through the archives a few months ago for just this reason, so I’ve been under this misconception for a while now. That’s embarrassing…

    3. Yeah the “pattern” if there is one is that it’s basically the last CoroCoro before the games come out. BW came out just late enough in the month that they were able to get the starters evos out the same month, but with XY the games came out on the 12th so they need to do the reveal the month earlier in CoroCoro. Granted now they aren’t relying on CoroCoro as much now a days, but even still I think the idea as a whole stand true lol

      1. That said things are different this time around so I wouldn’t be too surprise if we get them.

        1. I suspect that we might actually see the starter finals instead of the evos this time. Warning, long post incoming.

          Most curiously, in the Japanese anime, we only have titles for this week’s episode and next week’s one (XYZ 40 and 41). We usually get titles a month in advance. The next two (42 and 43) are apparently a one hour long special, featuring Lucario and Greninja respectively.

          Lucario is one of the poster children for Mega Evolution, and Greninja for Synchro/Bond Phenomenon. This could be when they finally explain the latter in the anime, hence why they don’t want to reveal the titles.

          Also, we know that Rockruff and the starters share a secret. This could be Synchro/Bond Phenomenon in their final forms, in which case it would make sense to reveal said final forms.

          1. Yeah that’s the only thing. CoroCoro is gonna talk about Rockruff’s evo and it’s evo would probably only share the special trait with the final evos of the starters rather than the mid evos. I still wonder tho….maybe the whole split evo thing is real? Could be a good reason to show off the finals now as they’d still leave the others for us to find when the games come out. Usually they only reveal the mid evos before the games come out and then the finals the month after. Maybe the split is why they seem to be teasing the evos so earlier rather than in October when it’d be more suiting for them to do so?

          2. If there are split-evos, they’ll be alt forms rather than separate Pokemon. We’ve seen the starters in the Dex, Rowlet is 1, Litten is 4 and Popplio is 7, so there’s no space for multiple evos.

          3. Well yeah technically you’re right. Everyone’s just calling them split evos, basically they would just be different forms lol Either way I think that could be a possible secret. Only time will tell though..lol

  25. How long is the Direct? I won’t be able to check the news until an hour after, and I’d like to know if we’ll have our information by then (if at all).

  26. So I just watched a video from Tyranitar Tube about the “leaks” about muk being ground, koffing being fire , parasect being poison fairy etc..

    He used Pokejungle as the site and then he took my comment about it being a very fan service(y) leak and that it was so plausable it was probably fake.

    He then took what some of you said and just resaid it in his video, really good investigation and sourcing huh ? :

    1. I would’ve thought the a Muk being made of lava or water would’ve been more fanservice(y).

    1. Not gonna lie…..when they were first revealed I was a naysayer……It wasn’t that I didn’t like the designs, but idk….I just didn’t buy it…..I always liked them all so when Mallow was confirmed to be the girl in the pic I was pleased. Popplios evo is pretty great. If the whole sync thing is real I’m looking forward to seeing all three of them in their different “forms” depending on how the character looks lol

        1. With all these leaks and rumors saying it’s gonna be in the games I’d be surprised if it wasn’t. There’s only so many people that can say before it basically should be real lol I mean I can’t imagine EVERY leaker or rumor spreader is lying to us lol

  27. Honestly, what where you guys thinking Litten3 would be? All fire starters final evos stand on 2 legs

      1. Kitten is based off of a tiger for the 100th time. Fire starters are based on the Chinese zodiac. There’s no fucking jaguar in the Chinese zodiac

      1. Yes, 3 starters. Rivals. Professor. Rattata clone. Pidgey clone. A lot of things were. And who would want to mess up the consistency of this!?:

    1. To be fair 4 of those starters are based of bipedal creatures. And Emboar is based off a man pig from a story.

      1. Technically 2 are. Blaziken (chicken) and Infernape (monkey). Charizard is based off of a lizard (4 legged) and the other 3 are self explanatory (badger, pig, and fox)

        1. I thought Charizard was based off a dragon and some of them are depicted as bipedal. And I think badgers are capable of standing on their hind legs, not so much walk. And there Emboar who I think is based off of Zhu Bajie from Journey to the West.

  28. The fact that some Alola forms come directly from the original Pokémon gives me even more reason to believe Kalos is in the game. Example: Cubone will evolve into Alola Marowak in Alola, but regular Marowak in Kalos. Because what if I wanted to breed for original Marowak? Or original Raichu? Unless there’s some alternate evolution method in Alola for these Pokémon outside of the normal means of evolving them, it just gives more credence to the Alola-Kalos speculation.

    1. Although this does raise a question, how will we get Alola-form Pokémon in future games? Maybe that instead adds more credence to just a separate evolution method?

      1. But you see, that means you can never breed a normal Marowak and get a legit 7th gen normal Marowak. I can’t imagine that would be the case.

        1. I imagine it has something to do with if the parents are alolan or not. As in I bet if you transfer a regular marowak and breed with it, the baby will be regular.

          1. Interesting, yet confusing at the same time as the Pokémon are one in the same, yet one will just have been caught in Alola. Perhaps that would be how to get Alola forms again in the future, the OT must originate from Alola and thus must have been transferred?

          2. That’s the only way it could possibly make sense. Unless there are special items or evolution methods for evolving them.

          3. I’d like ’em more if they end up not being just gen 1. I hate gen 1 pandering because it takes me out of the game.

          4. I typically hate Gen 1 pandering, but in this case oddly I am not against it. These are the oldest Pokémon and these new forms do give them a breath of fresh air without resorting to wasting Mega slots on them.

          5. I only really like the Vulpix/Ninetails one. The others don’t really impress me conceptually.

        2. Why not? Doesn’t hatching in the gen make it legit (assuming it was never genned to begin with)?

          1. Because if it only evolves into Alola Marowak, you can never evolve it into a normal Marowak, hence you can’t have a legit Gen 7 normal Marowak.

    2. Pfft nope, kalos wasted its time to shine, it is now time for Alola and Sinnoh remakes which means non alolan forms will be acquired by transfering or from the gen 4 remakes jkjk

      1. I’m big on the Alola-Kalos theory, to me this has been planned all along. And if true, what an amazing two gens Gen 6 and 7 will have been. Kalos, Hoenn remake, a dual region game, and Sinnoh remake. Hope it plays out this way.

        1. It would be amazing but knowing GF they will probably just move the spotlight from Kalos to Alola and just say something like “Zygarde’s cells are spread all over the globe blahblahblah” and that would be the explanation for perfect zygarde in alola but idk now that i think about it, it does seem that they planned this all along with the whole strange souvenier so yeah then Alola-Kalos may be possible

          1. There are just too many connections between Kalos and Alola right now, and waaaaay too many Gen 2 references, for me to think this wasn’t planned. I’ll beat the Alola-Kalos drum until the games release and prove otherwise haha xD

          1. that’s why all Trainers should spend what little bottlecapage on making a legit 6IV ditto that way everything will be clean

    1. I’ve never been much of a competitive player, but Hyper training might change that. The only real thing that’s ever kept me out was the fact that I don’t have the time nor patience to do the breeding. lol

        1. RIP Blissey bases </3 One of the best features ever in pokemon. So helpful for breeders. Screw the oras haters, it had some good shit

  29. I hope we get starter evolutions, even just the second evolutions. But I don’t think any new Pokemon news will come out tomorrow.

  30. um… Guys, I don’t know if you knew that already but I found through a Code something that looks pretty much like the Z-Ring o.o”

    Is that a thing or ist it just coincidence?

      1. Yeah, but i also noticed that Contest Brendan/Brendon? Cant remember his name, but he is the bearer of it ^^”

        1. It’s kind of like a similar foreshadowing like Lilycove Hotel having the Alolan Exeggutor posters.

  31. I don’t breed. I gen my Pokemon. It provides me more time to test out my teams than waste hours breeding. No other advantages than that. I don’t care if you hate me for it, because I hate breeding. I used to love it, then I discovered what a waste of time it was. I know none of you gen Pokemon, so I don’t want to pretend like I do.
    I am lifting up my flame shield now…

    1. I HATE YOU!!!!! Jk, personally, I feel like there is a certain charm and reward in breeding your pokemon and training them, but that’s just me. Also don’t hate me if I say that I hope they ban genning. Agree to disagree?

      1. I share your opinions. I love breeding Pokemon. It’s fun, sure it’s frustrating, but fun ^-^

      2. Not really saying my stance on genning, but how can they ‘ban’ genning. its a third party program that runs through your computer that creates a save file that the pokemon game pulls up. Its like an ad-block program. No matter how hard you try to hide that pc save file, hackers will be able to track it down and edit it to gen in pokemon.

        1. Basically. PkHex is almost impossible to block, as it manipulates the save files through backups.

        2. Eh, I’m no game designer (although I aspire to be), but I bet they could find a way somehow.

          1. Really it can’t be done. The best solution is to simply make genning less appealing, which is what their doing with gen 7 by giving us hyper training. I’ll happily level up pokemon to 100 given it takes only a few hours over a few days with blissey secret bases, but genning can take hours, if not days of time until you get a universal parent.

            That said I’m not likely going to gen in a team. I’ve tasted my own mons and they seem to be working well enough. Most of their ivs are good enough, say for one, but its ivs aren’t that important given its purpose.

    1. HGSS introduced that (yellow don’t count) HGSS are remakes of GSC. GSC are gen 2. GEN 2 CONFIRMED!!!

  32. Dear Game Freak…. give us special pokeballs again. I’m hyped about the love ball and heavy ball that fits my pokemon perfectly. We need these

    1. We need our voices to be heard out. We have pretty good ideas fr stuff (Fakemon, features to bring back/add)

      1. That’s time consuming if they go through every idea and everything would feel randomly splattered

  33. They better reveal starter evos ITS ABUT TIME all with the games’ release in a few months…

  34. I really wish the Direct was at 6 AM rather than 7 AM, since I have to be out the door by 7:30. Either way, I’ll be up early and speculating with you all. I’m just hoping for a sizable, all-around presentation (with a Pokemon cherry on top). Hopefully this will make up for 6 months of silence…minus Breath of the Wild.

      1. I feel sorry for east-coasters, most of the Directs are early morning over here but right up in the work day for many others. Stupid time zones.

        1. I’m pretty happy with it being at 10 am. I get to sleep in and can watch at my leisure….then again I’m a fully grown adult that has Thursdays off lol

          1. I don’t blame you xD
            Luckily, or unluckily depending on what you interpret it as, my college is shut down due to the tropical storm that’s going to hit this area so I’m literally not leaving my room tomorrow xD

          2. depends on the state. I know some states cant handle snow at all so even with only like 1-2 inches they shut down schools. but who knows hopefully the tropical storm is not that big

          3. Yeah, I’ve seen posts about people making a huge deal about it before the school decided to shut down, citing that just because the whole county is on a state of emergency, the college should not have classes. I mean, yeah, there’s some danger to a tropical storm, but there’s no need to panic and assume the worst. The whole state of emergency is more so a safe precaution, as with any big storm, they do that.
            But then again, I’m a native here, and one who never panics about thunderstorms, so I’m kind of used to these things that I hardly worry about them anymore

    1. Personally I’m glad its coming up when it is. I’ve got a a big job interview at 9 am est tomorrow, so if I’m very lucky I might be able to catch it on the drive afterwords, but not likely.

    2. The direct will be at 10:00am on my timezone and im at school so yeah i can just wait until lunch time to see if anything got revealed

    3. right when i’m supposed to punch in to work
      but f*k that, i’ll just watch it on the can during my mid morning dump

  35. oi vey Warcraft is sucking my vitality…again
    been playing let’s seee…….i wanna say at least 12hours today

    1. Wow! 2 hours less than yesterday, good job earthen im proud of you! Its a good start on the way of getting your outside life back :3

      1. screw that i would be playing like 18 hours but i have stupid responsibilities like taking my dogs out, exercising, bathing and other little annoyances that get in the way

        every moment i’m not playing some overly zealous jerkbag is at max level with max professions max all the achievements

  36. I could see that happening. The Direct is tomorrow and I cannot wait to see the 3DS stuff their going to announce. A new trailer of S/M might have been saved for that day. It fits into the way we’ve been getting information for all this time (being the first of September).

  37. Hey, does anyone have an extra Ditto with at least an IV in Attack and Sp Def that they wanna give me? Really wanna breed something, but the only Ditto I have has only Defense and Speed and as of right now, no Ditto Mirage Islands are appearing for me.
    Or, maybe you can loan it to me and I’ll give it back once I’m done.

    1. darn. i have one but im currently using it for my shinx. im MM for a shiny for my friend

    2. Hey I might be able to help if you don’t mind waiting a bit. I dont have my 3ds with me as I’m currently at work (Australia). Another 5 hrs or so?

      1. I’ll be asleep in 5 hours since it’ll be 5 AM my time. I’ll be up for the Direct though, so if we’re able to then, that’ll be sweet 🙂

  38. well guys Tomorrow’s going to be the big day Nintendo Direct,I was wondering what will be the listings of Nintendo games we will see?

    1. I know that it wont happen tomorrow, but I ikinda hope they eventually do a Nintendo selects version of A Link Between Worlds and Majora’s Mask 3D eventually.

  39. ok so in deciding the order in which I will play all Zelda Games in anticipation of breath of the wild, ive come up with 2 rules: No CDI Games, and No Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks (I’d rather shoot myself, sorry if you like these games, but 1 playthrough is enough for me.) so, first I finish twilight princess, then you all voted mostly for The Wind Waker. (goodness I wish I could so a vote system to make this easier) what is the game I will be playing 3rd?

    1. After you finished Wind Waker:
      Ocarina of time 3DS
      Majora’s Mask 3DS
      Skyward Sword
      Link to the Past
      Link Between Worlds

      The rest of the 2D are also still great, but you won’t miss out on anything for BoW if you didn’t play them. It’s important you play the main games first, and just avoid Adventure of Link, it’s garbage.

      1. ive played almost every Zelda game to date, and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is easily one of my favorites. I’m not really doing this to better understand breath of the wild (as Ive payed pretty muchthe majority of the games and already know how they play out) but more as a celebration.

          1. I don’t understand the mentality that everyone seems to share that because its different makes it bad automatically. the game controls fine, its a blast to play, and its grueling difficulty makes it rewarding to beat. also, its pretty short as well, making running through it not to long of a task.

          2. Maybe it’s just not their cup of tea but that doesn’t make it bad… 🙂

            This happens all the time with games series that undergo a genre shift anyway like Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts…

          3. ok nuts and bolts was bad because “rare” not only falsely advertised the game, but mocked us when it wasn’t what we expected. “nobody wants a game like this, lets make it about cars” um… yes we do, that’s why we’ve been begging for a banjo 3 for 10 years! also, the levels are far too open, collecting parts to get specific things feels like a chore, and the whole game feels relatively samey after like 10 minutes.

      2. Convince me to play MM3D. I have it, and everyone says it’s great but I can NOT understand the game’s structure for the life of me.

        1. The games theme is easy to follow: Loss, Grief, and Death, and how the citizens of termina struggle to deal with it. Majora’s mask, an artifact created from some tribe, found its way from the happy mask salesman into the hands of the playfully mischievous skull kid. using its power, he attempts to pull the moon down on the people of termina, and you’ve got 3 days to stop it. however, 3 days wont be enough, and with your handy ocarina, you have the power to reset that time, but at a cost: everything will be reset as well! (don’t let this part seem daunting, if you beat a temple or collect an important item, you wont have to recollect it or beat again, in most circumstances. for example, beating temple 2 will thaw out the snowy area. if you reset time, you’ll need to beat that boss again to thaw it once more, but its made easier by including a warp straight to the boss). What makes this game so compelling and so wonderful is that the NPC’s are FAR more compelling and meaningful than any Zelda game to date. you see their struggles and can help them by learning their schedules. The 3d version in particular makes certain conveniences available, such as a revamped save feature and a nice adjustment to the song of double time that lets you pick and choose whichever hour you’d like which really cuts down on wait time for sidequests and such. Don’t let that time limit feel overwhelming, with the inverted song of time, you have 3 hours real time before you have to reset, which is waaaaay more than enough to get anything important done. Majora is very sidequest heavy, as there are only 4 temples in the game. It is by far my favorite and the most enjoyable Zelda experience ever in my opinion. Give it a try, everyone ive suggested it to hasn’t regretted it. its truly wonderful. I hope you enjoy this book I typed you lol

    1. New Super Mario Galaxy confirmed? (Obviously, “new” is part of the title.)

      Also who in Nintendo has the silly idea of making the rest of the assembly blue instead of purple.

      1. wait that’s the vibe you get from this? I think that’d be neat, but I’m feeling pokemon Sun/Moon themed new 3ds.

  40. well done it’s the first day of September which means one thing: Nintendo Direct,let’s begin the countdown to the Direct!

  41. Todays the day friends & frenemies, in 8 hours we will be a lot smarter and maybe even know the evo’s of our beloved generation 7 starter pokemon!

    May the odds be ever in ur favor!

      1. You have time to post more predictions.

        As long as you do it before the direct, you can say “I was right, I told you so” heh heh heh.

  42. this video is still painfull, not only it revealed the terrible chespin and fenniken evolutions but it also revealed mega mewtwo X something that was so bad and so unwanted, I still cant belive they gave mewtwo such a awful desgin

    1. I hate mewtwo Y even more

      The evo of chespin was really a let down yes, fennekins a bit aswell,

      1. Tbh PJ it’s never clickbait with u and even if it remotely sounds skeptical you make it obvious that it’s a rumor

        1. Only Verlisify (and related people) would think that PJ is passing off rumors as true, anyway.

          It is unfortunate that we have to put up this obvious rumor disclaimer now. Ppl just dumb or just nit-picky.

    1. It annoys me when Poketubers first have their thumbnails with fakemons from artists who actually enjoy Pokemon (and half the time their work isn’t even credited)
      Secondly the clickbait text on the thumbnail also annoys me. What idiot in their right mind would say that something is leaked then question if they’re real?
      I never watch them as I don’t wanna give them views and in turn, money, since thats what it’s all about and its the reason half of them waffle on for as long, cause they want the dollar
      Also his voice annoys me but thats just a personal opinion

      1. Well that, and its T-Tube. I wouldn’t call him evil, but he is very guilty of making click-bait material and not doing his research before making videos, which often makes him look a bit silly with some of his speculation.

    2. I used to like his videos because I love his enthusiasm. However yeah, the clickbait and ridiculous ‘Illuminati-confirmed!1!’ level of speculation is grating me these days. Can anyone recommend a Poketuber? I like Nappy but I don’t know that many others.

  43. SO somebody literally just posted this on 4chan , what do you make of it ?(sorry mods if this is not permitted on here)

    Hello, somebody i know and i trust just sent me a mail .
    In this mail she told me that 2 games should be unveiled in todays Nintendo Direct. She also said that this direct is rather special and worth watching.I trust her cause i know she has a certain post in a certain company in relation with Nintendo.I know that this seems completely dumb and misleading but eh .

    She also said that :

    Bayonetta X has just started development

    Luigis Mansion might get delayed

    A new pokemon game has also just started development and its a never before seen pokemon game genre

    A lot of games are being made for NX, and some of them have QOL built into them ( dk what thats all about)

    NX reveil won’t be in september

    Nintendo is about to acquire a new American gaming studio as 2nd party

    EA doesn’t seem to be on board this time around neither.

    Lots of ports are being produced

    Amiibo are a very integral part of the NX

    Splatoon 2 is also being developed and pikmin 4 has been shelved till NX releases

    No words on retro studios new game as they have encountered lots of development issues and are still struggling to meet their deadline , retro has also been working on a game for 3ds

    That is all I’ve been told, remember that none of this is confirmed and that it all could be BS .I was skeptical about posting this but thought that if the direct did indeed deliver what I’ve been told it would then posting the rest of the infos would be irrelevant as no one would then believe me.

    1. Open world Pokemon game would be a very interesting concept (if we’re talking never before seen genre)

      I hope they’ll make a new game set in Kanto, my personal opinion. Always loved Kanto.

      1. I loved the bayonetta games on Wii U , hopefully Bayonetta X ( if it’s real ) will be an NX launch title.

  44. My predictions for the direct

    Sun/moon trailer showing more of the other islands, and 2-4 new pokemon and alola forms

    Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice trailer

    Dragon Quest Trailer

    More info on that oasis rpg revealed at e3

    Indie Crap

    One new game

    Smt 4 Apocalypse trailer

    1. Yeah, the kalos starters and legendary pokemon back in 2013 and pikipek(sort of, it was just the 3D model) back in march i believe, but i dont know if they count since they were Pokemon Directs

  45. I’m really hoping for an announcement about Mega Evolution coming back. I know not everyone is a fan of it, but it does make some pokemon like Mawile viable.

    1. I’m not a fan personally, but I’d be very surprised if it isn’t coming back. I also know many people enjoy it, so I hope it comes back for them ^_^

        1. Yes, but we do have to wait a week longer on SuMo.. So that part of being in europe sucks

  46. I know I’m the only person who talks about GO here, but it sorta kills me on the inside that the kids who used to make fun of us for playing Pokémon, now make fun of us for not having the Pokémon they have in GO. All the people who didn’t play Pokémon before on my bus are now playing GO with the joystick hack. I just hate it and I hope the craze will end soon. I don’t know why I’m so bugged by it, but I just hate people who cheat at a game and then try to rub it in.

    1. Also if you’re gonna go ‘People at my school don’t use those hacks and even if they did, they don’t rub it in.’
      Well….. I’m 13… And 8th Graders are immature…

    2. I don’t see anyone playing it at my school anymore orther than my little group of nerd friends. I’m still enjoying it, Just wish there were more pokestops nearby so I don’t have to be so cautious with my poke balls. Seriously, there is a huge shopping center in my area and only 3 pokestops and one gym. It sucks

  47. Will there be a livestream for it here at PJ? Also how many hours till it’s on? o.O

  48. One hour to go! So something I’d love to see in SuMo would be the ability to paint your pokeballs and customize them like the old ball capsules. Painting them would be a neat way to color coordinate the pokeballs with certain pokemon

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