FAKE: Generation VIII Starter Pokémon Revealed?!

THESE HAVE NOW BEEN DEBUNKED AS FAKE! The artist has been found. Now you can let us know if you’re RELIEVED or DISAPPOINTED by the news. We’re still leaving the post up in its original form for continued discussion.

A post, apparently made on a Chinese forum, included three photographs of what purport to be the starting Pokémon for the next game. As with all rumor posts we advise you not to treat these as real until officially confirmed.

We’re remaining very suspicious until there’s any other outside corroboration to their authenticity. Because of the situation with Gen VII’s leaked final evolutions some artists may just be wanting to get our hopes up early this time. We encourage users to treat these as FAKE until there’s any more evidence! The Japanese does not seem quite up to par.

If you’re interested though, here are the final typings that were mentioned alone with the photos:

  • Grass-line ultimately becomes Grass/Electric-type
  • Fire-line ultimately becomes Fire/Steel-type
  • Water-line remains pure Water-type

Hopefully we’ll learn the truth about these in the coming weeks!

VIA: Skinny Snubbull