2ch Rumors

Well, as long as we have now decided that you guys want some rumors, here’s 2ch’s take on the upcoming CoroCoro (this was posted “supposedly” as information from a leaked copy).  REMEMBER.  RUMOR.  NOT FACT:

  • Ononokusu is rock/dragon
  • Nezumimi is NOT related to Cherimii
  • Moguryu is ground, Doryuuzu is steel (remember, if there is no evolution in the middle it disproves NOA rumors!)
  • Desukan is an evolved form, rock/ghost type
  • C-Gear has a LOT of features, remember we’ve heard 2 rumors about possible DSi features!
  • Denchura (tarantula) is bug/electric– not related to ariados
  • Aaaaaaand Koromori’s nose looks like a nut and it is very cute (LOL I had to include that last one, even though it’s not really new info)

If you’re reading 2ch at all, people took that original post and started adding on a bunch of other stuff, some using the names that were posted here on PJN, so these are simply the original set of rumors from the CoroCoro “leak”.

That said, I’m very very very very very very skeptical anyone has their hands on CoroCoro and if they did they’d prob post pics.  So I would suggest you be equally wary 😀

<3 pokejungle

ps- I’m going to sleep, so if something leaks I”ll put it up asap when I wake up.  Sweet dreams!