The Demo

Sorry for the late post!  Just woke up!   So let’s go over the screenshots!

Above shows a new pokemon called Hatooboo (that’s a long ‘o’ as in boat, not book).  Is it just me or does it look like it could be flying/ice?  Just my personal opinion haha.

This one is blanked out 🙁  Laaaaame!  The last katakana look like “nezumi” (mouse in japanese) though.  It knows Detect, Super Fang, Crunch, and Hypnosis.  Weird type of some psychic or dark mouse pokemon?

Can’t make out much, but here are the demo station.  Looks like those pokemon might be new.  🙁  The person posting these pictures claimed that there are two exclusive areas “Black City” and “White Fortress” which you will get to visit depending on the version you buy.

Our favorite goth pokemon vs green blob!  Why no names?  🙁  According to SPP goth is Rankurusu and green blob is Gochiruzeru

And we’re waiting on this little guy’s name too!  According to SPP it could be Kibago

If these names turn out to be true it confirms once and for all that NOA rumors are false. I know from the last set some of you were hoping very desperately that Shimama or Hihidaruma would get evolutions!

<3 pokejungle

  1. I can’t make them appear out of thin air guys :p I’m hoping some pop up tomorrow though <3 (That's tonight in American time)

  2. I don’t think the blue bird looks like the evo of the ‘pidgey’ of black and white like most people do. To me it looks like an ice flying type. Also up until now the only pokemon I didn’t like was that green blob thing but after seeing it’s backsprite it may just be my favorite. Also is it just me or does it look like the top two pokemon seen on the demo station in the double battle look to be the same? Also pokejungle you might know of me from the pokecommunity 😀

  3. On the note of Shimama or Hihidaruma not having evolutions I was hoping that something would evolve into them. But maybe not haha idk. Hopefully more pictures will surface soon.

  4. Is there any way shape or form for us to find out anything about the Pokedex entries that contain the starters evolutions? 🙂

    Also I’d like to know where this event is taking place.

  5. For those interested–

    Hatohpoh = “hato” or pigeon and “poppoppo”, onomatopoeia for the sound a pigeon makes.

    Kibago = “kiba” or fang + I’m gussing either “go” or gouge or a corruption of “ko” or baby.

    Gochirucell = I’m guessing “gochiru” or entertaining? + a corruption of cell.

    Rancorous = the word rancorous, could also include “ran” or orchid to make a double meaning.

  6. NOA guy admited that all rumours were fake and also said Toraroiya was a truck in his mind, not a tiger.


  7. It won’t surprise me if Shimama doesn’t evolve. It really makes me think of the ‘Girafarig’ this generation. Not great by any means, but not needing of an evolution. Hihidaruma looks like a single stage Pokemon, in my eyes, as well!

    The new birdie definitely interests me. I see how it is related to Mamepato. Definitely!

    I’m super excited to hear about starter evolutions. Most importantly, Mijumaru’s. Seriously, I’ve read how his name is a play on ‘rookie’ and his facial expression isn’t that of sadness, but of stoicism. So interesting! And that his evolutions are based around ‘otter warriors’. Mannn. Water/Fighting, it may seem. The concept art of his stage 1 evolution got me super excited. I’m pumped to find out more.

  8. Bay you’re gonna end up hating me now, but those were all NOA rumors about Mijumaru :p

  9. Ahhh, but I wouldn’t hate you, regardless of the rumors being proven false. That’s the beauty of rumors: They get my mind to thinking all of the possibilities of Pokemon. So now, in my mind, I believe this stuff about Mijumaru. But once other things are revealed, I’ll take to them! 😉

  10. mamepoto’s evolution looks kick ass!
    i just hope his 3rd stage will look just as awesome. 😀
    and i really did wish it was ice/flying DX

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