The Demo

Sorry for the late post!  Just woke up!   So let’s go over the screenshots!

Above shows a new pokemon called Hatooboo (that’s a long ‘o’ as in boat, not book).  Is it just me or does it look like it could be flying/ice?  Just my personal opinion haha.

This one is blanked out 🙁  Laaaaame!  The last katakana look like “nezumi” (mouse in japanese) though.  It knows Detect, Super Fang, Crunch, and Hypnosis.  Weird type of some psychic or dark mouse pokemon?

Can’t make out much, but here are the demo station.  Looks like those pokemon might be new.  🙁  The person posting these pictures claimed that there are two exclusive areas “Black City” and “White Fortress” which you will get to visit depending on the version you buy.

Our favorite goth pokemon vs green blob!  Why no names?  🙁  According to SPP goth is Rankurusu and green blob is Gochiruzeru

And we’re waiting on this little guy’s name too!  According to SPP it could be Kibago

If these names turn out to be true it confirms once and for all that NOA rumors are false. I know from the last set some of you were hoping very desperately that Shimama or Hihidaruma would get evolutions!

<3 pokejungle