NOA Rumors = FALSE

So everyone who was like “WTF HERACROSS DOESN’T NEED AN EVOLUTION!” or “What?!  Shimama doesn’t evolve?!” can rest easy for the moment.  Personally I still don’t think Shimama will evolve :p  But maybe, who knows.

That’s what sucks about rumors though.  They aren’t always true 🙁  And I wasted at least an hour of my time typing up everything.  Argh.


</3 pokejungle

ps- I don’t think I mentioned in my “DEMO” post earlier today, but that poster also mentioned the possibility of double wild battles.  How does that work?  I dunno @[email protected];  In DPPt you had to knock out one of the pokemon before throwing pokeballs I believe (when paired with one of the NPCs you had to guide through an area, such as the forest or the cave) so I’m wondering if it will be the same case in BW.

pps- Remember when I was like “I’m not going to post any more of those rumors until we get some confirmation that they’re right” and you guys were all like “No, no, we don’t care!  Post them! Post them!”… this is why I wanted to hold off.

Someone photoshopped the glare off of the screenshot and tried to improve the quality a bit, this still image was included on a video on YouTube from xSoulSilverxD  Daigo kindly gave me the screen capture though.  Video is simply the still image so no real reason to watch it.  (I hate videos that just have 1 still screenshot… dumb… )