NOA Rumors = FALSE

So everyone who was like “WTF HERACROSS DOESN’T NEED AN EVOLUTION!” or “What?!  Shimama doesn’t evolve?!” can rest easy for the moment.  Personally I still don’t think Shimama will evolve :p  But maybe, who knows.

That’s what sucks about rumors though.  They aren’t always true 🙁  And I wasted at least an hour of my time typing up everything.  Argh.


</3 pokejungle

ps- I don’t think I mentioned in my “DEMO” post earlier today, but that poster also mentioned the possibility of double wild battles.  How does that work?  I dunno @[email protected];  In DPPt you had to knock out one of the pokemon before throwing pokeballs I believe (when paired with one of the NPCs you had to guide through an area, such as the forest or the cave) so I’m wondering if it will be the same case in BW.

pps- Remember when I was like “I’m not going to post any more of those rumors until we get some confirmation that they’re right” and you guys were all like “No, no, we don’t care!  Post them! Post them!”… this is why I wanted to hold off.

Someone photoshopped the glare off of the screenshot and tried to improve the quality a bit, this still image was included on a video on YouTube from xSoulSilverxD  Daigo kindly gave me the screen capture though.  Video is simply the still image so no real reason to watch it.  (I hate videos that just have 1 still screenshot… dumb… )

  1. At least we still have the demo to give us info!

    Anything new on that by the way PokeJungle?

  2. You did the right thing with posting more rumours. We didn’t want them to believe them, we just wanted them to have some fun. It was something like reading someone’s brilliant ideas about new generation.

  3. Not yet. .-. ATM it’s 6:30am in Japan so people are just waking up ‘n stuff. I always know the time in Japan now that my boyfriend went home so I know when to call him or about what time he’ll call me lmfao.

    And right now I’m just bracing for the angry mob that’s going to be after my head now that those rumors are false, because even though I posted in bold that those were rumors and not to be believed until we had solid evidence… people are still going to blame me 😐

  4. It’s unfortunate, Pokejungle, that people are like that. Hell, I’ve been on other boards and people have mentioned that you have “confirmed” some of these rumors. I really don’t understand idiots, to tell you the truth. You HAVE posted the freaking word RUMOR in bold and even caps. Oh well… You still have your loyal fans!

    I saw a post or two on BMG forums saying “Is Pokejungle a new site, or what?” Sad to see this… I used to come here everyday. It was my favorite Pokemon fan site of all of them. And then I noticed it sort of died. But it’s such a great thing to see you have it up and running again. For the past few days I’ve been checking the site like mad. ^__^ I love rumors for the sole reason of them possibly being fake! It’s nice to speculate.

    Thanks for getting the site back up. It looks great!

  5. Heh, no need for thanking ME, a lowly fan. It is you to be thanked. Honestly, I really appreciate it (and I’m sure a lot of other fans do as well).

    It’s just a pleasant thought knowing my favorite Pokemon fan site is back and looking better than ever. =]

  6. I still appreciate greatly that you were committed enough to post rumors for us, true or not. So I’ll always still come back to Pokejungle for any updates, because you’re the fastest one to get them out there.

  7. Thanks for the rumors even though they were false.
    Btw, how did you guys known NOA rumors = false, what proved it wrong?

  8. Even though they weren’t real, I’m glad you posted them. It was interesting to read them.

    Now I won’t get to beat the elite four with a brolly though….I’m going to go weep about what could have been now 🙁

  9. Despite them being false (we all knew they probably were), I thought they were VERY interesting to read. I mean and PokeBeach only post confirmed stuff, ALL the time, and sometimes it’s nice to read rumors(or as I like to call them-ideas) for games. I mean, it was worth it.

    So despite them being false, thanks for posting them. ^_^ It sets this site apart.

  10. I feel awesome for being included in a post. (shakes fist)

    Just one thing Pokejungle, my name is spelt Daigo* not Diago. 😛

  11. Aight, you have my permission to call me poekjungle for the rest of the day. My bad haha

  12. just wanted to help out a bit, the guy who posted this stuff said that it isn’t like DPPt where wild double battles would happen when you partner up, but rather at random, just walking in the grass.
    Sorry if you already knew this, couldn’t tell if you did or didn’t.

    Also, I think “White fortress” is probably a typo of forest, but I guess you never know.

    He/She also said that there are over 100 pokemon in the game.

    Lastly, he/she confirmed that the Mijumaru and Tsutaja Evolutions are what they look like in the game.I’m not sure if the names are the same, though.

    1. Yeah, sorry, about the double battles I was just talking about how you had to eliminate one of the pokemon first in the few instances where you encountered 2 wild pokemon at a time, not that you needed someone walking with you for that to happen.

      And I did notice that it could be something other than Fortress as well, Forest may be what he or she actually meant. As far as the evolutions and 100 pokemon… I pretty much assumed that stuff already :p

  13. You don’t know what I do and don’t know, so don’t sweat it xD

    lol that was kind of a confusing sentence.

    I am so boreeeeeed.

  14. That screenshot took my 1.30 hours to clear up yesterday and I still have the .psd for proof. Of course the timestamps are there on flickr and prove it alright.
    Long story short, it’s not some random Youtuber’s work.

  15. Reading where it said NPC’s reminded me how a lot of people want characters to follow you like in the tv series, and I had an idea a long time ago, you can switch to other characters that join you as you go on, and they have a different pokemon team that you can change around. Which would also solve another thing people want which is to have a larger pokemon party.

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