8/14 Pokemon Sunday (UPD)

UPD: Pokemon news coverage:

  • Pokemon cardboard boxes were confirmed to have the different packaging, while the plastic box will have the previously released boxart.
  • Went through the 7 pokemon revealed in CoroCoro… no new footage
  • Rotation battle footage, previously released
  • Went over Dento being a gym leader, but also appears in the anime
  • Also mentioned Aloe and Team Plasma… only in passing
  • Talked about “Poke Shifter” and showed moving over 6 pokemon from a pokemon box from DPPtHGSS
  • G-Gear was showed off with the new ‘Poll’ feature I mentioned earlier
  • High Link mentioned with multiplayer features
  • Dream World was shown off, same footage/information
  • Pokemon Musical was shown off… registration desk shown w/ new appeal footage.  Gear is adorable :3  See screenshots
  • Rotation battles explained, same screenshots we’ve seen
  • Through in a screenshot from the brief ‘Best Wishes’ anime promo

<3 pokejungle