8/14 Pokemon Sunday (UPD)

UPD: Pokemon news coverage:

  • Pokemon cardboard boxes were confirmed to have the different packaging, while the plastic box will have the previously released boxart.
  • Went through the 7 pokemon revealed in CoroCoro… no new footage
  • Rotation battle footage, previously released
  • Went over Dento being a gym leader, but also appears in the anime
  • Also mentioned Aloe and Team Plasma… only in passing
  • Talked about “Poke Shifter” and showed moving over 6 pokemon from a pokemon box from DPPtHGSS
  • G-Gear was showed off with the new ‘Poll’ feature I mentioned earlier
  • High Link mentioned with multiplayer features
  • Dream World was shown off, same footage/information
  • Pokemon Musical was shown off… registration desk shown w/ new appeal footage.  Gear is adorable :3  See screenshots
  • Rotation battles explained, same screenshots we’ve seen
  • Through in a screenshot from the brief ‘Best Wishes’ anime promo

<3 pokejungle

    1. Probably will just go over what was revealed recently =/

      Pokemon Musical footage *might* be new though, we’ll see.

  1. Maybe we’ll get to see Aroe and Dento in action? That would definitely make my day. <333

  2. I hope they’ll confirm if Mamanbou is or isn’t Luvdisc’s evolution. There’s always a lot of debate about this on Serebii…

    1. I doubt it. If it is a luvdisc evo, they’l probably just keep it hidden until closer to release date, if they even release that information then. It’s not like Luvdisc is an important pokemon, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they don’t mention it at all. GF probably thinks that it is sooo obvious that they don’t need to specify.

      1. Well, they just pointed out that Mirouhuggo is Minezumi’s evo, but said nothing for Mamanbou… Hmmm…

      2. i agree with you i mean just look at it its obvious its a Luvdisc evo, some people dont know how to relate one thing with the other

      1. and that was because someone had one early in the anime right? Someone said that before best wishes, Ash is supposed to go back to Pallet, and doesnt Misty have a Luvdisc? It might have evolved. That would explain it

  3. It’s so clearly a Luvdisc evo. What in the world is going on here? Think of the people who try to bash Gamefreak’s creativity. Would they really make it that easy by having Mamanbou and Luvdisc part of seperate evo lines? They’re way too similar. And I’ll bet Luvdisc evolves by use of the Feeling Check thing.

    1. It probably comes with the keychain things with the buttons and the roars. You know what they are.

  4. I swear Japan is not eco-friendly lol double boxes, wish they would have talked more about Dento and his gym and stuff

  5. and btw what was up with the guy in drag lolz at the very least he should have shaved the lil mustache xD

  6. There sorta was new footage, but it all lasted a couple of seconds. Just the climb up the PokeShifter building, the Pikachu battle, wherever that building was when they were showing off the polls for the C-Gear, and… I think that was it, though I might be mistaken. Underwhelming at best, but completely expected (Pokemon Sunday has a nature of getting 1-up’d, and since the site already uploaded all the footage… lol).

    Was sorta hoping someone would whack Hitler in the picture game thing. :C

    1. Well pokemon sunday did bring us the footage of the rival battles on that route where its raining and that was cool

  7. Drill liner looks like it could be a ground type attack after OHKOing Pokabu. Text seems to suggest it’s super effective too.

    1. And it was regular damage on Desukan. So Desukan’s most logical type would be Ghost/Ground

      1. This would make me pretty sad, since a possessed sarcophagus is the ideal opportunity for a Ghost/Rock. After all, sarcophagi are made out of rock and are designed to be ABOVE the ground… Drill Liner might be a Rock move, who knows?

      2. We haven’t taken into account any abilities it could have that change it’s weaknesses/resistances.

          1. I agree that Drill Liner might be Rock and Desukan’s type fits better with Rock/Ghost.

  8. Not that much new info. DX
    well actualy Im a bit suprised that we got this much info. o.O

    oh well, better than no info at all! 😀

  9. Shimama seems to have pretty good speed. It outclassed Tsutarja which is usually shown to have the greatest priority (30 secs in this vid for instance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olIvvew6iOc). While I’m at it, note that Tsutarja is the fastest followed by Kibago, Pokabu then Mijumaru. Kind of surprised that Pokabu is faster but who knows; maybe natures came in to play or the stats will shift around with evolutions.

    1. That’s interesting, I expected Pokabu to be slower than Mijumaru. Tsutaja definitely looks the fastest out of the 3 starters, though.

        1. itll evolve into one. trust me it will. game freak would be crazy if that didnt happen. but surprised that pokabu isnt the slowest hes a pig he cant be that fast

          1. You’d also expect a bulky-looking pokemon like a pig to have good Defense, but based on the demo that’s not true, either.

  10. See the video and stop after black enter the pokemon musical. See at the top left, and left to one character is an overworld sprite of a new pokemon. I think.

    1. It looks a little like Meguroko, but it’s definitely not. I think you’ve just discovered a new Pokemon good sir.

      1. It doesn’t really look like much of anything to me. I might not be looking at the right thing, but what I’m seeing thats kinda brownish just looks like some sort of decorative thing, like all of the random things which were just laying around in rooms in D/P at places.

        1. I did, but I’m still not sure that’s a meguroko. It does strongly resemble it however, so perhaps you’re right.

        2. Not that I wish to completely cross out the possibility, that Pokemon is clearly larger than Meguroko, and as others have pointed out, it is somehow standing on its hind legs. If I were to guess, it’s an evolution.

      1. Hmmm, it seems to have a snout like Meguroku but is either standing on its hind legs or crouching like a frog.
        Also, how come the top commentors reset again? I was doing so well, haha.

    2. woaa good eye! 😀

      it totally does look like a meguroku on it’s hind legs. xD
      a possible evo? 😀

          1. except isshu has no berries or apricots and pokemon musical doesnt use stats like pokeathlon…..definitely new pokemon great eye

          2. Except for the fact that you get berries in the dreamworld. The juices which can be made with them will likely effect the musical in some way.

            I’m still saying that its definetly not a new pokemon. It looks too much like a standard scenery object rather than a pokemon.

  11. hi pokejungle..for some reason you haven’t been posting rumours for quite some time…

  12. Well, that was disappointing, but expected.

    Btw, why is Aloe so far down on the fav. character poll? The first black gym leader in 2nd to last place?! Possibly even the first black person in a pokemon game?! (which just happen to be named Black and White) That’s terrible!

    1. racism? not really, its probably cause shes a woman

      jk, shes just boring imo compared to the other characters

    2. Was her character not revealed last from the rest so far. This is just plain ridiculous, some ppl find issues where there are none.

      1. I must let people know that I am big on sarcasm, and sometimes my humor is a little too dry for people to catch on.

        1. I am disappointed that Aloe is that low, but its definitely nothing to do with racism.

    3. Well in my opinion, it’s just some aspects of her design. Her face is nice and she has a pretty groovy afro, but her attire throws me off (or maybe just the apron). I can’t really find a better word, but it looks… puffy. She’d probably look better without it or if it was drawn better but that’s just my opinion.

    1. Bus demo tour is still going around right? Wonder why we haven’t been getting some more impressions, info and whatnot… Still waiting for starter movesets (maybe more on stats) and some info on Basurao, Darumakka etc.

      Speaking of which, I thought the bus demos were strictly for young’uns. Was the blogger who posted the demo an adult or elementary school kid?

      1. Yeah I hope they bring more infomation about the Pokemon like the 1st evolutions of the starters if they’re lucky in the Demo.

        1. I doubt we’ll get any starter evo’s in the demo. Highly unlikely, seeing as all you do in the demo is get a random selection of Pokemon for your team [out of the three starters, Shijika, Zorua and IIRC Shimama] and battle Cheren and Belle. There’d probably be zero or very little Exp Points out of that. Plus they wouldn’t let the evolutions slip by like that.

        2. personally i don’t think we’ll get them until the game actually comesout. :/
          if we’re lucky they’ll give us one evo like they did bakc in the RS days. 😀

          1. Actually, they’ll reveal the starter’s evolutuions probably before the games come out, because 4 years ago, they revealed Hayashigame, Dodaitose, Moukazaru, Goukazaru, Pottashi, and Emperte before September 28, and they are the DP Starter’s evolutions.

  13. When do you think full information will be revealed. Up to this time it’s still 40+ pokemon out of 150+…?? and the gym leaders too…

    1. At this time next month, the game will pretty much be released [I think there are only 33 or 34 days until release?] So every single detail of the games will be revealed during the course of mid-late September as well as early October. They won’t reveal the other however many Pokemon that are currently unrevealed. They might reveal another 7 or so, but not all of them, of course not.

    2. what Josh said, but PJN will be doing BW coverage so check back when it comes out for more info! 😀

  14. I rather have desukan’s typing be ghost/ground becuase it it would have 3 immunities and less weaknesses. Which would make it an awesome pokemon

  15. Just out of the blue, but does anyone else think Iris could possibly be Aloe’s daughter? I mean she could’ve had a secret lovechild with Dento ;D

  16. No newwwwwss? This is sooooooo boring. And I didnt realize bcuz i was younger that when DP pokemon randomly appeared oon Serebii it was because someone with the game had seen one. I thot Nintendo revealed them…. this sucks.

    1. Don’t worry new pokemon should pop up soon 🙂 Merchandise or game screens will start leaking out 😉

  17. booooreeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddd XD

    ok, question:
    is it possible that the goth lolita is related to smoochum? i mean, they say they didnt reveal that electivire was electabuzz evo until the release date back in DP era. Same to Mamanbou. Just a thought i had.
    see you guys, pokejungle, find fakes or something XD

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