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Wakoishi, Plant Pokemon = Fake

pokejungleAug 10, 20101 min read

A user in the comment section of my site has identified screenshots that he faked.  I have to admit, Wakoishi…

New Black and White Demo Details! [UPD2: Pics Added]

pokejungleAug 10, 20102 min read

spmb has now updated with details of someone’s personal experience with the BW Demo.  I have translated…

If you had to make a team…

pokejungleAug 9, 20101 min read

Using ONLY 5th gen pokemon that have currently been revealed… what 6 pokemon would make the cut?  I’m curious to…

Full Corocoro Scans!! (UPD 6)

ozymandisAug 9, 20106 min read

Finally!!! The full scans!!!!! Ozymandis here yet again! These images were found on 2ch as usual. We get some really…

Another Picture Surfaced 😀

ozymandisAug 9, 20101 min read

Hey guys! Your PJN minion ozymandis here! Paul asked me to post while he was asleep, so here we go!…

Unconfirmed: CoroCoro Battle Info (FAKE)

pokejungleAug 9, 20101 min read

Someone is leaking details that are apparently from this issue of CoroCoro and match up with previous information that was…



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