APRIL FOOLS: There is no Pokémon Dash Mobile

It’s April 2nd which means we can conclusively tell you: there is no such thing as Pokémon Dash Mobile (…that we know of). Moving and I decided to go for unexplored territory by creating a mock-up of a new mobile game which poked fun at Nintendo and Pokémon’s recent embrace of F2P. You can take a look at the presentation I made below. Honestly spent too much time deciding how I wanted to design it and then creating filler text for the rest of the slides:

The funny thing is, Shuffle fans actually took great interest in the slide which featured it and claimed that a two-player battle mode was coming soon. Sorry 🙁 You may also be wondering what the game images came from, because those are real. They’re from PokéPark 2 which I didn’t see anyone recognize. Not too surprising considering it is an overlooked title aimed at younger gamers.

What was your favorite April Fools’ Day prank on the web this year? Or in real life. Or one that you pulled off 😉

<3 PJ

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