How to organize Pokémon HOME for a Rattata Dex

We were so impressed by Austin John’s Pokémon HOME organization tool that we decided to make one of our own! We know that there are often fierce competition between Pokémon trainers about whose Rattata are truly in the top percentage, so we’ve decided to release a spreadsheet so that you can track all your prized … Read more

APRIL FOOLS: There is no Pokémon Dash Mobile

It’s April 2nd which means we can conclusively tell you: there is no such thing as Pokémon Dash Mobile (…that we know of). Moving and I decided to go for unexplored territory by creating a mock-up of a new mobile game which poked fun at Nintendo and Pokémon’s recent embrace of F2P. You can take a look … Read more

Serebii Dumped Us

Citing “irreconcilable differences” and a “love of rumors and speculation”, Serebii Joe has decided to prematurely terminate his relationship with our site. No one is more shocked and hurt by this news than myself, but I think we can get through this together 😉 Hope you guys liked our little April Fools’ prank! The layout … Read more