Pre-Pokénchi: New Sun & Moon info?

As we have mentioned on our Twitter feed, the newest episode of Pokémon variety show Pokénchi is set to air some footage of Sun & Moon tomorrow in Japan (today for most of you in the West, it starts in about 7 hours from this post).

Many people have been asking if they can watch it from the site. The answer is yes, we will be embedding a stream. Using our advanced internet sleuthing we’ll find the best stream on YouTube or other video sites and put it in the post for you to enjoy.

The article text will be updated regularly with what is shown as well in case you cannot watch the video and, of course, it will be in ENGLISH. To get these translations you will need to REFRESH THE PAGE to check if we have updated.

Will we get new footage or information? Although it seemed very likely at the outset, the latest teases for the segment with Masuda joining the cast showed a still of the original launch trailer. This has made some doubt whether or not they’ll reveal anything “new”. My hope would be that at least a tidbit of new information comes to light.  Let’s stay strong and hope for the best!

We’re looking forward to giving you some top-notch coverage!

<3 PJ

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    1. Assuming that they’ll reveal starters in CoroCoro, like lots of people are predicting, silhouettes could be shown on Pokenchi today. It’s a slim chance, but I think expecting absolutely nothing new is not right.

      1. Who said I didn’t expect anything? I was the only one here so I spoke in sarcasm.

  1. I had a dream I saw a bunch of pokemon in this video. I don’t really remember any of them except for the fact that there was a black dog 😛

      1. I’m pretty sure it was a Bull Terrier xD Although isn’t Lillipup’s line sort of based on Shih-tzu’s?

        1. No…. It’s literally a Yorkie, a Scottish Terrier, and a Yorkie/Saint Bernard. Its Japanese name is even Yorterrie. Yorkie/Terrier

  2. I just want to see the starters nothing else for me. Mascott’s would be fine as well but not a must. Just give me the starters.

    Fire rabbit and Bipedal water Dolphin.

    1. Yesterday I saw a grass bunny starter (final evo grass/ fairy) (fake of course), looked awesome..
      So thats something I deff want to see a rabbit starter.

      I do think we can be sure of a fairy type (second typing) starter this gen!

      1. That looks amazing. They underused some really great animals. I love rabbits and they work in so many variations. But sadly I doubt we get one in the starter line this gen.

      1. lol yeah just give us the time for the entire world XD im always confused when things like this happen because they say like for this on the third but in this case it will be the second in the US so i’m not sure what time to be looking for it

        1. or just tell us the time its aired in japan because then i can figure when to look because japan is 13 hours ahead of me

          1. Yeah, i really want to know that time it airs. Im living in the time zone of Amsterdam/Brussels. So japan is…. 7hours later… I think…

          2. 7am? I thought 8am. The show starts at 7 but the real “news” starts always at like 7.50am i think

  3. I’m assuming this will start around 6PM Eastern Time like the other streams or is the time different. Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing some in-house graphics of the game the most. Yet, seeing some areas, a few new Pokemon, and battles would be amazing. HYPE FOR SUN & MOON. Also, based off of the name alone, would you get Sun or Moon? I’m feeling Pokemon Moon right now because I think the legendary would look sick. What about you?

    1. Plot twist, the Pokémon thats based on the sun will be in Moon and the moon legendary will be in Sun.

      1. Like The Black legendary being in White and the White Legendary Being in black?

    2. based on the names AND the logos i’d have to go with moon because it sounds cooler and i like the way the moon logo looks but i plan on getting both so yeah lol

    3. I’d go with Moon as well. I kinda given up on fire types. They make the game way too easy.

    4. I’m getting both, but my main game will probably be Moon so far :3 I’m more fascinated with moon gods/goddesses and the night more, as a person.

    1. I’m in PST also. I believe it’s 3:00 pm is when it will show for us. I’d just have this site and/or up on your phone and start refreshing every so often.

      1. Thanks a ton! Also, do you mean Serebii? I just don’t see how the website for an Eastern European country would relate to pokemon.

  4. Guys, one account only please. Some of you are using more than one account and we really don’t like that. It causes problems in the long run for all of us, so we don’t allow it.

  5. When you finally get Miitomo running. I seriously hate the way Nintendo handle adding people with the app. Why not codes, QR, or anything better.

      1. Spring Break isn’t over yet for me, but once I return to school I’m going to try to get my friends into it. So far, majority of these peeps are from my other Twitter.

      1. Really? It never seemed to work properly for me. I just had people follow my Twitter and I’d follow them. It’s less complicated.

  6. Why do I Always go for the version people want the least it would seem? I’m not trying to be cool or original, in fact I set my mind on Sun because I thought I would finally be going with the majority. Seems I was wrong. Can’t change my mind now :/.. I mean.. I won’t :/

  7. We had so much information last time by this point. We had the starters the box legendaries, the location, Sylveon and a decent chunk of gameplay footage !! This time we have nothing but terrible theories that we’re getting a furry feature and that it’ll be set in Hawaii !! (Im dying here)

    1. I don’t agree with the Pokemon Reburst theory because it came out of left field just because both stories uses gems. Also, the fact of Ash-Greninja, even though it’s anime-only. Anyways, the Hawaii theory holds substance because of the cardinal, yellow trucks, codename of “Niji” for Sun & Moon, and the rainbow license plate. Currently, that’s the only theory I agree with.

      1. I think both theories actually hold a decent amount of weight, I just REALLY don’t want either one to happen lol.

          1. Well we literally just had Hoenn. A region based on an island with a large volcano in the middle surrounded by islands and lots of water routes with tropical forests, beaches and lots of tourists… The visuals would have to be a big step up from ORAS to feel like a distinctly different game

    2. Think about it though, XY was released in January, and we had barely any info from the announcement til May I believe maybe April, so it was a longer period of time that we had nothing compared to this.
      We’ve only really known about Sun and Moon for like a month, so it’s hardly fair to compare the two.
      The only similarities between the two is when (AKA the month) the information starting rolling out, but other than that, completely different.

      1. um sorry but thats just not true … we had tons of info IN the release (the starters, the legendaries, the battle interface, lots of overworld footage, the region etc.) and then only ONE month later we got Feb 14 we got Sylveon and hints at the fairy-type and in March we got hints at Mega-mewtwo. We found out about SuMo in Feb and now its April and we have nothing but logos.

  8. So…who thinks we will see a new Eevee or two? I do. Hopefully flying and maybe bug

    1. I want a Dragon-Type Eevee, but I doubt we will see it in this footage or any huge new Pokemon; aside from maybe the starters and legendaries.

    2. Yeah, I would like to see more Eeveelutions, but how many more evolution methods are there? Unless they use new items, or more stones to evolve. I’d like a Dragon type and a Steel type would be pretty cool…

      1. I think they could do more area-exclusive evolutions. That seems the best way to do it

    3. Flying might be a little tricky since Gamefreak is stingy with pure Flying types
      And Bug just seems out of the ordinary since Eevee usually takes on Elemental adaptations

      1. I guess I never thought about the pure flying thing… :/

        I don’t think Bug is too much of a stretch though, there’s fairy and it’s not really a “big” type.

  9. Blizzard in Michigan… *yay*! Anyways, I’m setting my expectations low for the Pokemon Sun/Moon reveal on Pokenchi after the atrocity that was last year… 😀

    1. I may or may not be going to the University of Michigan for college next year! :3

        1. Yeah 🙂
          The only problem is that I’d be paying out of state tuition, so it’s super expensive (~$55,000/year in total I think?) It’s good that I got a $33,000/year scholarship though, because I wouldn’t have even remotely close to being able to afford it otherwise

  10. So anyone know what time approximately the show airs? I want to watch the live stream ?

  11. I’m still holding out hope, I mean, 3 people from GameFreak appearing and talking about new games? I doubt it will be just the same trailer, come on. I feel they will show something, just maybe not in gameplay yet, since they’ll wait for CoroCoro? I dunno, I just feel like being negative about it is the wrong way to look at it.
    Plus, even if they don’t show anything, we still have CoroCoro in a couple of days, and they definitely promised info on Sun and Moon in that issue. We’ll get something, either today or when CoroCoro leaks or both.

    1. It is extremely odd that they weren’t featured in the trailer for this episode. That makes me think that their appearance will happen towards the end. Nobody knows what’s going to happen, but it’s always best to keep expectations low.

      1. True, that was a bit weird.
        I’m more or less thinking they review the trailer from before without them, then Masuda comes in and they talk about Sun and Moon, revealing something.
        And my expectations are certainly not super high, considering CoroCoro is coming and they probably don’t want to reveal too much. But I still think something will happen.

    2. I just want something new. Even if they show 3 seconds of gameplay or a silhouette I don’t care. I mean, I can wait one more week worst case but I’d rather not.

      1. I can understand that, cause I want something new too. Having no information just makes me peeved instead of hyped.
        But I’m also fine with waiting as well.

  12. I is hoping that we just get a silhouette that will be revealed at the very end

      1. This look kind of cool but definitely fake. Although I’d give them credit for their story of it being from the anime studio. The water drop thing is pretty cool as is the sun thing. But they don’t looks like pokemon.

        And no surprise we saw nothing in the show. Corooro will leak in a few days and probably give us, our first real look.

    1. They are interesting, I will admit that. Especially feeling the last one on here.
      The other two in the thread are also cool, but I’m not too thrilled about them.

      1. They just keep on coming, about five or six more images have been posted in the past few minutes.

    2. That first one looks like Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe. She’s my favorite character so on the tiny chance these are real, I would be so happy

    3. Doesn’t look like Pokemon’s style. But the ideas are great. We’ll just have to see when the games come out.

      1. The only ones that look like real Pokemon to me are the second and the fifth. The third could probably be included as well, as it looks like an Electric/Fire/Water/Grass quartet.

    4. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say…super fake. I only sort of like that rat/ferret thing in the bottom but it’s weird.

    5. I looks like the Pokemon Plus and Minus rumors brought into artwork. These Pokemon all look extremely fake, the don’t even look like Ken’s style. (Plus & Minus was supposed to have a Teardrop Water Starter.)

    1. It’s a Nintendo app where you’re forced to use social media, otherwise it serves no purpose whatsoever.

  13. I thought this pokenichi thing was just Masuda going over the footage viewed in sun and moon. I am pretty sure it is so no need to be hyped

    1. But that’s really weird, considering it’s not just Masuda that’s going to appear. Plus, why would they invite them just to go over footage we saw a month ago? It doesn’t make any sense. I think they will reveal something, but nothing too big since CoroCoro is coming.

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