Pre-Pokénchi: New Sun & Moon info?

As we have mentioned on our Twitter feed, the newest episode of Pokémon variety show Pokénchi is set to air some footage of Sun & Moon tomorrow in Japan (today for most of you in the West, it starts in about 7 hours from this post).

Many people have been asking if they can watch it from the site. The answer is yes, we will be embedding a stream. Using our advanced internet sleuthing we’ll find the best stream on YouTube or other video sites and put it in the post for you to enjoy.

The article text will be updated regularly with what is shown as well in case you cannot watch the video and, of course, it will be in ENGLISH. To get these translations you will need to REFRESH THE PAGE to check if we have updated.

Will we get new footage or information? Although it seemed very likely at the outset, the latest teases for the segment with Masuda joining the cast showed a still of the original launch trailer. This has made some doubt whether or not they’ll reveal anything “new”. My hope would be that at least a tidbit of new information comes to light.  Let’s stay strong and hope for the best!

We’re looking forward to giving you some top-notch coverage!

<3 PJ

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