Pokénchi — April 3rd: FINISHED!

As promised our live coverage of the Japanese Pokémon Variety show Pokénchi is here! This episode is set to air the first Pokémon Sun & Moon footage presented by Junichi Masuda.

We’re not 100% sure if we will receive completely new footage from the episode or if it will be a televised airing of the reveal trailer from February. Stay tuned!

Live Stream

A stream for the episode can be found by clicking here. NOTE: The stream is hosted on an external website and as such we are not responsible for any content broadcast. We also do not host of moderate the broadcast chat, please represent PokéJunge respomsibly!

Live Coverage

Refresh for the latest updates!

  • The episode has started airing!
  • The show preview has said that they would show “never before seen on TV footage”
  • Hosts are currently being shown some merchandise, including the most amazing Pokémon ruler EVER
  • We sure hope you like Pikachu curry, because this show has plenty of that
  • Next up is the baby line, featuring a Pikachu hand puppet
  • The Pokémon Sun & Moon reveal trailer was shown in a commercial break, looks like wecould get something COMPLETELY new!
  • Time for the usual battle…
  • It’s time!
  • The full version of the announcement trailer has been shown
  • Confirmed there will be new Pokémon. Masuda jokingly said “more than 10”
  • No response was given when asked about new Mega Pokémon
  • Pikachu will be in the games (if you didn’t guess that already)
  • And that’s all! Looks like all hopes are on Corocoro next week!
  1. I might miss it :{, but we’re taking my mother out for dinner so it’s justifiable

    1. It’ll be all over the place, just check your phone around the time it airs on serebii and see.

  2. Is there an other site i can watch the stream? I need to instal adobe to watch (on phore or tab) it but its not working. The stream still shows an error

    1. There’s a youtuber named giancarloparimango11 that’s gonna be streaming it cx

    1. I’d like starters (I’m even fine with just the first evolution), region, main characters and legends

      1. Still hoping for a bear fire starter…. I’d been be okay if the bear turned Fire/Fighting although I’d love it to be Fire/Dark

  3. i dont wanna be the downer but why is there so much hype for “footage”? remember ORAS “footage”???

    1. yesi remember ORAS footage was a big disappointed hopefully we see this time more

    2. People need to stop comparing a new generations footage to ORAS’ footage. It’s completely different and you know this. Even if they only were to show a cinematic of the legendaires like they did with ORAS that would still mean NEW legendaries. ORAS was a remake of an old game so there really isn’t a whole lot you can say is “brand new” Any actual footage we get from Sun and Moon would be better than that other time.

      1. my point wasnt that they didnt reveal anything. obviously oras are remakes we know what groudon and kyogre are. my point is the length of the “footage” not the content

        1. You never said anything about the length of it…..lol Anyway even if it’s 5 seconds it’s better than nothing right? lol

          1. well yeah lol i was just questioning why theres so much hype. even if we get absolutely nothing, its the beginning of april. the real corocoro news is coming really soon

          2. I think people are just lost and need a light at the end of the tunnel so they grasp onto anything they can lol

      2. THANK YOU!
        At least the footage gave us a clue of what ORAS is going to look like. It was better than nothing!

    3. There’s not any ‘hype’, in fact, I’d argue there isn’t any due to the comments on this page!
      I’m not super hyped, I just feel like they are going to show something, anything. It doesn’t make sense to just show the reveal trailer when Masuda and some other people are coming onto the show. It just doesn’t to me.

    1. For people living in europe BST is the same timezone as in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and other counrties in the west part of europe

  4. I have a bad feeling about this……*sigh*…..well at least my expectations were lowered before this happened. I was so ready to be hyped, but now I just don’t know….lol

  5. I cpuld have swpre they were just reviewing the direct video, but we’ll see

    1. Well all they’ve actually said was they were gonna show the first tv aired footage of Sun and Moon.It’s the pic from the tweet they sent out that makes people think it’ll only be the direct footage. I guess we’ll see if they throw us a bone or not.

  6. Ohhh man I really want them to show something new before Corocoro ,does anyone remember waiting so much for new info because it feels like an eternity since trailer.

  7. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see the reveal trailer from a month ago and absolutely nothing else! I really hope that’s not what happens, because we’re getting close to CoroCoro.

  8. “Oh my gosh!! the TV premiere of something that we’ve already seen and known about, ooohh”.
    I’m not sure why we should ever expect anything out of this garbage show anymore. I can already tell you how this episode’s gonna go. 5 Bucks says they spent 95% percent of the episode doing all their random games/bullcrap as always, then the last 5 minutes or so when Masuda and co. shows up they start orgasming over him then they freak out at every little thing in that trailer that we’ve already seen.

    1. To be fair the show isn’t meant to show exclusively main series game footage…..it’s a variety show that will just so happen show something possibly new on the games. It doesn’t have to do anything.

      1. Well yeah I know that, I’m just speaking specifically to the fact of showing something that we’ve already seen.

        1. Well even if they show us the teaser trailer form the direct maybe with the 3 directors on they can shed a little light on what we saw in the trailer. There’s still plenty to be mined from the original trailer. It’s just too brief and blurry to mean anything to anyone who doesn’t already know.

    2. No but it’s fun to wonder and guess and have something to be excited about. And if there isn’t anything new showed, then we deal with it then. Wont know until we actually see, right?

    3. It’s something.
      I know we probably won’t get too much considering CoroCoro is coming, but it’s potentially something that could have some news before CoroCoro leaks.
      I’m hoping something will happen, that’s all.

  9. Just putting this out there, people doubted anything would happen on the Pokemon Direct announcing Sun and Moon.
    I’m just saying.
    We won’t know until it happens.

  10. X and y trailer was 1:23 and it showed us protagonists new routes starters and new stuff so there’s always that hope

    1. Even if it’s a few seconds of starters or legendaries or whatever, it’ll make me content until CoroCoro, when I KNOW that news will happen, since they promised it last issue.

  11. My face when I know the name of that show playing right now on the livestream because of my little sister

  12. It’s gotta be something, since the original trailer was a while ago, so they’ve probably had several episodes where they could have already shown it. Plus why would Masuda and two of the top Game Freak people be on the show just to re-show a trailer?

    1. My main point exactly.
      Doesn’t make sense to have Masuda on for an old trailer.

        1. Nah, I never said that 😛
          Just needed a break due to life reasons.
          Plus, I really missed this community. So I came back a month ago. I just haven’t been on as much due to college xD
          How’s it going?

          1. It’s been good but I barely come here. Im mostly on the chat. I come here to troll people :^)

          2. I’m in college and I still come on here every day, so I think my priorities are completely wrong. Chico sux at lif3.

          3. True, and it’s also cause I never really have much to say, so I don’t want to spam with unrelated things.

          4. I remember the article where we could exchange FC’s. I instantly got up to almost 100 in that single day

    2. You underestimate the people on this show. I’m sure they could find a way to “oooh” and “aaahh” over grass growing.

      1. Yes, while other Sunday Pokemon shows have been underwhelming, it’s cause they usually only showed info we know from CoroCoro.
        But this is different. I have a different feeling here.

    3. That last part is the main reason why the hope is still there. Three guests is a bit overkill for a retread of a trailer that gives no concrete information.

    1. Look up these:
      Picross e1,2,3
      Gunman Clive
      Denpa Men
      Cave Story
      Liberation Maiden
      Mighty Switchforce 1/2
      Mutant mudds
      Sakura Samurai
      Crimson Shroud
      Bomb monkey
      Dillons Rolling Western
      Mario & DK: Minis on the move
      Colors 3D

        1. I’d say so, seeing as how the art in the promo pics look good but to work on a small 3ds screen… idk

  13. Since when does this show exist and since when does it reveal Pokemon news? I’m a little bit sceptic, but let’s hope we get something!

    1. Since it name was Pokémon Sunday and after that Pokémon Smash and finally this new one 🙂

    2. It’s the spiritual successor of Pokemon Sunday and Pokemon Smash, if those sound familiar to you. They revealed lots of information.

          1. You have no idea how much I nearly wanted to post this song from The Little Mermaid: The Musical called ‘Positoovity’.
            The urge was almost too much xD

  14. Just a few more minutes. I’ve really missed watching Japanese children’s television.

    1. Same, I don’t even know the last time I watched something like this. Probably around ORAS time, I believe.

  15. Is there any other stream, like twitch, my iPad doesn’t support this thing

          1. He doesnt even act like Luigior mention him when he talks in chat. Only the lord knows why he has that name and avatar

    1. To be fair though, were were already familiar with Hoenn and Ruby/Sapphire, it was cool to see Groudon and Kyogre in 3D.

  16. Of course, they’re probably saving it for the last few minutes. And of course, my break is over at 5:25, meaning I’ll most likely miss the info

  17. Anyone remember when we watched an old man taking a bath back in the XY days? There was some truly weird stuff.

  18. I like Japan because it’s socially acceptable to be weird as fuck. Like, to me it seems like the adults over there are just full of youth and don’t care about anything. I’ve never seen more middle aged people get so excited about Pokemon.

    1. No.. you’re so wrong. It’s well known how stresses they are and how much work they do. They need hotels with tiny slots to take naps in. They cut loose hard because of this though I hear

  19. Never before seen on tv? Do they play the original trailer on TV anywhere? If not, it was only online, so it could be showing the original trailer again

    1. I don’t think the original trailer has been on tv so it could very well be exactly what they are talking about unfortunately……

  20. Them stressing “never before seen ON TV” is keeping me from getting my hopes up. As far as I know, the original trailer for Sun and Moon that aired during the special Nintendo Direct has not aired on TV….

  21. Okay is it weird that Im loving that angle ruler more than I care for any pokemon news??

  22. Of course, the LTE on my phone won’t open the stream. ;__;
    And my WiFi is on slow-down right now.
    I’ll just have to refresh this page and watch for updates in the comments!!! ?

  23. So I can’t watch the stream but I’m within the comments and waiting it to blow up

  24. If I had as much Pokemon merch as there is in that room right now, and my girlfriend saw it she’d probably break up with me. So I’m considering breaking up with her and leaving her ass behind to Tokyo so I can Poke-Pimp out my room.

    1. That’s why I’m trying find a nerdette who’ll totally fangirl out when she sees all the collectives

    2. Which is why I’m sorta glad I’m single so I don’t have a boyfriend judging me for all the Pokemon plushies and Pop figures I have xD

  25. Does anyone think that Zygarde would make a larger appearance in Sun & Moon with his forms? Image the post-game involving his forms and the environment. Maybe, we would go back to Kalos and assist Serena and Calem (the actual Pokemon Trainers of the group) with saving Zygarde!

    1. That’s a hope I have. <3 Especially when I remember all the comparisons of Kalos with Kanto, I'm hoping this new region is like Johto and we go back to Kalos.

    2. Nope. He got the Anime special treatment that Meloetta got so once the Anime ends for Kalos, they’re done with Zygarde.

      Seriously doubt they’ll have us go back to Kalos in the next game.

  26. When you recognize some of the words being spoken <3
    I can't wait to fully understand Japanese 😀

  27. I need more than just comment updates. Pictures! I must see this amazing ruler tjats being spoken of

  28. I would just like to remind everybody that Coro Coro (which comes out in a week and half/two week), promised to start its Sun and Moon coverage this month. While I am very skeptical that anything new is going to be shown today, I think that we will get an overhaul of new information in CoroCoro. If past patterns have told us anything, CoroCoro would usually do the revealing, with the variety show airing all the same info later in the week.

    At the very least, I think there’s a possibility of silhouettes being shown today. The silhouettes being whatever ends up getting officially revealed after CoroCoro.

    1. It’s definitely a possibility.
      I’m hoping for something to happen, after all.

    2. I could understand the concern. Still, they promised gameplay. So, I expect there to be some gameplay shown. If not, we just riot. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

      1. You’re being a little presumptuous… There was never any confirmation of gameplay being shown. The “teaser” for today’s episode only stated that Masuda, Morimoto, and Ohmori will be on the show to TALK about the games.

          1. Well, just don’t tell my boyfriend. hahaha He already judges me for my Pokémon obsession; who knows what he’d think when he founds out I’m someones Pokébae.

    1. Please stop spamming the comments, I’ll tell a mod on you. I know them all quite well.

    2. I take back everything in my last comment because of that “interesting something” AND NOW I AM IN FULL HYPE MODE! ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN! *CHOO CHOO*

  29. Does anyone want a PokeWalker-like accessory to return? I remember losing my old HeartGold one and crying. lol. I think it would inspire people to go out more. It was one of the best pedometers.

      1. I hope they make Combeon, a Normal-type Eevee evolution. (Get it? Combine? Combination of all types?)

        1. I honestly read that as Combeeon. I’d totally ship a Combee-Eevee fusion when Pokemon decides to ruin their franchise by making fusions a thing (yes I know about Kyurem, but that’s okay)

      1. I’m right so far that they haven’t announced any news for Pokemon Sun and Moon right?

        1. Nope, just talking about other things.
          I totally recognized more words during the product showing. :3

          1. Okay, once Pokemon Sun and Moon announcement comes, please translate of you can! Thank you!

          2. I’m sure there will be better translators telling us 😉 I’m not exactly fluent in Japanese yet xD

        1. Lol xD I shouldn’t be the one translating, since I am only in Japanese 2 xD

        1. Oh well then we actually could get some news. Like maybe… new pokemon on pokken to be released as DLC because as if it’ll have S&M news :/

  30. When there’s news, somebody reply to this so I can come check it out. Lunch break over now :/

        1. Meh I used to come here everyday when XY was leaking but now Im mainly on chat. I just remember talking to you once or twice

      1. I mean, I didn’t have too much hope, I just felt this was too much for reshowing the old trailer, you know?

          1. I’m not too sad, in fact I’m not sad at all. I just feel weird because this was too much for showing the old trailer. They easily could have just had one of them for this

  31. Translations:
    Q: Will there be new pokemon?
    A. At least 10

    Q.Will there be new megas?
    A. No answer

    Q.Give us a scoop for Pokenchi?
    A. Pikachu is in the game

    All answers by Masuda.

    1. Might as well ask
      “IS IT A GAME?!”
      “A: YeS”
      “IT’s PLAYABLE?!”
      “a: YES”
      “HOW MUCH IS 2 + 2?”
      “a: Dunno”

    1. they said at least 10 new pokemon, no comment on new megas and pikachu confurmed to be in it because masuda is a c*nt

  32. I would like to take this moment to say, I TOLD YOU THEY WOULD SHOW US NOTHING NEW. So to all those who were like “but this is a new gen, it has to be new!” I laugh at you, because I am always right. HA.

    1. I mean, all the details made me think something would happen. There was always a chance for it not to. I just decided to focus on the positive, that’s all.
      Plus, people said that about the Pokemon Direct, and we got the announcement for Sun and Moon. I like keeping an open mind.

  33. Just like I said, never doubt the fools on this show. They could get excited over grass growing.

    1. like that for the longest time,but they do have there moments on revealing something new it’s just rare,always best to keep hype low

  34. Well, now we can look forward to CoroCoro. We can 100% guarantee SOMETHING new from that, and I’m willing to bet starters and/or mascot legendaries will be involved. I’m not going to look forward to it leaking, though, because it will happen right at the end of my spring break.

    1. No they didn’t. the old trailer hadn’t been seen on TV before. People just got over hyped as usual lol

  35. Corocoro better have something next week or the week after whenever it comes out and not more of this trash not trailer they keep shoving in our faces.

    1. Corocoro will reveal the full Dex the full list of gyms. Even codes to download demos of the game and upon reaching the end you will unlock the full game.

      This was cruel to say…

    2. The last issue promised news on Sun and Mood for the next issues.
      There will be info.

        1. Legit, the last page clearly said new info on Sun and Moon next issue on.
          You can’t disregard that.
          Plus, it said first TV footage never seen. Technically, this was only on the Internet. It said nothing about gameplay and I looked back on it.
          Negativity is not going to give you news.

          1. People are disappointed and edgy. Let them wallow for a while. We’ve been panting for something solid since last year, when those Zygarde formes were dangled in front of us.

          2. Yeah, true. I might just go watch some Youtube or something and come back later.

          3. When news finally drops, hopefully this tension will break and everyone will be more positive!

  36. So I guess ‘never before seen on tv footage’ means ‘that footage we showed you over a month ago online’. God dammit, Trollfreak.

    1. They do think that people on the internet and people who watch tv are not the same.

  37. Why did they waste the developer’s time with having them answer three pointless questions. I’m literally sick of the Pokemon Shows hyping up everything. Where is Pokemon Sunday when you need it. Oh well, at least we have the CoroCoro next week.

    1. I can’t believe they actually bought them on the show for that. Lol.

    2. Exactly, they didn’t need them to go over the old footage. It was completely unnecessary.

  38. shocking… corocoro was already confirmed to contain sun and moon news starting this month so yeah

  39. So I think I’ve just lost hope that even next month’s CoroCoro will reveal anything…

    1. When the last page clearly says, news on SUn and Moon next issue on, I think that means we’ll get something

        1. Not really. They said ‘never-before-seen TV footage’, and technically that footage was only shown on the Internet.
          Plus this literally said new info on Sun and Moon next issue on and it was two pages with big text.
          Just because we got disappointed tonight doesn’t mean we’ll get nothing for CoroCoro. IT doesn’t mean anything GF or whatever says is lies.

    1. They are going to stuff that same old trailer down our throats for months, aren’t they? :/

  40. Guys… when did we ever start believing this show gives never before seen news?? They literally always do this.

  41. This was mean… :/ When does Coro Coro release? Better have more information… I don’t think we’ve ever waited 2 months for information more than the names of the title!

    1. Sometime in a week or so, and it will, because there was two pages dedicated to telling people more news on Sun and Moon next issue on.
      I doubt it’s a lie.

  42. GUYS
    Serebii took off the question mark that was next to “Gen VII” for Sun and Moon. It’s all over. We’re in a new generation.

      1. There has been a huge debate between people who believe the games are “Gen 6.5” or Gen 7. I always knew it was Gen 7, as did many other people, but now the debate is over.

        1. Eh well I wasn’t part that debate I guess I always knew it was Gen 7 when it wasn’t Z or X2/Y2 and that there was that new bird and areas.

        2. well the problem is that the line has been blurred over what counts as a new generation and what doesn’t. SnM are the first main series games to feature new pokemon and be released on the same system as the previous main series games. so does it still count as a new generation?

          1. Black and White had new Pokemon and was on the DS like DPPl and that was a new generation….

        3. I mean Gen 7 is basically gen 6.5
          At least to me Like Johto is basically Gen 1.5 I use the .5 to mean to return back to the region prior.

    1. I mean to be fair serebii knows about as much as we do at this point. I’m pretty confident that this is gen 7 but I surely wouldn’t consider that as a confirmation.

  43. Why is game freak being such trolls and jerks lately? I freaking knew already that pikachu was going to be in the games and i dont care pikachu is crap and the thing about more than ten new pokemon was unecesary its not like i thought that there were going to be only nine new pokemon srsly if they keep going like this ill leave pokemon for good

    1. I think it’s because of the Internet. Because we find out things early like event legendaries and things like that. That’s probably why they are being so secretive.
      Think about it that way. :3

      1. Ok i will think of it as punishment for being too nosy with the things hidden within the games haha

        1. Not as punishment, just them realizing that the Internet will find things out easier than years before so they need to change the way they reveal stuff.
          I don’t think this is punishment. Not at all.
          I just brought up a reason as to why they might be that way, I dunno, just thought it might make you understand them better.

      2. Why are you responding on everyone’s post? Okay, you’re here, Hi, the show is over, you can go now…

        1. Cause I want to? Cause I want to have a discussion? Cause I want to add a point of view they are not considering?
          I didn’t know people are not allowed to comment on posts anymore, k, I’ll see myself out.

  44. They couldn’t just give us the name of the cardinal (woodpecker for some) bird Pokemon. They just had to leave us in the dark. I just moved my “Awesome” to “Dislike” on the PokeJungle React-thing. No hate to the website in any way.

    1. why would you have expected much tbh? the only thing a pokemon show ever announced as news was bw2. too much hype only to be let down

      1. Uh no. The did an amazing job with Black/White and they provided us gameplay of X/Y with Inkay shown in one of the clips. So, I’m surprised by how terribly they covered OR/AS and now S/M.

        1. Yea I remember back in black and white days they were riding around on the bus showing new gameplay,I think that’s when everyone thought emolga was a fake until it showed up in one of the game play videos

      2. Like, I had some hope, because it made sense to believe something would happen. Like 3 top GF people on the show, of course they would make people think something was going to happen.
        I’m not even let down, because I expected this to happen, but I focused on the positives, like it maybe having something new.

  45. Maybe he said 10 pokemon because CoroCoro will show these 10 new pokemon! They do normally show something small on the Saturday show, and CoroCoro expands on it

    1. Nah. He said 10 because starters + evolution and new bird. He really could’ve said 14 at least. The generic rodent and bird evolutions.

        1. They won’t reveal the starts 2nd or 3rd forms this early. And the final forms will probably not be revealed unless somebody gets an early copy.

  46. Puzzle and Dragons is a really good game for a mobile game. You guys should check it out.

        1. Imagine X and Y. We had to wait a few months for some substantial news. That was hard at times.

        2. We already had to wait almost a year and a half for Sun and Moon just to be announced. 10 days is nothing.

    1. Whatever you say, buddy.
      *when CoroCoro promises news from this month on*
      Totally sucky news policy…

  47. we didnt get anything from this episode of pokenchi. i dont think reminiscing about what they did back with bw and xy is going to help at all cuz thats not the case with this episode. thats all that can be said. like always people hyped and are disappointed. oh well. it was confirmed last month that starting this month and up to release corocoro will contain sun and moon information. that is all you can go on.

    1. I wasn’t even all that hyped xD It just was logical to me to piece together that something would happen cause they had 3 top GF people on the show talking about Sun and Moon. I just focus on the positives, really. Plus, I could hope for that to happen and be wrong because I know CoroCoro is coming up and something will be revealed there.

      1. lol i wasnt hyped either. i didnt expect anything. at this point, i feel that i personally can only go off of what corocoro reveals to us or what gamefreak reveals to us.

        1. Same, I just realized that maybe something could happen here, is all. Nothing did, and I’m just like ‘Well, whatever, CoroCoro will happen soon, so there’s that’

  48. Well, hope corocoro will truely leak anything… Not only the fact that pikachu will be included in sun and moon.
    The distrust in pokemon mews is unfortunately justified…

    1. Dude, last CoroCoro had two pages with BIG text with the logos saying that there will be Sun and Moon info from next month on.
      Get over this disappointment, k?
      I didn’t expect much form this anyway, just the possibility of something small happening.

      1. He can be disappointed if he wants too. Why are you commenting on literally every post? We get it, you’re here, Hi, you can go now, the show is over…Geez.

          1. I only responded once, and you’re kinda in the same boat. You’re not adding any sort of contribution to anything by constantly saying “Haha, yeah I knew it wouldn’t be any new info. Here I am, cool and all, I was right” etc etc etc. We get it, stop commenting already. You stated your opinion multiple times.

          2. lol other people are allowed to comment. you did it twice and im trying to end the spam of “gf sucks they are awful at news” so yeah ok if i want to comment i will ok?

          3. But you’re a basic commoner who’s posting here just like everyone else. You can’t change anyone’s opinion so no you’re not ending the “spam”. If anything, you’re only creating it. You’re telling me to stop doing something and you’re doing pretty much the same thing lol.

          4. and you seem to be a basic troll telling people its not alright to state their opinion. we are making people see the light that is corocoro news in the near future and to calm down with the disappointment of this one episode of a tv show

          5. Lmao you’re not making ANYONE see the light. People see your messages & continue on with their thoughts. And that thought is “GF sucks”. Are you some sort of rebel fighter fighting for Justice? Your comments won’t change nothing. Everyone here KNOWS about corocoro, You’re not doing anything to make things positive.

          6. so why dont you do the same? continue with your thoughts instead of bashing me on mine. lol just back off m8.

          7. like seriously. mr. youre not gonna change anyone’s opinion. why are you trying to change my and percy’s opinions?

          8. youre just here to cause trouble which nobody wants/needs. nobody is trying to change opinions and nobody is telling anyone that their opinion is wrong. so yeah i am here commenting and i never said i was right haha. i expected nothing like some people and unlike a bunch of people thats all. not bashing on others for expected more than i did

        1. Once again, because I want to? Didn’t know you were a mod who can tell me what to do.
          Because I see the same thing with these posts and being negative is not going to make things better?
          Plus replying with the same message, lol, like that’s supposed to make me listen to you.

          1. Cause they’re being negative and negativity is not going to make things better.
            I told them to move on because I’ve been seeing the same message over and over about how GF sucks and how we won’t get anything. I wouldn’t have to repeat myself if everyone else stopped saying it.

          2. Like I told the other person. Okay, you’re seeing the same messages of GF sucks over & over, but YOU can’t do anything about that lol. You’re just a random person commenting like everyone else, your opinion won’t change theirs. So just X out, it’s pointless.

          3. we arent trying to stop people from saying what they want like you are doing to us m8. we are just telling people that last month they confirmed that starting this month and on to release there will be corocoro news

          4. Hey you, calm down and be nice. I don’t like unnecessary aggression around these parts.

          5. I know that, so? It’s still worth mentioning because they might consider it next time. I like opening people’s minds, and even if you can’t change opinions, you can still make them consider the other side.
            By your argument, it’s pointless to comment at all about anything. It’s pointless to comment on your disappointment cause it’s not going to change GF, and it’s pointless to talk about anything since it doesn’t matter.
            So really, you really shouldn’t be replying to me cause it’s all pointless 🙂

          6. …But you’re opening anyone’s mind, especially now since they are still heated over this. lol

          7. It’s still worth a shot.
            At the end of the day, I tried to and that’s all that matters.
            I just like being positive and enjoy Pokemon.
            You think what you want to think, and I think what I want to think, but just be mindful of it. That’s all I ask for.

        1. True, which is why it was logical to assume something would happen.
          But it didn’t, so it’s time to move on.

          1. There isn’t, I get disappointed too. It’s just gets old when you see the same comments over and over. Like, you don’t need to make multiple comments on it, is all.

          2. It also gets old seeing people say ‘I told you so’ and variants of it, but people are doing that anyway. No offense, but if people want to be annoyed, just let them. It isn’t hurting you. People will get over it and move on without you telling them to 😛

          3. Yeah, it is. I just want to be here and be positive is all. I used to be all negative and it really hurt me and made me worse, so I stopped trying to be negative. I know they’ll get over it without me, which is why I usually don’t comment about it often, but doubting CoroCoro when they clearly said new info next month seems a bit extreme.

          4. Mm I know watcha mean. It kind of feels like we’ve been dicked around a lot lately though, so that’s probably why people are doubting. We all just want ANY scrap of news. Ah well, as CoroCoro creeps closer hopefully the tone will shift to cautious optimism! If this fandom is good at anything it’s forgetting we’ve been trolled and getting ourselves hyped to get trolled all over again, lol.

          5. Yeah, true. I can’t wait 😀 I love the times this community gets excited over CoroCoro <3

          6. It’s the total best, right!? I remember screaming myself hoarse when the scan showing Gogoat and Pancham leaked xD

          7. Yeah, I remember squealing over Helioptile, it looked so adorable! And I remember learning about Sylveon and how hyped I was, cause I love eeveevoltuions.

          8. Yesssssss <3 I would really love that. I've been hoping for one for awhile now!

        2. Yeah, plus showing the (month old) trailer once during the commercial break and then again in full during the programme? Trolling to the max 😛

  49. i really hope people are recognizing the jokes that were JOKES. more than 10 pokemon and pikachu being in the game were just jokes people

    1. Like legit, I totally saw them as jokes considering I would probably say the same thing xD

  50. So nothing was revealed? Defensive said nothing was going to be revealed? Right?

    1. It was an option I considered, at this point, I’m just here waiting for CoroCoro.

      1. corrector probably won’t have anything at this rate either – i feel like theyre just going to hold off till E3

          1. I hope we get a hot professor. Or it’d be cool if our parent was the professor

          2. yeah i saw that too but they’ve never done something as big as a “first look” in corocoro before – maybe new pokemon though…

          3. They LOVE doing first looks in CoroCoro. All of the big announcements about games were first released in CoroCoro for Gen 4, Gen 5, and about 50% of Gen 6. The only thing that made Gen 6 different was the world wide release, which had never happened before. Still, many of the Pokemon we got shown before X/Y release were first shown in CoroCoro and then online internationally shortly after.

  51. Just two options until release:
    1: we get barely interesting information
    2: Everthing will be released….

  52. Found this not to long ago, and I personally wouldn’t mind if it were real, I kinda fell in love with that cute little pineapple Koala. =>
    Probably isn’t real though. LOL But would be nice if it was. 😀

    1. Yeah that was confirmed fake while ago. I don’t even think there’s a Pokemon Mexico account

  53. I think Masuda is all like : This is how you do April Fools bitches.

    But okay, we got only 7-9 days till CC leaks. I will surivive.

  54. Guys and gals… I tried to tell everyone to temper your expectations. 🙂

    So much disappointment here even then. <3

    But to be fair, we got even less than the 10-second Primals footage. 😀

  55. I really dont like the “joke” about pokemon sun and moon having more then 10 new pokemon… has this something to do with the amount of new pokemons in the game?

    1. Masuda was just messing around. He wasn’t going to give an actual number this early in the year. When he says “more than 10”, it’s most likely going to be 80-100 new Pokemon. I wish it was closer to 150, but for some reason I think that’s unlikely once again.

      1. Yeah thats true. Im hoping for 120 new pokemon. Incl. Some new permanently evolutions. Excl. some new megas .but still his joke is somehow bothering me. it gives me a reason to think that there are not so many pokemons in this generation. perhaps even less than in the gen . 6

        1. I think Sun and Moon will bring around 70 new pokemon. With XY ones, we have our full new generation

          1. But you know that sun and moon are a new generation. Its not a gen. 6.5 of a black and white 2 sequel. This is gen. 7

      2. tbh i took it as a joke recognizing how few kalos had and basically “there are going to be more than 10” meaning there wont be so few this time

  56. Pokemon just has a really interesting marketing strategy. Most companies would be shaking in their boots thinking about going basically dark for a whole year… And yet Pokemon basically did that by not telling us about sun and moon until less than a year from their launch. They have a lot of faith that there’s a strong following (which there is) that’s gonna jump at any news. But it seems a little rude to me. We’re a dedicated fan base and should be treated to a little more for it. Repeating trailers, including jokes that almost mock our excitement, etc. I know there’s a lot of people at work at this company trying to make great games and please us, but like many have said, it’s gotten a little troll-like.

    Anyways, can’t wait for corocoro and the games in general! Still hyped— despite a year of questions.

    1. Well, if you’re been around the fighting games communities, you would know the massive trolling that comes from Capcom and Namco, particularly the directors of Street Fighter (Ono) and Tekken (Harada)?

      Also at least it isn’t straight up abuse like EA and Square (in Deus Ex and delays on Final Fantasies) get around to.

      1. Interesting. Yeah I didn’t know about those companies. I agree that sometime the fan base can be extreme, which would result in some people believing that no news would be better than news that either a) people will complain about. Or b) people will just want more. Always. But with Pokemon having a history of about one new game a year and then to just leave everyone in the dark for 2015 (if I’m remembering this correctly) it just seems, from a marketing standpoint) that on paper, this strategy would result in fans losing interest. No company would want to have their name be notoriously troll-freak on sites like this.

        1. GF knows fans will all come back once info is out. They are just controlling the release of info, and the lack of it is making fans both angry and anxious. Their marketing team needs a bit more credit, they know what they’re doing… 😉

          1. I agree. Like I’ve said before, they have a very interesting strategy. It’s somehow successful and any strategy could always be improved, and yes, it is ever so frustrating.

    2. Sometime I think the fans don’t deserve news. They way they act and treat the gaming companies and directors. Not saying this to anyone specific, just a general statement about how the fan base reacts sometimes.

      Also I kind of like Pokemon’s marketing strategy…keeping the secret hidden till reveal and not giving away too much in terms of story. Realistically the the only thing there really give us is a new Pokemon design and typing, the rest (stats, moves, ability e.t.c) we have to find out ourselves when the game comes out. It keeps the mystery alive.

      1. Also, I agree that a game company has no obligation to give us as much as they did for x and y. But I would think an actual gameplay trailer would have been a smart thing to reveal recently since the games come out in less than a year. The hype is here and dedicated fans are really glued to sites like this, but less dedicated fans have probably forgotten. I can’t speak for anyone, but I know if I was a lot younger, Sun and moon would probably have left my radar by now. Heck that entire year of quiet from game freak could have led me to find a different game or games that keep my interest.

    1. I actually like silhouettes for trolling, people get creative trying to design characters based on those. <3

    2. Even better. The protagonists WILL be the starters and you will pick a starter to battle the trainers against each other. Once they’re of age you can breed them.

  57. It’s a black day for the Pokemon community 🙁
    And for everyone wanting to know when Corocoro is releasing:

  58. Wow I don’t know if people are being sarcastic or serious about Masuda saying more than 10 new pokemons you guys he said it laughing as a joke he can’t reveal to much info that’s his job and a surprise for us of course is more than 10 is a new generation. About the mega evolutions could it be real about the burst that they stopped making megas so they can bring the burst with pokemon.

        1. Well he was trolling. And that’s what he said in the show. Pikachu is gonna be in the game.

          Not what we needed to hear, but that’s what he said. T_T

  59. “More than 10” > Sun and Moon are released > there’s 12. The 3 starter families, the two box legends and Magearna > Troll Freak strikes again

          1. TBH Gamefreak hasn’t done anything in the past 3 years that is “GF’s style”

  60. Man, I want leaks. Not visual leaks, that would be giving off way too much. I want leaks like back when the names “Malimar”, “Espurr”, “Meowstick” and “Pangoro” were leaked. It gave enough to start a conversation.

  61. ~the fact that people really think that there’s only gonna be like 15 new Pokemon~

    Y’all dumb.

    1. There’s clearly going to be 16.
      -Starters & Evolutions = 9
      -Main Legendaries = 3
      -Sub/Event Legendaries (including Magearna) = 3
      -Mega Milotic = 1
      Idk what you’re talking about.

  62. People saying that they dont want much revealed before release date, but then when they dont reveal that much those people get furious ?☕

  63. Was I expecting much? No
    Do I care? No
    Honestly, I know that gradual info will start coming starting from this months Corocoro, so honestly, why are people complaining and panicking?
    I also find it quite funny that people are getting so riled up about the whole “more than 10” thing that Masuda joked.
    New Gen or not, we’ll get new Pokemon. If it was a continuation of Kalos and we got no new Pokemon, I would’ve thought we’d know about it, especially considering they made a point about showing the development and also the Pokemon model…

  64. Had the craziest dream last night that Sun and Moon were released in stores, and I got to play the game without any prior knowledge… Picked Moon, and it was a dragon ice dark blue legendary, menacing, no wings,and the sun one was a older, friendly red dragon with massive wings ( dream imagination is limited). It was still great though… Then I woke up and remembered the dissapointment. It’s like even my dreams are trolling me. I don’t care about anything except for the region map, protagonists and legendaries, then I’ll be peaceful!

  65. I just realized that it’s April, which means we’re only two months away from E3! It’s a bit early to get hyped, but I don’t like waiting. As a dedicated video game enthusiast, E3 Season is basically the most exciting time of the year for me. Anyway, are there any preliminary thoughts about hopes for E3 2016? For Nintendo, I think we can 100% guarantee that it will be better than last year. In fact, I doubt we’ll see an E3 as bad as that one for a long time. Now we’re dealing with the next generation of Nintendo hardware, Zelda Wii U, and Pokemon Sun and Moon. Even with what we already know is coming, this year is going to be great. I’m going to make some bold predictions right now as to what “new games”/tech demos we’ll see for the NX:

    -A new 3D Mario. The developers of Super Mario 3D World have been working on a new project since at least 2014, and we can guarantee that this will be a next generation game due to Miyamoto’s hints. I’m picturing another spiritual successor to Super Mario 64, as Super Mario Galaxy was.
    -Animal Crossing. Back at E3 2010, along with the reveal of the 3DS, a VERY early demo of Animal Crossing: New Leaf was shown off. This game didn’t release until June 2013. I’d say we can expect another tech demo for the NX, with the game possibly releasing in 2018.
    -Kid Icarus. Just trust me on this one.
    -A totally new IP. Yeah, I don’t think Splatoon is a one-and-done success. Nintendo is placing its focus on young blood to create new RPGs, platformers, you name it. No one will be able to predict what will fit in this slot.

    Anything else you can think of? Do you agree with me? Let’s talk.

    1. I want my new Mario RPG
      A new IP that is a carbon copy Paper Mario but none of that Papercraft crap

      But this was my own game, Bowser Jr from the future (Who is clearly more competent then his now hilariously senile and crotchety father) time travels into the past to kidnap Mario and bring him into the future, with Mario out of the picture the mushroom kingdom is now under total siege. When Mario comes to The Bowser Empire has had total control for a solid 30 years, Mario must figure out how to stop the young prince, free the kingdom and return to the past to stop all this

      Now this will feature Mario and a whole cast of freedom fighters who cling tenaciously to the dead hope that Mario will save the day, it will be a 3D Open World RPG, will all series of abilities and attacks, and as you hunt down the fragments of the Chronostar

    2. Listen. 2015 wasn’t a bad E3 honestly it was quite well not saying it was amazing but it was good , Just because people didnt get what they wanted doesn’t mean it sucked at all, Maybe there is some people who was happy to AC amiibo festival or Federation force, We got new games from a company the still cares even tho a lot of gamers don’t care anymore better to see that then no games at all :/.

      1. Heh heh. Unfortunately, people tend to equate “I didn’t get what I want” with “sucks”. But at least the market exists for AC Happy Home Designer, it was the top-selling 3DS game of 2015. And the fact that new sets of AC Amiibo are coming out means AC Amiibo Festival is enough of a success for them to persist.

    3. Imagine an animal crossing for the NX and the NX has a vr headset and omg youre in the animal crossing world and umf <3

          1. I don’t know I just can’t picture it. I like animal crossing in that bird’s eye view

          1. That’s all it is and all it will ever really be. It’s pointless imo

    4. My E3 2016 wants: Mother 3 (or Earthbound 3, I guess), Pokemon Sun/Moon, Zelda Wii U/NX (I’m guessing they’re doing a Twilight Princess thing), a new RPG for Wii U that isn’t Idol Simulator 2016, a new Metroid game, and for gods sake give us an HD Animal Crossing game that isn’t Monopoly: Cashcow edition.

    5. a new paper mario? oh wait…. the colors one….looks like another sticker star fail or a de blob meets paper mario.

      maybe new mario party that doesnt suck

      nx info with a possible smash re release on launch date cuz thats a rumor that i would love to be true with all dlc.

      zelda hd

      new xenoblade ???? which i dont think is happening soon…

      the smtxfe details and release

      pokemon sun and moon some kind of huge news would be cool

      a starfox adventures game like dinosaur planet cuz this game is amazing imo

      what i would die for is a new fe game that relates to Ike and maybe remake of roy’s game but thats cuz im crazy for fe.

      now im off on a tangent of things i just want tbh lol.

      golden sun cuz i love golden sun
      new 3d mario game like sunshine 2 or something really good
      new pokemon colosseum/xd game!!!! no battle revolution that got my hopes up as being a new colosseum/xd game and finding that it wasnt at all the same

      maybe new pokemon snap, pokemon puzzle league, pokemon stadium (mainly for the minigames)

      ok im done lol

    6. Going off of the “new IPs” idea, I think we have a lot of material to work with. One of the thoughts that crossed my head was “will Nintendo try to make their own fps other than splatoon, as fps and open world games dominate the market nowadays.” Then I remembered Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Nintendo’s trying to move more into the mainstream, which is pretty cool.

  66. i was just curious…is there a reason to believe that gen 7 region is to kalos as johto is to kanto…as in connected regions in a main series game? i keep seeing this but i personally dont wanna believe it. i love having connecting regions cuz it makes for a long game with a ton of content but i would hope for like gen 7 region and hoenn, but this wont happen because of oras or even sinnoh. im not much of a fan of regions passed sinnoh. i dont remember many unova places and kalos isnt very memorable…because i couldnt pronounce a lot of the towns

    1. The only reason many people believe this, is all the unanswered questions of Kalos.

      1. No, that’s not the only reason. Gen 1 primarily focused on pleasing Genwunners. Gen 2 was supposed be a sequel to Gen 1, so it’s probably that they’re going to recycle the Gen 2 formula since they reused Gen 1

    2. Personally I thing the taunt in ORAS, of mentioning the battle frontier is under construction, might mean it will appear in the Gen 7 games :S

      1. That doesn’t even look like Hoopa Unbound. Says the name is Paapeto( or paabeto, can’t see because of the stupid arrow). Not saying it isn’t fake though.

        1. The silhouette to the left looks very much like Hoopa Unbound. I mean look at the hair puff and tail

          1. Yeah, I can see the exact artwork the silhouette was taken from now. I was looking at the cone/drill shaped body rather than the tail, hair, and rings.

      1. I’m not an idiot I knew that was Hoppa, I just saw this on the Pokemon reveal thingy

  67. Ok guys we need some clues so we can know what Pokemon Sun & Moon give us so far.So what did we know so far?

    1. Tropical Region or area
      Pokecenter Ambulances
      A Red Crested Cardinal
      And Blastoise firetrucks

      1. Hmm lets see:

        Clue 1. The new Pokemon Magearna

        Clue 2. The new games Pokemon Sun & Moon

        Clue 3. Tropical Region or area based on Hawaii or South East Aisa

        Clue 4. Pokecenters that have Ambulances

        Clue 5. A wire-frame Pokemon that look like A Red Crested Cardinal

        Clue 6 Blastoise that riding on yellow firetrucks

        Clue 7. 10 new Pokemon

        Hmmm we need more clues!

  68. So as of gen 6 I’ve gotten really into shiny hunting as to be honest it’s gotten much easier….or at least less angering lol If anyone wants to drop their friend code so I can get some new Friend safari’s that’d be great! My FC is 476874477816 I don’t know what’s in my safari so I really can’t say if I have anything great, but if you know that you have some interesting mons lets swap codes!! lol

    1. I hate how easy it is, they used be rarities but now there’s all this chaining, shiny charms, Masuda Methods and I don’t trust the legitimacy since everyone just cheats and hacks

      I wish they can completely zero out all these methods and deactivate all hacking
      (Also one hell of a Hacking detector from transferring)

      And make it a Million to one odds

      1. To be fair, chaining (at least in D/P/PT) was super hard. The method of shiny hunting I detest the most is the Masuda Method, because it seems to have the highest chance with the least effort. I’d agree with you, though, that shiny hunting has gotten progressively easier with each installment, which has led to me choosing to only hunt at full-odds.

  69. Well I saw Corocoro in my dreams….also spaghetti
    Some kinda grass rabbit/fawn a fire sheep/crocodile and I can’t remember the water one pretty sure it was equine
    And a whole bunch of randoms but I saw a Ground/Fighting Elephant with a hammer at the end of its trunk

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