Pokénchi — April 3rd: FINISHED!

As promised our live coverage of the Japanese Pokémon Variety show Pokénchi is here! This episode is set to air the first Pokémon Sun & Moon footage presented by Junichi Masuda.

We’re not 100% sure if we will receive completely new footage from the episode or if it will be a televised airing of the reveal trailer from February. Stay tuned!

Live Stream

A stream for the episode can be found by clicking here. NOTE: The stream is hosted on an external website and as such we are not responsible for any content broadcast. We also do not host of moderate the broadcast chat, please represent PokéJunge respomsibly!

Live Coverage

Refresh for the latest updates!

  • The episode has started airing!
  • The show preview has said that they would show “never before seen on TV footage”
  • Hosts are currently being shown some merchandise, including the most amazing Pokémon ruler EVER
  • We sure hope you like Pikachu curry, because this show has plenty of that
  • Next up is the baby line, featuring a Pikachu hand puppet
  • The Pokémon Sun & Moon reveal trailer was shown in a commercial break, looks like wecould get something COMPLETELY new!
  • Time for the usual battle…
  • It’s time!
  • The full version of the announcement trailer has been shown
  • Confirmed there will be new Pokémon. Masuda jokingly said “more than 10”
  • No response was given when asked about new Mega Pokémon
  • Pikachu will be in the games (if you didn’t guess that already)
  • And that’s all! Looks like all hopes are on Corocoro next week!