Show off your Mii from MiiTomo!

Nintendo’s first smartphone “game” is none other than the friend-collect, Mii accessorizing social network called MiiTomo (tomodachi meaning ‘friend’ in Japanese, shortened here to tomo). It was recently unleashed upon the West, but has been available since mid-March in Japan. Why not introduce us to your Mii in the comments (you can upload photos in comments or link to them from imgur)!

miitomo-kinokoOne of the best parts of this game has to be the whimsical outfits you can design and the outrageous photos that the game generates (if you’re too lazy to painstakingly create your own). In this shot to the left, I’m feeling pretty great in my biologically incorrect kinoko attire. Do mushrooms have leaves? Are they green? NO, but that doesn’t get me down. miitomo-xxxTo the right I’m a fair princess dying in the heat of a Japanese summer (I really do hate Japanese summers). As an aside, that flower crown was not easy to get and was one of the items I bought more coins for. Sad to say, but I may have to mortgage this site to pay off my MiiTomo clothing debt (of $15).

Below I show off both sides of pokejungle; I am an angel… and also a demon. Such deep symbolism. That school jacket was the first item I had to dig out the wallet for (seriously, I got like 2 pants and 4 shoes as well as candy supply for life playing the Drop game).

I always need more friends, so I’m including my QR code in this post in case you want to add me use me in your photos! EDIT: I’ve been made aware that QR codes will not allow you to add friends. Looks like if you want to friend me you’re still gonna have to request I follow you on Twitter. I’m always looking for a few more people to give irreverent answers to as well as check out their outfits. Add me!


If we get enough high-quality submissions I may just make an album for them on our Facebook page (and like us too, almost to 5,000 people)! So show off your best looks and we’ll see who stays and who sashays away!

<3 PJ

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