Show off your Mii from MiiTomo!

Nintendo’s first smartphone “game” is none other than the friend-collect, Mii accessorizing social network called MiiTomo (tomodachi meaning ‘friend’ in Japanese, shortened here to tomo). It was recently unleashed upon the West, but has been available since mid-March in Japan. Why not introduce us to your Mii in the comments (you can upload photos in comments or link to them from imgur)!

miitomo-kinokoOne of the best parts of this game has to be the whimsical outfits you can design and the outrageous photos that the game generates (if you’re too lazy to painstakingly create your own). In this shot to the left, I’m feeling pretty great in my biologically incorrect kinoko attire. Do mushrooms have leaves? Are they green? NO, but that doesn’t get me down. miitomo-xxxTo the right I’m a fair princess dying in the heat of a Japanese summer (I really do hate Japanese summers). As an aside, that flower crown was not easy to get and was one of the items I bought more coins for. Sad to say, but I may have to mortgage this site to pay off my MiiTomo clothing debt (of $15).

Below I show off both sides of pokejungle; I am an angel… and also a demon. Such deep symbolism. That school jacket was the first item I had to dig out the wallet for (seriously, I got like 2 pants and 4 shoes as well as candy supply for life playing the Drop game).

I always need more friends, so I’m including my QR code in this post in case you want to add me use me in your photos! EDIT: I’ve been made aware that QR codes will not allow you to add friends. Looks like if you want to friend me you’re still gonna have to request I follow you on Twitter. I’m always looking for a few more people to give irreverent answers to as well as check out their outfits. Add me!


If we get enough high-quality submissions I may just make an album for them on our Facebook page (and like us too, almost to 5,000 people)! So show off your best looks and we’ll see who stays and who sashays away!

<3 PJ

FEATURE DISCUSSION: Share what you think CoroCoro will reveal this month

  1. I don’t post on here too much. I mainly lurk, but I can’t resist sharing this one that I made a few days ago 🙂

    1. I expected nothing less than this
      Surprised you weren’t surround by bearded muscular men, Archie Byron or that guy from Pokken

      1. Pokkén has a couple fine men. If it weren’t for the NX, I’d put a Wii U on layaway for it.

        1. Just gotta get creative, Photoshop a bunch of studs into a pic, and send it to your mobile device

  2. When the hell is Corocoro I’m so freaking bored!!!!!
    It’s been totally boring for like 3-4 days

    1. You’ll have to wait another 3-4 days, at least. I feel like it probably won’t happen until Monday or Tuesday night.

    2. Has it ever leaked this early? Have a lil patience and play some games etc to take your mind off it. The more you think about it, the longer the wait will be

      1. This only happened once. It was the issue that Revealed Mega Mewtwo( Name awakened Mewtwo) for the genesect movie. Some worker in the factory that makes them, got a hold of it at the start of the month, took pics, and leaked them online. Other then that we get it around the 10th to 12th. Unless it’s a holiday in Japan, in which case, it leaks the 8-10th as the issue comes out around the 12th in those cases.

  3. I just found out that Nintendo’s next Investors Meeting is on April 27th. This is a huge deal, because the Wii U was revealed on April 25, 2011 (also in an Investors Meeting, I believe), with a full reveal announced for E3 2011. If Nintendo wants to follow that same structure, we can expect the first official NX news on April 27th. Maybe we’ll have a Nintendo Direct before then as well!

    1. That’s interesting. April should be a good month. Corocoro, the investors meeting plus NBA post season (pushing it?) XD

    2. Nintendo will be show the NX, or now known as the NEX, on that date. They will show off at least the console and potential titles during the given day. E3 is where we will see more of the games, but the console will be fully revealed E3. I’m hype!

  4. Miifoto + NX Rumor:
    – The Nintendo NX is a console, not a handheld or a hybrid between the two. (This is obvious af.)
    – It will be announced and official shown this April (as ShinyXatu posted) and release in the Holiday of 2016.
    – There is one Nintendo title that is being developed with Unreal Engine 4 for the NX.
    – The console is much powerful than the PS4 & XBO.
    – It has both an ARM and x86 Architecture chip to easily allow developers to port and create titles; hence the confusion among leakers.
    – Nintendo will release a new handheld after 2016 due to the upcoming titles (ex. Sun & Moon) increasing the 3DS’ popularity.
    – The system is named the NEX (Nintendo EXtra Platform), which is a home console.
    – CPU is 30% more powerful than the PS4, GPU is 50% more powerful than the PS4, and it has 12GB of DDR3 RAM (3 for NinOS and 9 for Games).
    – There are two different controllers, I’m assuming that one is a traditional controller and another is using the free-form display with transparent buttons.
    – The overall architecture is power enough that Nintendo does not need any expensive RAM options.
    – Nintendo Direct is planned before the Investor Meeting and it will be announced within a few days.
    – Nintendo Direct/Meeting topics: NinOS, Nintendo Missions (Achievement System), Zelda News (Highly Zelda Wii U and the port coming to the NX), NX News, and Star Fox News.

    The NX (or NEX) sounds like a demon of a console. I seriously cannot wait to see more info this April! This plus the CoroCoro… I might die. Anyways, he’s my sexy Miifoto.


    1. The name is believable, but for Nintendo to make something more powerful than the PS4, I’d have to see them reveal it slightly more believable though.

      1. CPU and GPU I can see a reality, 3 years is a long time. But the RAM seems a bit excessive, unless of course they’re planning for Sharing and social features like PS4 and Xbox One OS have. But with Nintendo’s shit copyright policies… eh…

        1. With Miitomo and that other social service they have on 3DS and Wii U, they might. Idk. It’s just really weird to read these things and have Nintendo slapped on them.

  5. I got the app but I do find it a tad…lacking of something?
    Maybe it’s cause I’ve only got a few people from Twitter on the app, so if you have Twitter, follow me and I’ll follow you back & can add you! @callmereece

    I’ve been playing Hyrule Warriors Legends to pass the time and I’ll say that I’m very happy with my purchase. Although I watched the Wii U playthrough, I’m not bothered by the graphics as they’re pretty good on my original 3DS (plus I read so many reviews that said you need the N3DS to play it to get the full effect, which is false seeing as I haven’t experienced any lag whatsoever and the game continues to fill my screen with bad guys with ease)

  6. So I wanted to see what you guys think on this: will we ever get our difficulty back? Or are we stuck with Gen 6 difficulty from now on? I hope not, because even with the things that you can remove to make it more challenging it doesn’t make us want to “be the very best” since we are already.

    I think that X and Y and ORAS were intended to get kids involved in Pokemon and introduce a new audience to the game of pokemon. So hopefully I’m right and sun and moon will be all kinds of wonderful since these are the “anniversary games.” So what do you guys think?

    1. I hope we get difficulty back, but given the option at the beginning of the game, not after. Oh, and not have separate difficulty options for separate games. That was so stupid.

      1. I wouldn’t mind a difficulty option in the beginning (and definitely don’t want one in the middle or later parts of the game) but wouldn’t it be better if there wasn’t one and the games were mildly difficult?

        I found heartgold and soulsilver to be a perfect example of the difficulty I want in these games. It needs to be challenging but not overly difficult so younger kids can complete it.

        1. No. There needs to be an option for young players that don’t understand strategies and new players that are learning so they don’t get stuck and get turned off from the games.

          1. Hmmmm… I guess you’re right.

            Although I don’t want something like black and white 2 where only the levels rose. I want the intelligence of the trainers to go up and also better movesets for pokemon.

            Also a really strong rival

          2. A rival that actually hates your guts and becomes the leader of the villain team would be nice.

          3. I like that. But game freak won’t make your rival too “evil” because they even censored some of the content in the red blue and yellow games out for 3ds.

            So I think we won’t get a really nasty/evil rival but I have hope for a really powerful, always better than you rival XD

    2. A lot of people complained about it, so I’m beginning to think that GameFreak will add a difficulty setting. They usually listen to the fans with their complaints. It wouldn’t be to difficult for them to implement either.

  7. Okay so I’m gonna write up a wish list for Pokemon Sun and moon here. The higher it is, the more I want it.
    Here it goes:

    -Two region game (16 badges or at least more than 8 (Hopefully Kalos))
    – Battle Frontier
    -World Championships (If not more than 8 badges)
    – Balance and adjust some stats of weaker and stronger pokemon
    – A couple more primals and more trainers can use Mega Evolution
    – A strong strong rival
    – Difficulty setting at the beginning of the game
    – Extremely deep plot with lots of legend and lore (a lot can be done with the theme of sun and moon)
    – A realistic evil team
    – More new pokemon introduced than Kalos (not a whole bunch but just a tad bit more)

    1. I’m picking up what you’re putting down lol I couldn’t care less about the Battle Frontier, but everything else is cool. I’d like the Dex Nav feature to come back. Maybe not by the same name as we wouldn’t have the PokeNav, but by some other name I guess. Either way I’d like that type of feature back. I also like your idea of more trainers having megas. I think it would be cool if throughout the game we ran into new trainers that had it. Like how Alain tracks down other trainers that use mega evolution. That way there are little jumps in the challenge curve every now and then to switch things up as you go along. Also it would make it feel like there is some sort of special group of trainers that use megas that aren’t regulated by the league (ie: the elite 4)

      1. Yeah! I think the PokeNav idea is great. It was really a nice touch to ORAS/RSE. Also Megas need to be integrated more for sure. It was this big deal and then only a few trainers had it!

        Even though I wasn’t a HUGE fan of Battle Frontier, the reason I put it there is because I want a great post-game. If it’s the frontier, going back to Kalos, an event like Delta Episode. I don’t care I want something to do for awhile after the main story.

    2. I agree with this list of yours. I don’t know how their going to pull off a realistic evil team. None of the boss have been realistic in what they’ve done. Anyways, I don’t see the World Championship returning. Mostly, because it’s a Fifth Generation feature and it would cause more people to return to that game. The Battle Frontier has a chance do it being built in OR/AS. Following the Pokemon Timeline, I’m guessing that this game will be after X/Y, so it should be completed by that time. I do love the idea of more trainers using Mega Evolution. It would spice up the difficulty of the game to have Ace Trainers and Veterans use Mega Evolved Pokemon.

      1. Haha yeah. I feel like the the team should have a realistic goal. Unlike Team flare that wanted to make the world more “beautiful.” What kind of goal is that? XD Something like Team Plasma would be awesome. Now THAT is a realistic goal and I didn’t know if they were right or wrong at one point.

        In terms of World Championship, I just put that and the Battle frontier because I really want a good post-game. But yes it would be cool if Ace/veteran trainers had megas here and there. Because it should be a surprise if they pop out of nowhere.

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