Hidden Ability Legendary Birds Coming Next Month

The iconic trio of legendary birds from the original Pokémon Red & Blue games will be getting a download event next month! You’ll need codes from the official Pokémon newsletter to get them though, so you have a month to sign up! There’s more info about that over at the official site!

Excited to get your hands on these? I was always partial to Articuno as a kid. Which one is your favorite?

Jirachi is currently available to download via the Nintendo Network, so if you’re looking for more Legendaries don’t miss your chance to download that as well!

<3 PJ

FEATURED DISCUSSION: What are you watching?


    2. I got fighting. In good company with my favourite Pokemon as well as Gallade, Mienshao & Infernape

    3. I got normal…. I’m very confused, there’s never been anything normal about me….

    4. I got Dragon with Druddigon. Don’t like Druddigon, but love the typing (hence my main Pokemon hehe).

  1. Sounds good! I like the birds, so I’ll download them.

    Now Sidenote:

    As Sleepy said, this leaks is so fake it actually makes me cringe. There’s to many OP things in it.

    1. Ok good, this was an April Fool’s joke. Pretty terrible in both funniness and general conveyance though.

  2. Okay so I saw a few theories for sun and moon and thought I would share it.

    What if Ho-Oh and Lugia got Primals for the games and they will be part of the post-game. I mean, they make sense with sun and moon and I think it would be cool to have primal Lugia and primal Ho-Oh. But I also feel like they’re the kind of legendaries that might not get it.

        1. Yeah I read everything hoe. At one point though, I had to block you for a week because you kept RTing shirtless men and I kept throwing up mentally.

          1. They were beautiful though. It was worth it. Block or mute? I unfollowed those accounts, most of them anyway, because I felt too naughti

          2. Oh, Mute is what I meant not block lol. Yeah like my timeline was literally shirtless dude every other picture. Also, Hugh Jackman isn’t that attractive, coming from a straight male, but I know for some reason he’s “perf” to guys like you, I don’t see it. Not enough bo0bs or ass tbh.

          3. Oh that ass is fine. He gets better with age too. I’ve only crushed on him since first grade. I think it’s always been a role model thing too, but regardless he has every trait I like.

          4. I cried when I heard he was in new Orleans and I didn’t get to see him. We’ll get married. He just doesn’t know it yet. I at least want a hug from him.

  3. Does this include all three, or just one out of the three birds?

    Also, CoroCoro can officially leak any time after tonight. Get comfy and look forward to mascot legendaries.

    1. From my understanding you get one code and the bird you get is random. So unless you have 3 different emails that get the newsletter and you get lucky not to get duplicates you’ll only get one.

      Also I wouldn’t hold my breath for CoroCoro until at least this weekend. Even if there is decent news in it I doubt anyone will be getting ti this early.

    2. I’m not getting my hopes up just yet. Realistically I say that it leaks around Sunday Monday. Although obviously I want it on Friday or Saturday.

    3. Sorry to keep bursting your bubble ShinyXatu, but no it couldn’t. Corocoro comes out on the 15th this month, so it’ll leak sometime between the 11th and the 14th (10th-13th for you in USA). The only time this has been different was back in February this year, when it leaked on the 10th.

      In August each year, there’s a holiday on the 15th, so Corocoro comes out on the 11th, and for some reason always leaks on the 7th.

      So because this is April, not August, the absolute earliest we can expect it is on Sunday (Saturday for people in USA).

  4. Im pretty sure these birds come to the UK at a Smyths store which I have no idea where the nearest is & can’t be bothered to go to said store. Furthermore it’s a code which means I have to ask & also it’s random…I’m not going through the effort
    Apparently Europe gets hoopa again till the 30th of this month again though so I’ll see if I can get 4 extra ones (seeing as I have XY & ORAS)

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