What Pokémon type are YOU?!

Take the quiz and then let us know in the comments! Thought it would be a fun break from Pokémon Sun & Moon speculation. How accurate would you rate your results and what are your 3 favorite Pokémon of that type?

Took it myself earlier, can’t say I thought it was very accurate… Three favorite Normal-type Pokémon would have to be Dunsparce, Kecleon and Heliolisk!

<3 PJ


  1. Dragon type: Dragonite.
    I only have one example Pokemon, unlike the others below this comment. How’s that possible?

  2. Flying Type: Braviary, Ho-Oh and Staraptor (with Talonflame very close). Quiet accurate for me.
    Fairy I would say is more correct, since Gardevoir is one of my absolute favourites (together with Lucario, Meloetta and Zoroark…!) 🙂

    Wonder what else I’ll get if I test myself again?

  3. Hmmmm I ended up being a fighting type with Pancham as the example Pokemon. I can’t say for sure they’re wrong, but at the same time I’m not quite sure that entirely correct. I’m gonna take it again! That way I can be a duel type lol

  4. First time round got fighting (with Machamp) which is my desired type anyway (as Lucario, Gallade & Mienshao are some of my fave Pokemon)
    Second time round with my backup answers and I got Fairy (w/Togepi). Gardevoir, Togekiss & Sylveon, I’m quite fortunate apparently

  5. I got Normal type. My favorite Normal types are Dodrio, Furfrou, and Jigglypuff!

  6. Did not expect Psychic but I’m totally fine with it. My top 3 Psychic types would probably be Espeon, Gardevoir and Espurr or male Meowstic

  7. I got Normal. I’ve actually never been too fond of Normal types, but if I had to pick my favorites they would be Aipom, Castform, and the Porygon line.

  8. I got flying and I have absolutely no clue how. I don’t even care for Pidgeot. I like Swanna though.

      1. I’ll Earthquake that flimsy thing with no problem
        (And I’ll Pop Sturdy with Megahorn before you can Metal Burst)

  9. I got water type. My favs of that type are Totodile, Politoad and Slowpoke. 🙂

  10. I got Flying the first time around, and Fighting the second time I tried a couple different choices. I don’t like either typing. 🙁

      1. Haha I guess. I’m not the biggest Hawlucha fan. Third time I got Ghost though, which is my favorite typing, so I think I might go with that. 😛

      1. Mega Mew should be basically itself but surrounding itself would be a big embryonic bubble
        Each limb has two small tubes protruding from the forearm and thigh and a few on the tail, these tubes are organically fused to the innermost of the bubble like veins or dare I say umbilical cords
        Its eyes are closed but a faint glowing third eye glows under its forehead skin
        It would have an ability similar to Protean or Multitype where at the end of each turn its type randomly changes

  11. I got water. It actually works. I like swimming, tropical climate and ocean life.
    [Quilfish, Politoed and Ludicolo (In order from First-third)]

  12. I got fighting. I’ve always liked fighting types even though not many are special attackers, I like it. I was kinda hoping for fire or flying?

  13. For all you Star Wars Fans out there. The trailer for Rogue One released on Good Morning America today.

  14. Got rock. Not one of my favorites, but it’s not bad. Example was boldore. Which was ironically the first shiny I found(not in general, but the game), in black and white.
    Still have it, and wound up getting another by accident in a friend safari one time.

  15. I got psychic!

    Faves would be Mega Slowbro, Gardevoir and Gallade

    Otherwise Espeon, Girrafarig, Latias, Mesprit

  16. Eyo, Fairy Type! My favorite are a few of the only actual fairies, Flabebe, Klefki, and Whimsicott.

    1. Ehhh I don’t consider Whimsicott or any retyped Fairies as fairies Especially Azumarill
      (Except Clefary and Snubbull)

      1. Well, Whimsicott and Cottonee are pretty similar to the legends about Sylphs.

  17. Since I got rock it got me a’thinkin about Fossil Pokemon
    I’m trying to theorize if Fossil Pokemon are naturally rock types or it’s a result of the fossilization process
    Well the reason is that all Fossils are Primarily Rock typed while Tirtouga is the only one with rock as a secondary type
    But then Crainidos is also the only pure rock fossil

    So the theory just titters on the idea but not to throw a wrench in my own logic maybe they were always a rock type to begin with

    1. It’s probably because they’ve been incased in rock for so many millions of years and they developed traits similar to their environment. Pokemon Logic.

    1. he seem useful this time…….the space is GF playground the know about it more than we expected ,the company concept is based on it after all.

  18. I’m so excited for this CoroCoro leak. It’s only the 7th and I’m already extremely impatient. I’m going to have to get used to this feeling, because we have approximately 8 issues left until the games launch. I’m sure we’ll still be waiting until the 12th again, though. :/

  19. Lol no matter how many times i take this test i get flying. Lol oh well. I dont think ice is an option. Honestly im really glad they acknowledged battle frontier existence

    1. I got ice the second time I took it. It had Beartic on it. The third time 8 got flying again.

  20. I got my favorite type…Electric.
    My three favorites are a tough choice but Rotom, Electivire, and Emolga are my favorites.

  21. I made it twice to know my double type. I’m Psychic/Normal. So I’m Girafarig. I kinda like it, with his two different faces. It match with my personality.

  22. I got the Water type, I’m pretty happy with that as it’s one of my favourite types. (along with Poison, Ghost and Psychic)

    My favourite water types, that’s tough since I nearly always end up with a water type I love on my team. I’ll get back to you.

  23. Your type is… Psychic!
    You’d be a Psychic-type Pokémon! The power of your thoughts is enough to change the world! Here’s an example of a Pokémon with this type… Espurr.

    This pleases me tremendously..! I got my favorite type!

  24. I was designated a Steel type. I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed at first. Steel isn’t my favorite type, but after some self-analysis, I can definitely see how I am a steel type. Most likely a Bisharp or Magnezone.

  25. My type is Fairy, so I spread happiness wherever I go.

    I used Florges in my X team and Azumarill in my Alpha team.

    Other Fairy-types I have trained include (Mega) Gardevoir, Sylveon, Granbull, Wigglytuff, and Mega Altaria.

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