Pokémon TCG comes to Android

Pokémon TCG Online has been available for Apple’s iPads for quite awhile now, but it looks like Android tablet owners can now enjoy TCG battles on the go as well. You can now download the app, although you’ll have to meet the device requirements.

Pits a fun way to play the TCG so if you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend playing! It is free-to-pay so no purchases are strictly necessary.

<3 PJ

  1. Hmm… I haven’t play the TGC in a while. Maybe I’ll play it when this version comes out because I have Android.

  2. This may be a dumb question, but in the weeks I’ve been on the forums I’ve yet to figure out how to do a status update. Am I being dumb, or is it hard to find? (I’m using chrome from an Android if it matters)

    1. I think unless you’re a Founder, there’s a minimum post count and/or signup duration before you can do statuses. I quite recently gained it.

    1. Someone already posted it in the last chat. This very well could be possible, but one issue. We’re not in Kalos any longer and it’s a completely new generation of Pokemon. Zygarde is not going to skip town and go to some new region. Nothing seems to relate to Zygarde, unless it’s some post game event. It’s a plausible theory, with a quite of bit of short comings.

      1. Yeah I posted it and thought it was very accurate. However he explains that it’s both a Pokemon for Kalos and the region in sun and moon.

      1. I’m not a fan for sure but this theory is definitely not bad. And the fact that Zygarde represents both pairs of legs darker possibly is really interesting.

  3. Lol it took forever to play the iPad version because it wouldn’t load and freeze. It’s also horrible if you don’t have good Internet. Wish it was available for larger phones like the 6 Plus and Note 5.

  4. It’s honestly about time the game gets a proper Android release. I’m not a TCGO player, but I could understand their frustration.
    Anyways, I’m back at it again with these NX leaks, I love keeping you guys posted (P.S. He did not get verified because his information was insufficient, so do take this with a grain of salt.):

    – To recap, the system will be officially called the Nintendo NEX.
    – He posted a potential rough sketch of how the NX will look like.
    – There will be a large number of launch titles for the NX.
    – He does not have 100% confirmation on these games, but based on previous rumors and Dev Kits held by these companies, their highly possible: Final Fantasy 14 & 15, Destiny, Battlefield, F-Zero EX (I’m assuming that this is the game using Unreal Engine 4, as it might require realistic graphics), and Super Smash Bros. Wii U Port (There were rumors about Namco Bandai porting the title to the NX).
    – These are proven launch titles for the Nintendo NX: Super Mario NEX (Similar in graphics to Mario Sunshine, in addition, we already knew the Mario Team was working on a new game.)

    Zelda Wii U: Definitive Edition NEX (SuperMetalDave leaked Pokemon Niji, which were the codenames of the Pokemon Sun and Moon, also he got the entire 3DS release calendar correct. He posted before that Zelda Wii U will be ported to the NX an hour before he posted the 3DS rumors, additionally he is one of the most credible leakers.)

    Luigi’s Mansion (I’ve posted the rumor about this title before.), FIFA 17, Call of Duty, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Dragon Quest 11, Mass Effect Trilogy: Definitive Edition, and Mass Effect: Andromeda.
    – Nintendo will have a huge E3 Press Conference to cover everything that is new.
    – The Nintendo Direct is planned before the Investor Meeting, and it will be announced in a few days. There will be Star Fox News present.
    – A leaker among the LCGeek, gave another rumor, which proves these leakers statements: It is more powerful than the XBO/PS4, x86 Architecture, Star Fox Nintendo Direct News, ARM Architecture being a small part of the NX, 12G of DDR3 RAM.

    1. I would love for Nintendo to get some big name games on a homes console, especially Kingdom Hearts III and others. Ive missed out on so many games just because I don’t want to buy two consoles

      1. Completely agreed! I would love to see KH3. The game is looking like a 2017 title with FF15 being released in the Fall and DQ11 likely being released in the Winter of 2016. Anyways, I’m looking forward to Nintendo improving third-party relations.

    2. This is too good to be true.
      Knowing Nintendo,it’s going to to be an underpowered console with miniscule third-party support.

      1. Actually, based on the statement from Devs. The NX is some rather powerful and a huge amount of third party developers are looking forward to it.

  5. Hey so quick question
    For the sewaddle expression, do I pick them based on how feel the article is written or do I pick based on how i feel about the topic within the article?

  6. I expect Corocoro to leak this weekend. I’m so hyped! I really don’t know what I expect. People are saying they’re expecting starters and protagonists but I think that’s a bit too hopeful.

    1. It’s not bad, except for the fact that the silhouette on the right covers Pokemon Moon’s logo.

        1. Someone thought these were possible:

          Grass Tanooki or bear

          Fire Tiger or Cat or maybe even a crab.

          Water Lizard

          A tanooki would be pretty cool as a starter.

  7. DAMN NINTENDO! Back at it again with these rumors. A rumor from Emily Rogers states that Zelda 2016 (Zelda Wii U) is coming to both the Wii U and NX. She heard from multiple sources that you could play as either a Male or Female. No clarification if this is Link (the Link in the trailers was confirmed as a male) or Zelda. There is voice acting for most of the characters, except for Link.

  8. So this guy on Youtube who has some Pokemon GO beta test footage posted a new video that he says could be a cut scene from Sun and Moon. He states that he was just sent the video and it doesn’t seem like he himself knows if itactually is real, but it’s an interesting little clip. If it turns out real it has some very interesting features going on. Once again I’d like to say this could very well be fake, but it’s interesting none the less.

    1. Why would that be real lol it looks like a bad Cartoon Network show from the 90s

    1. the person who wrote this …..he…..he he looks like stole my old comments and wrote an article of them.

      1. Possibly, it was something I saw while browsing 4chan. was actually going to post that starter leak, but saw it already was and linked this. Either way it is a good theory, so nice job on thinking of it!

    2. This isn’t much new… Except for the AZ and Odin part. It’s just the same stuff that’s been talked about since before Sun and Moon were announced.

      1. Alright, I never saw it brought up anywhere really, so I thought, I’d share. It further solidifies the point though that sun and moon could very easily be a kalos story line continuer.

        1. It was back a few months ago. And a lot on the Pokémon community on twitter if you have that.

  9. I’m really starting to hate fake leakers don’t people have something to do I’m really thinking Alfred has a point that some people just want to see the world burn I just hope they don’t reproduce

  10. Last call for Starter predictions taking all bets
    Grass Peachick
    Fire Ox
    Water Newt

    1. The grass starter has always been based off of something prehistoric. So even though I would love a pea chick, it’s not prehistoric. Although the rest is awesome

        1. It’s actually based off of one of the first prehistoric mammals which looks like a rat/porcupine. I forgot what it’s called though.

    1. Mega Vanililux
      A freaking mouthwatering ice cream tower

      And I see several spires of ice and a long dripply tongue

    2. Well done! I remember I came across one randomly when I was EV training one of my Pokemon

    1. It’s too easy. I accidentally hatched two shiny Spinaraks in a row while IV breeding one time.

      1. Speak for yourself; It took me almost 1600 eggs to get shiny turtwig with the shiny charm.

  11. Just a couple more days. Tbh I just want a dolphin or a platypus water starter, a fire bear or bull, and a grass/flying starter.

  12. The torture of checking serebii and Pokejungle every five minutes is about to start…

    Want to see mascot legends! They’re always spectacular! ( hope they don’t look like Zygarde though :/)

    Starter wise, I’d like a fire rabbit, tiger or wildebeest!( they changed dog to fox, why not bull to wildebeest? ( as long as it’s final evo is quadrupedal! Also no fire fighting pls. Grass, I’d like maybe a horse, maybe a wolf like thing, and then water I’d like a horse hippocampus thing or a playtpus ( but it should have a more comedic design). Not found of the bipedal dolphin idea, it’s a bit creepy for me.

    1. I really like the hippocampus idea, but if they incorporated that I’d have to make a Percy Jackson oriented team. :p

  13. So my associates got Pokken and it got me a thinking for DLC characters and one thing struck me
    We have no flying types
    And outside Hawlucha it hit me

    It’s big and it can attack with wings talons and its beak

    And for its bust it would Storm Dive it shrieks out snatches you with his talons and bring you into a raging hurricane and while it shreds you it slams you back to earth

  14. How exactly does this leak? What affects when Coro Coro leaks? Is it like when it’s printed or?

    1. It’s like any other regular magazine. Basically what happens is stores get the magazine a few day before the actual Street date. Then an employee may take pictures of it if it tickles their fancy. Nothing in particular causes when the leak happens. It’s up to the whoever gets their hands on it.

  15. So I got off my lazy arse and doodled Mega Mew
    HP 100
    Everything else 120

    It’s ability is called Universal Evolution at the end of every turn it randomly changes type

    1. I like the design of an embryo. I think a Primal Reversion would make more sense for Mew. The idea of a changing Type per turn would make it an interesting Pokemon.

      1. Ehhh I don’t like giving Primal Regression to anybody outside the Weather trio

        I cannot stress this enough Primal Regression only applies to Kyogre and Groudon as they absorbed the natural energy and became the powered forms which the ancient Hoennites deemed Primal G/K

        Most people peg this as a return to a early state but in truth Groudon and Kyogre never had these forms to begin with but when they absorbed the energy THEN they became these forms

        This Mega Mew hones into the universal aspect that it is the symbol of birth of new genetic code and creation of Pokemon

        Buuuut I’m thinking of giving it a little bit of one thing that it Mega Evolves knowing this new attack that changes with the type change but other then that nothing major

        1. I could see that as being the case. From the way I saw it in the game, I thought they reverted back to their more powerful forms. They could so something similar with the Creation Trio; Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. Anyways, your concept is something I would love to see GameFreak do. Instead of it Mega Evolving via Attack, I think something similar to Mega Rayquaza should be used. Like maybe an item, which activates Mew’s evolution!

          1. Like I said I think the only way to let it fly is to make it have this multi type attack that changes with Universal Evolution (also to stop those who only use status moves)

    2. If u go deeper in this concept I think u will achieve something important ….if this really ur drawing then u should work on this talent cuz u have a good seed.

      1. Great emphasis on doodle I did this in like 2 mins
        And I’ve been drawing my whole life (but at a weird price I do my best work when I’m supposed to not be drawing)

        But if I were to expand on the concept it would stay the same but better angles
        pipes behind the leg, two out of the back, one or two out of the neck and I gotta work with the tail
        But the embryo is an absolute must

    1. no body know but the official release in 15th ……it will leak in any time between now and then.

  16. I just took the ACT for 5 hours and I have a terrible stomachache. Surely I deserve CoroCoro leaks now ;(

    1. I remember having to take a bunch of those standardized tests, and it was awful :c
      I preferred the ACT over the SAT, and I think my scores showed that as well (35 vs 2260 on the old exam)

      1. I had a difficult time with science and reading comprehension. I also got nailed on the essay because I couldn’t get my thoughts together.

        1. I think I did fairly good except the science, and maybe the reading. My reading comprehension skills in general are awful, but I think I did fine. the Science was the part was harder than normal for me. I couldn’t keep my mind focused and it just seemed very rough. I think I pretty good on the writing portion. I would just like a composite of at least a 24. Lol, on the writing part I wrote about furies and transexuals, what was your question?

          1. I had to write about casual dressing as opposed to formal dressing in the United States. I honestly had no idea what I was writing about. 😛

          2. i didnt take the act but if only they made us write essays on topics that matter. but instead you get how to dress in the US

          3. XD Me too!!!! I had to choose whether we should dress up in public vs dress what feels comfy

    2. I took mine a couple months ago while I had a virus. My mom wouldn’t let me take the make-up test, so I didn’t get the score I wanted. :/

      Hope you did well though!!

    3. My school allowed all the students to take the ACT for free. I got a 29, but I need that 30! lol. I’m planning on retaking it sometime soon! I think we’re going to have to at least wait until Monday for CoroCoro leaks. :L

    1. As long as it’s foreign from your regional area yes. So for example if you have a Spanish system, then no, but if you have a North American system then yes.

    1. Can a mod get rid of this? I don’t think this is relevant to anything in the article or Pokemon, and it’s just trying to bring drama to the comments section for no reason.Sending the pics through the feedback tab would have been a better idea instead of posting here.

    2. can any mod/admin please delete this comment? i dont think it is fair for someone to take screenshots of things i say on chat and then be posted here

      1. Look I just wanted this to stop, I don’t think that is an extreme request

          1. Yes. That’s what I don’t understand. I didn’t say I didn’t see the attack.

      1. Hm… Kind of. Made me think of piccolo lol. I like the looks as it could be bug and fighting. Which could be a pretty good combo outside of X4 to bug.

  17. In the case that we are all disappointed by CoroCoro, what in the word would they show? I hear Joe “Serebii” Merrick saying not to expect anything big like starters or legendaries, because last month’s issue didn’t specify “big news”. I beg to differ. They used up two whole pages with giant font, and I’ve heard multiple translators reference a “legendary opening”. The only other material they have so far is Magearna. They’re certainly not going to limit us to its typing for the first feature. I’m still betting on mascot legendaries and, if we’re lucky, starter silhouettes to be revealed next month. That order could probably be flipped as well. I’m extremely excited for this leak, because we’ll get the first glimpse of the games we will spend 500-1000+ hours playing. 😀

    1. I expect Trainers and silhouettes. That’s all I want really. And some screen shots.

      1. Expecting and wanting are 2 different things. lol I doubt we’ll get the trainers just yet. Maybe the starters,but not both.

        1. No, I expect them, and that’s as much as I want them to reveal. I don’t expect box legends and I don’t want box legends.

          1. I want lots of things, like Hugh Jackman and Wolverine to no longer be a woman but I probably won’t get those. As long as S&M have post game content I guess it’s fine. Do you sushi?

          2. Box legends have always been revealed either with the announcement of a new generation, or shortly thereafter. I can’t think of a single generation where this didn’t happen. I suppose they could be revealed next month instead and still fit that tradition.

      2. I’m glad you expect those, because they are very important. I’d be okay with those too. I’m just feeling confident that we’ll have at least one new Pokemon reveal as well.

    2. If you’ve seen Joe’s post on NeoGAF, he thinks it’ll be something movie-related like a new form of Magearna/Volcanion (the latter of whom is the only Kalos legend to not have some form of Alt state like Xerneas’ tree form and neutral mode, Yveltal’s cocoon, Zygarde’s formes, Hoopa Unbound and Mega Diancie).

      Personally, I’m holding out for an explanation of Magearna’s Soul Heart ability, or a few random screenshots a la the first Corocoro issue to cover BW

    3. I don’t know, the way information of Sun and Moon reminds me of B/W.

      On the Corocoro issue that came out on February, Zorua, Zoroark were revealed for appearing in the next movie, with no game. Similar situation with Magearna.

      March didn’t reveal anything at all.

      And on April, what was revealed were:
      * The games titles
      * The graphical improvement with screenshots
      * And Zorua and Zoroark in battle.

      So I honestly am not expecting starters or legendaries.

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