Stream Sunday: 4/10 [FINISHED]

Ready to have a fireside chat with pokejungle?! I’m going to make a great effort to be available each week at 8:00PM Japan Standard Time to do 30-60 minutes of game streaming while responding to questions and comments from viewers in the comments, social media or Twitch chat! WE’RE DONE! Thanks to those who came, I’m posting the video below for those who couldn’t join us. We’re planning on doing the same thing next week so put it on your calendars!

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I’m putting this post up a bit early so we can get the word out. Not expecting a large attendance today since I only notified people via Twitter last night, but it will hopefully make for a nice “test run”.

Tonight’s game: random battles on Showdown!

<3 PJ

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  1. Has Corocoro ever leaked on a Sunday? I can’t recall an instance of that happening, but then again I don’t pay too much attention to the day of the leak.

    1. It’s already early Monday morning in Japan, so I don’t see why it couldn’t happen. It’s only 3AM right now, so if we had any chance it would at least be very late in our afternoon.

    1. Top row L2R
      Igglybuff, Magby, Bellsprout, Drowzee, Teddiursa, Sentret, maybe slowpoke or smoochum
      Middle row
      Drowzee, slowpoke, smoochum, ledyba, slowpoke, Bellsprout, ledyba and slowpoke
      Bottom row
      Ledyba, Smoochum, chinchou, magby, sandshrew, Teddiursa, igglybuff, magby
      And that last one on the bottom-right is a Clefa

  2. Damn it’s Monday the 11th in Japan and still no leaks but it’s still only 4:30 am so maybe later on in the day

    1. From my experience the times it usually leaks aren’t until regular hours of the day. The earliest I can remember was like 10 am for them. I would expect the leaks to arrive anywhere between 9 pm- 11 am est. As for the date I suppose it could happen tonight, but I’d say it’s more likely for it to happen tomorrow night.

      1. I’ve kept track of times of the leaks and seems to happen around 2 to 4 a.m central that’s around 4 to 6 p.m in Japan that’s why I’m kind of upset since we’re gonna have to wait another day but I’m hoping it could change lol

  3. >Article is about the stream.
    >Every single comment is about Corocoro
    Gotta love hype season lol.

    I’d love to watch the streams Paul but, like I’m sure many others here that live in the US, time zones really restrict me from watching.

    1. If this was real, I’d be so disappointed. Look at that map. Ugly as fuck.
      BUT the water starter looks pretty cool.

    2. I’ve never understood when people on 4chan talk about the threads being deleted. I feel like the Mods on 4chan don’t care about stuff like this. What difference does it make to them? I just think people read too much into it. I mean on other forums a sites that have some credit for leaking stuff sure. If the thread or page is deleted then I get people seeing that and think it could be real, but 4chan not so much. Either way I’m not sure what this is suppose to be a pic of. a computer screen? CoroCoro? If it’s suppose to be CoroCoro then I say it’s indefinitely fake. It doesn’t look anything like the magazine and that alone is proof. If it’s suppose to be a computer screen then I have no idea what I’m looking at anyway……lol

    3. It’s fake. Some guy known as Timmy Turner keeps making extremely detailed fakes on 4chan. This is one of them. We could still get leaks early tomorrow morning, though.

    4. I’ve seen those starters somewhere before, they were totally fake… I just can’t seem to find them right now.

  4. Ughhhhhh Earthen demand Corocoro now
    For every 5 seconds I do not have Corocoro leaks I shall break one window

  5. In 4chan they’re saying there was a thread deleted and they don’t know why could these be real?

  6. I’m still hoping that somehow that leak of the water lizard, fire bear and grass ram are the starters…. I loved them, and they would be so cool! I’d pick a grass type for the first time ever as my starter, and the other version would have the fire bear… :::crosses fingers:::

    1. Part of me is hesitant on a grass ram since we just had gogoat. And while I know these aren’t starters, I do realize that Pokemon like tympole and poliwag are the same animal species and the same type (right) so I guess it could happen..

          1. I mean even though we have similar Pokemon I.E. Poliwag and Tympole whom are amphibious creatures of the same species the fact that they debuted in generations so far away lets them do so without feeling repetitive

          2. That’s exactly true. Although ideally they still would have given them a way different typing. Not only did we get repeat tadpoles and frogs, but I’m pretty sure they’re almost identical typings throughout the entire line. Gogoat and a ram starter this gen would be too close by your logic. 🙂

  7. every trying to tell me how fake this leak ,I am already know that in addition I don’t believe there will be a new starter in this game …..but I want share this to save this site from dying until corocoro.

    1. I just want info of any kind at this point
      But fingers crossed for Pyrox and Infernox

  8. I almost believed this but is a weird way for Corocoro to announce Pokemon Sun &Moon and they promised a lot of info about the games.

      1. Well is a image from a computer you can see that and they promised a lot of info and by now I don’t think there’s gonna be starters silhouette

  9. We need Real Coro Coro also we need more clues on Sun and Moon. so any word from coro yet?

    1. Nothing to report yet. It’s only 10AM in Japan right now, so we should give them another 6-7 hours before looking ahead to tomorrow.

      1. Hmm looks like the best way to wait until the real coro coro comes is to past the time doing something, Playing video games and watching someone else Playing video games is what i do to past the time. What you guys do to past the time?

        1. I usually just watch YouTube for hours on end and play some games in between. Over the past few days I completed Rhythm Heaven Fever and Donkey Kong Country Returns. It was really hard to do, because lately I’ve had zero motivation to do anything, including video games.

  10. I remember when CoroCoro leaked at around 8PM Pacific Time (around 12PM Japan time) for the Mega Rayquaza reveal. That was really cool, because I could witness people freaking out. I really hope that happens again…WAKE UP JAPAN!

        1. You have to realize that no one wants to talk to you because you yourself are a jerk.

          Even on the internet, you need to take criticism on your Fakemon with a grain of salt, you need to stop talking trash and encourage people you beat on Showdown, and you probably should be nice to people who are misinformed at best or wrong at worst instead of being snide or insulting to them.

          Maybe people will like you more if you were nicer. I sincerely hope you are better in real life than on the internet.

        2. y u look so pathetic now ?………this is the problem of the EGO u always look arrogant and proud of ur self and now u don’t like ur self y?……ur not a loser though .

          1. Fall is useful…it will crush the ego ……and if u mean ur still strong so don’t call ur self a loser…..maybe Malco’s post kinda harsh but it well said contemplate a little.

          2. Fall is not good, fall is only good when you know you can recover otherwise it’s just pain

          3. where’s the spirit of the warrior ?…..look at me I had been suffered my hall life ppl look at me like a freak ……actually they will respect u when u achieve something but they will not trust u before that and cuz of that I hate humanzz ….I will not give up until achieve every thing in my demonic skull.

            ppl said sorrow will rise ur wisdom ….from the bottom of my dark heart I tell … ur self in any cases is the key.

        1. I understand. I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I have legitimate anxiety issues. A chemical imbalance, if you will. Depression ties into that as well. I’m hoping to get some therapy and medication in the near future so I have a chance of doing something with my life. Other than that, CoroCoro is taking ages.

          1. My issue is I have not one iota scrap of a life or friends or decent luck
            That everything and everyone is my enemy, that everything is rooting for my downfall and every failure stacks up with nothing to get out of these slums, that I must horde what little victories I can muster but even those don’t last, half the time I want to hurt the world because I’m always being hurt but does anything change it just doesn’t so now I’m losing my mind in this hysterical delusional state

          2. At the risk of sounding like a stupid pamphlet or sounding like someone you’ve heard many times before tell you this, it does get better. It always does. Does that mean that it will always be getting better? No. There will be times when life is really, REALLY rough. And pushing through that makes the good stuff even better. PAMPHLET PART DONE. I have no idea how old you are, but when I was in middle school, I had barely any friends and suffered from pretty bad OCD. I eventually got a handle on it, but it resurfaced again in college. Now, through the use of therapy and my own growing up, I have come to terms with the fact that OCD will always be a part of me, and there’s no use trying to get rid of that “flaw.” But since it’s here for life, I have the rest of my time on earth to discover ways of combating it. And that can translate to what you’re going through in some ways. I hope that your pain becomes manageable, and that you learn ways to make it stay that way. I hope that you continue to find people who love you, and are constantly seeking that, because its the best way to spend your time since eventually, you will find someone, and preferably lots of someones. I know I’m new here (heck I don’t even have a picture next to my name) but I read what you were going through and I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been here for about a month or so and you’re energy and enthusiasm for pokemon has brightened my comment scrolling experience. Hang in there and keep hoping for a PYROX! 🙂

          3. Nope! But that’s funny that our names are so similar! Im new so the similarity is my mistake!

          4. No problem. It’s one of those things where saying that life will be perfect is more than likely a lie. Saying that life won’t be painful is naive. Thats why communities like pokejungle are important. We can hopefully keep each other afloat while the pain is in full swing.

          5. Depressed actually is a deep rest …..u shouldn’t care that much about the rest cuz it’s done for a reason.

  11. Wow the hype is big I wonder what’s the big change Sun and Moon are gonna have compare to the other games

    1. I think it will have much more impressive graphics. I also think it will have designs similar to those found in Gold and Silver, since Sugimori expressed how Game Freak wanted to go with simpler designs in 7th Gen.

    2. Not sure. Every game has brought something. Time passing, seasons, interesting landscapes, new battles, clothing options, and that’s what makes these game announcements so much fun. We have no idea what its gonna be. Its more than new pokemon, its more than a new evil team, its more than just building the franchise. I should be a spokesperson for Gamefreak.

  12. I swear If corocoro will not leak tomorrow I will draw it by myself I am stronger than waiting.

  13. Welp, I’m basically checking every 5 seconds on Serebii at this point. I can’t wait to see what sun and moon are going to be like!

  14. I dont think they will change the graphics for battle because, what´s better than the the battle graph we have so far? How can they improve it? As you know, in every new generation, they change the graph for battle and all the stuff.

    1. Well, one glaring problem with 6th generation was the unbelievable lag in battles. That can be fixed with a tweaked engine, I’m sure. They can also improve some animations and perhaps add more vibrant colors to models.

  15. I’m going to sleep. I better wake up to some leaks, and surprising ones at that. I’d accept anything new at this point.

  16. Well today is Monday hopefully corocoro will give us some new stuff, while we wait lets know the facts what do we know so far about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon?

  17. Isn’t it more likely to leak tommorow morning in Japan? Just someone who doesn’t want to check every millisecond…

  18. 12hrs or so roughly until the leaks I wouldnt expect too much before that.

    Cant wait to see the trailer screen shots again 😉 😉

  19. Also by the by my works release date for sun and moon is October 30th.

    Lets hope that stays true.

      1. Yeah chances are itll be then. That being said the release date for XandY was broken and were sold a day early. So anythings possible 😀

          1. I hope they reveal Mascot legendaries, Starters, The Region, Protagnists and Rivals. But thats probably asking for too much lol. You?

          2. I’d be happy with just starters 🙂 but I’d be partial to legendaries also 😉 haha 🙂

  20. Im really hoping to a hippo water starter that ends up as a bulky water/fighting in its final evo, with stats similar Emboar, but 100 def instead of 100 sp atk. Its a nice contrast from the lean design of greninja. Everyone seems to want a dolphin starter, which id love to see, just not as a starter.
    As I think about what the starters could be every gen I try to think of something opposite of what they did in the previous gen. Chesnaught v serperior, serperior v torterra, etc… They always seem to create starters that contrast what the previous ones were. Ultimately Im expecting a fast special attacker for grass, a physical fire starter, and bulky water starter

    1. I don’t want a dolphin starter either, water starters should be able to walk on land and if the dolphin could walk on land… Creepy…Plus, I see an awesome psychic water, or even psychic electric dolphin legendary like the Eon duo floating around putting up dual screens…

      A very bulky water starter would be cool, maybe high attack and special defense. But I’d also like a slender one, with high defense and special defense like meganium. I’m 100% not keen on any of the starters being part fighting dark or psychic, we had this last generation and I find it dull they’re always put together, even in Unova’s Elite 4… What about some more unusual second typings like Electric, dragon, fairy, ghost, normal. I’d like a physically offensive, speedy grass, a very defensive, slow fire type ( but with moves and a secondary typing to make it work) and a specially defensive water, with stats spread more unevenly ( empoleon has the most boring stats in the world).

      1. I’ve always wanted a Water/Psychic or Water/Dark dolphin but if it comes in the form of a starter I’ll probably be sad

    1. Welcome ! Its great when ppl join properly who have been here a while 🙂 Nice to meet you !

    2. Hello! We’re all anxiously awaiting leaks just as you probably are. Nice of you to join us!

  21. I’m so done..
    been trying my hardest to get a shiny Snorunt.. tried ever method already.. So now i decided to try the last thing i can do, friend saffaries..

    i found shinies..
    2 shiny beartic =.=

    1. Yay, complaing works 😀 found my snorunt.
      now the next thing to look forward to is the leak ^^

  22. I’m so very very very close to 100%ing Paper Mario 64
    I made all 50 recipes
    Collected all 160 Star pieces
    Hit the level cap of 27
    All that truly remains is the last badge on Bowser’s castle then all I need to do is the final confrontation
    Truly a worthy game

    Dare I try the next challenge of 100%ing Thousand year Door
    Or start a new quest

      1. the moon legend have awesome color and nice head design but the body …., sun legend have clearly Ra eye or houras

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