Stream Sunday: 4/10 [FINISHED]

Ready to have a fireside chat with pokejungle?! I’m going to make a great effort to be available each week at 8:00PM Japan Standard Time to do 30-60 minutes of game streaming while responding to questions and comments from viewers in the comments, social media or Twitch chat! WE’RE DONE! Thanks to those who came, I’m posting the video below for those who couldn’t join us. We’re planning on doing the same thing next week so put it on your calendars!

Watch live video from PokeJungle on

I’m putting this post up a bit early so we can get the word out. Not expecting a large attendance today since I only notified people via Twitter last night, but it will hopefully make for a nice “test run”.

Tonight’s game: random battles on Showdown!

<3 PJ

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