Pokémon Dash Mobile potentially leaked

A Twitter user posted photos of what appear to be an official TPCi (The Pokémon Company International) presentation in which Pokémon Dash Mobile was revealed. Account in question has now been made private, but seems to be someone with ties to their PR firm.

From the screenshots included in the slide it looks like the game could be an endless runner akin to Temple Run or similar games that have gained popularity on mobile devices.

More slides seem to be about other mobile games, including Pokémon Co-Masters coming to the West as Pokémon Board Master

Although it did seem that the account could be legit (cross-checked with LinkedIn) this is not confirmed.

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  1. This Pokemon news overflow isn’t healty! Way too much to handle!!!!!! Shoudl be fun, hope there are a lot of pokes to catch and run with.
    Going over to mobile devices is a smart move from the company. People can’t without those anymore.

    Also soooo hyped for Sunday and that Pokenchi thing. Finally Moon/Sun stuff. *_*

  2. It looks like the game is going to be similar to Temple Run and Sonic Dash. So, I’ll be passing up on the game. These games are all to similar and quite boring. Still, this game might only pull people’s interest due to it involving Pokemon. Anyways, the music from Pokemon GO and Sun & Moon news are still holding my interest.

  3. The fact that it’s no longer played on a resistive touch screen could make this game pretty good

  4. Why give us a spin-off like Dash when you can actually joy us with games like Ranger?!

      1. The last thing I would want is a good spin off like Ranger to be watered down into a shitty mobile game.

      1. I hate Sableye with the burning fury of a thousand salty volcanoes
        Prankster is beyond broken

          1. but nothing
            they made it extremely overpowered with prankster Wisp and Recover and Calm Mind

          2. Calm down. If you are so competitive (from what I’ve seen) and pretty good at battling, you should find a way around Prankster Pokemon. Instead of complaining, how about you sit down and think of the counters to this common Pokemon. Also, Gible WTW tomorrow (Nappy)

  5. Easy to fake, but this still looks pretty really. It makes a lot of sense to. It be an easy and addictive title for them to do, so I can see it happen.

  6. Off topic, but what if Magearna goes in the center of the sundial or the gyroscope-like structure in front of the sundial?

  7. Hi, will we be able to watch the stream this saturday here? Will pokemonjungle will post a link to warch the stream?

  8. in light of this crappy news, i have even bigger crappy news
    i just started Miiotomo and it’s already glitching out

      1. It still says that my Mii from Nintendo Network isn’t copyable, although I changed that setting this morning.

    1. Agreed. I recently downloaded it and I’m liking the app. I might get some of my friends in on it and see how it goes.

  9. Who here has done writing along a pokemon journey? I remember commenting on somebody post, but I can’t remember who :/

      1. If you were trying to create a plot, but without involving the evil team, how do you come up with a plot that’s more than just getting the badges?

        1. Well I just focus on main points and important events such as, Pokemon Captures, Notable Battles, and of course Evolution

        2. Like one entry is that I just made my way out of the Glittering Cave with a mysterious fossil, I took the fossil to the research lab and as the fossil emerged as an extremely ill tempered adolescent Tyrunt, This Tyrunt attacked everything that moved, it was so wild it evaded capture and broke out of the lab and started running amok,
          Me Quilladin, Bunnelby and Pancham try to subdue the young Pokemon but to no avail, after racking up a huge amount of destruction we corner it and net it.
          Finally still deciding how to keep this Royal Heir in check it responds with another tantrum
          Fed up with this behavior I did the one thing no one thought of… A clean slap across the face and a scolding
          With a look of tearing me apart to shreds quickly turned to teary eyed bawling
          Finally it calmed down and accepted me as it trainer

  10. Damn still nothing and idk what they’re going to show on pokenchi for sun and moon, the only good thing I can say is good is that tomorrow jirachi event comes to NA

  11. I done finally got Miitomo up and runnin’
    I wish they did an online friend thing since I don’t use Twitter

  12. Why are there no fake leaks? I was hoping for them, it’s one of the most fun parts of April Fools.

    On a more serious, and very unfortunate note, the official pokemon twitter has tweeted that the Pokenchi episode will feature the SM reveal trailer, so there is now a much larger possibility that that is all we’re getting. The tweet was posted on the 31st, so I don’t think it’s an April Fools joke, much as I’d like it to be.

    Source: https://twitter.com/Pokemon_cojp/status/715463655240781824

    1. It’s not April 1st in North America yet, just you wait. We like to go all out. I still don’t think this tweet is enough evidence to discredit new SM information, though. As far as I’m concerned, Masuda, Ohmori and Morimoto are all going to be there in person. That is a huge deal. It’s possible that whatever they have planned is being kept secret. I’m just going to keep believing that until 4PM on Saturday…

      1. That’s what I’m hoping, both in the case of April Fools and the Pokenchi footage. But the marketing has been very underwhelming ever since last July, so I don’t have much hopes anymore. What are you expecting the footage to show?

        1. Back before this tweet was posted, I was hoping to see a simple shot of gameplay (like the grassy field in XY’s promotional videos) to demonstrate the changes in appearance. At the same time, I hoped they would preview some random new Pokemon (likely the woodpecker from the Sun and Moon reveal trailer). I still think this is possible.

          1. That does sound likely, if we’re getting new footage. I think the worst they could do is to show in-battle footage of the Zygarde forms, Ash-Greninja (if it isn’t anime exclusive) and/or Magearna, again, if we are getting new footage.

  13. Miitomo is stupid. I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, and I can’t add people who have a Facebook or Twitter account without my own Facebook or Twitter account. I expect them to fix this down the line, because right now, I am just conversing with a hipster version of myself. 😛

    1. It’s fun. You learn a lot about other people. Now why you don’t have Twitter or Facebook like the rest of the world, I can’t help you there.

    2. I had to look up Miitomo but when I did I saw a baby version of a messaging app that stores answers to random questions and relays them to whoever’s on your friends list :/

    3. There is a QR code you can share though and people can add each other in person as well

  14. So can I ask about the festa 2016 thing that Masuda is going too and all the flowers???

    1. Well there is the extremely obvious Eternal Flowet Floette since Light of Ruin is not out (or just plain forgotten about) and the ultimate weapon which that albino dubs “The Poisonous Flower”
      But I fear that we’re getting glossed over for Sun and Moon since we have not one iota of info
      So yeah plenty of theory
      BUUUUUT we are officially in April which mean in 9-12 days from Corocoro which will finally shed some much anticipated light on this subject

      1. Or they’ll be anime events. I was expecting Floette to be a movie event.

  15. I just finished watching Season 1 of the Flash. I started watching it last week and let me tell you, it’s a really good show.

    Too bad Season 2 isn’t on Netflix (yet). I’ll have to watch on my laptop until I catch up to the episodes that are yet to air.

        1. It’s about 3.30am in Japan right now and iirc, plus it’ll be another few hours before the Pokemon show thing airs

          1. Another day. But that isn’t the point. From what people are saying it is just going to be the same nothing we already saw.

          2. 12 hours from this post. 12 hours is 9am Sunday in Japan, and we will all know if it’s only just another 10 second primals trailer. :p

  16. Have you guys gotten your Jirachi yet? Pretty cool of Pokemon to do this monthly Mythical Pokemon thing. I wish they distribute Hoopa via WiFi, though.. Still don’t have one T.T

    1. I tried going to McDonald’s to get it when they had it, but the people there were stupid and they had no idea what I was talking about. I clearly asked about downloading the event Pokémon into my 3ds and all they did was ask if I meant the toys in the happy meal. The same happened at the other 3 McDonald’s I went to.

      1. lol really? you just had to connect to their wifi and go to mystery gift i believe. but yeah i missed hoopa also lol

    2. I don’t like it
      The last thing i need is an over abundance of extremely broken Paraflichers

        1. Body Slam duhhhhhh it has a 60% Chance of Paralysis and then comes the Iron Head/Zen Headbutt which is a solid 60% Chance of flinching
          Combine that with a Mythical’s solid 100 stat distribution and its bulky and fast enough to let it survive a good hit and hax its way to victory

  17. I hope in sun and moon they put the battery life and clock like they did on black and white on the bottom screen

    1. YES! That feature was seriously helpful. X/Y sorta had the battery feature by warning you once your battery was low. Yet, this has to be implemented once again!

    2. Yeah, I missed that.

      Guess I’m not disciplined enough to just press the home button once in a while to check those infos. Pokemon is too engrossing sometimes. <3

  18. That moment we only get a glimpse of the starters, main legends, a few of the gym leaders, the region itself, one to two cities, and that’s it. Maybe a few random Pokemon but no evil team reveal, no plot points, just starters, legends, a few random things here and there. If Pokemon does go for the Star Wars marketing tactic, I just hope they do it effectively. I mean, with the internet and the ability to communicate instantaneously and disseminate information at light speed, it won’t be surprising if Pokemon wants to try and harness the prowess of a blind marketing ploy.

    1. As much as this would be super exciting, I’d rather them not go blind. I’d like to know a good amount of the new Pokemon so I can plan my team, since, during my first runthroughs, I like to use native/new Pokemon. Plus, sometimes, the lack of information just gets me peeved and not excited/hyped, especially if it’s for a game.
      While I would love for them not to reveal everything, I also don’t want them to reveal almost nothing, you know?

    2. I think it would be awesome if Nintendo, the Pokemon Company, and GameFreak created fake leaks similar to Star Wars to see what the fans want to see. That’s an intelligent method of gathering information! 😉

      1. Oh boy, and I thought April Fool’s was bad enough xD I wouldn’t trust anything, even if it was real

        1. If only that was real! Maul is my favorite character in Star Wars, too bad he was only in Episode 1. But I’m glad he came back in Clone Wars and Rebels.

          1. Yep, this April Fools by IGN made many people really angry. 😀

            But yes, at least Maul still exists. And “Fulcrum”.

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