Pokemon Sunday News: Yanappu + Vid

Yanappu 「ヤナップ」:

  • Grass Monkey Pokemon
  • Type: Grass
  • Ability: Gluttony
  • Height: ~2ft
  • Weight: 23.1lbs
  • New Move: Acrobat (Video shows it’s effect in triple battle is to attack a pokemon on the far side of it, not normally possible… also base power is doubled if pokemon isn’t holding item.  Flying type?)
  • ‘Ya’ in its name probably comes from ‘yasai’ (vegetable)
  • Aaaaaaand Kriffix is begging me to add in that it is probably Dento who gets Yanappu (because it was mentioned that an important character in the anime WILL get it)


<3 pokejungle

ps- Updated with vid from PLDH, better picture courtesy of mirai_iro.  Thanks Kriffix for your help translating!  I think Yanappu looks better skinny! :3

    1. No, this is Yanappu, the grass monkey that was revealed as a toy much earlier. Burokko is something totally different. (But people were assuming that grass-monkey was Burokko. However we can see now this is not the case.)

  1. Yanappu is a lot more slender compared to the figure. but it’s nice to see his real art for a change.
    They said we wouldn’t see any new Pokemon in the comments,HA!
    Well partially.

    1. Well seeing as how the figurines are somewhat stout it’s no surprise.
      Also I noticed its ability is gluttony -I wonder is it gonna get a fat evo?
      (Not necessarily, look at Linoone)

  2. Glad to finally see this guy revealed, but god it’s so ugly. The fat toy version was much better.

  3. I’m totally using him he is like a grass type inferape which is like one of my fav pokes what I don’t get is why wouldn’t pokesunday talk about revealing to make more hype about the episode

    1. Apparently, from the video, Acrobat lets the user attack the Pokemon on the opposite side of the field in a triple battle.

      ie: If it’s on the left it can attack the Pokemon on the right, and vice versa.

    1. Totally I guess the fake kinda sucked the fun out of this little guy for me. And Gluttony? How sad solar power would have been better.

      1. I dunno, equipping a berry and getting to eat it early with Gluttony then doubling the power of Acrobat (+berry effect, whatever one you were using) sounds pretty sweet.

        1. Never thought of that. But something tells me Gamefreak will treat it like poor Mawile and Roselia, giving it one good stat and crapping out on the other

  4. Cool

    Hope if it evolves it becomes grass/fighting idk why maybe because of how the toy looked

  5. Lol, now you can have a full monkey theme team!
    1. Mankey
    -Awesome! =D

    1. You’re including sloths and baboons? 8D
      In that case how about apes like Primeape and Infernape?

  6. Pokemon Sunday’s good for something!
    I like it. It looks much better than the toy version. It’d be cool if it evolved into some Grass gorilla or something.

  7. I actually really like its design. The color scheme of the toy was a little off but it seems to work for this little critter. Hoping for a cool evolution!

  8. Pokejungle, Sabonea Masukippa says its name comes from “Yana” meaning willow tree, not Yasai.

    So I’d guess the romanized name is Yanape.

    1. I strongly disagree xD

      “Yanagi” is willow. I’ve never in my life heard it be simply called as “yana”. Plus its a single kanji so the “gi” is not a form of “ki” if thats what he’s thinking.
      The “ya” from yasai has the meaning of vegetable/plantations growth just by itself. Awell as things like “Field” and “greenery”.

      1. My apologies, i think he actually did say “yanagi” not just “yana”. I was referinng to the “yana” that appears in the Pokemon’s name, which seems to be more accurate than yasai.

      2. I did say it could come from Yanagi.

        And sure “ya” by itself means all that, but the yellow dots and tail leaves remind me of a willow’s flowers and sapling leaves. What can I say?
        Just because 12 hours ago we all assumed it was called Brocco[lli] doesn’t mean it’s a vegetable Pokemon.
        (In saying that broccoli flowers are yellow too…)

        Not that it really matters that much anyway. ;P

        1. まぁ、確かにそんなに気にすることないよねw どっちもあり得るし



          1. ちゃす^^


        2. なるほど。確かにそんなんじゃグーグルは訳せるわけないやなw


          SPPfでブスって言われてんの!?ww ここじゃ結構人気があるのになwまぁ、人もフォルムもそれぞれってことにしようかw

          ブロッコは本当はRubix Cubeみたいなやつだったらやだなw 

          Peace out! 😀

          1. Electivire is more apelike than you guys give it credit for. =/ There’s no way you can just shoot that down and say “In no way does it have apelike features.” Because it does, in a way.

  9. Okay, I just realized something. If this thing gets Belly Drum or something, it’s going to WRECK with Salac + Acrobat. It’s gotta have good attack.

    But if Game Freak nerfs it, I’ll be very very sadfaec. Seriously, they would totally do something like that, but they shouldn’t, for the hell of it.

    1. English, MF, do you speak it?

      But just for the hell of it:
      “It is necessary pokemon but pretty i like a lot, alfin pokemon sunday reveals somewhat new”

      1. easy, easy dude, im a spanish speaker too, he just gived its opionion and didint thinked in write it in english.

        he sayd: “wath a cute pokemon, i like it a lot. finnaly pokemon sunday revealed something new XD”

    2. Jejejeje pues hablo en español porque es mi idioma natal, pero detodos modos prefiero las paginas de pokemon en ingles porque traen mas informacion que en español 😎
      -Since I speak in Spanish because it is my natal language, but everything manners I prefer the pages of pokemon in English because they bring more information that in Spanish

  10. Hey guys… don’t you think the song we hear at the end of the vid could be the opening for best wishes? Moreover, it sounds like a song from AAA, and since AAA members came for pokemon searcher BW, it could be that.

  11. yay green Aipom!! took a while for them to show this critter…maybe the “nap” in Yanappu is napa cabbage hehehe

  12. Grass monkey finally! I think if dento gets tsutaja then ash would get yanappu… Just cuz of his little thing for monkeys

  13. finally this thing was confirmed. ==’
    that took how many months? xD

    but it does look better than the to and the fake art we saw. :DD

  14. I am pretty convinced that Dento will get Yanappu, because they have the SAME HAIRSTYLE!!

    1. No Yanappu has a monkey fro. MONKEY FRO! YEAH Dentou has a Dento cowlick. DENTO COWLICK! YEAH

  15. this thing better evolve.. if it does im guessing its a grass/fighting! better than brelloom
    I’m so having him on my team ^-^

  16. I hope Drifblim gets Acrobat too. Though, it also should get Gale (or whatever ぼうふう gets translated as).

  17. I think Dent will own a Tsutaaja and a Shikijika that are more GLBT! hahaha!

    I think Ash will own a Mijumaru, a Mamepato and a Yanappu.

    I also think Iris will own a Pokabu.

    1. As I wrote on my 3rd comment on this page, I agree about Ash having a Yanuppu (even thought I would not like it) for sure he is going to have a Mamapato coz he had all the other basic flying pokemon from the other regions (Pidgey,Hoothoot,Tailow and Starly) so it wouldn’t be surprising for him to have Mamapato.
      P.S I dont think Dento will have Shikikija…

  18. You people know it’s not supposed to be broccoli on his head, right? It’s a tree. (or am I wrong?)

    1. MA it is a peice of broccoli on his head. Check the info it said ‘Ya’ in its name probably comes from ‘yasai’ (vegetable). I really like the idea for a move like Acrobat for triple battles!

      1. Unless “yana” comes from “Yanagi” which means willow – which has small yellow flowers, like the dots on it’s head. It could be a small sapling of a willow tree on its head.

        1. I hope it comes from yanagi. The willow concept is much more interesting than the broccoli idea!

  19. While we’re on the topic of who owns what in the anime, I just noticed something interesting…
    We already knew that Mijumaru was participating in the Dento gym battle but it seems Pokabu will be as well if you noticed the background (the same gym walls). I don’t really know what to make of it (ash owns both mijumaru and pokabu, ash and iris take turns, dento owns pokabu etc) but I thought it was worth noting. I’m sure some people picked this up but this might be discussion worthy.

    1. True Penguin! However I really would like it if Ash had a Tsutaaja (or Pokabu Mijumaru looks a bit too Dawnish)
      Thnx for the images!
      P.S-Why do u call urself Penguin?

          1. see how stupid that question was? xD
            that’s like who you asked penguin why his name was penguin. xDDDD

  20. What! Didn’t they already make a fake Yanappu (It was called Boroccoli by the way, click on fake pokemon its there). Anyway that was boring this one is cool! And I agree with Vanrochris about Ash having a Yanappu (or any anime character)

    1. If Ash got Yanappu that would be ape overkill for me, nope it’s gotta be Dento who gets Yanappu, Jessie or James that gets Koromori then again it might be another trainer’s or a wild one Ash is trying to catch.
      Ash MUST get Tsutaja, Dento can have Pokabu (uncharacteristic but eh), and Iris will get Mijumaru. If Ash has Pokabu there goes Ash getting Darumakka which would suck!

      1. Darumakka is going to be hihidaruma who is also an ape.
        So that it would be an ape overkill is bulshit.
        I think Dento is a gras gymleader so he gets tsutarja.
        mijumaru for ash and pokabu for shooti.

        1. Excuse me, Darumakka and Hihidaruma are not apes they are Darumas which are dolls- Dharma dolls, hollow, round, Japanese dolls modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism.

        2. Ok he does have baboon in his name which is an monkey so yeah he would have another ape HOWEVER for Ash to get a Darumakka would be PERFECT, as he never gives up (The daruma is made for goals) as is the legend of the Daruma and furthermore “Hidaruma” means body covered in flames. These portmanteaus the designers create often are so dang genius. Now the whole reason Hihidaruma is a fire type is because of the burning of the daruma which is a custom placed the day after New Years. Which is which is why “Hidaruma” is so symbolic, they burn daruma as a sign of gratitude. So in a sense he’s more daruma than ape. The strange thing is to be accurate to the legend of the Daruma we’d need to encounter 5 colors in total- Red, Purple, White, Yellow, and Gold. Red is the standard for luck, Purple for health, Yellow for protection, gold for wealth, and white for love. All 5 could be translated into a Pokemon Ability-
          Red- Encourage
          Purple- (HP restore)
          Yellow- Battle Armor
          Gold- (Money doubler)

          1. I knew about the dolls and the burning but the rest? Thnx for the facts!
            P.S- I dont think Hihidaruma or Darumaka will come in different colours or have different abilities I think its gonna be just red with just Encourage

          2. i don’t think that would happen…maybe hold items but anything besides that is a bit much.

            plus a purple hihidaruma..yuck. 😛

        1. i think it’s been semi-confirmed that he’ll get mijumaru, tsutaaja will go to dento and iris will get pokabu.

    2. The fake Yanappu was based on a figurine that leaked, so it was never a fake Pokemon, just a fake design trying to be passed off as official.

        1. Status and stats aren’t the same thing, so some people wouldn’t know what you’re talking about. 😛 It’s fine, though.

          I’m hoping Yanap’s stats are passable. It’s super cute!

          1. yeah, i think that all final evolutions should be able to keep up with eachother if they know the correct attacks and such. Its nonsense that about 5-10 pokemon topple all 500+ of the others. Also, type changes. Some pokemon (Luxray) are missing a typing that they seriously deserve/need.

  21. This is really making me think that Dento will be a grass type trainer…..and he’ll have pokemon that are somewhat based on vegetables or edible plants….

    This guy has turned out much skinnier than first thought…..I think I like him.

  22. First comment of mine on this site 😛
    Awesome site, by the way. My favorite site for pokemon news!
    Anyhoo, I wonder if the toy was a beta design for this guy? Cuz he sure does look wildly different. :/
    Different tree on the head, different eyes, Different coloring on the ears, and of course, very different body shape. :U

    1. The different body shape could be just the medium used – a lot of the figurines are sort of SD-type.

    2. well it was a little toy, i mean it’s hard tpo get the skinny-ness the same in a pudgy little toy also if you look back at the kibago toy it’s pretty much the same as yanappu, it looks slightly different.
      but it is the same pokemon. 😀

  23. Wait… Wouldn’t this prove the Onokusu theory wrong? I remember a theory on two pokemon soon gonna be revealed named ‘Burokku and Onokusu’ maybe there’s a Butokku too?

    1. i’m kinda hoping it doesn’t evolve ’cause i’m afraid it’ll lose it’s cuteness. DX
      ‘but it sems that it probably will. :/
      oh well i’ll stil like it. xD

  24. wowww broccomonk is freaking me out. it’s a monkey. and a broccoli. Part of a nutritious breakfast!!! XD though lunch is better for broccoli. and monkeys. eww.

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