[UPD1] Pokémon GO beta out, new details revealed

imageThe Android version of Pokémon GO is out in the wild and, while it requires an exclusive invite to play, has already revealed some interesting details through its files. Sleuths over at 4chan’s /vp/ board have been combing over the contents of the APK and have made some discoveries. The following are unconfirmed and may not be in the final release version:

  • Players can send and receive eggs. The code indicates that people will be able to somehow exchange eggs with friends. Hatching specifics are yet to be confirmed.
  • The three gym teams are Red, Blue and Yellow. Remember when we guessed that GO stood for “Generation One“? When beginning the game players must choose to align themselves with a team to capture gyms for and those seem to be the same as the original three Pokémon games.
  • The game features ads. Or it seems as such from the code they’ve included 🙁
  • Attacks have timers. Bars will recharge for attacks and it seems this is where the game becomes “freemium”; in-app purchases with undoubtedly let players skip waiting.
  • Trainers feature customization. In addition to catching Pokémon, it seems you’ll also be able to customize your appearance within the game.
  • “Pokéforts”. Ruby & Sapphire introduced secret bases and it seems GO may have a similar feature. We don’t know what exactly it is, but it could be akin to a base.
  • Starting items: 20 Pokéballs. Hopefully more won’t cost real money
  • Max of 500 Pokémon. Looks like we won’t be catching them all, at least not right away. This is a beta so the number could obviously increase for the actual release.

Although people have been threatened with removal for revealing information, some anonymous users have already posted new screenshots of the customization (which can be seen below). Another has already posted a YouTube video of account creation.

We’ll update as more info comes in!


Inidividuals with access to the .apk file for Android devices have started to data mine the game and uncover as much information as possible. New updates and details have been posted below.

  • There are 151 Pokémon in the game. All of them are from Generation One (#001 Bulbasaur – #151 Mew)
  • 232 moves present in the game. 95 of these are quick moves
  • Dodge function is present, possibly meaning moves are not 100% accurate
  • Achievements are awarded in the form of badges. Achievements can range from walking a certain distance, to visiting interesting Pokéstops
  • 7 natures are present in the game: Stoic, Guardian, Assassin, Raider, Protector, Sentry, and Champion
  • Evolution shards are collected from Wild Pokémon and can be used to obtain Evolution stones to evolve Pokémon
  • Ball, Medicine, Food and Gem packages are available in four tiers as in app purchases
  • PokéBall, Food, Medicine, Boost, Utilities and Camera are the six item categories
  • In-app messaging appears to be a function with screens referencing it

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