[UPD1] Pokémon GO beta out, new details revealed

imageThe Android version of Pokémon GO is out in the wild and, while it requires an exclusive invite to play, has already revealed some interesting details through its files. Sleuths over at 4chan’s /vp/ board have been combing over the contents of the APK and have made some discoveries. The following are unconfirmed and may not be in the final release version:

  • Players can send and receive eggs. The code indicates that people will be able to somehow exchange eggs with friends. Hatching specifics are yet to be confirmed.
  • The three gym teams are Red, Blue and Yellow. Remember when we guessed that GO stood for “Generation One“? When beginning the game players must choose to align themselves with a team to capture gyms for and those seem to be the same as the original three Pokémon games.
  • The game features ads. Or it seems as such from the code they’ve included 🙁
  • Attacks have timers. Bars will recharge for attacks and it seems this is where the game becomes “freemium”; in-app purchases with undoubtedly let players skip waiting.
  • Trainers feature customization. In addition to catching Pokémon, it seems you’ll also be able to customize your appearance within the game.
  • “Pokéforts”. Ruby & Sapphire introduced secret bases and it seems GO may have a similar feature. We don’t know what exactly it is, but it could be akin to a base.
  • Starting items: 20 Pokéballs. Hopefully more won’t cost real money
  • Max of 500 Pokémon. Looks like we won’t be catching them all, at least not right away. This is a beta so the number could obviously increase for the actual release.

Although people have been threatened with removal for revealing information, some anonymous users have already posted new screenshots of the customization (which can be seen below). Another has already posted a YouTube video of account creation.

We’ll update as more info comes in!


Inidividuals with access to the .apk file for Android devices have started to data mine the game and uncover as much information as possible. New updates and details have been posted below.

  • There are 151 Pokémon in the game. All of them are from Generation One (#001 Bulbasaur – #151 Mew)
  • 232 moves present in the game. 95 of these are quick moves
  • Dodge function is present, possibly meaning moves are not 100% accurate
  • Achievements are awarded in the form of badges. Achievements can range from walking a certain distance, to visiting interesting Pokéstops
  • 7 natures are present in the game: Stoic, Guardian, Assassin, Raider, Protector, Sentry, and Champion
  • Evolution shards are collected from Wild Pokémon and can be used to obtain Evolution stones to evolve Pokémon
  • Ball, Medicine, Food and Gem packages are available in four tiers as in app purchases
  • PokéBall, Food, Medicine, Boost, Utilities and Camera are the six item categories
  • In-app messaging appears to be a function with screens referencing it

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  1. Well. I still don’t think GO stands for Generation One, but maybe they will add more gym teams. Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black, White, X and Y.

    I agree, that would be a lot of teams, but it’s just a theory.

  2. Hmmmm I really would like to give the game a shot myself before I judge it for anything. I know a lot of people are getting disappointed right from the get go, but lets be real. Did anyone really expect this game to be like real life Pokemon? The teaser trailer was misleading for sure, but I think people getting upset that it isn’t like the main series game, but in AR are getting a little ridiculous. If you want a full story that’s comprehensive (to some degree anyway lol) then play a main series game or one of the spin offs. I never really expected this game to have a story or anything like that. Form what I’ve always thought, it was a location based games where you can catch Pokemon in specific areas and maybe have a battle or two along the way. Again the trailer promised a bit too, but I think fans built it up to be way more than it was ever going to be. Don’t let your expectation ruin what could be a decent game in it’s own right. Only time will tell if the game really will stand on it’s own I guess.

  3. I’m willing to try out this game and see how it is myself. I seriously just hope that pay walls don’t become an issue. Pokemon Shuffle and Yo-Kai Watch: Wibble Wobble demonstrated how to allow players to progress without paying a single dime. I’m already concerned with waiting for attacks to occur, it sounds utterly ridiculous. Also, if PokeBalls have to be paid for… Pokemon GO would have lost me.

    Anyways, on the topic of Sun & Moon, I really cannot wait for this weekend. Some gameplay needs to be shown already! I really do wonder if the game will be using a similar engine as Pokemon X/Y or creating a completely new one. Also, I hope we get a glimpse of the music, battles, and some neat locations. Let’s hope that this game tops B/W on my most hyped list.

    1. I would be extremely surprised if they showed the first footage from a NEW GENERATION *cough cough* without also premiering some brand-new Pokemon! The hype is BUILDING!

      1. Bruh! The utter truth! I remember watching gameplay of other games such as Shin Megami Tensei IV Final and Etrain Odyssey V and the Japs will never shut up. They’re going to constantly be excited, surprised, and yelling.

    2. I honestly can’t see them building a new engine lol. Probably just better polished with new features.

  4. I just read some more info and so far 138 attacks have been discovered (flamethrower, hydro pump, hyper beam) and items like revive, hyper potion, berries were also found.

    In addition to this, natures are also gonna be in the game but they are not the standard natures. An example is the Stoic nature.

    I don’t know about you but this brings me hope^

  5. Lemme ask again because some people >.> failed to answer.
    Is GO gonna be a worldwide game?

    1. It’s a game that challenges you to get out and explore, but I’m not sure they’ve announced a full market availability yet.

  6. If theres really no battling or training i might not play this at all – I just don’t see any reason to

        1. Not too much longer. I’ve seen people say they think we’ll get the footage sooner than Pokenchi which means we could even get it tomorrow. Even if we don’t get it earlier it’s not too many days away from Saturday anyway lol HOLD OUT A LITTLE LONGER!!!! LOL

  7. I want to try this game but it’s cause I like to be outside with my kids and now I have an excuse to teach them about Pokemon without my girlfriend saying they’re too young for video games

  8. Not gonna lie with all those features and extra little things I hope people start looking at GO for what it is and not for what they wanted it to be. I’m actually getting excited to play around with it myself. I think it would be a fun little thing to have for when I go on vacation or even when I travel around my own area. I hope they start rolling out tests in other countries soon.

  9. “They won’t have in app purchases. Niantic didn’t have it in the last game.” ? Just listen to defensive. It’s a free to play mobile game. What are those usually for? Money from in app purchases.

    1. I never expected this to be completely free of in app purchases. It’s just a thing that mobile games do. You don’t have to buy anything the option is just their if you don’t feel like waiting a small amount of time. I’m sure these games will have it, but I’m also sure (and hoping) that the purchases won’t be too in your face.

      1. They probably will be all up in your face. I’m expecting watching ads to earn PokèBall or something.

    1. “probably fake”

      I don’t know what’s so probably, it’s the fakest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

      1. Because you never know, granted I don’t believe and still believe that if anything is real it’s the grass owl, rabbit, and dolphin from 2ch.

        1. The thing about this fake leak is that simply visiting Serebii can prove whether it’s true or not. 😛

          1. True, the story at least makes sense. But is super unlikely. Whenever Joe does accidentally upload leaks, he doesn’t do it in full scale. Especially now after Nintendo C and D’s him during B and W for leaks. He did accidentally upload info on the diancie, volcanion, and hoopa though, but got rid of them when mass amounts of people saw it.

    2. smh. These fakers are getting more terrible as the times pass. What happened to good fakes from people like IAMTHELEAKER. I’m going to pass this off as fake.

      1. Yes, I showed it to Joe on twitter actually. He laughed at how much was wrong with it… I found that interesting. Yes it’s got a lot of errors, but I wonder if he already has actual real info on sun and moon sent to him….

        It’s likely as he gets a lot of sources but won’t comment on them.

    1. Actually a lot of people interested in this game are people who played gen 1 but never played the others and got excited over the trailer. More people playing a game is good

      1. Yeah but I mean it’d be nice if they included some other ones too from the get go. I guess they’ll be added in time.

    2. I’m still holding out on account of this being the beta version, but yeah, I will be so disappointed it it’s that way in the full release, which I suspect.

    3. It’s not “pandering to genwunners”, it’s “hey, let’s make a smaller game so we can get it out faster”. They’ve already said they will continue working on the rest of the gen and release them in a future (free) update.

    4. Still beta, so I could imagine using just gen 1 pokemon was to see how things go. It makes sense, from a business pov.

  10. So I’m still working on Fakemon
    Today is Alegio, Aligladius, and finally Gladigator
    A tiny Aqua blue Aligator hatchling with thick leathery skin and a magnificent head crest resembling a Trojan helmet.

    Next it gets longer and bigger, but I’m debating whether to keep it on all fours or make it bipedal, it grows steel hard spines and claws and at the very tip of its tail sprouts a razor sharp barb that it uses as a weapon and it trains day and night with to defend itself

    Finally standing on two feet this reptilian solider grows more barbs resembling armor, with its long bladed tail it combines speed and strength to be a vicious predator, it’s mighty crest extends outward and the longer it fans out the more fights it partook in

  11. I want a Platypus pokeman.
    Imagine a Water/Normal Platypus that splits into a Water/Normal (Female) and Water/Poison (Male) upon evolution. Could be pretty kewl.

    1. I’ll double you on that. Male Platypus do have those stingers they picked up somewhere down the evolutionary chain. That would make for an amazing evolution!

  12. I heard you have to walk a distance to hatch eggs. Imagine hatching Eevees of 10k steps o_O


  13. looks like its gonna be another nintendo money grabbing scheme like pokemon shuffle…bet we have to buy balls with real money

  14. Only Gen1 Pokemon? Nooooo that’s so sad. 🙁 Are we sure this isn’t just for the beta?

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