Crazy Theory Thursday: Pokémon “GO” = “Generation One”?!

The PokéJungle staff and I were talking and… hear me out… what if GO stand for Generation One? It almost makes sense, we’ve really only seen Pokémon in the upcoming app’s media from the original Red and Blue versions. It looked like it was just marketing aimed at our nostalgia, but could there have been a secret meaning hidden in the game’s title all along? Even the Super Bowl ad doesn’t seem to feature any additional generation’s creatures (oops, except for Lucario!).

Hopefully this wouldn’t mean that the only Pokémon available will forever be limited to the first 151; generations two through six would make great DLC packs ($$$). Would you be disappointed if F2P players were only able to catch, train and trade from the first two games? Do you think that it is even a possibility that we’d have to pay to unlock additional generations as the game expands?

Very curious to read your comments.

<3 PJ

  1. I don’t think the name “GO” has anything to do with Generation One, personally. I feel like that’s just a coincidence. There is reason to believe, however, that the game will start out with only Gen 1 Pokemon, due to the anniversary being this year and the promotional videos and such. I do think that this game will serve as a platform for the company in the foreseeable future: perhaps even a decade down the line, we’ll still be thinking about it. Maybe they’ll gradually release the other 5 Generations, either paid or for free, up until Gen 7 in late 2017 or late 2018 and then overhaul the game with the brand new Pokemon. There are so many options here, and I’m excited to see what happens!

  2. Nah. I think “GO” is used in the context of “Stop being a lazy ass hoe playing videogames all day wasting your life away and GO do something outside” to which I respond to by taking my phone and catch Pokemon outside.

    Quote generously provided by my mother.

  3. I don’t think “GO” stands for Generation One, but it could be the Generation 1 of the Pokémon Go series.

  4. It this were the case, the next game would have to be Pokemon GT, then GT 2, then GF, then GF 2, then GS, then GS 2

  5. I don’t think GO stands for Generation One, but it could only include generation one Pokemon, GO is more like “Go outside and catch some Pokemon”.

  6. I don’t think go stands for generation one, but I do think that dlc/in app per chases will be available for unavailable Pokemon.

  7. Well if we do have to pay for other gens then whatever. I’ll stick with my one gen if that’s what actually happens because all I know is that I’m not paying for sh*t.

  8. I’m quite sure “GO” means to go outside and stop being a bum indoors to be blatantly blunt. I think there just going to start with the first generation and add the others through updates and DLC. I doubt Nintendo and Pokemon Company would force anyone to pay for more Pokemon. The app would not do so hot at all!

    In other news, there is a new Red figures. I guess Ken redrew his artwork for it based on the style. When I looked at it, it thought it was a new re-remake of the Kanto games. Maybe it’s because my eyes seriously wants to see the new Pokemon games at this point!

    1. It does seem odd to me that Sugimori would make this art look so much like the ORAS and X/Y style if it wasn’t going to be reflected in a new game. This could lend some credence to the Kanto + Kalos game idea I’ve had a while back. It would give relevance to why X/Y had such a strong emphasis on first generation Pokemon.

      1. this is it for now. This pic was meant to b a hint for a figure that’ll b shown off in the coming weeks. I imagine the full pic will just depict the pose the figure will b in.

  9. We’re getting a Nintendo Direct within the next two weeks, I can feel it. Nintendo is holding their Investors Meeting on February 2nd, so we’ll probably be getting information from that as well. They’ll probably want to announce new things around that time as well, so next Thursday would be a good date.

    1. We certainly have enough content for a direct. Pokken, FE Fates, Detective Pikachu, ect. They better reveal Danny Devito is doing Detective Pikachu’s voice though.

  10. It’s weird. Pokemon Z has got to be the most intriguing game yet, even more so than new generation games. It’s like we know so much about it, yet we know so little. We don’t even know where the games will take place, we don’t even know if it will be called Z or not.

    1. We know much more about it than we should without a game tied to the information. The Zygarde we used to know is now only 50% of its full potential, with two individual cores, a 10% form and Complete Form now lying dormant. We also have “Ash-Greninja”, likely an anime-exclusive that represents a mechanic to be included in Pokemon Z. We have Volcanion, which may or may not be distributed alongside the launch of Pokemon Z.

      And then there’s the future. The next CoroCoro will have some world-changing information for the movie, which could range anywhere from Eternal Floette, a new Volcanion form, 7th Generation Pokemon, or anywhere in between. It’s definitely happening, we just have to wait for Game Freak to give in.

      1. While I am intrigued by the world changing news that next CoroCoro promises I also hope people are careful not to get hopes up. I’m not saying it’s not going to be something cool and crazy bc hopefully they wouldn’t say it was world changing if it wasn’t actually. All I’m saying is that I feel like a lot of people tend to omit the part that it is in fact news for the movie and while it may have info that will lead to the next games it could also just be another bread crumb that could very well piss a lot of people off. If people explicitly expect news that will directly involve the next game and that alone, then things could get messy lol Either way I really hope the news is something that we can really sink our teeth into. I’m sick of all the speculation built on nothing. All it’s led to is arguing about ambiguous info.

    2. The only thing that is clinging me to the new Pokemon games is Zygarde’s New Formes, Volcanion, and the Battle Frontier. Another thing that’s keeping me to it, is the potential for a new forme for Volcanion. Hoopa had an item, Diancie had a Mega Stone, so I’m guessing Primal Reversion or the Strange Souvenir for Volcanion. Lastly, I believe that Z will endever more into AZ and his motives… yet that’s a bit obvious!

  11. I seriously want a new Pokemon Game that takes place during the Kalos War. I feel like there is so much potential in that topic. They could make a game in a similar style of Fire Emblem and Pokemon Conquest. (Basically Pokemon x Fire Emblem… or Pokemon Conquest…). Image travelling through Kalos battling with the two different sides of the army. I would love to see what story they would come up with.

    A tactical RPG or an Action RPG would make the game shine. I think Intelligent System (the makers of Fire Emblem and Paper Mario) should handle it. The pairing mechanic from Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates should make a return. Basically, a Trainer and Pokemon could pair up for boosted stats. That would just make the perfect game! 😀


    On that topic, what do you guys think about the $30 Bayonetta 2 re-release on Feb. 19? I’m seriously considering it because I’ve wanted to play the game for a while now. The only thing that makes the decision difficult for me is the lack of the original Bayonetta. I guess it’s not that big of a deal, because I can get that one on PS3. I’m in need of some convincing here!

    1. Yasss! I could finally get Corrin and Bayonetta! I’m going to make Corrin my main. I already own Bayonetta 2. It’s a pretty and extremely fun game, I’d recommend it!

        1. It has costumes of some of the Nintendo, such as Peach, Daisy, Link, and Samus. The Star Fox costume is exclusive to Bayonetta 2, it even has an Arwing Mini-Game in there!

          It used some of the beta elements of Star Fox Zero, while they were making the game (Platinum Games is developing Star Fox Zero with Nintendo). It was a test to see how the fans would like Star Fox Zero’s controls… sorry for the nerdgasm. lol.

          1. Crap. I was hoping it wouldn’t have special content. That would have made my decision a lot easier.

        1. I am surprised Corn even won, I would have thought Bayonaise to win, but they both look like really big threats. But I might pick up one of them. Although nobody can replace my Lucas

    1. HOLY COW!!!! Chandelure is adorable in this game!!!! hahaha I look forward to playing as it as well!

  13. Some of Chandelure’s move include
    That beam attack maybe psybeam
    Hanging by a spectral chain
    Dodging attacks by shrinking down with minimize
    Flame Burst with a mortar like arch
    I think a Will-o-wisp shield
    And various arm whips and ghostly fire attacks

  14. So seeing as tomorrow is February 1st, how early in the month do we expect to start seeing the next batch of anniversary information? Also does anyone think the movie news will have anything to do with it or will it just be something in general for the movie? I suppose if the news from CoroCoro IS anything substantial I guess the next time we hear anything about the anniversary will likely be around the 15th. I personally would like them to do stuff all month rather than just a week and a half.

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