Crazy Theory Thursday: Pokémon “GO” = “Generation One”?!

The PokéJungle staff and I were talking and… hear me out… what if GO stand for Generation One? It almost makes sense, we’ve really only seen Pokémon in the upcoming app’s media from the original Red and Blue versions. It looked like it was just marketing aimed at our nostalgia, but could there have been a secret meaning hidden in the game’s title all along? Even the Super Bowl ad doesn’t seem to feature any additional generation’s creatures (oops, except for Lucario!).

Hopefully this wouldn’t mean that the only Pokémon available will forever be limited to the first 151; generations two through six would make great DLC packs ($$$). Would you be disappointed if F2P players were only able to catch, train and trade from the first two games? Do you think that it is even a possibility that we’d have to pay to unlock additional generations as the game expands?

Very curious to read your comments.

<3 PJ