Sun & Moon Speculation: Part II — The Region

NOTE: This article is based on facts and information currently available, as such it should be treated as purely speculation.

Each Pokémon game brings with it a new and exciting location to explore. The regions often set the tones for what we find inside; Hoenn for example set the tone for the exotic and diverse Pokémon that would be found within it by showing players a wide range of locales, from soot-strewn volcanoes to a forest canopy city. In Black & White Unova showed us that GameFreak was willing to take inspiration from other countries and Kalos continued that tradition in X & Y.

That leaves us with Pokémon Sun & Moon, the “new” generation of games coming this year. Where they will take place has not been announced, but we can put together some clues.

The new region is tropical…

sm-glass-ceilingIn the initial reveal trailer a few design scenes were shown which gave us various hints about where the game may take place. Many pointed to a distinctly tropical location. The design for what seem to be villa houses have class ceilings (right). The Japanese on it says “glass here too”. Why have a translucent ceiling if not to enjoy some nice sunny weather? It wouldn’t be quite so nice if you were expecting to get lots of rain or snow.

Another building, which seems to be a resort, is decorated with numerous Water-type Pokémon and a prominent fountain in front of it. Also present is lots of lush vegetation you’d expect to see in a warm, humid climate.


…and may be an island…

Na_Pali_Coast,_Kauai,_HawaiiTropical climates conjure up images of exotic islands and it just might be where Pokémon Sun & Moon are set. Evidence is slim on this one and hinges mostly upon the tropical hints listed above, but there has yet to be a Pokémon game set exclusively on islands such as those seen in the anime with the Orange Islands. It could provide a much needed visual change to the series which usually populates the regions which cities connected by roads, caves and forests.

But please… if we do get an island game… let’s not make the water paths unbearable with too many random encounters, ok?

…which is connected to Kalos?

Unlike almost all other Pokémon regions, Kalos does not feature any human inhabited islands. This lends itself to a prime setup for additional islands being introduced into an existing region, such as the Sevii Islands and Kanto (FireRed & LeafGreen), and Humilau City in Unova (Black 2 & White 2). Pokémon Sun & Moon have not been confirmed to take place in an entirely new region, although we definitely know that it will, at the very least, feature new locations.


The Pokédex for Kalos is broken up into three categories: Central, Coastal and Mountain. What if there is a third “Oceanic” category in the next game? It seems plausible and would tie in with the existing differentiation between areas in X&Y’s region.

That’s all we’ve got for today’s speculation, but tell us what your thoughts are about where Sun & Moon might take place! Either way, we’ll find out within the next couple of months!

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