Sun & Moon Speculation: Part II — The Region

NOTE: This article is based on facts and information currently available, as such it should be treated as purely speculation.

Each Pokémon game brings with it a new and exciting location to explore. The regions often set the tones for what we find inside; Hoenn for example set the tone for the exotic and diverse Pokémon that would be found within it by showing players a wide range of locales, from soot-strewn volcanoes to a forest canopy city. In Black & White Unova showed us that GameFreak was willing to take inspiration from other countries and Kalos continued that tradition in X & Y.

That leaves us with Pokémon Sun & Moon, the “new” generation of games coming this year. Where they will take place has not been announced, but we can put together some clues.

The new region is tropical…

sm-glass-ceilingIn the initial reveal trailer a few design scenes were shown which gave us various hints about where the game may take place. Many pointed to a distinctly tropical location. The design for what seem to be villa houses have class ceilings (right). The Japanese on it says “glass here too”. Why have a translucent ceiling if not to enjoy some nice sunny weather? It wouldn’t be quite so nice if you were expecting to get lots of rain or snow.

Another building, which seems to be a resort, is decorated with numerous Water-type Pokémon and a prominent fountain in front of it. Also present is lots of lush vegetation you’d expect to see in a warm, humid climate.


…and may be an island…

Na_Pali_Coast,_Kauai,_HawaiiTropical climates conjure up images of exotic islands and it just might be where Pokémon Sun & Moon are set. Evidence is slim on this one and hinges mostly upon the tropical hints listed above, but there has yet to be a Pokémon game set exclusively on islands such as those seen in the anime with the Orange Islands. It could provide a much needed visual change to the series which usually populates the regions which cities connected by roads, caves and forests.

But please… if we do get an island game… let’s not make the water paths unbearable with too many random encounters, ok?

…which is connected to Kalos?

Unlike almost all other Pokémon regions, Kalos does not feature any human inhabited islands. This lends itself to a prime setup for additional islands being introduced into an existing region, such as the Sevii Islands and Kanto (FireRed & LeafGreen), and Humilau City in Unova (Black 2 & White 2). Pokémon Sun & Moon have not been confirmed to take place in an entirely new region, although we definitely know that it will, at the very least, feature new locations.


The Pokédex for Kalos is broken up into three categories: Central, Coastal and Mountain. What if there is a third “Oceanic” category in the next game? It seems plausible and would tie in with the existing differentiation between areas in X&Y’s region.

That’s all we’ve got for today’s speculation, but tell us what your thoughts are about where Sun & Moon might take place! Either way, we’ll find out within the next couple of months!

<3 PJ

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      1. Poor PJ. Screens aren’t good for your eyes. You should switch to paper and rethink PJ Mag.

      1. I actually disagree wholeheartedly. I personally thought Kalos was a poorly thought out, incredibly boring region. It was too linear and I’d hate to have to “explore” it again

          1. Because it can be improved. As I said above, the graphics and engine are all there. They can fix up the region, add new pokes and expand upon it. Gen 6 still has alot of potential and a lot of stuff to wrap up

    1. I was thinking that the region would be based off of Spain, since Kalos is based off of France and the two countries are basically extremely close to one another. Andorra could act as the corridor between the two regions. This very well might be the case, but I’ve disposed of this theory due to the region being confirmed as Generation 7.

  1. I think you’re on the right track. I definitely think the new region will be tropical. I’m on the fence about how it’ll connect to Kalos though. I use to be a firm believer in the gen 6.5 theory, but at this point I’m not sure. If anything I think this new region will be to Kalos as Johto was to Kanto. The parallels are already set so it DOES make sense I guess. I could very well see us traveling back to Kalos in one way or another. I’m not sure if I see us being able to traverse the entire region again, but it’s possible they may expand on it and have us return to certain parts. I’d love if the new region was a set of islands rather than one big land mass with a bunch of small islands to travel. Sure some islands may be bigger than others, but I’d like more of an archipelago if we get an “island” region. Also just so you know that red building is the Pokemon center. I think it’s just missing some features on that particular drawing because they seem to be looking at all it’s angles. There’s a pic with it more obviously the poke canter and with extra details.

  2. Many people were discussing the possibility of Sun & Moon being connected to Kalos, but i heard people saying Sun & Moon will be south of Kalos and people saying it’s East of Kalos, now we have another theory of it being an Island close to Kalos, for me I don’t care about the location as long as we actually have two regions because honestly that’s the only thing that i want from Sun & Moon.

  3. There has been lots of discussion around a tropical theme, but it has been narrowed down to Hawaii at this point. The fire truck is yellow, like in Hawaii, and the cars have a rainbow on their license plates (also in Hawaii). There may be other details too, but that’s all I can recall right now. I’m really excited about this possibility, because there are SO many interesting designs based on native Hawaiian animals that could be used. I’m thinking swordfish, parrotfish, bottlenose/spinner dolphin, cookie cutter shark, and possibly a mongoose! Of course, there would also be Pokemon that have no relation to Hawaii at all, or any specific location for that matter, and that makes me the most excited. This week will be difficult to get through, but it will be worth it in the end!

  4. I think that Nintendo is going to continue with the real-work parallels in this generation’s main games. They connected pokémon to real world locations with Unova and Kalos, and now Pokémon GO is bringing the games to real locations. I don’t see them stopping.

    I would love to see a link with Kalos in these new games because the number of new pokémon were few. I could see Game Freak using theses new games to supplement gen 6.

  5. It’s awesome that there is a possibility of this region being Johto-like, but how did people come up with that? Personally, like a lot of you, I guess it could be true, but on what evidence is it based? I’m pretty curious because from what I can recall it has always been nothing more than speculation.

    1. I think because we know so little about Kalos people are thinking that in these games we can go back to Kalos kind of like from Johto to Kanto.

  6. All the signs seem to be pointing to either Singapore or Hawaii at this point but I really hope thats not the case after we just had Hoenn. Tropical seems to be the only certainty so Im crossing my fingers its South America or Africa at least

    1. I think south America and Africa would be too large to base a region off of. They would likely narrow it down to portion of this continents. But if we did get to explore a continent sized region both of those places would be cool. Africa specifically has a great deal of bio-diversity as well as a host of environments to draw inspiration from. rainforest, deserts, grassland, large cities, and small rural villages. Not to mention a long deep history to draw inspiration from.

      1. Yes I suppose thats right – perhaps a game based on Rio De Janeiro or just the Horn of Africa.

      1. /vp/ is a group of Pokémon fans who have their own websites with theories and such. They also have made an actual Pokemon game, called Pokémon Sage. Its set in the Urobos region (based on South America) and it has an x number of region-exclusive Pokémon. Its quite cool, check it out.

  7. I’m sure this will not only be based on Hawaii but also South America, Singapore, and possibly a few others…

    1. They’re fine until it starts leaking. My dad’s office used to have a few. He eventually sealed them off.

  8. I think this region is obviously going to be heavily based off of Hawaii, yet take inspiration from South America, Singapore, and Tropical Regions in general. The Hawaii connects comes from the native cardinal, yellow firetruck, and the rainbow license plate seen in the the concept art. I expect there to be a correlation between the Strange Souvenir and this region. Also, I didn’t think about the glass (transparent) roofs to the Pokemon Centers. That’s actually quite nifty, having natural light in a tropical area just feels wonder. Now, let’s start debating on how sexy Nurse Joy might be in this generation. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. I’m hoping for Italy or Spain. Just because there is so much that can be done with those countries. Although it’s looking pretty unlikely. I also really really hope we get to go back to Kalos for the post game. And I mean, explore ALL of Kalos.

  10. If this ends up being gen 7, what would be most disappointing about gen 6 for you?

    For me it would be not catching Xerneas in a beautiful forest like in every piece of XY advertising ever

    1. That was a dissapointment to me as well. When I came to that part in the game, I was confused, and figured Yveltal would burst out of the area and fly away (such as in the first trailer).

    2. Gen 7 was a joke. If Kalos had been larger and had more forest areas for X or wasteland areas for Y, it probably would’ve been slightly cool. Also character development.

      1. You mean gen 6? But I think gamefreak focused on making the graphics, and new mechanics great instead of the actual game itself unfortunately.

          1. Exactly. I mean, I’m not even used to Kalos yet. It just wasn’t memorable. Hopefully they’ll incorporate into the next games.

          2. Yeah I agree it really wasn’t. I barely remember any of the Gym leader names or what the plot of the game was lol. While I remember the ones from previous gens by heart

    3. It is Generation 7. This has been confirmed or heavily alluded to by Nintendo of Europe & Japan. Anyways, Generation 6 disappointed me in the story aspect of X/Y. I expect more from Lysandre and AZ’s story. I do not see a need for Pokemon Z though, as it’s just going to make the series seem formulaic again.

        1. Here, literally the part saying that it’s a “new era” basically confirms it. Additionally, majority of major websites and such as labelled it so. You could agree or disagree to your heart’s content.

      1. Pokemon Z will come later… Like ORAS and Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

        I didn’t mind X/Y. I think the story could have been better, and I didn’t like that by the 4th gun battle your starter was fully evolved. I think it could have been a bit more dark since they had a dark legend.

    4. For me:
      Beautiful region they did not take advantage of. The journey we took felt so linear, even the routes. Idk, it was just kind of boring? The pokemon also generally sucked, imo. Can’t believe people say it’s better than Gen 5

      1. Honestly, Pokemon White 2 is my most favorite Pokemon Game. Yet, in terms of regions, Hoenn is my first favorite and Kalos is my second. There is just some charm about the Kalos region that continuously has people returning to it. Though, the region might be a tad shallow, but there it’s just some much replay value with new teams that you could try.

        1. I wanted to like Kalos, but I just couldn’t because they made it beautiful yet boring. I don’t know if I have a “favorite” region, but I think the others (sinnoh, unova, hoenn) were more interesting.

          1. To me Kalos is the best. It just has this charm that makes it feel like an actual place. It also is the only place where poke dollars matter. *fedora* *loafers* *Hotel Richismme*

      2. What seemed linear about it? I liked revisiting lumiose all those times to find another place I forgot about.

        1. I’ve played through Y a considerable amount of times, yet I always manage to find something new in Lumiose City or completely get lost in it. The area seriously needs a mini-map. lol.

        2. Well not Lumiose, although I liked Castelia city better as far as a metropolis goes. Idk how to explain it, the region just felt like it had cool locals that weren’t utilized well I guess? Like the haunted house, the parfum palace, that other small castle, the sundial, the pokemon race track, the desert power plants…etc. As far as linear goes, idk..maybe the routes just felt kinda boring to me or something

    5. For me : this might be weird but not having a non cover legendary trio.

      I don’t know but I’ve always enjoyed finding roaming legendaries, and just legendaries in general.

      I was sad when diancie couldn’t be found in a event in the anistar city sundial, or even volcanion in Z in the power plant.(I loved gen 4 because of the catchable event legendaries)

      Also the plot was a downer, especiaa lily coming out of gen 5.

      But I actually really enjoyed gen 6!

  11. Actually, Kalos is not France. It’s the north of France. Sun and Moon may take place in south of France.

  12. I really, really, really do not want it to be connected to Kalos and I really, really, really want it to be based on Hawai’i.

    1. I agree with the first part, but I would prefer Italy. Imagine a city based off Venice where you get there and you have to stay on the side walks at first then later in the game you can access more parts of the city via surf!

      1. I guess that could be cool, but if they make a reason based on Italy I’m pretty sure it will be connected to Kalos.

    1. There’ll be Pokemon based on matryoshka dolls, a new bear pokemon, a hammer Pokemon and a sickle Pokemon, fighting-type and ground-type Eeveelution. Lands will feature tons of snow and iron fences. NPC trainers will include lots of hikers and beefy wrestlers. People there like drinking Fresh Water and it is sold everywhere (because vodka looks like it). The main city will be based on Moscow and the gym there will be based on the towers.

      …inevitably, the game will be banned in Russia. 😀

      1. That is basically me
        But kinda meh on an Fighting Eeveelution (Should have some kind of elemental influence)

  13. isn’t all confirmed to be a new generation? I don’t thnk it’s going to be a part of kalos.

    1. Well Johto was a new generation and it was connected to Kanto.

      Maybe it is gonna be like that instead, a new region connected to Kalos. Who knows. They ain’t done with Zygarde anyway.

      1. I really hate how everyone is just assuming that the next region will be adjacent to Kalos, Johto’s story is highly known to be next to kanto and that’s it. Where all exceeding games do not feature two regions (And HGSS do not count since it’s a remake)

      1. See that’s a problem. The story of Cyrus and Team Galactic ended solemnly. There is no need of a continuation of the story. Unlike B/W, we didn’t wonder what happened to Cyrus or any of the other characters. A sequel to the fourth generation would be unnecessary.

        1. There is a need though. Cyrus clearly did not die, he was just taken to the distortion world. We all know there are other ways out. There’s also Charon and the other commanders. Arceus was never even included in the game, they could have a story involving him and a reformed team galactic easily.

          1. Simple way to solve this dilemma: Have one of the commanders tell you his condition in the post game or after the Team Galactic event. I still see no need of a sequel. It’s basically just going to cover nothing.

          2. I mean if we HAVE to go back to Sinnoh, might as well make it a completely new story. Pokemon remakes are just lazy and over done at this point. Give us new stories

          1. Thanks! Sinnoh had a really good story and it also brought me back into pokemon so I’m protective of it haha

    1. I’m fine with the slowness of Sinnoh. You shouldn’t be able to be a Pokémon game in three days like XY anyway. It took a few weeks just for me to beat Blue. It’s no slower than Gen 1 or 2.

      Also your use of fonts annoys me.

    2. It’s much more likely that this will happen on Nintendo’s next handheld. They have never doubled up with remakes on a single console before. I suppose anything is possible, though, as trends have been broken before. I’d much prefer it on the next handheld, too, because I imagine it will be in HD and have some other gimmick we don’t even know about yet. The future is exciting 😀

    3. Inb4 “Mega Primal Palkia Space Forme” and “Mega Primal Dialga Time Forme”

      1. That is impossible because Primal Reversion and Mega Evolution are opposites in how they are achieved.

    4. These Pokemon are Primal Dialga (not from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky) and Primal Palkia. These Primal Reversions will appear in Pokemon Zero Diamond and Infinity Pearl (Diamond and Pearl Remakes). They’ll also appear in One Platinum (Pokemon Platinum remake).

      1. I know gf can be unpredictive and random but i would like primal reversion to stay exclusive to groudon and kyogre as it is part of their lore

        1. exactly but now every moron thinks Primal Regression can be done for every legend
          WELL THEY CAN’T

    5. I’d call them Saturn Diamond and Jupiter Pearl. They sound pretty cool, roll off the tongue quite good, and they fit with space/time theme, as well as sun/moon (similar to how omega ruby and alpha sapphire connect with X/Y thematically)
      They also have cool, similarly looking symbols (kinda reversed). Some scientists believe that there are diamond rains on Saturn and Jupiter (not sure if Pearls can be somehow tied to them, but I’m sure there is a way xD)

  14. I hope this place has some craggy cliffs, mystical deserts, and grassy Savannahs

    These types of habitats just flourish with my Kinda Pokemon

    Maybe a Volcano rich with Fire, Rock and Grounds types,

    1. Since it’s based on tropical regions, I expect to see a volcano area return. I don’t know about deserts due to use having one in OR/AS. Same could be said about the volcano, but anything is possible.

  15. Hey PJ: I think there should be a ‘Meh’ reaction . Because on some of the articles I feel like I need to react but I don’t have an opinon on it.
    Like this one: Because there is no meh, I would have to put awesome to react, but Hawaii/tropical religions had already been explored here in the comments on previous articles so awesome doesn’t really expess my opinion.

    It could also help with knowing which articles are doing well.

    But hey, that’s just my idea.

    1. Well I agree the article could be more compehensive. Considering they didn’t discuss the rainbow references, license plates, shape of ambulances, pickup trucks, the bird Pokemon being native species, etc.

        1. I know this is bold, but is there anyway i could write for Pokejungle? I’m fond of both writing and pokemon a lot.

          1. I can’t say yes just off the bat I’m afraid. You’d need to get in contact through the site contact form and we could go on from there. 🙂

  16. I think the Hawaii suggestions are quite on point for now, until proven differently.

    I hope seliver a bit more variety in the game play and distribution of location. Make us work more to get to locations and gyms.

    I would really love a Belgrade based region one day and not at all cause I live here. It has such a great landscape. Rivers, bridges, hills, great architecture, buidlings. I really need to talk with Masuda to give him the rights to my suggestions. 😉

  17. Honestly at this point it can 95% be said for certain that this region is located in some sort of tropical area.

    I’m not very knowledgeable on the landscapes of the Pacific islands, so I don’t really know what I think it’s based on.

  18. I really hope Sun and Moon connect with the Unova region somehow. I don’t care how, but I need Mega Samurott

    1. I agree 100%. I’ve been hoping for Unova mega evolutions for the starters since mega evolution was announced.

  19. Kalos is shaped somewhat like a star. Maybe the region in Pokémon Sun & Moon will be shaped like a sun and/or moon?

  20. You guys something that would be really cool and different imagine your battling a trainer and then your starter reach level let say 16 in the middle of the battle and it evolves like in the anime and your character says woaah Treecko just evolved or something like that just giving an example.

    1. I’ve been hoping for that for a while
      But taking into account that some people don’t want to evolve at a certain time, and just stopping the whole game to do the evolution sequence
      It’s just full of holes and ifs

    2. There is potential for that, but as Earthen said, some people do not want their Pokemon to evolve. Also, the evolution process might have some difficulties being coded into the battles. I’m sure someone at GameFreak has thought of that, but got disregarded because of development issues.

    1. I would love that! I’m sure they’ll think of a way to pull off some kind of snow area… A mountain top perhaps?

  21. So I cannot stop thinking of a potential Fire Ox/Bull Pokemon
    I say this because of a lacking of bovine Pokemon outside Tauros, Miltank and Bouffalant

    And I say fire bull because I can easily see a Bull Pokemon having a fiery temper so much fire actually engulfs it and fuels its attacks!
    I say either Normal/Fire, Fire/Ground, Fire/Rock, Fire/Steel, or Fire/Fighting if it goes into a bipedal Minotaur

    But easily a Speedy physical attacker with a pretty decent physical defense, very lacking in sp def and sp attack

    As for attacks a wide array of powerful attacks like Horn Attack, Flame Charge, Stomp, Flare Blitz, Megahorn, Head Smash, Rage, Iron Head, Bulldoze, Magnitude, Work Up, Thrash and so much more

    As for names, Pyrox, Infernox, Bullrn, Embull, something clever involving apoplexia (the part of the brain for anger)

    1. I’m assuming that the region is somewhere tropical, so an Ox makes sense. I just hope it doesn’t resemble Emboar. I would love to see the Ox become a Minotaur, that would be amazing. Still, I tire of seeing Fire/Fighting starters, so I would like to see Fire/Rock or Fire/Normal… anything that just isn’t Fire/Fighting.

  22. My day has been ruined. 6 months of work on a game down the drain. It’s off topic but I am so upset about this. I just deleted the entire world in the game and my last back up was in February. So I have to cancel it because there is no way I can make that again. I was so close to release. It was next month. Late April. It was almost done.

  23. Has anyone ever thought that the 6th gen was just a way to test 3d graphics, new mechanics and get the younger audience back into Pokemon?
    And then this gen they will improve story, characters, and difficulty. I feel like they’ve been working on these games A LOT.

    Similar to how gen 4 tested a lot of stuff, and gen 5 improved on a lot of other stuff. Except gen 4 had solid depth unlike X and Y.

    What are your thoughts?

    1. I’ve thought the same thing, though I do think xy has unnderappreciated story elements that do give it more depth than gen 4.

    2. I have ALWAYS thought this about X and Y. They seem like really rushed games with one of the worst storylines to ever take place. X and Y have a lot of “show” to them and not a lot of actual substance. However, I’m still hanging on to the hope that X and Y’s loose ends were purposeful–Especially if they worked on X and Y and then Sun and Moon at the same time.

    3. Agreed. X&Y’s story is basically a copy of Gen 4’s…except Platinum did it better. AZ and his Floette was about the only depth I could find to the game.

  24. Wonder how much the sneak peak will show on Sunday. I believe starters and Mascotts are a given but would wish a swift look at the Region as well.

    I think Unova was the poorest Region to date. Had such a great design but wasn’t used at all. Could’ve been explored way better.

  25. If anyone wastes as much time on youtube watching random videos as I do these days, then you’d see the extreme slew (sometimes sludge) of Pokémon Sun and Moon speculation videos that have appeared over the past month! They have basically nothing to go off of other than previous titles, yet all of the famous Pokétubers just keep pumping out speculation after speculation. It’s annoying really. At least wait until we get a substantial trailer for the games to start with all the speculation! Anyway, one of the most prominent and “agreed upon” speculations is about the region. It seems that every video is convinced that the new region will be based on Hawai’i or, at least, another tropical island location.

    This speculation is based off of ONE image of CONCEPT art, not even a finalized game render. This image has two palm trees in it. That’s it. Two palm trees–big freaking deal! It’s not even finalized! Since it is a concept image, the palm tress might not even exist in the final location within the games. I also would like to argue that–assuming the location of that specific, grandiose building is a tropical one–just because a region has tropical locations does not mean the region as a whole is tropical! Sinnoh is mainly a temperate region, and it has a tropical island! Johto (in Gen 4) has a tropical location! Hoenn is mainly tropical, but not the entire region. Unova has a variety of climates within its region. We have to realize that Pokémon regions are the equivalent of a country within the Pokémon, and countries in real life can vary significantly in their climates and locations. Having some palm trees in one image does in no way attribute the whole region to be a tropical one. It may turn out to be a tropical one, similar to Hoenn. That would be cool. I’m going to love it no matter what. All I’m saying is that there isn’t enough substantial evidence to speculate on what the region is going to be.

    However, I will say that I desperately hope it is connected to Kalos in some way. Kalos has such potential to be an amazing region. It’s got great locations, but they all end up being so dry and emotionless. I think if the region of Sun and Moon is linked to Kalos in some way, it would really help to revitalize Kalos, tie up some loose ends within the story, and make it more memorable.

  26. i’ve seen a bunch of things that suggest it could be based off Hawaii. the general consensus does seem to be something tropical. That means i can abandon my hopes for appealing Ice-types… ah well.

    Diamond and Pearl remakes seem like a given at this point, but there’s another Gen 4 game I wanna see them revisit – It’s been over ten years and two generations since we could see our teams on the TV screen so a Wii U game in the vein of Pokemon Battle Revolution would make me super happy.

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