Gym feature announced for Pokémon GO

New Pokémon GO details have just been announced. The title is starting beta tests soon in Japan and will launch on iOS and Android later this year. It is being developed by Niantic Inc. Here’s what we can look forward to:

In Pokémon GO, players around the globe will explore their surroundings to find and catch wild Pokémon hiding in our midst. Some wild Pokémon appear only in their native environments; for example, Water-type Pokémon may only appear near lakes and oceans. As players explore the world around them, their phones will vibrate to let them know a Pokémon is nearby. Once they have encountered a Pokémon, it can be caught by using the phone’s touch screen to throw a Poké Ball. Poké Balls and other special items can be found at PokéStops located at interesting places such as public art installations, historical markers and monuments.

As players progress through Pokémon GO, their Trainer level will increase, enabling them to capture more-powerful Pokémon and gain access to more items. Some Pokémon can be evolved if the same species is caught on multiple occasions. Pokémon Eggs, which can be found at PokéStops, will hatch after players walk a certain distance. Players will be able to impress their friends by unlocking achievement medals that are earned by completing a variety of challenges.

During gameplay, Pokémon GO players will be encouraged to join one of three teams and engage in Gym battles with other teams. Once they have joined a team, players will have the ability to assign their Pokémon to empty Gyms. Like PokéStops, Gyms can be found at real locations in the world, and because only one Pokémon per player can be placed at a given Gym, team members will need to work together to build a strong defense. A Gym claimed by one team can be challenged by the other two teams.

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  1. I like the sound of the gym feature!!

    So this is available on IoS and Android…does that mean I’ll need like an iPhone 6 to play it? I currently only have a windows phone and an old iphone 3GS -_-

    1. I assume the old iPhone would work. And Windows phones are much harder to program for. Not as many people use them, so it’s a lot more work and money, and not as much reward. But I’m sure eventually it would be out with window phones

    2. Hmmmm I think you may be out of luck. Often time Apple leave they’re much older phones out of the update loop so your 3GS may be done getting anything. I think the newer iPhones have a slightly different store with apps and games that are only for newer generation. Well I cold be wrong and you could be all clear, but I guess you’ll just have to wait and see. As for you having a WP well…..that’s your own fault hahaha

    3. 3GS is pretty much obsolete at this point. GO will probably be for iOS 6 and 7 at minimum, but have requirements for screen resolution and such.

  2. This all sounds amazing. The test footage may not how been as amazing as we want, but I still plan on being #1 on the ranking boards

  3. Hmmmm interesting.I know people are starting to get disillusioned with GO, but I think at the very least it’ll be a fun little experience to have have on your phone. I think people got themselves way too excited too early and now that it doesn’t’ look EXACTLY how they wanted it to look they’re getting unnecessarily angry. I think the game will be fun to have even if it’s not like the teaser trailer. I also think people need to calm down. It’s not like this is the new main series game and they’ve gone and changed everything. Let the game be what it is and if some people enjoy it then that’s great!

  4. It’s starting to look better since the last screenshot we got. This is making me more interested in this game. How do you guys feel?

    1. I think what’s more interesting is the matching bracelets Ash and greninja have. They look like mega ones…..

      1. Not gonna lie I didn’t notice them until I saw someone else point them out. I wonder what they are. Could be something in relation to Sun and Moon, but I’m not sure. I think I heard that Ash-Greninja was anime only confirmed, but who knows if that’s true.

          1. Really any time Ash-Greninja or Ash are on the screen is a chance to see the bands. try pausing and going frame by frame

        1. My guess is Allan gives him a mega bracelet and maybe a synergy stone( or whatever the crystals are), to further the bond and strength of the two? Thus the crystal leads Ash to Sun and Moon’s region in the end??

          And I don’t think they’ve said anything on Ash greninja. They won’t comment on it, they did say finding the zygarde cores through Kalos would be tough though. So we may see that in Sun and Moon to, if they didn’t mean just the anime.

      2. Oh man, if that’s Mega Greninja’s design all along… I’d be pretty damn disappointed

        1. still the stat boost. smogen would be mad lol.

          And who’s hyped for Sun and Moon Footage net week?

    1. Since the HUGE disappointment a few weeks ago, I’ve kinda calmed down on the search and refreshing for info. It drove me crazy… I hope we get starters, region, protagonists, and SOME megas… I need a new Ice type mega and Dark type mega… Mega Beartic and Mega Zororark would be cool… But I know that I’m pushing it…

      1. Earthen want new Pokemon
        And as for megas
        Megas, Excadrill, Rhyperior, Machamp, Hypno (Not ghost or dark), Rapidash (Fire/Flying) Crobat, Octillery, Xatu, Electivire/Magmortar, and I guess Darmanitan and Sigilyph

        1. Oh, if we are sharing all the new megas we want… I want Beartic, Hydregion, Avalugg, Weavile, Zoroark, Ninetales, Growlithe, Samurott, Emboar, Serperior, Chandelure, Pyroar, Dusclops, Mamoswine, Ludicolo, Greninja, Delphox, Chestnaught

    2. There will be BIG SUN and MOON news in next month’s issue of CoroCoro…. Hopefully we get a TON of info…

    3. Did you see Serbia today mentioned there will be Sun and Moon information released on April 3?

      “it has been confirmed that in the episode of Gathering at the Pokémon House, the variety show that airs in Japan every Sunday, that airs on April 3rd, series Director Junichi Masuda will be on, alongside battle director Shigeki Morimoto and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire game director Shigeru Ohmori and will talk about the new games, presumably Pokémon Sun & Moon and will feature the first TV aired footage. It is not known if the footage will be released officially on the Internet beforehand but we will post as soon as anything is revealed”

  5. This just keeps on sounding more and more useless and stupid and trash and god why is it happening. Seriously man mobile is terrible. I used to say gaming is dying but now along with mobile domination which has been happening for a couple years now… NX looks dumb, PS4 and Xbox One will be getting incremental upgrades, and other things… gaming is officially dead. We have a few games left before it is just a pile of sludge.

        1. In which case, why in your opinion is gaming dead? Incremental upgrades to consoles and NX looking “dumb” don’t seem like valid reasons for gaming being dead?

          Isn’t what makes gaming the games themselves? And the last I checked games are getting better and better?

          1. Games aren’t getting better and better though, they are getting worse and worse. Huge chunks of games being sliced out, poor localizations, in-app bs being shoved into literally everything, episodic being a way to rip-off people, season passes ripping people off, etc.

        2. Can you stop wasting screen space with the same pointless reply? You’re comment was an opinion too. You’re not contributing anything to the conversation.

    1. Thank you for the contribution, mister pessimistic 😉 haha but I’m all seriousness, there are still great things happening in gaming. A lot of things may seem cookie cutter, but taking time to look, this is the best time in the history of gaming

        1. Don’t voice an opinion unless you’re open to backlash. Anything you or anyone else post is open for conversation.

          1. Only as pointless as you commenting the single word “opinions” on everyone’s comment you don’t agree with.

    2. I’m going to refute your opinion a bit. I’d say that this game is something cool. I go outside and a lot and it would be easy to get my friends into this game. Discovering and hunting for Pokemon in the real world would never feel better. Hell, I could image people going on actual hunts to find Pokemon that are not near their normal areas. Basically, the game gives you another alternative to actual knowing and exploring your surrounds and having fun doing it.

      About the gaming bit… That “NX Controller” was confirmed as fake by the creator. Also, the black one was based off of his design, so the creator might come out soon. Gaming systems always get upgrades down the pipeline to improve and dilemma people actual discovered. I understand the concern about mobile gaming uprising, but it’s not happening. Look at the 3DS sales, PS4 sales, and more. People still actual care about gaming on actual systems. Analytics thought the 3DS would flop due to the mobile market growing rapidly, but the 3DS is around 60 million+ sales, totally shattering their expectations.

      Conclusively, Nintendo is a growing company and needs to expand into the mobile market to make their investors happy. I’m glad that they are still dedicated with providing us a proper gaming experience. Lonk:

      1. Meh opinions. And yeah I am glad the NX controller is fake but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be garbage. And I don’t know what you mean with the gaming systems always get upgrades bit. I mean sure they do but they are never anything that effect anything until the big one like PS3 to PS4. Now it is PS4 to PS4.5 only a couple years after releasing it is terrible. And eh mobile has a huge grasp of the market specifically the market that matters to people like me and I would assume most of the people here on this site. The Japanese market. And investors are stupid mobile is trash and will always be trash. I don’t mind them expanding but mobile isn’t the way to do it.

        1. This comment is just full of pessimism. Sure. the NX controller could be shit but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be amazing as well.

    3. I think you’re being a bit stiff about this. Games aren’t dying they’re just changing. Just because Sony and Microsoft are opting to start doing updates to their current systems rather than actual hardware changes doesn’t mean the games we know and love are gone forever. It just means that it’s likely going to get cheaper for the consumer. If they don’t make players buy a new system every 4 years they can make sure that their games are hitting everyone and not just those who are willing to buy the next big thing. The games aren’t changing the way we get them is and that’s not a bad thing. Change is inevitable and while it may not always be great, the outcome will likely be for the best. As for the NX, I have a problem with you criticizing it when we literally know nothing about it. With that controller being fake that means we really have nothing again and you can’t really criticize something with literally no information.

  6. jsyallknow my friend has the other game niantic works on (ingress) and “join mass team, capture the point & defend” is so ingress it hurts lmaoo
    BUT it is apparently a super fun mechanic && people get super super into it!! so have faith, it’s sounding good

    it’s a shame that capturing/evolving is so simplified but I guess that’s what you get with this sort of adaption, hardcoding in everything for a pokemon battle would probably be too heavy
    (then again they seem to already have it in mind for gym battling?
    unless that’s simplified too
    my brain is going everywhere trying to straighten this out in my head haha)

    1. Negative opinions don’t make people “haters”. The notion that every opinion must be positive, and if it isn’t you’re labled as a “hater” is dumb. I happen to be very dissapointed in the product that has been shown thus far, I don’t care how much left there is left in development.

      Although it’s obvious that the game would not look exactly like the product shown in the video trailer months ago, they shouldn’t have gone all out on a trailer like that if there isn’t anything revolutionary in terms of advancements in AR as it seemed in the original trailer. Yes, it’s great marketing and all, but you also set the bar wayyy to high on this game, the technology just isn’t there yet.

      1. Well look I can and will say I agree with what you’re saying. Setting the bar so high in terms of a teaser trailer like that was just a little too much. It’s too high of an expectation to meet right now because as you said, our tech just is not quite there just yet. Not to say that one day it won’t be.

    2. It’s obvious that the game is still in development. So far I’m rather pleased with the result. The idea of Gyms, differing Pokemon locations, and hot-spots are outstanding. I have to slightly agree with Chico about the product. I expect more out of this title. Still, I’m glad the AR could be disable if it’s annoying or intrusive. I’m probably going to turn it off to conserve battery life and I expect a lot of people will do the same. I just hope that Pokemon GO turns out to be a good project. Yet, others and my doubts are present as any issues could arise.

  7. Ever since the developers started to compare it to Ingress, I knew exactly what to expect.
    I still want details on how trading and battle work.
    The original trailer showed multiple pokemon being used at once,and it showed that people could start a battle when two devices got close.
    I also need to know if anything remotely similar to the mewtwo thing will be implemented in the actual games

    1. I’ll get Fallout 4 when a Game of the Year edition is released. I don’t want to pay for all the DLC!

      1. I should have waited to do that for Destiny. We got the game a few weeks after release for my brother’s birthday. Now I have to pay for all the DLCs

      2. That’s stupid
        Why wait, I mean the initial game is like 60 bucks
        You’re bound to make that back over time, Automatron only cost me 12 bucks and I love it so far

        1. I have a lot of other games to play right now, so I would be waiting for a while to play it anyway. By the time I get around to buying it, I’m sure a GOTY edition will be available.

  8. I might give it a chance but do to laziness, school, and working two jobs, I probably won’t get to play much until summer. With my luck the closest pokestop will be about an hour or more away. -_-

  9. So apparently Morimoto is on Pokenchi tomorrow. It’s unlikely we’ll get anything of worth, but maybe he’ll at least hint at whatever is coming up in the next few weeks. Maybe he’ll briefly talk about his upcoming appearance with Ohmori and Masuda.

  10. I have a theory about the diamond in the Sun and Moon logos. What if those diamonds are the new Mega-Evolution inducing items? Since obviously, Mega Evolutions aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and with more Mega Evolutions being introduced, the Mega stone count increases. What if this is GameFreak anticipating the future of Pokemon games? Imagine being in Gen 10 and having to collect 200 Mega Stones. It would be quite the tedious task, not to mention, absurd. Also, we have seen Diancie Mega evolve in the anime sans a Mega Stone (I believe Diancie Mega Evolved using a diamond? Not quite sure, and I know the anime’s canonship to the games are a bit vague as of recently but yeah, just a theory)

    1. I have to agree with the potential of collecting Mega Stones to become an issue. I think it would have been better for GameFreak to simply allow the Key Stone to activate without a Mega Stone and restrict the item usage on Pokemon that have Mega Evolved (ex. A Blaziken that Mega Evolved with a Choice Band cannot use the item.)

      I think the stones might just power-up the legendaries, allow them to change forms, or be used to obtain them. The protagonist could easily receive the Key Stone from the Professor or his/her family without plot connections. The speculation always has potential for being the truth. 😉

      1. What you are saying would be… how do I put it?… not so good. (If i am interpreting what you are saying correctly) So you can Choice Band a Blaziken into High Jump Kick or Flare Blitz, and once you need to change moves or low on health you mega evolve and not have the effects of Choice Band. So then you could change moves you use. That would ban every single potentially mega pokemon, since they all technically have a mega stone no matter what. Just saying that’s not that good for the meta-game imo. Imagine Belly Drum Slobro with Sitrus Berry, then it Mega evolves, just too op for me.

  11. A little update about the status of the NX controllers is that both of the are fake. Both creators, Idriss2Dev and Frank Sandqvist, have stepped forward and showed the process of them creating the fake controllers. Idriss2Dev created his controller based on the patents filed by Nintendo; while Sandqvist followed his design and created a plastic model. These fakes are as elaborate as the Rayman leak for SSB4. If you want to see the process of the controller’s creation; the lonk to both are below.

    1. You are feeling the withdrawal because they hype engine of the teaser is working…

      Actually, logos and 7 seconds of development footage.

  12. “it has been confirmed that in the episode of Gathering at the Pokémon House, the variety show that airs in Japan every Sunday, that airs on April 3rd, series Director Junichi Masuda will be on and will talk about the new games, Pokémon Sun & Moon and will feature the first TV aired footage. It is not known if the footage will be released officially on the Internet beforehand but we will keep you apprised.”

    I literally barely expect anything not even starters because these Sunday shows are barely important. But i so think if anything is revealed, corocoro will reveal more about it.

    1. Was just about to post this, thank you! Gives us something to be excited about before CoroCoro 😉

    2. Could be something fun though!. The variety shows use to be very prevalent to revealing information. It was only during gen 6 that they barely ever talked about the games outside of doing their little battle competitions. Either way Anything we get is brand new to us so it’s not like we’ll get something disappointing right?!?! lol

    3. Whoa, that’s huge! I’m excited to see whether the game looks any better than ORAS, in terms of models and such.

    4. Remember when the first footage of ORAS was revealed and we got cutscenes? Yeah, not getting my hopes up.

      1. Yah but that was ORAS. This is a new generation. So footage will probably mean insight into the new models and graphics…

        1. See, logically that makes sense, and I want to be excited. But if there is one thing GF and these Japanese pokemon shows have taught me it’s that you should not get your hopes up ever lol.

  13. I’m so stoked for the footage of Sun and Moon! We literally have nothing other than the titles so it’s not like they can rehash anything so whatever we get will be brand new. With footage promised I think we can expect at least a couple of things. Unless the footage is ALL battle sequences (which I doubt it will be) We can expect to see what the new protagonists look like. With that I also expect the starers as it would be odd for them to show us the main characters without the starers. They could give us hints and teasers at the legendaries too, but who knows. lol

  14. This gameplay confirmation has me hype. I seriously want to see some actual footage of Sun & Moon. I want to know if the games are using the same engine as X/Y & OR/AS or utilizing a completely new one. Plus, seeing some new Pokemon, the protagonist, some new areas, and the potential battle screen is all a bonus. Lucky, it’s Spring Break, so I’m just going to chill until Saturday.
    let’s just hope it isn’t the legendaries doing nothing…

    1. My spring break is just ending, so I have a week of school (+examinations) before April 3rd :/
      It should all be worth it though! (I hope)

      1. This reminded me that I need to charge my ipad to type my midterm program notes..

    1. One part of Sinnoh is snowy. But then again. So is Kanto in Gen 2. And Kalos. And Unova. And Alaska. And Antarctica. Don’t forget Canada. Everyone forgets Canada.

  15. First Pokémon Sun & Moon Trailer will be shown next week.episode of Gathering at the Pokémon House which airs in Japan on April 3 (April 2 for most of us) …serebii

  16. In the new Anime Preview Both Ash and Ash-Greninja are wearing something which triggers the Form.
    Could be related to the crystals from the japanase logo of SM.
    The anime is usually just a marketing tool for the games,so Ash-Greninja may be advertising a new mechanic for future games.

    1. this look like new item I think pkmn SM represent fusion between the hmanz and pkmn and like Moving said it’s connected with these diamonds on the logo.

      1. I wouldn’t get too into that theory
        The Ashninja thing is purely to give Ash a Pseudo Mega to complete the Mega Trio in the anime arc, Alain Charizard, Sawyer Sceptile ergo Greninja for Ash, but since they didn’t give Greninja a traditional mega this was the next best thing a last min legendary Greninja trait that only happens every 100 years bologna
        But this bracelet I think will be given to him in the upcoming Alain episode by Alain himself as a “mega ring” but in reality doesn’t activate this form but to secretly gauge the energy released by this phenomenon, obviously Lysandre’s doing

        BUUUUUUUT I am taking notice that Greninja does not possess the torrential swirl of water and now the addition of the massive Water Shuriken on his back now, so yeah the theory is up for debate

        1. At first, I thought Ash-Greninja was just a way of giving Ash a mega,without actually giving him a mega.
          If they really wanted to give ash a mega,Mega Charizard Y would be the best option.
          Before,whenever Greninja Changed forms it happened without the bracelet, so their wasn’t really a point in the bracelet.
          This bracelet makes me think that this will be a game mechanic in SM.

          And the bracelet is not a mega Bracelet, it doesn’t have the stone and when greninja becomes Ash-greninja the item doesn’t dissapear

      2. To me. It just looks like some Mega Stone-like item that allows Ash to control when Greninja changes forms. It doesn’t have a blue or yellow shade and looks rather circular. I do not think there is a correlation between the stones.

        1. when pkmn would mega evolve the item it have should be disappeared so for me this thing is different from mega evolve.

  17. I really want to see the starters. Speculation about their types and the fanart was one of my favourite parts of the X/Y hype.

    1. Ok….Ok….people keep bringing up ORAS, but that’s a completely different story. ORAS didn’t have a brand new region or Pokemon. Let’s say they did exactly what they did for ORAS and only showed a quick little cinema scene featuring the legendaries. That would mean we still get brand new legendaries to look at, get to see what kind of advances they’ve made artistically, and presumably get Sugmori art very soon to the release of the footage. While it may not be all we’d ever want it would still be a hell of a lot more than what they gave us for ORAS and technically it would be the same thing. No matter what we get it’ll be something new and interesting so it can’t really be compared to ORAS. I think we can get excited for this even if it does just turn out to be a stiff cinema scene or something lol

      1. Oh yeah, I didn’t think about that.

        But I was just saying, people really had a negative reaction to 10 seconds of legendaries footage, maybe they can temper their expectations this time so they don’t get too heated when they only get a 10 seconds of more teasers. 🙂

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