PokéJungle Tournament 2016

It’s that time of year again! Today we are proud to announce the return of our PokéJungle Tournament, with PJT16! We took a year off last year due to a few backend issues, but now it’s back and we couldn’t be more excited.

pjt16-02PJT16 will take place during summer 2016 (July/August) and will pit our readers against one another to find our 2016 Champion. This year all matches in will be played in the 6 VS. 6, singles format. At the time of writing we are still finalising rules and tournament structure, though competitors can expect to see them remain similar to the rules and format we used in PJT14.

This year we have decided to predominantly host PJT on the PokéJungle Forums. This not only expands the pool of competitors, but also allows for easier contact and organisation during the course of the tournament. We will of course post updates and news here on the main site!

With all of the above in mind we now invite players to sign-up using the form below! Please remember to only sign-up if you know you will be available during summer. As always we will maintain a list of reserve players, but spots will be limited.

Much like last year we will be looking for a small group of people to help manage PJT16 with me. If you’re interested and wish to become a PJT Supervisor, giving help completing WLD forms, confirming teams and participants and more (who knows, you might get a behind-the-scenes looks at how PJN is run!), either let me know via Twitter (@its_moving or @pokejungle) or in the comments/forums. Supervisor Sign-up forms will be available soon!

For further rules and details please visit the PokéJungle Tournament 2016 forum!