First Pokémon GO footage is rough

The first footage of upcoming iOS/Android alternate reality game Pokémon GO has apparently been shown at a SXSW panel and it looks, well, not great. For a game coming out this summer and heading to beta in Japan soon, it seems to have quite a ways to go.

The video shows an encounter with Ivysaur in which a Pokéball fails to capture the creature and a Master Ball is ultimately used to snag it. The balls seem to be available for a currency most likely tied to in-app purchases, although there will probably be ways to earn it inside the game.

What do you think?

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  1. Looks better than I expected.
    By which I mean, it looks just as bad as I expected, but at least that Ivysaur model looks pretty nice.

    1. Like Barney, this game is not targeted at the long-time Pokemon players, so it is fair that you don’t understand the point of it.

      That said, those Fakemon in that video’s thumbnail look really neat.

  2. Why can’t we just pay for the game and get all of the features up front? I do NOT want in app purchases to ruin this game

    1. Because honestly, the F2P platform works best on smartphones. Anyone who was expecting differently is in for a rough surprise. It’s the most common thing for games that are available on mobile devices.

      1. Yeah, but it makes the game feel less premium. Also, I would rather accomplish something than pay for it

  3. Honestly, I don’t know why you guys find this bad. This is okay, but they’re still working on it, and they know that they have to perfect it…. This is just showing how it will work.

    NOT how the final game will look. I find the augmented reality part amazing and with a few tweaks can be what we’ve all been waiting for. That’s just my opinion though.

    1. I say blame that trailer,a lot of people bought into that over hype thinking it will turn out like that

      1. Uh no. Pokemon has had a billion of live action trailers and everyone knew it was fake. I’m quite sure that the masses know that the game will not look anything close to that. They even state it in the trailer. These days, people generally do not trust trailers and such until they see actual footage. So, I don’t think we have to worry about that.

        1. Well if it’s not the trailer I’m curious to know why they think it will be bad. Sure, the AR doesn’t look fabulous but it won’t be for many years and Niantic has tried their best.

          But the gameplay will speak for itself.

  4. You’ve got to understand how virtual reality and augmented reality are tied together. The game will have to track your environment and produce a model. Honestly, for how difficult mapping is, this game looks better than what I expected. Also, they are releasing a Beta to figure out what they need to fine tune. I’m sure the final product will get improved mapping and more. Additionally, iOS/Android products receive a slue of updates, so any extra glitches or bugs will be patched that way. If there is any huge issues the game could be delay until another point; again the game could be released in August to add more development time and fulfill the summer release date.

    I have high hopes for this title being a Nintendo and Pokemon Company product, let’s just hope that it’s not terrible. Lastly, I seriously hope for no in-app purchase. That would ruin the app for me.

    1. There’s going to be in app purchases. It’s a freakin free to play mobile game.

      1. actually it’s highly possible there won’t be. Ingress a game made by pokemon go’s developter niantic inc. had no in app purchases for a very long time. they only came out with some just last full but overall i doubt there will be many is at all.

    2. Well, unless you want there to be (possibly) no more pokemon, and have both companies (possibly) go bankrupt, there has to be in-app purchases.

  5. Yeah, hate to be the negative one but this looks really bad. As a matter of fact, this looks worse than I originally anticipated.

    Yes, the theatrical trailer with all the fancy special effects and CGI are obviously not what the final product was going to look like, simply the technology isn’t there yet. That being said, it still looks really bad. I don’t want to hear any of the “oh this is still in beta” or whatever, that’s not going to significantly change how this game looks, and quite frankly it doesn’t look entertaining at all. Swipe up to catch a Pokemon in an artificial reality world that looks like garbage.

    Sorry to have the unpopular opinion but someone’s gotta do it.

    1. To be fair this is only the beta version they had to show. I’m sure as the actual release date gets closer it’ll b much more clean, but who knows at this point.

    2. Don’t be afraid to show your negatively
      Do what I do and tell them how you truly feel

    3. Opinions are opinions. I think it’s because the AR is not on a flat surface and the user is constantly moving. The model has to be mapped to the environment for it to properly work. Hence, why Nintendo included AR Cards to produce the model, since it is a billion times easier to track the movement. That’s where the problems begin for Pokemon GO. The technology has progress this far, yet this game does need some work. The Beta will be used to figure out any errors and further improvements. I’m sure this will be a rampant complaint from Beta Testers. I’m sure that the developers will try their best to solve this issue, yet do not expect it to be perfect.

      1. That gave me an idea! What niantic sold small poke balls for use in GO. That way they could map the Pokemon to the pokeball.

        It would make sense if they sold a Pokemon go plus bundle with a ball.

    4. Listen, I respect that. But I can’t wait to play this game and have it be the best mobile app on the App Store. And the whole reason they are doing the beta is to fix the game.

      So it WILL change the game and it’s flaws. So to be honest, I expected less than this and I feel like the fact they will figure out how to connect the main series games will be even cooler.

      And heck, did you see the gyms in the background?!

  6. watching this, tbch i wish it was more like going into the safari, you can throw rocks, or food. it just feels so plain. i hope the pokemon you catch can be used to battle

  7. The only thing I hated about this video was the camera man. What the heck, do you have to go pee? STAND STILL FOR A MINUTE AND A HALF PLEASE!
    what if you missed the pokemon with your masterball?

    1. Logically and realistically we “should” be able to pick it up.

      Now if this game is gonna make it wasted if we miss… 😉

      1. They should at least take the time to show it disintegrating if they don’t let us pick it up.

  8. I will have to agree with the negative opinions, as this gameplay just isn’t very satisfying or good-looking whatsoever.
    On the bright side, I got Pokken Tournament and I am loving it. Let me know if anyone wants to challenge me 😉

      1. I had a few discounts from Best Buy and picked it up for $40. In my opinion, it is worth every penny, but going into it as a huge fighting game fan, my thoughts may differ from yours.

        1. I guess me and my bf will get it then, because it sure looks great. Too bad Nintendo said there will be no DLC, but let’s hope they change their minds.

  9. This is NOTHING!!!!!!! like the trailer!
    How could they do this to us!?
    The thing isn’t even a first person game! You walk around as a character!? That’s not how I perceived it from the trailer!

    1. Well, it seems like you got your priorities jumbled up. Why did you think it was going to be like that? It’s literally just going to track your area and produce different Pokemon and allow you to fight with friends. You were heavily overthinking this game, honestly causing it be your fault of being disappointed. It’s in a similar manner to being angry at CoroCoro for not showing what you wanted.

  10. I am genuinly curious what people were expecting

    I kind of expected it to look like this from the moment it was announced. Not saying if it’s bad or good…but I never really had an interest in it in the first place.

      1. How exactly are they supposed to pull that off.
        It was marketed as a mobile phone app. This was the best they could do in that regard.
        If you want proper virtual reality it’s gonna take time

  11. If they can smooth it out and clean it, it could be better than I expected. It still has a long way to go though.

      1. It’s just libra, from what I have seen, he is kind of a jerk on these subjects, I would ignore him.

      2. I wouldn’t take anything personally. This footage is quite controversial and I understand why some opinions may vary from yours. I wouldn’t take Libra’s comment as hate, more as a rational explanation. I’ve worked with the guy in the past and I’ve known him for a while, and he’s not the type to target or harass people. If you have persisting concerns, please let me know. Nobody on PJN should ever be afraid of expressing their opinions and sharing their thoughts, and I surely wouldn’t want you to feel that way. 🙂

          1. You seem like the nicest dude/dudet on the site! ive only been on for a couple days so…

          2. Thank you for the kind words! It’s my goal to make PJN a loving, friendly community for everybody. You will definitely see a lot of other friendly faces welcoming you and engaging in conversation. 🙂

  12. I love how everyone is jumping on the hate wagon already after seeing a small bit of the unfinished product. If you were to look at most games earlier in their development you could say the same stuff about plenty of them. The game isn’t done yet so I’d say it’s hard to hate on something that they aren’t ready to roll out yet. As far as the looks of it at this point I’m willing to say it looks promising. I’d like to see it again when it gets closer to being completely done.

  13. For what they’ve shown, I think the footage looks pretty great. I’m not sure what you were expecting from something that’s meant to be played on smart phones. Obviously they still need to put the finishing touches once they’re through the beta. The footage is also not the greatest of quality.

  14. What I really want is to be able to transfer pokemon caught in it to the main games. No one has ever seemed to bring up that question or say yay or nay to it. For me, that would make or break whether I buy myself an iphone just to play this game. ♥

    1. I agree. It could be really cool to catch a Pokemon yourself in the “augmented world” and then transfer it to your main games to raise like you usually would

    2. It will be available on Android too. (I think…)
      Also, yeah. I would want that too. It would help a lot for Pokedex Completion.

  15. all I’m wondering is…. who goes straight from a pokeball to a masterball on an ivysaur…

    1. The guy trying to demonstrate to the audience how the catching process will work.

      Or a really stupid adult.

  16. I think it looks better then I would have thought. By the final it will probably be better, but it’s never going to be as great as people expected because that is just not how these games work.

  17. Yea, I didn’t think I would get pokemon go, and this further confirms it. I don’t like the way it looks, it just looks very simple. (Also I don’t like F2P/ pokemon mobile games)

  18. Sorry, but the announcement of Sun and Moon has overshadowed Pokemon Go… Just give me more stuff on Sun and Moon instead… I can wait until Pokemon Go is officially released to get information, I just want Sun and Moon…

        1. Well, while nobody is trying to rush your life, I hope it continues flying by because of your school

          1. I’m ready too. Maybe since they released info Feb. 22 or whenever it was, the Pokemon Co. will release info March 22 (or a month later?) then we will get info from April CoroCoro? Wishful thinking more than a reality….

          2. I wouldn’t mind a few more details. It’d be nice to have stuff to speculate with.

        2. It’s going by alarmingly quick for me, since I’ve been working like a slave for the past two months on homework and other things. I’m not currently in a good mental state, but Sun and Moon are one of the things that keeps me motivated.

      1. It feels like we’ve been waiting for information for three weeks since March 15! And it’s been a week… It’s just frustrating.

  19. Totally off topic, but I can’t get past the security check for the forum…

    Mainly because it’s totally invisible. There’s nothing I can click on or anything. Is it something to do with browsers? I’d like to become a member but it’s kinda impossible right now.

  20. Hello. Some fresh french news from the mysterious Pokemon event in Paris… Pokemon Company revealed N-O-T-H-I-N-G. They presented the world’s biggest Pokemon tcg card. A Pikachu made of thousands different cards…
    Ok. Thank you. Goodbye.

    1. I thought it was starting at midday in France? Which would be ten minutes ago, fifteen minutes after your message. Though I doubt there will be news, much as I almost desperately want there to be

  21. This is close to what I expected.
    It’s a location-based, AR game on smartphones.
    The actual concept of “Pokemon in the real world” may be realized when products like Hololens become mainstream and AR advances.
    I still expect the game to become better,as it is still in Beta, plus with the gym icons on the map,and confirmation of different teams,and the amount of money they are putting into it, The final product will be much better..hopefully

  22. This actually got me excited for Pokemon GO even a little more. I hope they implement wild Pokemon battles rather than just throw pokeballs. I figure there will be in app purchases, but if they go the route of you don’t need to buy them it’ll just take longer then I’m okay with that.

  23. If the final version has this low quality I would be very disappointed… and it also could harm the image of Nintendo and The Pokemon Company.

    1. Mostly the pokemon company as nintendo has nothing to do with the developing of this game

    2. Do you remeber the first trailer of pokemon XY? The graphics were too ugly. There was a part where you could see the glasses of the guy staying in the air. The thing is, we have to wait till we get a real trailer

      1. lol. That was a glitch with the glasses and it got patched. Also, from the first trailer, I only notice new textures for Lumiose City. The graphics look exactly the game.

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