New English BW2 Trailer + Name Change?

httpv:// A new English trailer for Black & White 2 has been released. Not much has been show as for footage but there is some interesting fact. It appears that Achroma’s name has been erroneously revealed before as Corless. The in-game footage of the trailer says Colress instead. Colress doesn’t sound too obvious that it … Read more

Meloetta C-Gear Skin

A new C-Gear skin has been announced for both the original Black & White and BW2. It features the recently revealed Meloetta and will be available on July 14th. It being available for the BW1 makes me think this is a global release. However, it only appears on the Japanese site and seeing as Meloetta is … Read more

New Serial Code for Japanese BW2 + Genesect?

  Thanks to Ararabo, a scan for a leaflet showcasing a guide book has come out. This guide book, set for release on August 11th, comes with a serial code. There are no details on what Pokemon will be available through the serial code, but from past examples, it is more than likely a Dream … Read more

Homika Confirmed as Second Gym Leader

Homika, the Poison-type Gym Leader seated in Tachiwaki City, has been confirmed to be the second Gym Leader in BW2. Her badge has been confirmed as the Toxic Badge, and the outline of the badge matches the silhouette of the second badge in the badge case, essentially confirming her as the second Leader. Nothing more … Read more

RUMOUR: Gamestop Leaks BW2 Release Date (UPD1)

As you can see in the picture above, this has popped up in the biggest American video game store. It shows us the release date of a number of games, as well as a possible date of October 2nd for Black & White 2. Please be aware that this is not a confirmation. Gamestop have put … Read more

HQ Black 2/White 2 Boxart

How do they look? Also, The Keldeo download from the movie has different moves than obviously reported. It’s level 15 and comes with the moves Aqua Jet, Leer, Double Kick, and BubbleBeam! It’s also holding a PP Max 🙂 I’d like to take a quick second to clarify that there is no “overdrive” mode. I’ve … Read more