New Serial Code for Japanese BW2 + Genesect?


Thanks to Ararabo, a scan for a leaflet showcasing a guide book has come out. This guide book, set for release on August 11th, comes with a serial code. There are no details on what Pokemon will be available through the serial code, but from past examples, it is more than likely a Dream Ability Pokemon that has not been released.

On another note, The leaflet also mentions Genesect. Does this mean Genesect will be officially announced by August 11th?

New Dream Abilities always rustle up some excitement in the competitive community, but what do you think? What might the new Dream Ability Pokemon be, or what do you wish? And why do you think they’re speeding up the process of officially announcing hidden legendary Pokémon? Comment below.



  1. Looking at the poster and hoping to see pictures but I can read is 7/20 and 8/11… that’s pretty much my vast amount of Japanese.

    On another happy note… dream abilities don’t excite as they used to… same with the Dream World.

    Genesect would be cool but isn’t it more likely to be revealed for the next movie because right now, there have been too many legendary pokes revealed: Keldeo + Form, Meloetta + Form and Kyurem + both Forms

    1. It’s not a question of what is “more likely”; it specifically states the official Pokédex guide for B2W2 will contain all 649 Pokémon including Genesect.

      I’m sure it’ll still be in next year’s movie, but they’re revealing it early. Probably because these are the last Gen 5 games and it’s their last chance to release a complete Pokédex guide for Gen 5.

  2. My hope (however unlikely) is that they’re revealing the event Pokémon super fast because they want to end this generation soon and start gen VI with all new Pokés! This generation is great so far, but more is better IMO. I still want R/S/E remakes though..

    1. Actually, I’m inclined to agree with you. Putting two straight generations on the DS was a bold move, putting out sequels was pushing it… I don’t think GF can justify any more main series games NOT on the 3DS. Next year’s movie will probably star Genesect along with a Gen VI Pokémon – they’re just revealing it now because they won’t have another chance to release a complete Pokédex guide with all 649 Pokémon in it.

  3. i have to agree with the above poster and say they might be revealing all the gen 5 event pokemon so fast is because gen 6 is gonna be here faster than we thought maybe even later this year for all we know.

  4. Wow. On my birthday? Awesome.

    However, I’m sort of done with Gen. V; it’s one of the worst yet, imo. And as awesome as it would be to have a new gen come out, I’m with the rest of us who want the RSE remakes already.

    1. your ultimately wrong. whatever fans demand, gf gives. gen 6 is on 3ds. +, there going fast, sorry. maybe there ”we have original ideas” mind was ressurected. lol

      1. On what truths is your response claiming that I am ultimately wrong based? I’m not speaking on behalf of the fan base, but on behalf of my own opinion, hence the acronym “imo.” It literally means “in my opinion.” I could be wrong, in which case that’s my own fault, but deeming my opinion wrong with your own opinion is fruitless. 😛
        Furthermore, if Game Freak gave the us what we wanted, why do we have three Fire/Fighting type starters in a row? I’ve heard countless complains over that monotonous succession. And why haven’t the RSE remakes been released, being well over-due relative to the releases of previous remakes? Why isn’t there a massive Pokemon RPG with Skyrim-esque graphics, or even a Pokemon Crossing? I could list a variety of desires, ranging from completely possible to obviously outrageous, all of which we have been begging for, all of which do not exist. lol
        So that must mean you are completely satisfied with what Game Freak has done? No thoughts along the lines of, “This would have been better if…” or “They completely missed….”? O,o

  5. I don’t know why people are starting on about the 6th generation!? xD haha Pokemon generations have a typical 4 year life cycle before moving on. My guess is we have another couple of years to go before the next generation is released : )

    1. Most generations don’t have numbered sequels released for them, and most generations don’t come to outgoing consoles. We’re well beyond the rules that previous gens have played by. They’ll be moving onto the 3DS after Black and White 2.

      1. I agree : ) My guess is that Black and White 2 are filling in for the remakes of this generation since Nintendo is probably pushing them to make 3DS games now. Since the original black and white were released almost 2 years ago, I’m betting Gamefreak will probably want these games to have roughly the same lifetime, if not a little less. All in all, methinks we’ll defo end up seeing Ruby and Sapphire remakes on the 3DS (along with a 6th generation?)

  6. If Genesect is going to be revealed in the next couple of months, we’ll probably get our first 6th gen. pokemon next year or even later this year. (I’m banking on the first 6th gen. pokemon is fossil Genesect)

    With how fast this gen. has gone, I’m thinking we won’t get the r/s remakes until after the main 6th gen. games.

  7. This early?? o_O
    Why would they do that? They’re basically throwing everything they have at us now and not saving anything for later. Isn’t it a better strategy to just keep the momentum going by revealing things one by one instead of overwhelming us with all of it at one?
    I didn’t expect Genesect until March or so, to tie in with the 2013 movie.

  8. Hmm… I’d be pretty happy with Genesect coming out…but I kinda wish they’d start slowing down these things. Though I don’t want them to pull a Sinnoh with the anime again…

    I feel like I’m one of the few who at the moment doesn’t really mind that there hasn’t been a R/S/E remake yet. ^_^’

  9. While it is possible this means he could be obtainable fairly soon, it’s also likely that they will reveal him at the end of Movie 15 (like Victini last time), and then we’ll have to wait till next year to actually obtain him. So it while we would have the last three event Pokemon this generation revealed almost back to back this year, we would actually get them all.

    Personally, I don’t mind the reveal of Genesect this early either way. Being a collector and not a battler, the more Pokemon they give me to catch, the longer I play the games. So, I’m all for them rushing this and getting to each new generation of Pokemon quicker than ever before. =P

  10. for me, i hope that the 5th gen starters get their dream world abilities randomly in this one. if any of you have played the hack blaze black or volt white you’ll know what i mean. if you haven’t it’s a good game to play while waiting for this game to come.

  11. I think the reason this generation is being sped up is because it is supposed to mimic Generation I in many respects. For this reason and the fact that BW and BW2 (I’m assuming) collectively have pretty much every obtainable Pokemon, Ruby & Sapphire remakes might be unnecessary.

    1. While you make a good point, there are those of us who want the RSE remake for the story and the nostalgia over the ability to complete the Pokedex. >,<

  12. can somebody explain to me what reveling genesect actually means?? and what does it have to do with generation 6?

  13. Hey we want a new pokemon series…… So plz as soon as you release a new pokemon serials…

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