July 2012 CoroCoro Leaking (UPD)

No pictures yet, but here are some of the first details:
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  • Kami trio (Tornadus, Landorus, Thundurus) changes formes with items
  • PokéTransfer returns to Black 2/White 2
  • Keldeo changes formes in the depths of Sangi Town’s forest
  • Sangi Town is the second town you visit
  • Kami trio caught in Black and White cannot change forme (inferred)
  • Elesa shown
  • ———More Details:———
  • Black Kyurem has the ability Teravolt (like Zekrom), while White Kyurem has the ability Turboblaze (like Reshiram)
  • Items can be obtained and sent to  Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 from  Pokémon Dream Radar
  • You may trade with Black and White games once you receive your C-Gear


The twitter user sharing details has said there is not much information in this issue of CoroCoro

Unrelated to CoroCoro: Tachiwaki City will be called Virbank City in English (Homika’s city)


  1. This is all nice news, but I need info on the story! Arggh the wait is killing me. Gonna go play some TWEWY to wait.

  2. Oh god. Whoever is leaking this info is slower than molasses. Come on! Just show us the damn pictures! If we don’t get pictures in a little less than an hour, we could be getting trolled. D:<

  3. First and Second Rumor kinda contradict each other. There wouldn’t be much difference between a Landorus transfered to B2W2 and the one caught in B2W2 as coding for each would change upon entering the game making them “Change by Item” a contradictory statement, especially when the Coro Coro that debuted the new forms specifically said that the new forms could only be caught through the Dream Radar.

  4. It kinda makes sense that you wouldn’t be able to change them because the sprites that are in BW2 are probably have brand new coding

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m honestly refreshing the page at a ridiculous rate. I don’t think this is healthy behaviour…it’s like once a month, we all need our CoroCoro fix or we go crazy. 🙂

  5. I’m thinking that maybe the item to change form may not be to change them from Incarnation Form to Sacred beast Form, but the other way around.

    1. That is hard to play off of….it makes sense and at the same time it doesn’t make sense…

      Its a really cool concept, just hasn’t been done before (all the more reason for them to do it I guess), it just doesn’t seem like it would be something they’d do.

      Though this would not be the first time they’ve contradicted themselves before. (No previous characters appearing in B/W when Caitlyn is from the battle Frontier in Sinnoh and Johto and E4 member in B/W and Looker from Platinum appearing though he was technically after story.)

  6. Well if that’s all that’s coming out now I can go to sleep. This guy does have a life so I don’t blame him.

    1. I don’t see how it is funny. Just because you are an adult it doesn’t mean you can’t like Pokemon or other franchises like that. And these 20-year-old American guys were probably fans before you 😉 We are just not used to see many adults playing video games because the technology hasn’t been around for too long ( only a few decades) but in 20/30+ years I guess everybody will be playing 😀

    2. One day when I have children, I will introduce them to Pokémon as well, whether the series has died off by then or not. Some parents pass on family heirlooms or what not, but for my children, I will pass on my GB, GBA, DS/DSi/3DS, and any future consoles, along with all compatible Pokémon games and several packs of AA batteries 😉

  7. Yes! 😀 slow start, but I can wait for more~
    this shall have to hold me over in the mean time.
    Bring it on corocoro >:D

  8. Like a few others have mentioned, why could you just freely change between the two formes of each Kami trio member if their alternate formes are EXCLUSIVELY captured in the Dream Radar??? If this becomes true, then I’m gonna start hating contradictions.

    1. Maybe those caught in the DR have some sort of special modifier, and only they can change form. However, as long as you have one FROM there, it can change form multiple times.

      Contradiction fixed!

  9. Oh, and another thing. If there isn’t that much information in this CoroCoro issue, then I shall conclude that they either like to troll us, or this game is meant to be a total secret until you buy it. Other games from other franchises have a load of advertisements before they are released…Are new formes for Pokemon, returning characters, and two new gym leaders really the only selling points?

    1. That’s not true. Take kid icarus uprising had a lot of advertising. But when the game was released people realized the game had a lot more to offer. Plus, there was a lot of information we did not know about black and white. If everything was revealed before the game was released, what’s the point in buying it?

      1. They could at least give us one or two major tidbits about the plot or region that get our speculation rush going, as opposed to talking about Pokemon we already know (in different forms) and sidequests that do nothing for your main quest such as Pokewood.

        1. Also, they actually advertised almost all the new features in Black and White before release as well as N’s ideology and Team Plasma’s goals. That’s quite a bit compared to what we have now.

  10. Those english titles aren’t 100% confirmed, so the name Virbank isn’t 100% confirmed.

    1. Serebii always says it’s unconfirmed, he has a reputation to keep with, you know.

  11. PJ one question: How is Leavanny’ Library going? Really hope that it will be finished soon!

    1. Funny you should ask, I’m actually working on it haha. Hoping to have people start adding pokemon pages this week and be finished with all 649 by the time BW2 launches

      1. Ive been around since black and white came out, watching your site for new pokemon updates every day, i even used the pokejungle search bar for more then half year, and i will be on this site for pokemon info until it or pokemon will be at end, hope to see the library soon!!!

  12. Does Sangi Town even have a forest? I’m looking at Unova map right now and apparently the route above it is the forest they’re talking about.

  13. “The twitter user sharing details has said there is not much information in this issue of CoroCoro”

    Well that sucks, with only 11 days until the games release, I’d expected that there wouldn’t be that much information, from the looks of it, it’s mostly about Keldeo and the Sacred Beasts, and that’s pretty much it, no information about the games themselves, or even Team Plasma or story information, are they trying to keep 75% of the game a secret or something?

    1. Well, we knew very little of B&W’s story when it was released. Besides, it’s not to hide stuff from somebody so they have to play the game.

  14. I was hoping that when I woke up the scans would already have leaked. I guess not u_u

  15. So trading from B/W to B2/W2 is possible as soon as we get the C-Gear? Ah, but WHEN do we get the C-Gear? Because if it’s the same deal as with B/W (after first Gym), that means I’m gonna have to take Cheren down with just Oshawott, because the rest of my team is gonna be traded in as Eggs.

  16. It’s been twelve hours since last night’s update….when are these scans coming?

  17. Whut the hell man :O

    This guy is taking way too long just to put up some scans. I mean he could’ve took some pics with a camera and put them up on his twitter.

    He’s losing my trust every hour that passes by.

  18. The guy that released the cover probably isn’t going to leak any scans of it.

    “にょも@さいたま(1号6歳2号2歳) ‏@nyomo

    @Cota_aerosmith 雑誌のアップロードは日本の著作権法に触れるし、以前逮捕者も出てるからそういう事は私はしないのよ”

    Which roughly translates to:

    “Uploading the magazine is a violation of Japanese Copyright Law and people have been arrested for it before. I won’t do it.”

    1. That law means nothing. There is always someone that leaks it. It just probably won’t be this person.

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