July 2012 CoroCoro – Full Leak!

Scan 1:

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • The Magby and Buneary evolution lines are exclusive to Black 2, while the Skitty and Elekid evolution lines are exclusive to White 2
  • The PokéShifter returns
  • Black Kyurem has Zekrom’s ability, White Kyurem has Reshiram’s


Scan 2:

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  • New medal system, you can earn them while you play
  • Black 2 has exclusive area; dungeon filled with water
  • White 2 has exclusive area; dungeon filled with magma
  • Black City and White Forest are back and have got makeovers, which version gets which is not mentioned


Scan 3:

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  • Elesa returns as a gym leader, confirmed to have Flaaffy
  • Elesa’s gym is now like a fashion runway
  • New Plasma / Old Plasma meet at some point “Team Plasma didn’t die out?! They’re still active behind the scenes.


Scan 4:

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  • To change Keldeo’s to its Resolute form you need to bring all three “muskedeers” to Sangi Town’s nearby Forest
  • Scans imply that Keldeo need to know the move Secret Sword to be able to change form
  • Special Piplup being given away that knows sing (Wifi, July 20th – Aug 9th)
  • After taking Meloetta to the cafe in Castelia City, you get a special fes mission


Scan 5:

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  • Details for transforming Kami trio (item based, “Reflecting Mirror” must be held)
  • Items can be obtained from Pokemon Dream Radar
  • Porygon can be obtained in PDR as well as Thunder Stones
  • In Dream Radar, you can get “dream balls” from a “dream cloud” to power up your capture machine


Scan 6:

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Movie poster and details
  • Tornadus has the ability Regenerator
  • Thundurus has the ability Volt Absorb
  • Landorus has the ability Intimidate


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  1. Yet another cool picture for my main ‘mon- White Kyurem. I hope he’ll have a slew of learnable Fire moves.

    1. NOPE! I was!
      Yeah I think there will be a civil war between the two.
      Notice the inclusion of water and magma area, REMAKE CLUE Much?!

  2. Niiiice, W2 has Elekid and a Magma Cave.
    Better than Magby and unoriginal Water Cave.

    And old Plasma and new Plasma meeting? Nice a third faction.

    But new Keldeo sucks. He just became more fabulous, nothing more.

    1. “But new Keldeo sucks ROCKS. He just became more fabulous, nothing more and amazing in every way”

      Noticed you made an error in your typing. ;p

    1. I was hoping he’d be a pegasus/unisus. We’ve got a lot of horses with horns, but no horses with wings!

  3. aww i loove the new forme hes great! and im loving how sword-like everyone looks in the movie poster

      1. i think it does say something about how it’s connected to the three musketeers and that they may be giving power to him? (the lights coming from their heads may be a sign)

  4. Tbh, I really like the Resolution forme, I think it looks better the regular forme.

    Magma Cave and Water Cave? 🙂

  5. oh and the page that shows the ar searcher at the verrryyy top above where it shows thunderous being transferred you can see the 3DS menu and the picture for the game card for black 2. looks pretty good.

  6. Magma and the latin name for water aqua…now why do those names feel like ive heared them before?

  7. Did they just lie to us again? Every time they tell us to look forwards to specific information, we don’t get that info…. This month we were told to look forward to learning how Kyurem changes forms… and apparently, nothing is said about it? Never listening to previews again. xD

  8. It would appear, judging by Pignite’s HP stat of 101 (?) that Elesa’s gym battle maybe in the vicinity of level 30. That puts her around 3rd-5th in terms of expected gym battle order, depending on how the level curve is skewed in this game.

  9. OMFG! I think they’re referencing a remake of sapphire and ruby with those exclusive areas! OMFG YESSSS Good to see I wasn’t the only one to notice that too 😀

  10. That is AWESOME! ;D white kuyrem looks absolutely amazing in scan 1 🙂 I’m also loving the new Keldeo forme – he looks PROPER! Haha 😛 I think my favourite sacred beast form has to be Landorus – woop how excited am I!

  11. I like Keldeo’s new Forme a lot more than it’s normal look, even though it didn’t change that much!
    Thought what I’m really interested in is what kind of stats all the new forms will have.

  12. Keldeo’s new forme is so… simple and boring. It’s like they just felt like redesigning him rather than give him a cool, new look. I was hoping to see something more along the line of Shaymin’s changes.

  13. this pony loves d. i’m not a fan of the design.
    curious to see the changes in the cities and gyms.
    looks great!

  14. Good, Black City and White Forest are back. Black City will be in Black 2, right?

  15. isn’t the poketransfer lab on the current “frozen” side of unova. what does it mean? or is it on a different location or that part of unova is not frozen at all..i’m not sure though 😛

      1. Poketransfer doesn’t work until after the E4 in BW, I’d assume it is the same here. It’s really starting to look like the ice is a plot point and it’ll be gone later.

  16. Well now seeing the new forme compared to the original forme…I like the new forme than I initially thought!

    Also that lady in scan 5…is there any detail on who she is and her purpose? I’m not sure if it was mentioned or not, but it just caught my eye. I’m guessing something to do with the kami trio..

    1. Her name is Prof. Burnett and she helps people out with the Dream Radar, she was revealed in the last CoroCoro iirc

    1. Pretty sure everything big enough to read has been translated. It’s possible they stuck a tidbit in tiny text, but this is mostly it.

  17. Im gonna have to take a few days to get used to the lack of difference between Keldeo and its new forme but Im sure I’ll like it more and more. xP I did wish it grew to the size of the others though. Maybe a more masculine unicorn? lawlz
    Im super excited for Elesa though!!! I called she would use the mareep line and I’m really glad she has Flaffy. Makes me more excited to see what else she has!

  18. YAY! Elesa keeps her jacket during battle!
    Most likely she’ll remain as the fourth gym leader. Her Flaaffy is at level 28.
    Hoenn remake hinted much? A cave with water and another with lava?
    Tornadus’ Sacred Beast forme indeed focuses on defense with the ability Regenerator.

  19. I’m guessing that because the writing above Black City is Black, for Black 2, and Blue, for Black Reshiram’s Electricity, and the fact that it’s BLACK city, it will be in Black 2. Same with the writing above WHITE forest being WHITE and red, for White Reshiram.

    1. I just hope they make it so you don’t have to rush through the game in order to see the city/forest with all it’s buildings/trees like they did in black and white 1.

  20. I have no clue what it is about Tornadus, but I REALLY like its new forme for some reason!

    1. i agree tornadus and landorus new formes r cool
      thunderus looks weird

      anyone else think landorus new forme looks like entei and tornadus looks like articuno?

  21. i SERIOUSLY DONT KNOW WHY SOME PEOPLE ARE SAYING THEY DONT LIKE THE NEW KELDEO FORME i mean it looks like a loyal pokemon and and a sharp looking pokemon

  22. keldo does look cool i just wish they changed the color schemes the tail the hove and it’s blue “clothing”. I want it ^.^

  23. Maybe kyogre and groudon are in those caves. Hope not. But it’s totally hinting at a remake. It better be. They keeping toying with us!

  24. All of those forms, all of those legendaries make me want to throw up. Sometimes i want to say “Seriously, that’s what Pokemon has become.” Whatever, i will enjoy other well designed Gen 5 pokemon and i’ll try to be positive. All those legendaries can burn in hell. (except Resh and Zek)

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