Homika Confirmed as Second Gym Leader

Homika, the Poison-type Gym Leader seated in Tachiwaki City, has been confirmed to be the second Gym Leader in BW2. Her badge has been confirmed as the Toxic Badge, and the outline of the badge matches the silhouette of the second badge in the badge case, essentially confirming her as the second Leader. Nothing more has been revealed as of now, but we’ll update our Gym Leader page very soon with this news, so you can keep checking back here for BW2 news.

In other not-so-interesting news to fill up this post, a soundtrack CD featuring Emerald, Platinum and BW remastered music is releasing 25th of June in Japan. It will contain a small booklet featuring development insides of Black and White 2.

So, anyone who is surprised she’s the second Gym Leader? What Pokémon do you think she has besides a Koffing? Discuss it all in the comments below. The next challenge of the Jungle Games is coming soon, so keep an eye on this site.