Homika Confirmed as Second Gym Leader

Homika, the Poison-type Gym Leader seated in Tachiwaki City, has been confirmed to be the second Gym Leader in BW2. Her badge has been confirmed as the Toxic Badge, and the outline of the badge matches the silhouette of the second badge in the badge case, essentially confirming her as the second Leader. Nothing more has been revealed as of now, but we’ll update our Gym Leader page very soon with this news, so you can keep checking back here for BW2 news.

In other not-so-interesting news to fill up this post, a soundtrack CD featuring Emerald, Platinum and BW remastered music is releasing 25th of June in Japan. It will contain a small booklet featuring development insides of Black and White 2.

So, anyone who is surprised she’s the second Gym Leader? What Pokémon do you think she has besides a Koffing? Discuss it all in the comments below. The next challenge of the Jungle Games is coming soon, so keep an eye on this site.



    1. Well, it’s certainly not as big as the Corocoro leaks or new footage. 😛

      1. According to Serebii, it will have 173 tracks and “unreleased tracks” too. Sounds pretty interesting to me.

        1. If you live in Japan and like to spend money on such things.
          It’s not totally lame, but I wouldn’t call it exciting. Most of the soundtracks can already be found on the internet ;).

          1. I’m just wondering what those unreleased tracks will be. And maybe they’ll have some remastered tracks (unlikely, but hey)

  1. Probably Whirlipede. Or Venipede. But seriously, the second gym leader should have at least ONE evolved pokemon. Her guitar does resemble Venipede.

    1. i think she should have like a low level scolipede i know you only get one at lv30 but gary in firered/leafgreen had a pigeotto that was under the evolution level. so scolipede purely because it’s what her guitar looks like

    2. don’t forget the more well known example of falkner with his level 9 pidgeotto (13 in HG/SS which is still under leveled) when pidgey evolves into pidgeotto at level 18, thats a huge difference…I don’t know what the level arch for this game will be but the levels of previous second gymleaders pokemon fell into the lv 15-lv 22 range (only including HG/SS bugsy as the johto gymleaders from GSC were a few levels lower than normal due to there being 16 gymleaders) I’m guessing her pokemon will be closer to the 22 mark than the 15…so maybe she’ll have a lv 20 koffing and a lv 22 scollipede, you do have to be carefull when it comes to underlevel pokemon I’m currently making a fangame and I found if you have a fully evolved pokemon too early despite how it’s leveled it will be very difficult to defeat, it depends how difficult a level 22 sollipede will be to defeat with pokemon of a similar level (that aren’t evolved underleveled)

  2. I would also say Trubbish, because I would expect each Gym Leader to have at least one Unova Pokémon. I’d say anything in the Venipede line is unlikely at this point because we still don’t know whether Burgh is returning, and if he is, it would be too much repetition to have 2 Gym Leaders with Pokémon in the same evolutionary line.

    1. Was it revealed prior that she has a koffing? So that means that BW2 have bigger pokedex’s/amount of Pokes in the region? Cool!

  3. Hmmm…I guess she could only have a Trubbish/ low leveled Whirlipede… Unless she has a pokemon from a previous gen…?

  4. I’m not that surprised. I just really want to know when we’ll battle the water type gym leader *-*

    1. It’s been confirmed through a anime scan that she has a Garbodor

      Anime Related: Ash get’s his 8th Gym Badge from her 😀

      1. In the anime, yes.
        But do you really think the second gym leader would have Pokémon leveled 36+?

        1. I mean they could do what they did with Brawly and have her use an annoying Trubbish in the games since he used a Makuhita in the games yet he had a Hariyama in the anime.

  5. Hmm…as others said I’d guess Trubbish. But I’d also like to see her with a Venonat if she would have another previous gen pokemon…though I’m not to sure why I picked it, oh or maybe Skorupi!

    1. Venonat would be awesome >w< but as we can see Muk in the promo video it could also be Grimer 😉 Or just the Veni/Whirlipede 😉

      1. If she had a Lv. 22 Grimer, its BW Moveset would be Minimize, Disable, Sludge, Mud-Slap. Disable + Minimize = Troll Homika. XD

        Of course, one move would be her signature TM… Minimize/Disable/Sludge/Venoshock? Venoshock’s pretty powerful, but what else could it be… Poison Jab, maybe.

    1. 1) Make up some rumours
      2) Post on serebii’s forums and on /vp/
      3) ???
      4) Profit!

  6. Gunna go with Koffing since it was shown outside the ruin thing thats supposedly before the second Gym.

  7. Second gym, meh boring, I wish she was the 3rd at least if not the 4th. In all likelihood she has koffing and a venipede. Guitar is a big hint. And it be to random for her to have the design she has and not have a member of that family. Typical gym leader levels considered whirlipede seems to forced, not to mention repeated.

    On a side note her being the games second gym leader, and ash getting his 8th badge from her (and the fact that we know she uses koffing) it seems like the weekday 8th gym battle possible. Even in kanto with Jessie and James battling ash, the creators knew to give them something stronger than a first stage pokemon.

    1. they say it would be venipede cuz the guitar is a big hint yeah right like how lenora has a buffalon the afro is a big hint yeah right

  8. Just looking at first Trips’ badge case and maybe they will have some of those badges in B&W2

    Also, looking at the badge case in-game-where Cheren gives you the basic badge. Homikas’ badge and my guess is that’s either a tail or some kind of claw.

    Just another suggestion is that Burgh is after Homika. The silhoueete on the end has a round edge much like the beetle badge… You heard it here first I guess (although the first guess is most likely wrong)

  9. I hope she has three Pokemon. I know Lenora only had two, but I want a bit more of a challenge, like Gardenia was. She has a Koffing, and I suppose she’ll probably have either a Venipede or a Whirlipede given her guitar. And maybe the third slot will be Trubbish?

    1. Scan at the top says she has two. Sorry to burst your bubble but she only has two Pokemon.

      1. Oh God, I’m such a moron! I completely overlooked that…
        Uhhh… my vote’s for Koffing and Whirlipede, then.
        “I hope she has three Pokemon!” Wow that looks stupid in retrospect XD

  10. >”In other not-so-interesting news to fill up this post, a soundtrack CD featuring Emerald, Platinum and BW remastered music is releasing 25th of June in Japan. It will contain a small booklet featuring development insides of Black and White 2.”

    >”In other not-so-interesting news to fill up this post”

    >”In other not-so-interesting news”



    1. OK, you guys win.

      Next time I’ll use a BREAKING NEWS tag, along with MAJOR REVELAITON, and EXCITING NEW FEATURES.

  11. ‘In other not so interesting news’? Not very professional and respectful towards the people who may enjoy reading about that.. I’ve seen more thoughtful, better posts by the ‘Jungle games’ participants….

    1. Don’t blame Dae, I had told him we weren’t going to post about the soundtrack because it was unimportant xP So if you wanna blame someone for the editorial decision of labeling it “unimportant” or “uninteresting” blame me 🙁

  12. It’s ridiculous how some people here got offended just because the author wrote ‘In other not so interesting news’. It’s just a CD, it is not that interesting. Please.

  13. Im wondering will there be new TM’s with different moves, seeing as you can’t trade them as a hold item anymore, it could be easy to do…

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