5/27 Pokémon Smash Live Coverage

Once again, it’s time for Pokémon Smash! Today we don’t expect much information, if any, but we’re here just in case. 😉 No live stream this week unfortunately, so refresh this post often and follow along with us through the episode!

Live Coverage:

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  • The episode has just started! The episode preview showed no new gameplay footage/BW2 info of any kind :/
  • The anime re-run has begun!
  • Anime re-run just ended, chances of getting new BW2 gameplay: Zero
  • Shoko-tan plays a Pokemon quiz against Kyurem and loses!
  • Pokemon-themed school sports meet! Team Meloetta VS. Team Keldeo, who will win?!
  • Team Meloetta wins! THE CROWD GOES WILD!
  • Japanese Pokemon Center BW event announced: You can receive a Ninetales, Lucario or Cottonee!
  • Reminder about the Keldeo WiFi Event starting 6/23
  • Episode just ended….waiting for next episode’s preview
  • Preview shows that we’ll get a whole episode dedicated to Pokewood next week! Including new Pokewood gameplay footage!




P.S. For all you Americans, GameStop has announced their pre-order bonus for Pokemon Conquest: 5 Pokemon passwords. These passwords will unlock Lapras, Emolga, Riolu, Scyther and Pikachu. So, that’s cool. I didn’t get a chance to import the game like I usually do, so I’m really looking forward to the US release! 🙂