Smash Bros. Mewtwo Details & More Amiibos

We have known for some time now that Mewtwo is coming to Smash Brothers on the 3DS and Wii U as downloadable content and thanks to a recent surprise Nintendo Direct we now have details. Mewtwo will be available April 28th as a purchasable add-on, or on April 15th as a free gift to those … Read more

Dae asks: April’s Big Reveal

Time for a quick Dae asks! As you know, new information on Pokémon XY will be revealed later today, or tomorrow if you live in Japan. Pokémon Smash is certainly set to air something and the official site will update after or maybe even before that. So the question is: what do you think they … Read more

6/17 Pokémon Smash Live Coverage

The final episode of Smash before Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 are released is about to air! There’s actually no guarantee that there will be any new information though, but we can always hope 🙂 Kriff has told me that the episode is set to show Meloetta in battle and reveal Resolute form Keldeo. … Read more

6/2 Pokémon Smash Live Coverage

httpv:// A Pokémon Smash episode that should actually contain new game information, yay! As usual we’ll be updating continuously throughout the episode with new information. If you’d like to watch the livestream ZephyrSonic has one up. [list style=”orb” color=”green”] Episode started! Confirmed we’ll get new game information about Pokéwood Brand new Pokémon Black 2 / … Read more

5/27 Pokémon Smash Live Coverage

Once again, it’s time for Pokémon Smash! Today we don’t expect much information, if any, but we’re here just in case. 😉 No live stream this week unfortunately, so refresh this post often and follow along with us through the episode! Live Coverage: [list style=”orb” color=”green”] The episode has just started! The episode preview showed no new … Read more

5/13 Pokémon Smash Live Coverage

Pokémon Smash will be starting in about 5 minutes! We are not expecting to get any substantial news (and may not really get any) but the trailer for next week at the end of the episode may show a couple seconds of Pokémon Black 2 / Pokémon White 2 game footage 🙂 If you want … Read more