6/17 Pokémon Smash Live Coverage

The final episode of Smash before Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 are released is about to air! There’s actually no guarantee that there will be any new information though, but we can always hope 🙂 Kriff has told me that the episode is set to show Meloetta in battle and reveal Resolute form Keldeo. As usual you can watch the livestream here.

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  • Waiting for episode to start
  • Began with a countdown clock for Pokémon Black 2 and White 2
  • First anime clip of Resolute form Keldeo shown off in commercial
  • Anime rerun is airing, The Wacky Watcher!
  • Episode over, Best Wishes 2 anime discussion
  • Mentioned Meloetta’s Pirouette forme in the anime
  • Japanese singing
  • The “East Unova” the anime has been talking about is the upper Northeastern part of Unova
  • Showing off Meloetta in battle
  • Revealing Keldeo’s Resolute form
  • When you go to the rock in the forest near Sangi Town it’ll give a message saying Keldeo wants to exit its Pokéball
  • Although we’ll probably have the information by the time it airs, next week’s Smash episode will go over some new information such as the medal system and also show off Pokémon Dream Radar


<3 pokejungle

ps- During the half an hour that the anime rerun is airing you have the perfect amount of time to register and introduce yourself on Mt. Moon Community…. jus’ say’n :p