Dae asks: April’s Big Reveal


Time for a quick Dae asks! As you know, new information on Pokémon XY will be revealed later today, or tomorrow if you live in Japan. Pokémon Smash is certainly set to air something and the official site will update after or maybe even before that.

So the question is: what do you think they will show? A new Mewtwo forme, even if it is not the one ‘leaked’? Another Pokémon? New city footage? Perhaps a new type?

Comment and discuss as much as you want! The ones with the right prediction will be featured in the official Pokejungle’s Pokémon XY Hall of Fame for Rumourmongers ™. See you later today when the news hits!

  1. It better not be a new mewtwo form… I’m hoping for a reveal of either a second eeveelution (umbreon-espeon:glaceon-leafeon) or a “common” pokemon, with some in game footage. But if it is a mewtwo form…. Well… I will be extremely dissapointed.

    1. If its a frome, you won’t have to choose it, you can have good ol Mewtwo. I don’t like it either but many do like it and when I think about it, people who hate it don’t have to change Mewtwo and people who like it can to their heart’s delight. I thought was a lose situation, but I’am starting to see it as a win-win.

      1. Not to sound like a debbie downer, but it just feels like a really unnecessary new form *shrugs* then again I feel thta way about most new forms

        EIther way I think the dude just meant he’d be disappointed if thats ALL they reveal today haha

  2. i just hope it is worth as this excitement and make up for giving us nothing in march

  3. I am convinced that it is that new Mewtwo form. Part of me also thinks that they new “form” might not even be a form and might be it’s own separate Pokemon–like Mewthree or something. (Both ideas I think are stupid, but I am convinced that is ALL we’re going to get.)

  4. I predict it will be a short trailer feature a few amount of new Pokemon, three or four, presumably the Bird or Normal-type you encounter in the first few Routes, a pre-evolved form of a past Pokemon, and a Pokemon positioned at a later number in the new Pokedex.

      1. Its always started then. It may change to 5:30 for you since Japan doesn’t have Daylight Savings (think) It used to be at 4:30 for me and now its 5:30.

  5. I’m sure they will reveal a new pokemon that you may encounter in the beginning of the game. Also possibly a new town (or updated if we’ve seen it in the trailer) and hopefully some info on sylveons type

  6. They showed 3 question marks with a green, red, and blue backgrounds. Although unlikely it could be the starters evo

    1. Maybe a ‘secondary’ starter set like the monkey trio? But hopefully better than the monkey trio?

    2. No two with colored backgrounds, Red and Blue held by Smash and Matsuda respectively. The a battle preview with the yellow circle.

      That is the advertisement for today’s Smash episode.

  7. Hoping for AT LEAST 1 Pokemon. 2 would be great, but I’m not even gonna push my luck and hope for 3. Revealing Xerneas, Yveltal and Sylveon’s types (at friggin last) would also be appreciated.

  8. i don’t think it will be a new mewtwo form because they are showin the new thing through actual game footage. i think it will be a brand new pokemon.

    1. Pokemon smash announced X and Y news not Pokemon Trozei news so we should be hoping for X and Y news

    2. A remake? Why? That game was very good but remaking it now??? I bet it would not include the generation 6 Pokemon


  9. I think it’s going to reveal the “male” version of Ninfia and another Mewtwo form, but not the one that is supposed to be leaked. Or, if Mr XY is not a lier and if the dates he announced have been changed, it may be the babies Pansir and Heracross.

  10. They’re going to reveal, a new city, probably give us information on some plot, and of course show us a new pokemon or two! I think it will be another legendary, along the lines of Victini and Mew, is it too early for that? I’m mainly hoping to see the types of the mascots this month, I’ve really set my bar low. ((But I’m actually hoping for information on a gym leader or two)) Fingers crossed!!!!! 5 hours woo!

  11. Listen everyone, That Mewtwo form is a fake created by Mr. X and Lie and his troll cronies!

      1. why would he be kidding? I think this is very possible, I mean why wouldn’t gamefreak want to show off such a cool new pokemon?

      2. I’m sorry, I forgot to write that comment in my sarcastic font. Here, let me try again.
        obvz dey r going 2 show ferrion and annonce da new lite-type!!1!

  12. It will be a new pokémon they wouldn’t show Newtwo just yet, let alone before the movie. So I’m going with new Pokémon with some game footage. 😀

  13. I hope we get city footage, I just want overworld footage in general.

    Sure I’m looking forward to the new Pokemon, but I’m getting a vibe that it’s going to be one of the generic ones we run into commonly.

    I just wanna see that beautiful overworld again, and maybe an inside view of the Pokemon Center.


  14. 3 more starters

    Peacock Grass/Flying

    Corrull Fire/Fighting

    Jawesome Water/Dark


    Chespin Grass

    Fennekin Fire/Psychic

    Froakie Water/Steel

  15. My predictions: Two new Pokemon and some mild footage, new gameplay mechanics.

    What I want them to show: At least 5 new Pokemon(with their types) the types of Xerneus, Yveltal, and Slyveon, a second Eeveeloution(hopefully a Dragon type), and footage of new towns and gyms.

  16. If they’re making such a big deal about it I’m sure the news will be huge and something unexpected. It’s going to be something different and game changing 🙂

  17. God so many ideas on what can come out XD

    Honestly I do not expect much from Smash. Keep in mind we’ve had “Big” announcement from Matsuda twice in the past and what were they? Download events.

    We got only 1 battle card and two completely black cards, one held by Smash staff and the other my Matsuda. Based on this, We’re getting 1 new Pokemon both 3D sprite and Sugimori Art w/ stat info (Height, weight, Type). Matsuda…will present the Mewtwo download event for B/W/B2/W2 since that’s coming up and has only been mentioned in CoroCoro I think. So he could post the info for the Mewtwo Download for Gen 5.

    If we are incredibly lucky we’ll get the first view of the region in Smash. But as I said I’m not holding out for Smash. If anything when Pokemon.com updates it may have way more info than Smash with the rest of the info not shown being held in CoroCoro next week.

    If by the off chance we get very little from both sources today, it means we may have nothing in next week’s CoroCoro.

    Just keep your fingers crossed its info you want to hear, but don’t get too excited cause Zephyr doesn’t need people taking their unwated frustration out on him.

      1. I listed three. Did you not read?

        Matsuda has Blue Card. Smash team has Red Card, The battle preview with yellow circle.

      1. There were 2 completely blank cards, One red and the other blue, and then the battle footage with a yellow circle over the Pokemon.

        Hence 3D Sprite, Sugi Art, Possible event held by Matsuda.

        Matsuda has Blue, Smash has Red, Battle animation has yellow. All three I listed.

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