Pokémon Smash! April 7th – FINISHED!



Smash will be airing very soon in Japan and we’re expecting some big stuff this week. Masuda is set to appear on the show and we were shown a hidden Pokémon is last week’s preview. As usual we will be covering the episode with live updates, which can be found below as long as a live stream.

LIVE updates (newest at top):

  • Show finished!
  • Gameplay showing off this Mewtwo forme/new Pokemon
  • Mewtwo forme/Mewtwo-ish Pokemon revealed
  • They’re at Game Freak’s studio
  • Talking about X and Y
  • Anime episode ending, news coming soon!
  • Anime episode airing
  • Clip of footage shown, new Pokemon used Shadow Ball or a similar Dark/Ghost/Psychic attack
  • Smash has now started


Livestream, with thanks to ZephyrSonic.

We’re expecting a global X & Y announcement today, so keep an eye out for more posts covering whatever it is that gets shown!

<3 PJ

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