Pokémon Smash! April 7th – FINISHED!



Smash will be airing very soon in Japan and we’re expecting some big stuff this week. Masuda is set to appear on the show and we were shown a hidden Pokémon is last week’s preview. As usual we will be covering the episode with live updates, which can be found below as long as a live stream.

LIVE updates (newest at top):

  • Show finished!
  • Gameplay showing off this Mewtwo forme/new Pokemon
  • Mewtwo forme/Mewtwo-ish Pokemon revealed
  • They’re at Game Freak’s studio
  • Talking about X and Y
  • Anime episode ending, news coming soon!
  • Anime episode airing
  • Clip of footage shown, new Pokemon used Shadow Ball or a similar Dark/Ghost/Psychic attack
  • Smash has now started


Livestream, with thanks to ZephyrSonic.

We’re expecting a global X & Y announcement today, so keep an eye out for more posts covering whatever it is that gets shown!

<3 PJ

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  1. I told myself I wouldn’t play into the hype train this time, but here I am on my day off just sitting in front of the computer waiting for Pokemon news to be published. >_> I’m super excited as always, but have my reservations as I’ve been disappointed before. Let’s see where this goes and I hope I’m not a fool for getting my hopes up again!

  2. If i see a Pokemon Pizza commercial, that would make my night. Forget the actual news! ^_^

  3. Gah.. It’s 4 a.m. here…. I’ll get killed if I stay up to see the announcement live… So difficult to resist…..

  4. I have often wondered why Team Rocket’s submarine was a Magikarp, anyone else?

      1. So that’s why they have always failed to capture Pikachu! They kept using Flail and Splash but it was never effective.

    1. From the Pokémon YouTube channel:

      “A New Pokémon with a Familiar Look! Get a glimpse of a newly discovered Pokémon in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y that bears an intriguing resemblance to the Legendary Mewtwo!”

      It’s, apparently, a newly discovered Pokémon. Mewthree confirmed?

  5. I don’t mind that the Mewtwo form is real, I just wanted the announcement to be about more then just the form……..

    1. As much as I am glad for a new Pokemon I want to at least have the final starters evolutions as well…

  6. Masuda didn’t say if it was a new Forme or new Pokemon, the hosts didn’t get to confirm.

  7. Yep. New Mewtwo. I see stat redistribution now. Since other Mewtwo is Special based, maybe this one is more speed based or defensive~

  8. Please tell me that the Mewbomination isn’t all we’re getting today? SADFACE.

    1. Yes it is. They always do something small or unrealted despite there being “Big” news.

  9. Well there you have it… And now commence the moaning of the first ‘fans’ of Pokémon and how this new creation is horrible and an abomination

    1. So having and expressing a negative opinion means we’re not true fans? Your open-mindedness is overwhelming.

      1. I’m not saying you’re not a true fan if you have a negative opinion, I’m just tryna say how people don’t accept GF’s intention of trying to reach all of their fanbase (new and old)… And the fact that if this is just a new forme, you’ll get loads of older players complaining at how their childhood is destroyed when it doesn’t really matter because that’s the past

        1. To tell the truth, I am surprised there isn’t more people whining… I think Game freak tried to bring back older stuff to make older fans happy, but it seems to work…

          1. Just not looking in all the right places XD

            I had to stop going online yesterday because 95% of my friends are Genwunners and they are pissed. XD

            Still don’t even know if this is a New Mew clone or Mewtwo form.

    2. i’m one of the first fans, but i don’t care about the nostalgia bit. this form is just UGLY.

      if anything, i’m far more angry that this is all we get, and not an actual new 6th gen reveal.

  10. Overall I am kind of upset that that “forme” is real but I don’t really like Mewtwo (sorry to all the hardcore Mewtwo fans) so I won’t use it anyway. However we still have the question mark that those kids were reacting to and hopefully it is something other than the forme.

      1. According to Pokemon.com this so called “forme” is being referred to as a new Pokemon so it is unclear whether it is a forme or not.
        Oh….well I didn’t see the kids reacting to the trailer, my bad!

        1. They always refer to new forms as New Pokemon. Black Kyurem and White Kyurem were called New Pokemon my Matsuda and on the main sites, but both main site upon release said that Kyurem could transform into these knew Pokemon. The Newtwo thing is being worded differently.

  11. Didn’t they say earlier in the week that there were multiple things to be announced?

    1. No they said “Big Announcement” That was it. All three of the ?’s were Mewtwo.

  12. Idk if I’m more pissed at that a new form was revealed, not a new Pokemon

    or that a Pokemon that didn’t need a new form at all for any reason still got one anyway, an ugly one at that

    Or that this was the “big” news I’v been waiting 2 months for… -____-


    1. I was so excited, i wanted more pokemon or the region to be revealed or something! Not just Mewthree…

    2. Actually, official sites (YouTube and Pokemon.com/pokemonxy) has been telling us that it MAY NOT BE a Mewtwo forme. It does say it looks the same but actually, it may be something else. The XY site said “Who is this New Pokemon?” 🙂

      1. Yeah I just read about it but still, why show a Mewtwo look-alike rather than new info on the game it will be appearing in?

        Or why not save it for a future reveal near the movie release, and show new Pokemon that you can capture freely in X and Y because I’m positive this new Mewtwo is a Legendary and will be event-exclusive

        1. I think this is I good time to reveal it. A couple a weeks from now, Japanese movie theaters will be accepting movie reservations. This would lead us to the leaked poster of “Mewtwo” or supposed new Pokemon officially revealed.

          And since XY comes out worldwide at the same time, Pokemon USA will also reveal it now. 🙂

  13. I really don’t enjoy how they have Cloyster floating. Just because it’s a water type without legs doesn’t mean he will be floating outside of water.

  14. Well the US Pokemon site just updated and it was about the new Mewtwo form

  15. The official youtube of Pokemon uploaded a video of the new form too. ^^

  16. I hope next week’s episode will showcase a xy related news again 😀

  17. Pffff the thing is it sort of looks like a a middle evolution inbetween mew and mewtwo- maybe (although it would break the no legendary evolution rule) this is mew’s true evolution??

  18. The fact the legendaries types STILL have not been released is just horrible. Now we have to wait till MAY

    1. You say that but you know you will get it. Besides, XY will still be great and check out the video of it in battle..it changed my opinion on him 😉

  19. The official Pokemon XY site has updated and it says, the new pokemon has a striking resemblance to Mewtwo, but is “not quite the same”. :DDD

  20. By the looks of things 6th gen isn’t going to have much to offer, I can’t wait till this film is released so those evil people dressed like pokemon will stop stalling.

  21. Slight change with new info. Pokemon.com updated.


    They do not call it Mewtwo’s form, but it is related to Mewtwo. Its possibly a new clone, Mewthree. Pokemon.com doesn’t give the new one a name yet. But they aren’t treating it as an alternate forme.

  22. this thing looks like mewtwo got surgery and they stuck its tail to its head

  23. I love the new Mewtwo form except for it’s toes, they look like that stuff that hangs from turkeys’ necks. It cannot be unseen LOL!

  24. Hey……well….maybe this months issue of CoroCoro will release some new info in addition to the new mewtwo…………….or at least shed some light?

  25. Sweet a new Mewtwo form. Not what I expected but I’ll humbly accept is existance. Guess it IS BIG news sence Mewtwo is the most Popular Legendary Pokemon and 2nd most popular Pokemon next to Charizard. I bet good amount of gen fans are “not too happy about this”.

  26. Did they specifically say that it is a new form? On a different site, they said that on the Pokemon website that they uploaded a video saying “A New Pokemon with a Similar Look”. That’s weird wording since Mewtwo isn’t a new Pokemon.

    1. At no point did they ever say it was a new form – that was just the fans guessing.

  27. It’s a new form, not a new Pokemon. That form is used in the new movie “Extremespeed Genesect” where it said Mewtwo would be a character, and this version was showed in the pamphlet. Kind of a let down because I never got all hyped about Mewtwo. This would be kind of cool though if it was a Mew evolution, but it’s probably the Defense form.

  28. and that’s the “big” news?… lol….i was hoping a new trailer where we’ll get to see more stuffs… but then….

  29. mewto has 6 attack options hope that there is now 6 options not 4 and i read somwere that the new (form mewtwo) is the real mewtwto yhe mewtwo we all years now was a failure clone of him

    1. I think the new Mewtwo is an attempted recloning of Mew, but since the Original Mewtwo destroyed most of the data, they had to pretty much attempt to recreate the experiment from scratch hence why the new one looks similar but completely different.

      And no I think its still 4. Sylveon was only able to show off 4 attacks.

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