Mewtwo Forme… or Something More? What We Know

Smash has just finished airing and the Official Pokémon site has just updated with the brand new Pokémon, leaked earlier in the week. Gameplay of the new Pokémon can be found below.

The Pokémon shares many similar traits with Mewtwo but isn’t quite the same, which would suggest it’s not perhaps the form we all expected it to be. The newly discovered Pokémon is suspected to have some connection with Mewtwo however, perhaps something a more than a forme? The Official site also mentions how Mewtwo was engineered for battle and it’s sheer power and how a new chapter begins with this new Pokémon. It’s probably also worth noting the the site refers to it as an individual new Pokémon, rather than hinting it being a forme.

We really don’t know a huge amount about this new Pokémon, but from the official information given there’s a lot of room for potential speculation. There’s information to both suggest it is a form of Mewtwo and that it is something entirely different and perhaps not even a legendary Pokémon at all (it’s only referred to as a Pokémon, rather than Legendary Pokémon like Xerneas and Yveltal).

It’s definitely uncertain exactly what this Pokémon is, and it’s just another question we all have about X & Y, but what do you think or want this Pokémon to be? A Mewtwo forme? A descendant of sorts? A completely new Pokémon? Or something entirely new? Get discussing!


  1. I imagine this is going to be another experiment to clone Mew, perhaps with a slightly different goal than last time. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s named Mewthree, though I don’t like the spelling so I’m not sure. Either way I’m sure it’s not a forme or evolution, but definitely related to Mew just as much as Mewtwo.

    1. It’s either an evolution of Mew (while the clone of Mewtwo came close to it’s natural evolution) or it’s a team who have tried to perfect what team Rocket did. I’d laugh if team Plasma carried over into Gen 6, would be interesting to have a new big bad team.

      1. I just thought of a terrible name if this is a new pokemon… Mewtate as in mutate

    2. I don’t think it is gunna be called Mewthree BECAUSE:

      Of Porygon, everyone thought the 3rd evo of Porygon was going to be called “Porygon 3” but they were wrong, hence Porygon-Z.

      1. You make a very good point, and I hadn’t considered the Porygon line. Maybe that one rumour is (coincidentally) on to something with the Mewtwo X and Mewtwo Y (or was it Mew X / Mew Y)? Either way, I’m mildly interested to know where they take this. Thanks for pointing that out. 😛

  2. So disappointing. I waited 24+ hours for this reveal and it was a single pokemon and not even a new pokemon, an alternate form. I was hoping for new type or new pokemon not this… I am very disappointed.

    1. It wasnt really said to be a new form. Lots of sites says its a new Pokemon.
      Cheer up.

    2. I wanted final starter forms… Guess I will have to wait… But yet I still think this is cool

  3. The site literally says : “Now a newly discovered Pokemon appears in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y” leading me to assume it’s not a form but an actual new Pokemon. As long as it’s not a form, i’m happy.

    1. They referred to Black and White Kyurem as New Pokemon on the sites as well. Only time will tell.

      1. True. But those two where obviously alt. forms. They were announced as Black/White Kyurem, so being new pokes would be stupid. This one, however, does not have a name yet, so it’s still in the open.

  4. : A press email from The Pokémon Company International says the following:

    “ This new Pokémon shares many traits with Mewtwo and it’s suspected that the newly discovered Pokémon has a connection with Mewtwo—a powerful Pokémon that debuted in Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue.

    What is this new Pokémon? How will you encounter it in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y? When will you know more? One thing is clear, your readers will certainly want to debate the meaning of this new Pokémon! ”
    -Source Bulbapedia, so its not really labeled as a “form” but as a new pokemon in its own.

  5. I think it’s sweet, and that you (Kalei Glozier) need to whipe the sand out of your explicative.

  6. I actually really like the in game battle footage of the Pokémon, id prefer it not to be a new forme of mewtwo and be a similar yet different pokemon. This is a perfect time to introduce a new clone of mew to explain the similarities. The new chapter begins has me fascinated. Loved that little story on the official Pokemon site.

  7. Maybe its a Pokemon Mewtwo created. He created clones of other Pokemon in the first movie, maybe he cloned himself for whatever purpose.

      1. I don’t think it’s that hard to explain. Ho-oh created the Legenday beast from the original Eeveeloutions so it’s possible Mewtwo created this Pokemon from his own DNA.

        1. Dude, that’s just a theory. That hasn’t been confirmed by any official source.

        2. That’s theory. Its also said an Entei is born whenever a new volcano is formed. Its a theory and one that’s not very well put together. 😛

          1. Ah no no, im not trying to be man. I ment that particular theory is bad not anything u said 😛

    1. That would be cool, except the games dont follow the same Canon from the anime/movies.

  8. I’m hoping it’s a new experiment where the goal was to make a kinder version of mew.

  9. im guessing its a new attempt to clone mew… that had different results

  10. When Mewtwo first came out, cloning was in the news a lot, wasn’t it?

    I kind of think Gamefreak has picked up more source material since then… iPS cells, perhaps?

  11. Does it have something to do with X and Y’s theme if DNA, could this be a mixture if Mew and Mewtwo?

    1. of course why do you think they bring a first gen pokemon back because he has something to do with dna xy used in clones this if you have dna xy in the game and xyz of air and ground and deep then there are 2 theories of xy in this game if you think (srry for bad english)

  12. You know what’s kind of nice in addition to getting this interesting Pokemon? (Interesting as we know nothing about it) I like seeing all the older Pokemon in battle and the moves designs too.

  13. It may have something to do with Genesect as well, why woul they make Genesect out of all pokemon be attacked by this new pokemon, also note why Mewtwo is involved with the 16th movie.

    1. I think that has to do with the fact that they were both engineered by human hands as oppose to naturally, which is why Mewtwo feels the need to intervene.

    2. …Why would they make it attack Zangoose, of all Pokémon? I guess a connection to Zangoose is now also confirmed.

    1. I think so. Somebody is VERY butthurt about this Pokemon, and just wants to bring everyone down with him.

  14. I’m hoping this is a third Mew Pokemon and not just a new forme. Never was a huge fan of formes so one less would be great.

  15. I wonder what this Mewtwo look-alike’s voice’ll sound like.
    I remember hearing Mewtwo’s Japanese voice for the first time in Super Smash Bros Melee when you’d switch the voices over to Japanese. Mewtwo’s voice was pretty bad-ass. Hopefully, they kept the same voice actor for the upcoming movie.
    Hearing “Mewthree’s” voice would give us a feel to its personality. I’m looking forward to that.
    I’m also looking forward to the next Super Smash Bros, because Mewtwo seems to have a chance at making a comeback, along with its new buddy.

  16. I am guessing that this is a Mew Y and there will be a Mew X for the corresponding versions.

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  17. This got me thinking maybe there was another attempt at cloning mew when Mewtwo ran away or this pokemon was cloned along with Mewtwo and was considered a failure.

    1. That would actually make a lot of sense. One of the discarded wrong clones, that was actually just “gestating” from a Ditto into this beast! It would explain its resemblance with Mewtwo and the fact that it is its own separate new pokémon.

  18. I am NOT convinced it’s a new pokemon; I think it’s Mewtwo’s new FORM. Game Freak and Nintendo, I would think, would have the common sense NOT to make a NEW pokemon (a new clone of Mew or not) have THIS MUCH of a resemblance in design as Mewtwo. Reason #2 is that the NEW MOVIE’s TITLE is about MEWTWO….not a “NEW POKEMON”. So, considering the new movie is titled “Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens/Mewtwo’s Awakening” is sufficient enough reason for me to believe this is going to be a new form….not a whole new pokemon.
    I think everyone is reading in to the whole “a newly discovered pokemon” wording the “press release” from Nintendo. It’s a new pokemon in the sense that it’s “new” and it’s a “pokemon”; that’s it. Guess we’ll wait until April 19th when the new trailer for the movie comes out; it’s going to have the new form in it.
    No idea why some of you are all like, “Wah! I wanted a new pokemon! Oh well, as long as this is a new pokemon and not a form i’ll be happy!” Nevermind that we have some NEW NEWS.

    1. everyone is entitled to their own opinion so you can have yours and i can have mine. So you can just pipe the fuck down and let me express my opinion and you can express yours 🙂

    2. These are not “NEW NEWS”. We’ve seen this in the begining of the week. Also, “Big News” hinted that we’d have some new pokémon, not just one (or, as you argue, a form, which is a lot worse) or, at least, a new pokémon and some news about existing ones (like Sylveon or the legendaries) or about the map, plot, whatever. This is more of a “new movie news”, than “X & Y news”. I’m very disappointed… I thought that if the news were related to this Mewtwo thingy, they would at least have the decency to reveal something else as well. I hope this is not a form because I don’t like them too much and because it would turn these news into less than they already are. As for the creature itself, it would be interesting if it was its own individual pokémon, even if related to Mew. As for the design, I don’t like the tail coming out of its head, but besides that, it’s not that ugly.

      And because apologizing for “my bad english” is a cliché and I’m not that bad at it, I won’t. Still, bear in mind that it isn’t my native language… Portuguese is! And no, we’re not a spanish province of some sort, we are a country. 😀

    3. But they’re going through such lengths to not explicitly say it’s still Mewtwo.

      Also, in the episode of smash they actually say it isn’t Mewtwo. (38:20-ish)

      Admittedly Masuda San says “I wonder” after, but that was in response to “Perhaps it has some relation to Mewtwo”, not so much to the part where he said “It’s not Mewtwo”.

  19. What happens if this new pokemon is actually inside the red genesect and controlling it in the movie.. Could explain why mewtwo comes back

        1. A pokemon inside another pokemon, possibly a robot in the shape of a pokemon…. not my idea of a good story. Its just my opinion but my GOD NO.

  20. Also, don’t you think the movie could be called “Mewtwo Awakens/Mewtwo’s Awakening” because a new and stronger power is awakened in Mewtwo (Thus leading to a new form!) ? Just saying..

  21. The fact that they’re being very silent about whether this is a new form of Mewtwo or not makes me very suspicious. However, the movie IS still about “Mewtwo’s awakening,” so it is very difficult to lean towards one prediction. I find it quite interesting that Mewtwo is relevant again. This most likely means X and Y take place after Gen I and III and that somebody has tampered with its DNA. It would be amazing if this supposed Mewtwo forme was incorporated into the main story. Unfortunately, I think Xerneas and Yveltal will be the main focus of the main game and Mewtwo will be a major sidequest in the post-game. I hope I’m wrong, though.

    1. Maybe they can add it to the story the same way they did with Suicune in HG and SS… Make it important, but it doesn’t have to be a main legendary.

  22. Realistically its probably going to be a forme of Mewtwo, sure it even replaced it on the poster haha. It could have looked alot worse than this, at first I was like HELL NO. But its grown on me even in this short time, especially the gameplay video 🙂

    1. Agreed! It looked different in the leaked movie picture, that is why I did not like it. But I like it now, alot 😀

    2. When I first saw it, my reaction wasn’t “HELL NO.” but more, “is this really necessary?” It’s certainly not the worst-designed new alternate form out there, and I didn’t hate it right away.
      The one thing I hope it’ll reveal – but I very much doubt it – is the return of the Berserk Gene item. At least if they go that route, it would be more plausible for myself; but we’ll just have to wait and see.

      1. Yeah I agree with is it necessary alright. A lot of people didn’t like the design but like yourself, as I said it could have been a lot worse. Hopefully there will be a plausible reason for it in game. But I’m good either way 🙂

        1. See, we CAN have an intelligent conversation without necessarily agreeing. Let’s keep it that way! 🙂

  23. Since Genesect is here, I guess that means backwards compatibility is confirmed, huh?

    1. You can by transferring them from older games… Same way you get all main legends from older games

      1. There is not confirmation that you can trade over BW Pokémon. However, as both BW and XY use the same wireless protocol, I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it.

        1. We saw Genesect during the battle with the new Mewtwo thing, so… wonder how that got in there..

  24. I honestly like the optimism here. Most other people are frustrated that they “messed with their precious Gen I Pokemon.” Semi-unique idea of giving older Pokemon new forms (if even so), especially ones that are strongly tied to genetics.

    1. Haha I was the very first person to comment on serebii’s post on facebook about it and it was negative haha, now im positive about it 😛 lol oops

    2. I know right, Pokemon is more fun when you don’t have older players complain on newer things and let younger players enjoy the game.

      1. Its coz of older players that there’s games today instead of game freak stopping after gold and silver, so I think u should show a bit more respect

        1. If majority of the other older players had their way, no game would have existed past Generation 2. Hell according to a lot of older players, Gen 2 doesn’t exist. gen 1 is the only real Pokemon game. It isn’t just about older players that made the games big. Gamefreak took a gamble and kept going with the thought of attracting new players. That’s what kept the games going.

          1. That may be just some grownups who didn’t play after gen 2. I’m only 14 and my first game was red so if loads of people had a gen 1 game as their first its only natural for it to be your favourite

          2. No, that’s called not being able to see past your nostalgia. First generation was not that amazing, people just overcredit it. I can confidently say I welcome new Pokemon games the same way as I did my first. I’ve been playing since it came out.

          3. Nobody didn’t say not to welcome new games, some people just don’t like them as much as the first. You can’t just expect people to love every gen more than the last

          4. “If majority of the other older players had their way, no game would have existed past Generation 2”

            If by “majority” you meant “small and annoying vocal minority who by no means represent older players as a generational whole”, then yes, carry on. Otherwise, no. No sir. All the no.

          5. If you refer to Older as in age rather than when they started playing, they you’d be right. Gen wunners aren’t a minority. There are a lot of them and they believe every game is crap other than Generation 1. A lot of them are against new games in general. They also bitch and complain about spin offs. Gen wunners aren’t a small group. Neither are the Hoenn advocates who like Gen wunners think nothing past Hoenn exists as Pokemon Canon or anything other than Hoenn is the best game ever.

            They may be small where you spend your time, but they outnumber the groups I hang with.

          6. I know this is your personal opinion but I strongly disagree with this, I wrote a comment a while ago on this but honestly, the “majority” of older fans think nothing of the sort. Perhaps you see this from one certain Pokémon community but if you have a search around the internet, I promise you’ll see that most older fans are not blind aggressive ” fans ” attacking anyone who disagrees with their opinions. You will see in different sites and communities that some older fans like myself and many other from this site even , welcome the new Pokémon and games with open arms 🙂

          7. This is the most accepting site I’ve ever seen. I go through a lot of sites and I change frequently based on how well they present news and general air about the site. Practically every older fan that I’ve met have been Genwunners or Gen three babies. Both stay with their extreme. I’ve only met a handful of people that like Gen 4 and Gen 5.

            While mine may be opinionated, the same is for the disagreeing posts. Those are simply your opinions. I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve run into Gen wunners, Both passive gen wunners who don’t argue but completely drown out everything you say and the aggressive ones who insult and troll you. I’ve definitely met more Gen wunners than I’ve met people on here and Pokecommunity. This is both on the net and IRL. definitely

          8. That saddens me because you’ve just had rotten luck seeing that much hatred usually that wouldn’t have been seen. Im sure someday you’ll find another site like this one that are not crazed pissed off fanboys haha 😛

          9. Oh god you should have seen the rant flying when it was confirmed as an alternate form. I have chat logs of two others bitching at each other.

  25. So the Japanese site also updated but the wording is also kinda ambiguous there.

    Changing the subject here, but what moves were Mew….thing using in the video?

    It looks like mostly stuff Mewtwo already gets (including Psystrike), but what was that last move? Was it Focus Blast or some new Fire move or what?

    Edit: Realized everything but Psycho Cut was a special move.

  26. One thing that makes me believe this is a new separate pokémon is that it has question mark under its picture on the official pokémon site, hinting that it has a new name. If it were a form, it would be labeled as Mewtwo, I suppose. Everything seems to point that it is, in fact, a new pokémon and I would like that, but at this point in time, I don’t want to get too clingy to an idea, or else I might be disappointed in the future…

    1. It signifies Sylveon’s amazingly blushing pink skin, which often leads up her being hunted illegally by shooters; because her skin is the most expensive piece of animal product after Sawsbuck musk.

      1. o.o;
        Damn, Pokéhunters. Damn you!
        That really is kind of a disturbing image…

    2. You got a good point there. Espeon’s Psychic-type is highlighted in violet-pink. But it might be merely a concealment of its true type by Nintendo, as putting erm, lavender may easily lead us to believe it’s a Flying-type

    3. No, the info has been pink. I’ve been stalking both and the Japanese site. The Japanese one hasn’t changed. Sylveon has always had the Pink Highlight to it and its type. The English site wasn’t updated in any way. If one were updated they both would have been.

  27. Can I just say that I suspected this for a really long time.

    Does anybody remember back to the first film when Mewtwo was created? After it ran amok and destroyed the lab on cinnebar island, the researchers went about cloning again to see if they could achieve a better result. Maybe this is the result that we never got to see?

    1. I don’t know, usually what happens in the Anime and movies are not the same as the games… But this is very viable… DARN IT POKEMON STOP MAKING ME EXCITED…

      1. Not really. I mean in the first episode of Pokemon, Ho-Oh was already around. It backs up what I’m saying about the new cloning of Mewtwo, every pokemon existed we just didn’t know it yet.

  28. So basically they just keep trolling us LOL! Maybe this is what Mewtwo originally was until the scientists changed it into what we were introduced to in the first Pokemon Gen. So after all this time Mewtwo has been in the world it manages to “heal” itself from the genetic engineering done to it?

  29. So, it’s somewhat well known that the Pokemon games draw inpiration from and take after the Earthbound/Mother series – I think the staff even overlaps a bit.

    One of the inspirations for Mewtwo was Giygas as it appeared in the original Mother (“Earthbound Zero”). And I saw a comment that this new Mewtwo might be closer to Giygas… what do you guys think?

    (I really love Earthbound, so I couldn’t pass this up)

  30. I don’t want it to be a form, plain and simple. I don’t necessarily hate it, or love it. If I had a name for it, it would be either Mewthree (obviously) or Mew X, which i prefer Mew X.

    1. I was leaning more towards it being Mew-Z or Mew Z as sort of a play on Three and the fact that it seems much more rounded than Mewtwo, who was introduced in 2-d games, where as this one is in a 3-d game where z is the 3rd axis to the xyz 3-d coordinate plane. But then again, I’m probably looking too much into it.

  31. Maybe this new Mewtwo is a result of scientists messing with Mewtwo’s DNA. Or something along that line. That’s why this pokemon appears more feminine (X), and maybe they created another one too, more masculine (Y). Could be possible since X and Y coordinate with DNA.

  32. Hey! This comments section isn’t filled with negativity and bile! That’s refreshing.

    1. A much more extreme, powerful, equally stoic-looking Phione with bulbous fingers and toes.
      …Who also kinda looks like an alien combined with a shinto god (the thing on it’s head looks like a shinto-like halo).

  33. The games do have DNA symbol on its Japan cover so I think it failed new attempt

  34. Maybe this was another attempt at cloning Mew from another person who was trying to follow in Team Rockets footsetps yet wanted to win this time. All I know is that Genetics has a HUGE role since X and Y are sex chromosomes that can hold genetic information and mew is the pokemon of genes. I am not postive, but I am curious on how this will play out… Maybe the new movie will help clear ideas… Maybe genesect will get a new form too since it was created the same way.

  35. If this is a form of Mewtwo, then it’s probably an Origin Form/Perfect Form.

    If this is a new Pokemon but somehow connected to Mewtwo/Mew then I believe this may be one of the many clones of Mews. Here’s my fictional story:

    Back when scientist where trying to clone Mew, many clones were created until a perfect one came to being. The unsuccessful clones where probably destroyed during the fire at Pokemon Mansion. Notes on how Mew was cloned where recovered and it wasn’t until now that scientist managed to clone Mew again.

    Or genetic makeup of Mew was survived the fire (or maybe Mew was captured again) and some evil organization managed to recover it and….

    Or a clone of Mew still in it’s fetus stage (and somehow cloned to a different process as Mewtwo) managed to survive the fire and was recovered from Pokemon Mansion. The people who recovered the clone raised it and once grown, trained it and….

  36. I’m guessing they might announce as just like they made mewtwo in gen 1. This may be a twisted plot where while they were making a mewtwo, they were working on another clone of mew???

  37. If it is a new Pokemon, it with Mewtwo’s relationship may be similar to Manaphy and Phione?
    But I hope that it is a new form, otherwise it will occupy the new Pokemon position.

  38. I’m gonna be honest and say that I have no idea what the big hype about Mewtwo is… I mean it’s never been my favourite and I’ve never had it on my team… However, I think I’m one of the only people that prefers this new thing to the original. As for what it is… There’s a part of me that says it’s a new Pokemon then again, B/W Kyurem were also ‘new Pokémon’ so I dunno
    (On a side note, anyone else really excited about the full 3D battle and the new battle sprites?)

    1. Yes, yes,yes. I didn’t care about the new form. Only thing I was excited about was battle animations and mewtoo’s “attacking” animation. I realy really love it. It seems a little bit repeating but it is so damn good.

    2. It’s good to read different opinions when everybody’s polite and respectful. I like Mewtwo a lot, actually, although it’s not one of my top ten favourite pokémon of all… Still, I don’t think this thing is ruining Mewtwo, I actually think it looks kind of cool, even though I’m nof fond of that tail coming out of its head. And I have to admit that Kyurem was introduced as a new pokémon, but in the official pokémon site there are question marks under this “Newtwo” thingy picture, suggesting that it will have a name of its own, I suppose. Besides, they just said that there seems to be a relation of some sort between it and Mewtwo, but they always dodged the question: “Is it Mewtwo (but in other form)?”, hinting that maybe it isn’t just a form, but actually a pokémon of its own. I’d really apreciate that, since I’m not that big of a fan of forms. And hell yeah, I’m excited! I was afraid that with new systems and new and improved graphics, they’d just go nuts and create something complex and complicated, which would destroy pokémon for me. I like pokémon games for what they are, simple and straightforward games… You attack, you get attacked, it’s a matter of strategy. If they took that away from us, it would just get too messy. They seem to have maintained the simple game we’ve all fell in love with, just adding cool effects that look totally badass!

  39. The same guy (or people) that genetically enhanced Genesect created this out of Mew/Mewtwo DNA. It is a perfectly engineered version of Mewtwo designed to counterbalance Genesect, as there went something wrong with Genesect and it is now going rampage.
    Expect it to have all around amazing stats, with more (special) attack at the cost of speed.

    1. Yes, it seems like a more genius version of Mewtwo, considering its ass replaced its brain. Maybe they found out that Mewtwo’s ass has an enormous thinking capacity.

      1. Lol…
        Ass for brains. Oh, what kinky zombies there would be if that were true.

  40. The two squares below Mewtwo in the movie site gives me the chills… this “Newtwo” may be one of the squares… so does that mean there’s one more?

  41. This Mewtwo thing has kind of grown on me a bit now after sleeping on it. It doesn’t look ~too bad~ but that carrying handle and its toes are really offputting…

    (but i’m still angry that this is all the news we got ;_; )

  42. I hope we’ll have new fossil pokemon even if there is Rampardos in the trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Although I like this new thing more than the original mewtwo, I would feel so bad for the mewtwo fans if this is a new form. I was devastated when white kyurem was released, as my favourite legendary, Reshiram was described to almost be incomplete without kyurem, and white kyurem is more similar to the original dragon then Reshiram. I’ve gotta say, that annoyed me a lot. It’s curious about the two boxes under mewtwo, I hope it’s something to do with an mewtwo and a y one. Also it is so strange that the legendary types, even sylveons type have not been released yet. It just makes me think there will be new types, or Gamefreak are going to give us only some information but not the whole picture for a while

  44. The way the “antenna” and the half circle thing are arranged, it makes it look like an omega sign. Could that have anything to do with it? Perhaps the name?

  45. At first, I was not fond of a Mewtwo form (from the leak). But after I saw the official art, it grew on me. I like it now! I like pretty much all Pokemon. 😛

  46. Hey, I noticed a comment here about older fans usually not wanting new games and ”if it were up to older fans there would have been no games after generation 1” I wanted to say that honestly the majority of older fans think nothing of the sort. Of course there will be some that say that ,and that’s there opinion , but that’s literally 1% of fans. Im 20years old and turning 21 in May. Ive been playing Pokémon since I was around 5 or so, and I love all generations, granted I love some more than others, but, Generation 2 is my favourite. Not generation 1. I also loved this generation 5. I loved gens3 and 4 too but not as much as the other 1,2,5. My point is, that 1% of older fans are loud and voice their opinions almost aggressively but not all of us are like that trust me 🙂

    1. I think anyone who says this is blinded by nostalgia goggles. I’m 21 myself and think each new generation of Pokémon is as exciting as the last. When a game series becomes tired, that’s when I don’t want any more games. Pokémon is far from being tired and is still growing hugely.

      I think like you said the majority of older fans welcome new games and enjoy them incredibly, I think it’s fans who didn’t play Pokémon from the start and picked up late with earlier games who say that it should have ended and started with Red & Blue. I don’t think anyone can argue with complete validity that Pokémon should have stopped.

      1. Cool nice to see you agree with me 😀 It kinda annoys me how people say that, for example some peoples argument is that the story in the games have just gotten worse and worse.
        IMO generation5 had such a moving storyline, you could really relate to some of it, and most of all it made me think. Some comments from the grunts who didn’t know the full story of what was happening in team plasma were just well thought out by the creators.
        Thanks for agreeing & ur comment was 100% true nostalgia goggles need to stop haha 😀

        1. It’s good to see people who aren’t afraid to speak out! Anyone who thinks the stories have gotten weaker are confusing. They’ve only gotten strong each generation. Unova has the strongest plot line, the fact it was the first generation to get direct sequels shows that (I’m ignoring Johto following Kanto as they weren’t as close knit as Unova).

          Out with the nostalgia goggles!

          1. Agreed you can say Generation 5 was the riskiest of all the Generation with the plot. They tied the plot to a lot of religion, ideals and stuff you didn’t see in previous Generations of Pokemon.

          1. It was very good, I really felt that the story was created to make the player think and relate more to Pokémon as living creatures than any other generation. Truly loved it 🙂

          2. Did you ever play second gen? That was sort of the whole point of the red-headed antagonist and Lance vs. Team Rocket.

          3. Yes I have, I have played every generation. I don’t know what your point is, or what your trying to say, But your PIG IGNORANCE is certainly noticeable. Disgusting people like you should be banned from this site and left to rot, like the negative trolling sad sack you are. Don’t bother real fans on this site again.

          4. Haha the sad thing is, You have no idea what you even replied to in the first place. Learn to read then come back 🙂 In future read all posts before commenting on one incorrectly 🙂 Have a nice day ( and brush up on your reading and people skills ) 😀

          5. You’ve…. YOU’VE READ MY MIND!!! (**are you mewtwo???**)

            ( But your PIG IGNORANCE is certainly noticeable. Disgusting people like
            you should be banned from this site and left to rot, like the negative
            trolling sad sack you are. Don’t bother real fans on this site again.) <- counts as people skills? Lemme give it a try:


            "Your lack of acknowledgement that the second generation's introduction of the happiness factor into gameplay mechanics and the entire storyline of fighting to be the strongest was a strong moral statement made by GameFreak due to the first generation's over-popularity of its players trying to fight with the strongest pokemon – Ubers in today's parlance – instead of playing the game with the species one likes. This emphasis is pretty blatant by the actions of the red-haired antagonist who ultimately learns that pokemon are not just tools for battle but actual creatures to be cared for, to the point that the player is given a shuckle specifically to be taken care of because its owner is frightened that it will be taken away by bad people; and that Lance pops up to talk about not only the suffering of the pokemon at the Lake of Rage, but also the suffering of the electrodes who are powering the machine in Mahogany Town.
            The willful ignorance expressed by your initial reply is beyond any fanboyisms and falls into "so pathetically sad" territory that it does not warrant any rational argumentative reply to try to continue a polite discussion on the merits of plot and storyline of the games. You have no logic and you reply to me like a rabid dog that should be put down"

            Oops, I think I did it wrong. Let me try again:
            "Go hug a Lucario."
            There, I think I got it! 😀

          6. The saddest thing of all is that you decided to automatically presume I forgot the second gen…. ” DID YOU EVEN PLAY IT” learn to read, I even said it was my favourite. So before you start fights with people like myself who know a lot more about Pokémon than you do, I suggest as stated before reading prior to replying. Now hopefully you see the error in your ways, you are dismissed and there is no further point in carrying on this argument. If you do wish to discuss the matter further with me, do it off this site as you bickering and looking for arguments isn’t fair on the other members of this site.
            Run along with the other children and read 🙂

          7. “So before you start fights with people like myself”
            I started a fight? Me? How!?
            Thank you for proving I am right! 🙂

          8. My favourite generation is 2 as I have explained, yet I preferred the powerful storyline in gen 5. They are similar but Generation 5 just completely hit the nail on the head and made many fans think. You cannot see this point and I don’t know weather your just trolling or stupid. Ive literally spelled it out for you, so if you cant understand then its your problem. I don’t know why you feel the need to challenge me on my favourite game, so you should just not cause arguments and ” Go hug a Lucario ” haha good-day Sir 😀

          9. You didn’t spell out anything except by responding to my innocent question by attacking me and calling me PIG IGNORANT. You, sir, have turned into a troll before I could even say anything. 😛
            It’s funny how any questions or criticisms is met with unadulterated hatred. Some of us don’t have nostalgia-goggles, we just like quality. 🙂

          10. Well if the boot fits….
            Honestly you seem to have misjudged everything written, so I will pass this off as you making a simple mistake. I clearly am not a troll, just read all my comments, not here but anywhere. I don’t know why you bring quality into this conversation, all main series Pokémon Games are quality..

          11. Yeah, I would give you the benefit of a doubt; as long as you realize that your first response to me, calling me “PIG IGNORANT”, “disgusting”, and should be banned, was seriously over-the-line for responding to a simple question.
            As for quality, the Pokemon games all have their pluses and minuses. I’ve written about my review of the 5th generation storyline before, and kept it as neutral as possible, and was only met with, “NOSTALGIA GOGGLES!!!” as replies instead of any actual intelligent input about the criticism. While I give GameFreak E for Effort on 5th gen, I did feel it fell flat on its own premise more often-than-not. The BW2 story sort of redeemed the generation with Hugh’s storyline (Same with Bel’s for BW), but it wasn’t enough for me to list it anywhere near the best or better storylines of the games.
            If someone does not agree with my assessment and their opinion is one of the plot being the best of the games and everything just keeps getting better, then we can mutually agree to disagree. But someone responding with troll/flaming comments, shows more about their character than anything.

          12. You don’t seem to get this. That’s your opinion, I Disagree but its your opinion. I would give Generation 5 a solid 8/10.

          13. Wait.

            I JUST said, “we can mutually agree to disagree.”

            You responded with, essentially, “YOU’RE WRONG!! I AGREE TO DISAGREE!!”

            Why are you disagreeing with me on something that you’re agreeing with? We both have different opinions, and THAT IS FINE. You seem to agree with that, so why are you disagreeing with me? Just for the sake of being a troll?

          14. You really have no idea what ur even saying anymore do u ? I’m guessing your just out for a fight for the sake of being a troll and a pain.

    2. Same here bro My favorite was Gen 2, even though I played Pokemon Blue first my favorites would be 2>5>3>1>4. Gen 1 will always be a classic but I’m completely open to them giving older pokemon new forms. I welcome new games I’m 20 also and can’t wait for Gen 6 I enjoyed all then Gens tbh. Gen 2 was just my favorite because of all the content that was added back then was amazing to me as a kid.

      1. I know, I was amazed seeing how Kanto had changed in time it really was such a fantastic addition to the game. I can honestly say im more excited for generation 6 now than I have been when generation 5 was first announced. Great to see someone my age being open to new games with such a level head and not a crazed pissed off generation 1 fanboy haha 🙂

        1. Right, I don’t understand all the hate that comes to giving older pokemon new formes or evolutions. Generation 1 will always be great. I actually get excited when I see older pokes get new evolutions or formes, I don’t see why Gen 1 fanboys hate it so much lol

          1. I know lol, I just received a comment from a butthurt fan ( DREW2U ) there.They need to grow the hell up haha 🙂

          2. How was anything I said butt-hurt?
            And where, if you’re trying to imply, have I said anything negative about the new mewtwo form?

          3. Are you twelve or something? I’m trying to figure out why you keep trolling, and the only plausible answer is that you’re some middleschooler or young highschooler that doesn’t know how to have an intelligent conversation and who only knows how to respond to questions with ad hominem attacks.

            Again, I repeat – and perhaps you can start having a grown-up conversation instead of the baseless name-calling that seems to be the only thing in your repertoire – where have I said anything bad about the mewtwo form, and where in any fashion have I said anything that is “butt-hurt”?

            You’re embarrassing yourself. I’d plead for you to stop for your own sake, but I get the feeling that’d only encourage you.

          4. Funnily enough as I say u embarrass yourself suddenly you say it to me. And you would know how old I am seems how u decided to troll every comment I posted 🙂 learn to read properly in future then respond 🙂

          5. Wow, your perspicacity is truly gobsmacking! You have won, sir, in your breathtaking use of the English language in text-speak! My mind, indeed, is too infinitesimal to comprehend such melodious language.

            You are too brilliant for these modest conversations. Go! Go forth and share your brilliance with the internets!

          6. As sarcastic as that may be, Good in future please only leave intelligent comments, at least on my posts if you wish to have a discussion 🙂

          7. Then next time don’t leave unintelligent comments on my posts first 🙂 Have a nice day 🙂

          8. Asking a question isn’t unintelligent, especially since there was no indication of a previous statement that would have addressed such question, but the response to it – nothing but flaming and name-calling, without ever actually addressing the question in a civil, intelligent matter – certainly was! 🙂
            You could have saved yourself all of this were your first response to me civil.

          9. Unfortunately if you’d have read my post you wouldn’t have had to ask your question, thus deeming it unintelligent. If youd have done this in the first youd have saved all your time 🙂

          10. “It was very good, I really felt that the story was created to make the player think and relate more to Pokémon as living creatures than any other generation. Truly loved it :)”

            Okay, where do you anywhere say that 5th gen’s plot piggybacks off of the already established worldview set in 2nd gen? Nowhere. Through all your own posts you make no recognition about any of it. Maybe in your head you think you did, but you didn’t.
            All you needed to have said was, “I have played second gen and am aware of its plot. While it’s the same thing, I feel that 5th gen did it better”. And that would have been the end of it instead of going on-and-on with calling me names.

          11. Ill clarify for you seems how you seem to have missed this numerous times

            ” Ive been playing Pokémon since I was around 5 or so, and I love all generations, granted I love some more than others, but, Generation 2 is my favourite. Not generation 1. I also loved this generation 5. I loved gens3 and 4 too but not as much as the other 1,2,5 ”
            Where it says Generation 2 is my favourite, that right there would indicate that I have played that generation. It also says it was my favourite which further proves I have played it out of all generations currently released.
            Hopefully now you realised that the answer to your question was in my original post. 🙂

          12. See, now wasn’t that easier than having this flame war? I will concede that I overlooked that post (kind of a word-salad, but this is the internet), but I have a feeling that you won’t concede that you overreacted.

            In my personal opinion, I loved 2nd gen (HGSS would be what I would recommend to anyone who wants to start playing Pokemon), but I think 3rd gen has the most to gain/benefit for a remake due to such exotic locations – it has the potential to be a really beautiful game.

          13. Sorry for the delayed reply I’m in the middle of my exams in college :O yeah I overreacted aswell. But from what I’ve seen you seem to have a lot in common with me 🙂 I’d also love a 3rd gen remake imagine it if they did it in full 3d like x and y ? It would be jaw dropping going up the cable car :p

          14. I also think that diving spots, the ash route, Kyogre/Groudon’s entrance & the Cave of Origin, the mossdeep space center, the Tidal cave, Mt. Pyre, Rayquaza’s tower, and Fortree City would all look absolutely phenomenal in that 3D perspective! If they expand the game to include a Sevii Island-like area or the expanded areas of Johto and have more pokemon to catch or just increase post-game gameplay, a RS remake would be great! Though I do hope they choose Emerald’s storyline for the remake as that feels the most-complete plot.

    3. You’re so right. What annoys me is how many people seem to translate this:

      ‘I don’t happen to like this new Pokemon’s design. It might grow on me, but at the moment…meh.’



      I’m 24 and my first game, back when I was 11, was Yellow. I’ll always have a soft spot for generation 1 – they were my first ever pokemon games and the beginning of a life-long love affair. But do I think they’re the best pokemon games? No. Are they even my favourite generation? Hell no; 4th gen gets that honour. But god forbid you express any remotely negative opinion about a new pokemon or game feature – no matter how intelligently or eloquently you say it, or how much you explain that you still enjoy the new games in spite of it – because then you’re suddenly a ‘rabid, whining genwunner’. I think this stupid generalisation shows the immaturity and small-mindedness of certain younger fans much, much more than it shows the nostalgia of older fans.

      1. Exactly, Its just ridiculous how people seem to instantly jump to those conclusions. I couldn’t agree more about you saying

        ” But god forbid you express any remotely negative opinion about a new pokemon or game feature ”
        you really hit the nail on the head there. People are going to like different things and hate different things. Yet blind stuborn “fans” cant deal with it if you disagree with them 😛
        Great to see you think the same as me 😀

        1. “Yet blind stuborn “fans” cant deal with it if you disagree with them”
          Like pointing out the similarity of a previous gen plot being recycled, then having a crazed fan try to disembowel you for daring to not worship each new generation as better than anything else that has ever existed? 😉

          I’m reading more of your comments, like you said – in hopes of trying to see that you’re better than just a blind, stubborn “fan” yourself, but you’re not really helping yourself.

          1. Haha the troll of Pokejungle still crawling around. Funny how everyone else agrees with me and no one agrees with you. U are starting to embarrass yourself now 🙂

  47. You’re looking too much into what they site says. It does say, “This new pokemon…” but, this should only be taken as such in a sense that (a) it’s new, and (b) it’s a pokemon – that’s about it.They take the time to mention all the similarities between this new pokemon and Mewtwo, from its light-purple coloring to its eyes. Considering the title of the movie has to do with Mewtwo, and Mewtwo’s “Awakening” or that he “Awakens”, I would say it is safe to say that this has to do with an awakening of a newfound power (a power needed to defeat Genesect, perhaps?). He was created for battle after all. So, the unleashing of a new form would be the most appropriate – not a “literal” new pokemon. Also, as someone else pointed out, if Game Freak/Nintendo were going to make a “literal” new pokemon, seeing as how they have created amost 1,000 pokemon at this point, I am quite sure they have enough originality that, if they were going to make a second clone of Mew, it wouldn’t be so close in resemblance to Mewtwo; you’d see more distinguishable traits.

  48. And just asa side note here, I think it looks amazing! I am extremely excited for this game! Having been playing since the original 1st Generation (Red and Blue), In my opinion, Generation 6 has the best pokemon designs so far since Generations 1 and 2.

  49. Going to and looking at the article about this bit of news, at the bottom of it is a history of Mewtwo.

    “The Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo”. Click the forward arrow and the next says, “Discovering Mewtwo”, which gives a flashback about seeing him for the first time. The next one is, “A Pokemon Engineered for Battle”. Next is, “The Legend of Mewtwo Endures”. Next is, “A New Chapter Begins”. A new chapter begins for who? Mewtwo, that’s who. Why/How so? I think it’s pretty obvious that Mewtwo “Awakens” a newfound stronger power/form (hence he was engineered for battle).
    The site doesn’t say it’s a “beginning” chapter for a “new” pokemon – no- it says it’s a “new” chapter for a familiar and legendary pokemon – MEWTWO
    I’m excited.

  50. Going to and looking at the article about this bit of news, at the bottom of it is a history of Mewtwo.

    “The Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo”. Click the forward arrow and the next says, “Discovering Mewtwo”, which gives a flashback about seeing him for the first time. The next one is, “A Pokemon Engineered for Battle”. Next is, “The Legend of Mewtwo Endures”. Next is, “A New Chapter Begins”. A new chapter begins for who? Mewtwo, that’s who. Why/How so? I think it’s pretty obvious that Mewtwo “Awakens” a newfound stronger power/form (hence he was engineered for battle).

    The site doesn’t say it’s a “beginning” chapter for a “new” pokemon – no- it says it’s a “new” chapter for a familiar and legendary pokemon – MEWTWO

    I’m excited.

  51. I’ll be the first to admit, forms aren’t really an ingenius thing in the world of Pokemon, BUT, this is the first instance where a new form ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE. He’s genetically engineered for crying out loud!

  52. its still a bummer that this “forme”thing was the only thing released

    1. That’s what they want you to think, until Corocoro is revealed. Believe!
      (sadly, I think you’re right….)

  53. Just a thought, what if this is a mew evolution? I mean they tried to duplicate mew but the coloration and proportions of the body don’t completely match unless the DNA was from an evolved mew. Whether its this, an evolution, or a forme I’m fine with it because the design is done very well!

  54. i think this newtwo isnt a forme of mewtwo at all, maybe one of the first attempts of cloning mew but gone wrong therefore making him weaker than mewtwo. i can see this as a sort of pseudo legendary but its also unlikely because i doubt wed be able to normally find this calibur of a pokemon just in the wild…..still a complete mystery to me…

  55. New leaking *fake photo online about the 2 squares in the Pokemon Movie site. Rumors rumors rumors. 🙂

    1. Yeah it’s fake. Their feet should be three purple thingies, not the same as Mewtwo.

    2. It’s from Deviantart. Someone made it as an example of an X and Y form for Mewtwo.

  56. In the trailer, it seems that most Pokemon are hit by this new Pokemon with super-effective moves.

    Rampardos by Energy Ball
    Machamp by Psycho Cut
    Zangoose by Aura Sphere

    I noticed that when Pokemon are hit with super-effective moves, they tend to flinch for a longer period of time. Genesect’s flinch was very short, so I would suggest that Mewtwo(?)’s attack wasn’t super-effective on it.

    Two issues arise:
    Gyarados flinched for quite a while when hit by an ICE-type attack.
    Cloyster too, by a Psychic-type attack.

    1. I don’t think the flinch has anything to do with being super-effective or not. I think it is just part of that move’s animation. Also, they cut off before the moves are finished, whereas the move used on Genesect was a short one, so you get the impression that Genesect recovers more quickly.

    2. Zangoose was more likely hit with focus blast. Aura sphere was shown being used by meinfoo in the announcement trailer. And I think ur reading a little too much into stuff that isn’t there lol 😛

  57. his apparance somehow remainds something between genesect and mewtwo/mew… Perhaps another perfect creation of humans and mix between those two created poks?

  58. This Pokemon looks awesome! I just wished they would have revealed the answers to the questions we have been asking since January

  59. I think that this “new”pokemon will be a clone that has to defeat mewtwo and genesect. Mewtwo then has to “awaken” in order to surpass this new pokemon.

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