Mewtwo Forme… or Something More? What We Know

Smash has just finished airing and the Official Pokémon site has just updated with the brand new Pokémon, leaked earlier in the week. Gameplay of the new Pokémon can be found below.

The Pokémon shares many similar traits with Mewtwo but isn’t quite the same, which would suggest it’s not perhaps the form we all expected it to be. The newly discovered Pokémon is suspected to have some connection with Mewtwo however, perhaps something a more than a forme? The Official site also mentions how Mewtwo was engineered for battle and it’s sheer power and how a new chapter begins with this new Pokémon. It’s probably also worth noting the the site refers to it as an individual new Pokémon, rather than hinting it being a forme.

We really don’t know a huge amount about this new Pokémon, but from the official information given there’s a lot of room for potential speculation. There’s information to both suggest it is a form of Mewtwo and that it is something entirely different and perhaps not even a legendary Pokémon at all (it’s only referred to as a Pokémon, rather than Legendary Pokémon like Xerneas and Yveltal).

It’s definitely uncertain exactly what this Pokémon is, and it’s just another question we all have about X & Y, but what do you think or want this Pokémon to be? A Mewtwo forme? A descendant of sorts? A completely new Pokémon? Or something entirely new? Get discussing!