Smash Bros. Mewtwo Details & More Amiibos


We have known for some time now that Mewtwo is coming to Smash Brothers on the 3DS and Wii U as downloadable content and thanks to a recent surprise Nintendo Direct we now have details.

Mewtwo will be available April 28th as a purchasable add-on, or on April 15th as a free gift to those who purchased Smash Bros. for both the 3DS and the Wii U. Mewtwo’s final smash seems to have it mega-evolve into Mega Mewtwo Y. Additionally, Lucas from the Earthbound/Mother series was announced as a purchasable character in the coming months, as well as downloadable costumes for Mii fighters. It will also be possible to vote for the character your would most like to see in future Smash Bros. downloadable content. Who would you most like to fight as?

In addition to Mewtwo details, Nintendo also announced two new Pokémon Amiibo in the next wave (Greninja and Jigglypuff), as well as plans to release a Mewtwo Amiibo in the future. This means that all playable Pokémon in Smash Bros. 3DS & Wii U will be available to buy as figures. Have you guys managed to picked up each Pokémon Amiibo released so far? Would you be interested in owning the whole collection?



So, to wrap up with a couple of questions: How is you Amiibo collection coming along, and who would you most like to see as a playable character Smash Bros. in the future?