Pokémon Smash will be starting in about 5 minutes! We are not expecting to get any substantial news (and may not really get any) but the trailer for next week at the end of the episode may show a couple seconds of Pokémon Black 2 / Pokémon White 2 game footage 🙂 If you want a stream you can find one on YouTube.

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  • Started, episode rerun is airing
  • Episode has ended, hosts are talking
  • Meloetta and Victini costumed hosts searched for “pokemon” in a shopping mall
  • Smash’s coverage of “Pokémon Tretta” is beginning
  • Smash is finished and the preview didn’t even show anything good 🙁
  • Next week we WILL get a bunch of info on Smash, although trailer had no mention of it (just movie and Best Wishes 2 mentions)


<3 pokejungle

ps- I’m tired and woke up from a dream in which I was just about to eat ice cream 🙁 I suppose I was thinking about Vanilluxe?

pps- I’m going to be buying a tuner for my computer so I can record Smash clips and also start doing anime coverage with screenshots every week.

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Back in the US after living 9 years in Japan.