5/13 Pokémon Smash Live Coverage

Pokémon Smash will be starting in about 5 minutes! We are not expecting to get any substantial news (and may not really get any) but the trailer for next week at the end of the episode may show a couple seconds of Pokémon Black 2 / Pokémon White 2 game footage 🙂 If you want a stream you can find one on YouTube.

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  • Started, episode rerun is airing
  • Episode has ended, hosts are talking
  • Meloetta and Victini costumed hosts searched for “pokemon” in a shopping mall
  • Smash’s coverage of “Pokémon Tretta” is beginning
  • Smash is finished and the preview didn’t even show anything good 🙁
  • Next week we WILL get a bunch of info on Smash, although trailer had no mention of it (just movie and Best Wishes 2 mentions)


<3 pokejungle

ps- I’m tired and woke up from a dream in which I was just about to eat ice cream 🙁 I suppose I was thinking about Vanilluxe?

pps- I’m going to be buying a tuner for my computer so I can record Smash clips and also start doing anime coverage with screenshots every week.

  1. They will just show the kami trio shadows at the very end.. They’ll not reveal anything until corocoro’s out..

    1. Such a disappointment as always..2 question points: Best Wishes 2 poster and Kami Trio formes.

    1. Yeah, I prefer no human in the background, but in my 5 minute Google search I couldn’t find one.

      1. I prefer it to, but its really not that much of a problem. I would probably do the same thing if i was in your situation just go with the stream i find first…. Im a pretty lazy person :p

      1. Quality can be really bad. Today I had to use the YT stream I linked to because I was getting black video with audio. It was working fine for our translator NL though :s

      2. With everyone wanting to watch the stream, it can get really overloaded, as it relies on p2p. If a lot are watching but only a few are actually streaming, you could miss out any important details.

        But we’re working on a solution. 😛

  2. Hopefully we can get more CoroCoro leaks tonight that can compensate for Smash’s lack of news. But I’ve long since given up hope of Smash revealing anything useful aside from gameplay footage.

    1. I delete comments I feel are a little too inflammatory. Serperior’s reply to you was not supposed to be published, I’m not sure how it got put up on the site.

  3. @ Pokejungle
    Uhh okay so i have a question. I’ve been hearing on the internet that this coro coro was supposed to have like 42 pages of info but that seems like a lot but at the same time we barely got any new info from the leak, do you think or do you know if their will be any more coro coro info about B2W2 in the next couple of days?

    1. Corocoro leaks are always as big (or small) as this one. Those 42 pages could be info on anything other than Pokémon.

      This is all we’ll get until the official site and Pokémon Smash gives us some clear pictures and video. The site normally updates next week, but I wouldn’t expect anything groundbreaking new until the game itself launches.

  4. Will you guys have like a BW2 ingame text coverage when it comes out?
    I mean, where someone fluent in japanese plays through them and writes down any noteworthy stuff thats said through the story?

    Coz I know I wont be able to wait till autumn for the english version, but Id still wanna at least have a feeling of what all the interesting characters are talking about on the adventure D:

    I did the same thing back for BW, but I don’t remember what site did something along these lines.
    Or maybe it was just some fast guy on a forum running thru it and posting it. It was nice coz the games in jap. were very close enjoyable to the english release later that way for the first time xDD

    1. Well, Pokejungle and our translator Kriffix will pick up the game when it comes out, so we’ll be able to do an in-depth coverage of the games.
      But we haven’t decided the exact details of the coverage yet.

    2. If by the time the games have reached me someone hasn’t already begun doing this, I would be happy too.
      One thing I will definitely do is the Pokémon AR Searcher game as soon as the download is available.

      1. 😀

        I dunno whether theres many other people who would appreciate that, but I certainly do.

        The bigger fansites tend to prioritize on getting all the data and info on their sites (80% of which is stuff you find out by playing the games yourself anyway if you get what I mean), instead of details on the plot/interesting npc talk, if they do at all xD

  5. WEll that sucked, we get a bunch of info on Corocoro, only to get none on PokeSmash other than Pokemon Tretta, which isn’t coming out of Japan at all.

  6. Next week they better show us all the gym leaders. Because I am not waiting until June to see what has happened to my beautiful Elesa

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