The Jungle Games: Episode 1! “CoroCoro, My Heart & Soul”

Welcome! This is the first episode of “The Jungle Games”. Out of the 13 hopefuls only 11 submitted articles so we will be eliminating only 2 people this round! The participants were asked to write a sample article for CoroCoro, but instead of a Black 2 / White 2 scan… we reached back in time and grabbed the first glimpses of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver! Many of you are familiar with our posts each month on CoroCoro information so please evaluate each person’s writing and judge which ones you would like to read from now on! At the bottom is a poll for you to submit your favorite articles (up to 6!) and you are encouraged to leave comments. The participants cannot tell you which they wrote and they cannot encourage people to vote for them. Such behavior would get them dismissed. Here were are, the 11 articles for the above 4 scans:

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Hey guys! —– here with the latest leaks from CoroCoro and the first official images from the upcoming Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver games for the DS!
First off, can I say that Silver has and always will probably be my favorite game. So I am very excited to see more news about these remakes! Now onto the info!

– New Trainer Designs: The Male trainer has a revamped outfit close to the original trainer in Gold and Silver. The new Female trainer on the other hand looks NOTHING like Krystal… But I like it! (She almost looks like Mario and Peaches lovechild!) They are also wearing what might be the newly designed PokeGear from the original games! More info on that soon.

– Starters and Wild Pokemon: Just like the original games and the previous remake; LeafGreen and FireRed, the starters and the wild pokemon roaming the Johto region WILL remain the same. But since the addition of natures, new moves, and newer berries introduced in the third and fourth generation games, I am very excited to see the strategical differences between the old and new games.

– The Johto Region: When you start the game, you will indeed be starting your journey in the Johto region in New Bark Town. No area maps have been released, but there is a picture in the page including the Female trainer that shows what is Professor Elms laboratory. In addition to it, there is an upstairs part. The relevance of that part of the house is currently unknown. I am also glad to see that more of the original spots are still there. So far that includes Sprout Town in Violet City, Slowpoke Well next to Azalea Town, and the Burnt Tower in Ecruteak City. As for the other cities and towns, I know nothing of any changes within them, but hopefully with the next leak, we will find out more on the Johto Region.

– Graphics Update: A small part of the game I feel people pass up judging are the overall graphics and 3D engines used in the games. As an animation student, I personally enjoy examining graphics and I would love to hear you guys’ thoughts to! Personally so far, this game already looks way better than the Diamond and Pearl engines they used but it still looks like it will retain that old time feeling from the originals. I really like that and I can’t wait to see what they do with larger cities and hot spots in the game.

There you have it guys! It was a nice start if you ask me. Short, sweet, and to the point, it makes me more excited to see what they’ve done for this game compared to the original ones.
I’d also love to hear you guys’ feedback on the leaks! Which Trainer will you play as? What starter will you choose? Any of the wild Pokemon seen in the scans you’d like on your team? Leave us a comment below and discuss away!

Until next time, we’ll all be anxiously awaiting the next leak from CoroCoro. Hopefully it will be next month. I’d love to hear more about this NOW! [/tab] [tab id=”2″] As you all know, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver are the announced titles of the Gold and Silver remakes for the Nintendo DS we have been anticipating for quite a while now; and after a painfully long drought of info, official CoroCoro scans have finally leaked. Such a small amount of news while being packed to the brim with information! Let’s get started, shall we?

The first scan shows what appears to be Sugimori’s updated design of Gold, the protagonist we all fell in love with in the 90s. He appears to have a sportier outfit, compared to the bulkiness of his in Gold and Silver. In the next scan we see, well I’m not quite sure who this could be, but we see a girl trainer. It seems obvious that she is the female the player can choose, but unless Kris underwent an extreme makeover, we’re looking at a completely different person; she at least pays homage with shorts the same length as Kris. Regardless of her identity, I’m very fond of this character and her design.

Next, we’re given a brief glimpse of the gameplay with a few screenshots in the first and last scan, and man was I surprised to see a Cyndaquil behind the player in the over world sprites! Judging from that screenshot and the one with Totodile by the player, Pokémon Yellow’s “follow-you” feature is making a comeback, with more than just Pikachu.

It’s clear to me that Ken Sugimori is still at the top of his game when looking at the last two scans, which are filled with updated Sugimori designs of well-known Pokémon from the Johto region, a very refreshing sight to see since most designs haven’t been revisited since Generation II.

At any rate, this group of scans proved to be quite exciting for the Pokémon fans from the days of G/S/C, as well as fans who joined us in generations III or IV.

We’ll be posting any new information when and if it arrives, so I’d keep checking back if I were you! [/tab] [tab id=”3″] Hello all pokejunglers, it’s —– here and CoroCoro leaks have just started coming in and boy are these reveals something special.

The first batch of CoroCoro leaks are showcasing what we were warned of last week, the first screenshots and details on Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver.
Although it’s still unconfirmed on whether or not HeartGold and SoulSilver are sequels to the original Gold and Silver or just awesome remakes, we do get screens of the main characters. The male character is revealed wearing a new outfit that looks a lot like Gold’s outfit in G/S/C and he’s also sporting a PokeGear which should also confirm the return of those handy-dandy cellular delights >.>
The female character is also revealed and from the looks of it, she is an entirely new character, also rocking a pink PokeGear.

The leaks show off many Johto Pokemon, including the 3 starters (Cyndaquil, Totodile, and Chikorita) while also showing the first screens of how the starters are obtained (3D Pokeballs – Sweet) and a few locations in Johto, including the entrances to what looks to be the Brass Tower and Slowpoke Well from Generation II.

Generation II Pokemon making returns: Cyndaquil, Totodile, Chikorita, Swinub Slugma, Teddiursa, Qwilfish, Delibird, Octillery, Remoraid, Stantler, Phanpy, Blissey, Miltank, Larvitar, Hoppip, Mareep, Chinchou, Sentret (oh god no), Wooper, Dunsparce, Gligar, Slowpoke (Slowpoke Well), and Wobbufet.

Since this is only the first batch of leaks, we’ll be awaiting for hopefully more info, and the Pokemon Sunday episode that is set to air this weekend is confirmed to be showing gameplay footage and it will most likely show the same stuff CoroCoro has revealed.

Are you excited about the new main characters and the return of the Johto region? Are you excited about what these remakes/sequels have to offer? Discuss in the comments below. [/tab] [tab id=”4″] With the upcoming release of the 2nd generation remakes, HeartGold and SoulSilver, each CoroCoro magazine is thoroughly examined to find any glimpse of information that could give the internet population something to argue about. And this CoroCoro leak doesn’t let us down! It appears that Kris, the playable female character in Pokemon Crystal, does not make a reappearance in these new games. Instead, she is replaced by a new unnamed, bow-adorning, blue overall clad girl. Not much is known about this girl, but what our fantastic translators have discovered is that her Japanese name is Kotone. Widespread panic and anger have spread across the land of the internets. Many people are upset upon learning Kris is no more! As she was the first playable female character, one can understand the people’s rage. I actually like New Girl, as I’ve dubbed her, better than I like Kris. What do you think? Let me know down below! More information as it comes in.

Until next time… [/tab] [tab id=”5″] (Before we begin, I recommend playing this video ( in the background, starting your Johto adventure again and letting the nostalgia roll in.)*

Where to start, where to start?! First, perhaps the most noticeable information across all four scans, is the refreshed Ken Sugimori art for the Pokémon of Johto. It’s likely that all the Second Generation Pokémon will get refreshed artwork, that will be revealed over time. It’s about time if you ask me.

Which brings us to our next observations in scans 1 and 2. The male player-character (who we assume is the one from Gold/Silver/Crystal, dubbed ‘Gold’) has had a slight appearance change; notably his clothing. Whereas the female player-character – not Kris from Crystal as fans previously expected – is a completely new character. Appearance-wise she looks completely different to the other female player-characters we’ve seen in previous generations, she is currently unnamed. We expect the character that the player does not choose, will play a similar role Dawn/Lucas in D/P/Pt and show up at several points throughout the game.

Scans 1, 2 and 4 show that your Pokémon walk behind you, in a similar manner to Pikachu in Yellow version. It’s unclear whether just your starter Pokémon will follow, or any Pokémon of your choosing – anybody else want to have an Arceus walking behind them? The looks you’d get…

The PokéGear also seems properly set for a return, with male and female design variations, as seen on “Gold’s” wrist and the female character’s satchel. Will we see the return of functions from the original games, or will the PokéGear receive all new functions just for HG/SS? I’m hoping for both!

Interestingly scan 2 seems to show what could be a redesigned menu system, that is displayed on the bottom touchscreen of the DS, whether this is the case is as of yet, impossible to tell. But it would be a more than welcome feature, I’m sure you’ll all agree.

A screenshot in scan one appears to show the starter Pokémon selection screen that utilises the bottom touchscreen of the system. (Seems like the games will rely more on the touchscreen than D/P/Pt did?). Whilst another screenshot on the same page shows what looks like the Sprout Tower interior, with a caption in the top left, similar to the ones that pop-up when you enter a new location in Platinum. Perhaps we will see the location artworks pop-up when we enter new areas, like they did in the Third Generation remakes, FireRed and LeafGreen?

For now, that seems to be all the information we can take from the scans, however we will update if/when more news surfaces. Feel free to discuss the first proper news of HG/SS, tell us what you’re anticipating most and what new features you’d like to see added!

*video may need to be repeated, depending on personal reading speed. 😉 [/tab] [tab id=”6″] THE FIRST IMAGES!

We have all been eagerly awaiting information on the new up and coming game, the enhanced remake of Pokémon Gold and Silver, come to be known as ‘Heartgold and Soulsilver’ – well today has been THAT DAY! – yes you heard me correctly!

COROCORO has indeed leaked and some scans have appeared for us wonderful individuals to ogle over.

…… And WOW!

The first scan shows a male – assumably the main character counterpart of the new game. A brand new design makes this fella’ look pretty stylish! He supports a blue device on his left wrist. The gadget resembles that of the Pokétech device given to us in Pearl and Diamond, however maybe this is a new style of Pokédex.

Either way the blue gadget looks innovative and clearly a great deal of thought has gone into its design.

To recap – The Pokétech device was introduced as a piece of technology to the Sinnoh region. This device was worn in the same manner as a watch would be and allowed the trainer access to a multitude of applications which could be attained throughout the game.

.. but maybe they’ve become an imported product to the Johto region?..

I SPY, WITH MY LITTLE EYE.. Is that a pair of running shoes I see?..

Maybe this game will break the trend of the previous main game series’, and it may be quite possible that this good looking character starts his journey WITH running shoes?…

Either way they are an awesome design, and I personally would like to know whether they make these in my size?..

Totodile artwork also exists in the bottom corner next to the trainer.

The next scan shows a female – the new female main character counterpart of the game?.. This is a huge evolution in comparison to the original Gold and Silver, which allowed you to choose a gender for your character, but that gender would be assigned to a male character sprite.

Awesome news – Come on girls, show Johto some GIRL POWER!

This scan continues on from the previous image by showcasing artwork for Chicorita and Cyndaquil – completing the generation two starter set which would probably suggest that this will still be the same trio of starters in HG/SS.

In the top left hand corner of the scan is a game still – it shows the main character with a Pokémon stood near by. This could suggest that we will once again be able to take a leisurely stroll with our Pokémon at our side – as with Pikachu in yellow version…

…Let’s hope our female character has plenty of leg warmers in her bag if she chooses Cyndaquil! But maybe you could set a fashion trend in Johto by supporting a set of flaming socks! ^-^

The image below it looks as though it could be the menu list, and would be accessible through the lower screen of the Nintendo DS – this would make the game far more user friendly and give you quicker access to the menus which you need.

This would obviously contradict my previous prediction of an updated Pokétech app which as we know from Pearl and Diamond, sat on the lower DS screen.

The second generation of Pokémon return to the game, showcasing updated artwork of each monster. The two page scan features several of the generation two Pokémon, including a large image of Larvitar on the first.

Wobbuffet is central to the second page of the scan – as in the previous image it’s artwork is surrounded by images of other second generation Pokémon. Pokédex stats accompany each image, hinting that these Pokémon will all be available within game.

I SPY, WITH MY LITTLE EYE.. Another game screen still image in the bottom right hand corner! In the center of the image is what appears to be a Well – for those of you who are completely AWESOME Pokémon fans, you will know that in the original Gold and SIlver there existed such a place known as ‘The Slowpoke well’. My eyesight is truly awesome : ) .. could this possibly be that very place?..

The image shows two characters standing opposite one another – one I’m assuming is the male main character judging by the yellow and black hat (also visible on the character art work of the first page of the Corocoro scan!) Another hat wearing figure stands in front of him.

Let’s hope nobody is mistaking this potential Slowpoke well for an ordinary plain old Wishing Well.. We wouldn’t want Pokécoins being throw down onto those poor Slowpoke.. That would just be Pokémon abuse and I would have to get very upset and possibly even report the situation to officer Jenny… :/

A Totodile sprite stood near one of the characters. This would most definitely suggest that this game allows the function of Pokémon following alongside you..

..If I had a pair if those super cool running shoes, Totodile would NOT be my choice as a starter Pokémon! Wet shoes? – Shoes are expensive enough these days and I’m sure there isn’t a Footlocker in Johto! ..

However, if these remakes are true to the originals maybe we can take a trip to Kanto and maybe THEY have Footlocker!?

The graphics of the game look to be updated to the standard of Pearl and Diamond, and I personally am very excited to explore the region in all of its remastered glory, comparing its newly renovated features to the original games.

We here at Pokejungle will keep our ears close to the jungle ground (avoiding any wild Tauros of course!) bringing you any news or rumours in which may rustle through the leaves.

What do you COOL KIDS think of the first leaked images HG/SS?

How do you think they will compare to their predecessors? We look forward to hearing what you guys think! /\ [/tab] [tab id=”7″] Rejoice! The highly anticipated CoroCoro scans have at long last leaked. The scans confirm many of the rumours surrounding Heart Gold and Soul Silver, whilst also revealing an abundance of new information!

The first page immediately shows us what appears to be the updated character artwork for Gold. Alongside our male protagonists modernised, slim-fit attire we can also see visual confirmation for the return of the PokeGear! On the same page, a screenshot of the overworld shows a Cyndaquil standing behind our character, could this see the return of the Pokemon-following feature previously seen as exclusive to Pokemon Yellow?

The second page shows what we can presume to be our female protagonist; stylistically our character doesn’t appear to be an updated version of Kris, which is what many fans (including myself) expected. Instead, it seems we’ve received a brand new character, featuring a Mario-esque hat and a PokeGear specifically coloured to represent the gender. A screenshot towards the left of the page shows how the DS’s duals screens are being incorporated within the games, in a creative twist it seems as though our menu options are being featured on the touch screen. Perhaps we could see the possibility of simultaneously playing through the game on the top screen whilst browsing though our bag/party on the bottom?

Along with the starter Pokemon seen on pages one and two, the third page includes a multitude of second generation Pokemon displaying their updated Ken Sugimori artwork. As was already predicted from a Gold/Silver remake, the featured Pokemon (and their evolutionary lines) are essentially confirmed to appear within the main story of the two games. In a screenshot at the bottom of the fourth page we can see what appears to be a Totodile standing next to our updated Gold, this further solidifies the possibility of Pokemon walking behind you outside of battle – could this feature be seen as exclusive to our starter Pokemon, much like Pokemon Yellow’s starting Pikachu? The same screenshot seems to bear a resemblance to the scene outside Slowpoke Well from G/S/C (does this confirm the reappearance of Team Rocket?), the graphical changes surrounding the well are most likely included as to exhibit the console jump and the resulting 3D capabilities of the DS.

While the scans haven’t produced as many screenshots as we undoubtedly wanted. The addition of new features, and reveal of our new character designs will hopefully be enough to keep me content this month. Leave your thoughts and feelings in the comments! <3 [/tab] [tab id=”8″] CoroCoro leaks reveal the first details & images of the long awaited Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver games in all its splendour. There are only 4 pages to dissect but there is enough there to whet your appetite and plenty of gorgeous art work to drool over, so make sure you have a napkin at the ready.

The first double page spread unveils the updated look of the games protagonists. As you can see, Ethan is once again the male choice and he retains his striking ultra ball-esque cap. He looks as though he’s run off a few pounds since we last saw him too, whilst his clothes are more modern and much lighter looking. The Pokégear makes a jubilant return with a much more futuristic look, as if it’s been taken out of a sci-fi movie. The female counterpart however, is a completely new character. Fans of the originals may remember that the female choice was only available in Crystal and that her name was Kris. She had some sort of vibrant blue/green spiked up pigtailed hair, and wore a sporty outfit that consisted of a pair of bright yellow shorts, a red top and a white jacket. This time around, people will instead play as a girl named Lyra who as you can see dresses a lot like Mario, minus the jeans, red cap and moustache. She looks a lot less boisterous than Kris and in some ways reminds me of May from the Pokémon Advanced series.

Other than the two protagonists, the first couple of pages also show off numerous in game screenshots. Foremost the upper right image next to Ethan shows two extremely exciting aspects, the obvious one being the graphical overhaul to make it look like the D/P/Pt games. However the more enticing part of this image is the Pokémon. Noticed it? Anyone who has played Pokémon Yellow will know how awesome it was seeing Pikachu follow you about (until you swapped him for a stronger Pokémon). Could this be the same thing but with all Pokémon? Only time will tell but it looks promising. The other two pictures on this page show off what looks to be the stylised interior of the Bellsprout Tower, and the selection process for your starter (with a splendid 3D look). The final screenshot which is next to Lyra showcases some form of menu on the touch screen, which will probably be used for your bag, Pokédex, game save and so forth.

The final double page spread is filled with generation two concept art by the legendary Ken Sugimori. The Pokémon have been brushed up to today’s standards and look visibly stunning. There is a sole screenshot in the bottom right corner of the last page which shows off the Slowpoke Well and a Team Rocket grunt.

So that is all for this month’s CoroCoro, hopefully we will get it translated soon so we may uncover more from these pages. But for now let’s recap and discuss our findings:

· Male protagonist Ethan returns with an updated look.
· There is a new female protagonist named Lyra.
· The game is made with the D/P/Pt engine.
· It looks like your main Pokémon follows you around in the game.
· The interior of the Bellsprout Tower looks stylised in some way.
· The selection process takes place on the touch screen with some nice 3D balls.
· Ken Sugimori has updated all of the generation two Pokémon so that they mix in with the current generations.
· Team Rocket returns (seen outside Slowpoke Well).

What are your thoughts? Do you like the new snazzy apparel? Would you like to be stalked by your Pokémon? Do you like big 3D balls? Leave your comments below [/tab] [tab id=”9″] The latest issue of CoroCoro officially hits newsstands in 5 days. While that’s well and good for those people who live in Japan, what about those of us that don’t and can’t find means to make it to Japan *just* to get this magazine? Well, I have some good news! Seeing as how it’s now Friday, and it’s the Friday before a new CoroCoro, it can only mean one thing…



Anyway, thanks to the… fine… folks at 2ch, we have scans of the MASSIVE 4 page reveal from this month’s CoroCoro issue. Now, we’ve all known for sometime that the next Pokémon games that are being released are remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver, but – thanks to these scans – we now have our first true look at what those wacky (also read as brilliant) people at GameFreak have done to our precious babies from the Game Boy/Game Boy Color generation. Come and join us as we disect this story page by page while using very little Japanese to get us by!

The first page gives us the bulk of the shiny new information. Page 1 shows us that the names of the games are Heart Gold and Soul Silver and that yes, you can be a male trainer with a Totodile, should that be your calling. Beyond that, the tiny fuzzy pictures with the fantastic glare show us two new features that are worth mentioning. The first feature is that you will be able to use the bottom screen of the DS to select which Pokémon you want to start with (by choosing their pokéball). Pretty cutting edge using the DS screen for obvious touch functionality, right? The second and much cooler feature is that you’ll get to have your Pokémon follow you in the world! Now, don’t get too excited as the only screenshot on this page that shows this feature off has a Cyndaquil following the male trainer, so it’s quite possible that it’s actually part of an uncontrollable scripted scene. However, I have faith they wouldn’t tease us like that and more likely it says it’s a new feature clear as day in that text I can’t fully understand.

One last thing to note about the first page is there seems to be a lone screenshot of a poorly lit room. I’d wager a guess that it’s some fancy update to a Johto dungeon-esque area. Perhaps Sprout Tower? Only time and a clearer scan will tell.

The second page shows off another huge change coming to Heart Gold and Soul Silver. In the original versions, you were forced to play a male trainer. In these revamped versions of Gold and Silver, GameFreak is finally allowing you to select either a male trainer *or* a female trainer. How very current of them! It bears noting that this is not the same female trainer that you were able to pick in Pokémon Crystal. Or if it is, she’s definitely wearing a bigger hat. And new clothes. And possibly new skin and hair and eyes. Anyway, since we’re giving you this BREAKING POKEJUNGLE NEWS™ in a speedy fashion, the rest of the important information is probably tucked away in those boxes filled with tiny Japanese, which still need some translating.

Sadly, the third and fourth pages just show off some of the “new” Pokémon you can find in this mysterious land-we’ve-never-been-to-around-oh-10ish-years-ago-I-swear. For those of you who never played the original Gold and Silver (like me… such shame), maybe Delibird, Miltank, and Mareep will be brand spanking new Pokémon to wow you. For the rest of us (myself clearly not included), it’s nice to see that they are sparing no expense bringing these Pokémon back. We all know Slugma is a greedy little jerk and had to demand some sort of salary increase to reprise its role in the games.

I’ll also point out that on page 4 that there is another screenshot depicting a Pokémon following the male trainer, this time with a Totodile. If this isn’t a feature, they sure are trying to make us get our hopes up.

And that’s all for our BREAKING POKEJUNGLE NEWS™ featuring COROCORO EARLY LEAK TIME YAY!™ Looks like they are definitely trying to make these remakes stand out beyond just the graphical upgrades. I’ll be excited to see what else they do with these games, with these remakes being my first foray into Johto. [/tab] [tab id=”10″] With all the excitement revolving around the announcement of HeartGold and SoulSilver, we finally get a small insight of what to expect with the leak of this month’s CoroCoro. The majority of what we’re getting throughout these scans is a look at the new official artwork for the Trainers and Pokémon within the game. The Pokémon are old news. Most of us know all of them already, but it’s nice to get a look at their updated official artwork.

The first two scans are what’s really interesting. Focusing on the first scan, we see the male protagonist has gotten a basic redesign. He looks ready to battle with his playful Totodile by his side, and an updated Pokégear strapped to his wrist. He keeps a lot of the same basic look as the original Gold and Silver, with just an updated outfit. Around him, we can see in-game shots: The male trainer standing in front of Burnt Tower in Ecruteak city with a Cyndaquil following behind him. (Do your starters follow behind you through the whole game just like Amnity Square in Sinnoh? Will all Pokémon follow behind you?) We also get a look at the starter selection screen, and artwork for the entrance to Sprout Tower.

The second scan shows a completely new character within the game, which I can only assume to be the female protagonist. She also has this updated Pokégear hanging from her bag. What do you think of this new character? Personally, I think she’s cute and will make a nice addition to rest of the female Pokémon trainers.

One final tidbit to point out, is on the last scan below Wobbuffet; there’s a screenshot that shows the male trainer talking to a Team Rocket Grunt. It looks like he’s at the Slowpoke Well in Azalea Town.

These scans give us just what to expect out of these classic remakes, HeartGold and SoulSilver. We’re given just enough of a look into the aesthetic changes through the game, to keep us on our toes in anticipation for their release. [/tab] [tab id=”11″] Early scans of the May’s CoroCoro have finally leaked today– and they reveal details about a new G/S/C remake!
For those of you who want to have this information spoiled, the info is hidden in a spoiler tag.


The first scan mainly reveals information about the game itself–

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • The game will be a G/S/C remake
  • New female character– not based on Kris, fascinatingly enough
  • The female character has a new PokéGear design– pink, confirms the Pokégear will be back
  • Confirms the three starters stay the same – Cyndaquil, Totodile, and Chikorita.
  • Top corner is hard to make out, but appears to show the full capabilities of the DS to be used in the game, with a touchscreen menu.



This scan reveals quite a bit about the game as well as showing some new Sugimori art-

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • New resdesign of Ethan, more hip-modern looking, again shows the PokéGear, this time on his wrist.
  • An image of gameplay shows a Cyndaquil following Ethan in the overworld, does your starter follow you like in the original Yellow?
  • New Sugimori art of Totodile
  • Appears to show the Pokémon selection, this time using 3D and the touchscreen
  • An artistic image of what looks like Sprout Tower(Bellsprouts visible, main support beam) is shown, appears like the FR/LG images when entering an area?



Onto the third scan, which reveals new Sugimori art of:

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Larvitar
  • Delibird
  • Remoraid
  • Slugma
  • Swinub
  • Qwilfish
  • Phanpy
  • Blissey
  • Miltank



Finally, the fourth scan– reveals, like the third one, more new Sugimori art, but also reveals that the storyline appears to be similar to G/S/C, as in the corner you can see what appears to be the slowpoke well with a character in black– Team rocket? It also appears to show a Totodile following the main character, as the first scan did with a Cyndaquil.

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Chinchou
  • Hoppip
  • Wooper
  • Gligar
  • Dunsparce
  • Mareep
  • Sentret


Personally, I think this is a fantastic re-imagining of the trio of games, and I’m looking forward to more information!

Comments? Thoughts? Feel free to pitch in! [/tab][/tabswrap]

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I loved reading all of them! Hope you guys participate in the ‘Games and really help shape the future of the site! 😀

<3 pokejungle

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  1. Number 1 and 11 were my absolute favorites! Personally, the others were great but I just didn’t get caught up im them. Great job everyone and good luck!

  2. Nice job everybody… you get a real sense of diversity of the different competitors… the only way is up from here!

  3. I thought 11 was amazing! #1 seem forced and didn’t seem like the author was being him/her self.

  4. WOW, all of these were great, i have my favourites but im gonna try and give some constructive feedback to all of them :):

    1- Informative and well structured however perhaps too much rambling, shorter bullet points discussing each snippet of info might have worked better. Very opinionated, perhaps too personal a response rather than the formal (with some personality of course) style adopted by current poke-jungle staffers.
    2- Informative and well written: the info discussed is covered well however not all of the info revealed in the scans were discussed e.g poke gear, screen shots etc, try and discuss as much as you can from the scans.
    3- VERY observant, only info not discussed was walking Pokemon. Overall the style was readable and similar to other poke-jungle staffers style yet unique in itself.
    4-Very short and while it is very informative about the new female playable character it completely ignores the rest of the leak, seems more like a third of a post rather than a whole one. But what is there is great however perhaps too conscious of outside input, if this was a breaking news leak then most of the internet would only just be finding this info out and would not yet have had time to make an opinion.
    5- One of my personal favorites :), this one was extremely well written, very informative (i don’t think anything was left out), each point was discussed briefly but in detail. Each point was well referenced with scan numbers and separated out well. The music was a nice touch and reminds me of that something extra we are used to seeing in poke-jungle articles. Not really much i can say about this one except awesome 🙂
    6- Very Very informative, perhaps too informative. The thing that stands out with this one is length, it is a bit long. I like the fun style of the writer and passion shown for the series however each point could have been discussed more factually rather than personally in order to get the information across quicker. But i do like the style of writing used and wouldn’t want a briefer article to detract from this..i suppose what is needed is more balance, try and balance style with structure.
    7- A well executed article, not too short, not too long, got the info across without rambling on too much. Perhaps the only suggestion i could give is for the structure, while paragraphs are fine perhaps a mix between that and bullet points to put focus on some of the more key points might give your article more impact. But overall a good, well written response to the leak.
    8- Very nice, another one of my favorites. Very poke jungle-esque style. I like how you discuss the scans in detail with a brief consolidated recap at the end, a well thought out structure. One point is that you would not have known the protagonists names at time of writing so watch out for overstepping your time marker in future tasks (of course were you given a position it would not be relevant as you would be writing about present news not past but for the sake of the games, this is something to watch out for).
    9- Informative and funny, i love the style of the writing, another favorite of mines :). Perhaps a tad too long but not so long that it becomes bland. Well discussed info balanced with a few jokes and nostalgic comments make for a good article and this is what this is. Just maybe watch out for length and play around with structure a bit until you get the perfect balance.
    10- A well written article however perhaps not analytical enough, all of the main bits of info revealed were discussed however not all info was discussed as well as other bits. Try and balance it out more. When not much is revealed about a screen cap try and discuss what it could mean, any foreshadowing e.g. sprout tower entrance pic showing that the entrance artwork from FRLG is possibly returning…that kind of thing. That way you get across the information while also giving your readers something further to think about and discuss. But overall a good article with a nice flow to it 🙂
    11- Now this is what i am talking about, saving the best for last no doubt. This article is extremely well laid out, clear to read, flows well and more importantly gets all the information across. The bullet point style is tried and tested and shown to work well so use it. That is what this writer has done and it works!, all of the info is discussed appropriately and in enough detail without rambling on. Excellent article overall, very similar to what is the norm on poke jungle but like i said to another entrant, watch your time line, at the point of this post you would not have known the male playable characters name so watch out for that in future tasks.

    Well that was an awesome set of responses to the task, some better than others but all of an extremely high standard, i cant wait to see what comes next. Congrats and well done to all of the entrants- sorry if my feedback seems harsh in some places, not one entry was bad so i tried to give feedback to every entrant based on what i would normally see in a poke-jungle article. But overall im sooooooo impressed with these and cant wait to watch the games play out :)))

    1. This is much appreciated, thanks a bunch! I love receiving constructive criticism, and if I make it through this challenge it’ll help me with the others.

      My fellow competitors all had fabulous entries and I wish everyone the best of luck!

      1. No problem, glad i could help 🙂 Im very excited to see who goes through and what the next task will be.

  5. Number 11 was a well written, excellently laid out article, I was shocked nobody else took this approach as it definately works the best! Some just made me lose interest due to the rambling. Others came across as if the author was too cheesy and fake. Though they were all good in their own way and I wish all the authors the best of luck.

  6. Well, the current poll results are actually extremely annoying. I don’t want this to be considered as flaming or as harsh, but I do believe that #1 wouldn’t have nearly as many votes if it wasn’t the first article to be seen by voters.

    Anyway, onto my critique:
    #1 – Very emotional. While I understand the nature of the site is to deliver the news in a way that reflects the personalities of the writers, I do think the author of #1 went a little overboard; there are a lot of sentences in that article that begin with the word, “I”. At times I also felt like the piece resembled a vocal commentary rather than a written piece – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but as a reader I don’t personally don’t feel like it matches the site. However, I like how the piece was structured, I personally would have grouped the news through the topics, rather than pages like some of the other entries.

    #2 – I like this entry, it was concise and cohesive. It addressed the reader and it definitely matched the general tone of the site. I personally didn’t like this sentence, “she at least pays homage with shorts the same length as Kris”. For me, it ruined the professionalism of the article – but then again, maybe it’s because I’m gay. But yeah, that sentence could of done with being left out.

    #3 – Quite a few grammar mistakes, “are these reveals”. The writer also doesn’t really know where to place his comma’s. Upon reading, I would guess that this was written spontaneously with little (if any) drafting/proofreading. Also, I don’t think the Pokemon needed listing, to me it felt like the writer was trying to lengthen his/her entry. As, MiniryuNinja has already stated it’s a shame that the writer missed the Pokemon-following feature. On the positive side, there was definitely the right amount of personality in the entry, I especially liked the description of the PokeGear’s, “handy-dandy cellular delights”.

    #4 – Very short, I don’t know whether there was a brief for how long the entries should be, but even if there was the writer really didn’t write a lot about the scans, completely overlooked most of the information. Sometimes where comma’s are used brackets or semi-colons would have been more appropriate, like here: “I actually like New Girl, as I’ve dubbed her, better than I like Kris.” Overall, it just needs more length.

    #5 – This person really likes hyphens, in some cases simple comma’s or just spaces would have sufficed. While the attention to detail should probably be applauded, I didn’t click the music link, I felt like it was slightly cheesy and generally unnecessary. I might be being a little too critical of this piece, overall the writer is very sophisticated and out of all the pieces I would say that a lot of drafting and time went into this piece, but if this was actually written straight after Coro Coro leaks, I don’t think it would have been able to include as much attention to detail.

    #6 – Lots of unnecessary length, lots of caps lock and lots of emotion. As I said with the previous piece, I don’t think something of this length would have been able to be put up on the site immediately after Coro Coro leaks. SO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS, the phrase, “I spy with my little eye” didn’t need repeating throughout the entry. It was slightly corny the first time, even worse the second time. I didn’t feel as though there was as much structure in this piece, especially compared to some of the others; leaving line spaces in-between points didn’t appeal to me, and it certainly didn’t appeal to my eyes as I was scrolling down. While the description can sometimes be appreciated, I think it ended up being the writers downfall in this piece. For example, the whole of the following paragraph wasn’t even needed and it was incredibly cheesy, “Let’s hope nobody is mistaking this potential Slowpoke well…”

    #7 – One of my favourites, it’s concise and cohesive. Enough personality to match the sites register, and the tentative language style appealed to me. I’d say the conclusion was a little weak, and while I’ve critiqued many of the entries to be too opinionated, maybe this one could do with a few more opinions? It’s clear that a lot of effort went into writing this piece, there is a nice range of vocabulary and grammatically I can’t see any errors.

    #8 – Another of my favourites. I have mixed feeling on the semantic field of food seen in the opening paragraph, it was well constructed, yet a little bit redundant. This writer needs to learn that comma’s need to be placed before/after conjunctions. And content wise, Ethan wasn’t the name of the original G/S male character. The bullet pointed recap at the end was a nice idea, but perhaps redundant. I would of but the bullets points at the top and the rest of the info in an optional spoiler? I’m nit-picking with this one, but I did in fact enjoy the tone and cohesion.

    #9 – I wasn’t sure where this was going, after seeing the ™ logo and “Ahem”, I was getting ready to cringe. But as the piece progressed I felt like the writer started to adapt and it became a lot more enjoyable. I’d say that this entry was a lot more declarative, the writer seemed certain of features that hadn’t necessarily been fully confirmed by the scans; linguistically the writer wasn’t as suggestive as some of the previous entrants. Mixed feelings with this one, but it makes my top 6.

    #10 – It’s no the “Burnt Tower”, it’s the “Burned Tower”. That annoyed me a little, but again, I do really like this piece. It was nicely constructed and this writer was the only entrant to mention that the Pokemon-following feature was also seen in Amnity Square, yet they didn’t mention Pokemon Yellow. Overall, this piece was nice.

    #11 – I’m actually surprised that this was the only entrant to (primarily) use bullet points, especially as that is the main format of the site. I can see why though, this is a writing competition, and the briefness of bullet points don’t really give entrants much of a chance to show-off. It was certainly well-structured; however, it is hard to judge a writing style through the use of bullet points.

  7. Hey guys! Just wanted to stop by and read all this. I was at work when I saw that it was posted and I got excited. I literally just got to my apartment and stole my roommates computer. xP
    Other than stopping by, I want to say good luck to all the competitors! We all seem very diverse in our writing style and if I survive this challenge, I cant wait to see whats next!

  8. Firstly let me say fair play to everyone for doing such a great job first time around, it really shows the new talent we will eventually have here on pokejungle, I cant wait to see the outcome and who will be joing the already great team of pokejungle. Although all of them were fascinating and each article had its pro’s and con’s all of them did a great job but a certain article stood out for me in terms of sheer profession and writing style. I’m keeping my vote to myself as to make the others feel disappointed but all in all well done 😀

  9. Had a fun time reading through these! Just voted~ Can’t wait to see who makes it to the finals…I’m having way to much fun with this then I should have. >:3

  10. #1 and #11 are definitely the best by far. I really like the way the author of the first article talks, he/she should just give more info, but I love how informal it is! The last one is also good but it kind of formal to me. The author does give us the info but one of the things I like the best about PokeJungle is the way you guys talk to us. So I’d say #1!!

  11. Nr11 ftw.
    I mean, already from clicking through them, it looks less like a chunk of text (whichseveral of the others filled with too much rambling and personal speculation with no structure or plan)
    and more like accessible direct info.
    You don’t have to start reading it, you look at it and see the info.

    Of course this doesn’t hold true for any kind of article.
    For new info ala corocoro however its spot-on.
    Judging out the right style for the right article matters too.

    I also love the intro idea from nr6. Giving you a link to appropriate background music for the article XDDDD…

    1. The music was #5!

      I still can’t believe that #11 was the only person who thought to use spoiler tags. I guess it’s a pretty big thing. Do any of the articles on PJ regarding Corocoro use them? I can’t recall seeing any, guess it’s expected that there’s going to be spoilers.

      I like how some of the entries are sort of natural feeling, they seem like you’re having a conversation with them.

      1. Yeah, but when its new information like corocoro, I don’t want to read no damn conversation and subjective text. That’s what random articles and the comment sections are good for :B

        1. I guess it’s a good job you’re not reading the/an actually magazine then? They’re generally written in the same manner. 😉

          1. Nope, this is one of the reasons why… right after magazines not being free/taking up space/poor rainforests.

  12. Eleven gets mad props for utilizing the spoiler feature, and I love the way three is written.

    I’m not such a big fan of the writing style for five, and I feel like six is a bit too long/rambly (that might just be me, though… I have a short attention span, ha ha…)

  13. #1 probably would have been good (the fact it’s organized certainly made it look better than some of the others), but the lack of decent grammar made it unbearable for me… #6 appears to be trying FAR too hard, it doesn’t feel natural in the least . I love the idea for #5 with the music, and that certainly made it stand out. #7 isn’t bad, but it could be better, I think the wording made it a little awkward in a few places. #8 is very well done! #9 has potential… A few things were a little off, but overall enjoyable. #11 seems to fit right in already, in my opinion. Keep it up guys, and good luck to everyone!!

  14. Is 11 winning because he has the “Show Spoiler Button” >.> CMON VOTE 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or 1 or 5 or 7 😛

  15. 1 and 11 absolute favorite! 1 because I felt caught up in the writing. 11 because of hiding the spoilers…smart move whoever you are 😀

  16. Conclusive proof that either us readers like spoiler tags, or alteratively, have short attention spans and like bullet points!

    Seriously though, good show all! The articles were all informative and well written! I thought I would have too few to vote for, but ended up having to leave one of my liked ones out.
    Note that I only voted for you if you got pretty much all the info out of the scans. So even if your writing style is fantastic, you have to squeeze every drop of info out of those scans!

    Personally a combo between 1 and 11 would be perfect…

  17. Make the next article of a different kind than new info :B

    Will the numbers remain the same?

    Otherwise we won’t see whether they change the style to fit the content or stick with something that works for one thing but is awful for another o:

    1. Probably not. We don’t want you guys to figure out who’s who, and giving them a new number lets you focus more on the actual writing instead of the person from the previous challenge.

  18. 1, 6 and 11 for me 😉 They all sound excited as for the eleventh one, he was clearly thinking this through 😉

  19. I think we should be able to quantify (0~10/0~5) how much we liked each post, not only select our faves. Some of them were good in aspects others were not.

    I guess some of them had trouble “forgetting” info to analyze the old leaks, slipped a little and affirmed things they should not know yet (or maybe it’s written there and I don’t know) like the confirmation of accessories being the PokéGEAR or the pokémon following system.

    Others did a great job writing, but either wrote too much (this is supposed to be a news article) or too little (and let some info out). I’d also like to point that although bullet system is very useful, it should not be abused.

    Keep going guys! And remember that even the ones with lower voting can still learn from the feedbacks and win the games.

    May the odds(and the evens) be ever in your favor.

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