Dae asks: Favorite Battle Facility

It’s been a while since the last one, but I’ve been a tad busy last week, so try to forgive me. We are also in the middle of the Jungle Games’ first challenge, so go voting here if you haven’t done already.

They have become a staple of the endgame ever since the release of the Battle Tower in Crystal. Emerald expanded this idea with a varied Battle Frontier, which was one of the biggest selling  points of the game. And Platinum did it again with new Facilities. So, where did you have the most fun battling? Are there ones you totally dislike? And what’s your best streak ever?

I’m going to play some Guildwars 2 now, but I’ll keep on eye out on your thoughts. I don’t need to explain anymore where the comments go. We’re in the middle of organising great stuff for the site starting in a few weeks, so stay tuned for more information.


  1. I love the classic Battle Tower from Platinum etc. The feeling of fighting Palmer with his epic epic music is just surreal and not to mention it gives ur pokemon a hell of a challenge the further into the battles in the tower you get 😀

  2. Battle Factory. The sheer amount of time that has been sunk into my Heartgold over and over, whenever I pick up my DS for a subway ride or sitting in a cafe for a half hour. I know most of the “tier” pokemon at this point, which variety of Garchomp appears on which runthrough, trying my hand at mostly single open level. It is the most fun, to me, as my usual Battle Frontier team only has 7 pokemon that I rotate around, but Battle Factory has many more.

    That being said, it’s hard. I usually make it up to the Factory Leader, but that dude pummels me hard.

    I also hate porygon 2. That stupid thing destroys my teams left and right.

  3. Battle Factory for both Generation 3 and 4! Gosh those were the best ever! Getting random Pokemon and having to battle with them and making strategies were great! I also like the Battle Pike ecause of the Luck Game 😛

  4. Ive always loved the Dome, Factory, and Hall!

    Dome because the competition was always cool and it ranked you aswell. And when Tucker shows up, hes just a boss. xD
    Factory for many a reasons. The strategy is always shifted and that makes for being on your feet when coming up with new strategies.
    Hall because it was just so simple. The leader was cool and all but just the idea of choosing the type you wanna go against and it could be a duel type was interesting. (I also make sure I have something against Shedinja… If not, you’re screwed.

  5. Gen 3- Battle Factory- loved the idea of it, having to battle using pokemon you would never normally use or train…. here i found a few pokemon that i would have never thought to have trained that are now in almost every one of my teams.
    Gen 4- Battle Hall- i find it the most intriguing, knowing what type ur gonna face but not knowing what pokemon it will be and thus having to strategise around the type but also hidden surprises such as choosing water and then getting a water/ground type- its brainwracking but oh so fun to do 🙂

  6. My favorite is the Battle Hall. I’m not even really sure why. Ever since Battle Facilities were introduced, I’ve never liked them. I’m just not that in to battling competitively; I just like training different Pokemon I like. The Battle Hall was the only facility that I ever had a fun time playing any. My Vaporeon triumphed over that place!

    1. I agree, the Battle Hall was easily my favorite. Having never spent much time in the Generation 3 Battle Frontier, I can’t speak much for the facilities there. However, I can’t be the only one who absolutely hates the Battle Tower. Am I right? I think it’s insanely tedious, and the computer has a bad habit of stretching probability in its favor rather egregiously.

  7. The Battle Tower will always be my favorite facility hands down.
    The Battle Factory, Battle Subway, and Battle Arcade are tied for 2nd
    The Battle Pyramid, Battle Hall, and Battle Dome are tied for 3rd

    And The Battle Palace and Battle Hill are the worst. I like the idea of the Pokemon making their own moves from what they see is fit but it can be the hardest facility because of how much it relies on PKMN having the correct natures and moves. The Battle Hill/Trainer Hill was the worst recreation of the Battle Tower ever, case closed.

    1. Also, I remember beating the Crawdaunt in Hax Tower (Gen3) with my Torkoal and Sceptile was one of the biggest accomplishments I ever made as a child.

  8. Okay.
    You asked for it:

    *-Palace. It sounds interesting but its way too boring when you cannot influence the battle after it starts… I don’t think they should try to improve it, cause it’s too flawed.

    **-The Dome didnt use its potential. It already even had that setup with it all being a huge show. All that was missing is familiar faces.
    Something along what they’re doing with that world tournament for BW2 now. Imagine if every other people battling in the dome was a gym leader/E4/champ from the past. Yeah. It would have been equal with the other top facilities of the Emerald frontier.

    **-Tower. Classic. Being able to to doubles with a friend is the coolest part, but its so slow..

    **-Castle. Well it’s interesting, but it lacks something big. Wouldn’t want to see it again unless they expanded it, which I’m sure they can here.

    ***-Arena. Interesting take on battles, but it should have gone even further away from the normal battle formula, or added more factors and scoring ways.

    ****-Pike. Luck game, the usual addictive stuff. It works because its fast-paced :B

    ****-Arcade. It has a Pike vibe to it, but battle focused. Fun 😀

    *****-Factory. Ingenious. It makes you try out all those pokes you may have never used. There is a reason it made a return in PtHGSS, its fun as heck and doesn’t need you to prepare your own anything!

    *****-Pyramid. OMG. This is the other really smart one. It had elements of casual adventure, wild pokes and the levels followed a theme. Also a strategic element of risking to run in the dark hoping to be lucky and find the exit, or slowly enchancing your sight and systematically checking the whole place. I want a return of a facility like this for BW2 more than any other one.

    *****-Hall. You go in with ONE pokemon. And try beating opponents of each type. Awesome 😀
    I loved it how you could choose the order, like eliminating the disadvantages first, or taking out the weak of each first etc. It doesn’t get old as fast from replaying because of this.
    This one would be really welcome in BW2, because battling has changed when BW introduced pre-battle team showing. Meaning pokemon that are ok all-around are useful instead of just one-strategy sweepers and such.
    It made you prepare your (fav) pokemon for as many threats as possible. Good move there gamefreak.

  9. My favorite would have to be the battle hall. It left an impression on me for the short time I played. I kinda suck at all of the battle frontier.

  10. I never really liked them that much, I didn’t use to have the patience to battle there. I’d love if BW2 had these features though.

  11. Arcade. It was so fun to luck out the effects to your advantage, and then fight dahlia the pop chica!

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