Best Wishes Season 2 Anime Details


Here are some of the first details for Pokémon Best Wishes 2:

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  • Ash ‘n crew are traveling to Eastern Unova
  • MeloettA will be accompanying the group
  • Non-Unova Pokémon will appear in the wild now
  • Cynthia and Dawn will both make appearances
  • Ash gets a new rival
  • Giovanni has a huge plan for Team Rocket


< ;3 pokejungleps- We will be starting actual anime coverage with this season!

  1. a legendary with them? weird but sounds good. And a new rival? Well it’s not like the old seasons where he only had one, he had many so far this season anyway so a new one wouldn’t be THAT much special….unless…it’s one of the game characters? (Cheren??) And Pokejungle, there’s clearer and additional screenshots that have surfaced for B/W2 and the pokedex and AR Searcher.

    1. They’re from the official B2/W2 website. Please post them, I have amusing Google Translate stories to tell!

  2. It’s going to be nice seeing how Iris and Cilan interact with the older characters. I imagine Iris will be overjoyed when they run into Cynthia and her Garchomp, perhaps Cynthia helps Iris in reaching her goal to become a Dragon Master. And Cilan might have a hand in helping Dawn make some really good Poffin for her Pokemon.

    Though I wonder, if Dawn was in Hoenn until now, what’s with her arrival in Unova? There aren’t any contests, maybe she’s here for Pokéwood? Or it’s possible she came with Cynthia to take part in the World Championship, since we can see the flag with its logo waving in the background of the poster.

    I haven’t been keeping up with Best Wishes too terribly much, but this sequel series looks like it’ll be a nice one to watch. I hope that’s Ash’s Corphish we see in the poster, maybe he brings it with him and it will finally evolve into a Crawdaunt.

  3. I’m confused, especially since we’re talking about BW2 here. What do they mean by Eastern Unova? North-East like Lunacosa Town, Undella Town, and Black City/White Forest? Or are they going back South-East towards Nuvema Town, Accumula Town, Striaton City, and Nacrene City for some weird reason? And either way, do you think this might hint that Eastern Unova isn’t really frozen in BW2 and it really was just a cover up and will be revealed sometime soon, or is it just different between the anime and the games and the two different states of Eastern Unova are unrelated? Or could they be traveling somewhere else completely altogether that we haven’t seen yet that hasn’t been shown on the map but is still technically considered a part of the Unova region? My brain is exploding, and those are only the location-related questions!

    1. They mean Lacunosa, undella etc…. and im pretty sure its a way of slowing down the process of the anime rather than going off on a filler season they are staying in the region. And y guess is that they go because they find out *some rare pokemon are there* similar to how the whirl island arc began back in johto and then they meet meloetta…. plus it will be a way of incorporating BW2 elements such as shizui who by now i think we have all realised must reside in eastern unova….however i am pretty sure homika is in south western unova so how she incorporates into it i do not know….. and then they will hear of the world tournament run by cynthia and i think we will have a reunion arc with the likes of dawn, misty, brock and others coming back to compete maybe???, only dawn seems to be confirmed but if there was ever an opportunity to make the fans go crazy by bringing back some old favourites this would be the perfect opportunity…all i know is that im am crazy looking forward to this 🙂

  4. Awww I love dawn 🙂 although I wish stupid Piplup would evolve! Only so many times you can hear ‘Piplup – bubblebeam!’ 0.o haha

  5. VERY interesting new screen of Best Wishes 2:

    Some people have cracked a private video on the official site’s Youtube channel and managed to take some screenshots of it.

    A new division of Team Plasma, perhaps? I don’t know what’s going on but this explains that team Plasma grunt in black in an earlier screen from B2W2!

    It’s so exciting to see all of this coming together.


    I’m confused why they are going to Eastern Unova when Opelucid Gym is just a little bit away from Icirrus City, but it’s Ash making the decisions so we already know they won’t make sense.

  7. After thinking for a bit, my theory is Ash and co. Travel to South-West/Eastern Unova because of the ice that is covering everything. That’s why Ash and Homika are battling because he’s looking for an alternative place to get his remaining gym badge. Who knows, he can pull a Gary and get 10 badges ( Shizui, Cheren, and Homika)

    1. OR he can be Ash and pull a “i rly rly rly wanna get a badge please”

      And Homika gives it to him out of pity.

      It would make sense. They are pulling back Gens I through IV elements, and we all know Gen I had Ash gaining badges through… pity. Oh, and bribes (think Sabrina).

      ANNNND THEN, being Ash, leave two gyms unattended where then TRIP will pull a Gary (although Trip is… meh, different?)

  8. on pokemon black website it says that ash will compete in a junior world championship if this i true i think paul will make another apearence. (paul was my favorite rival unlike trip he was a good battler) but seriously trip has lost to bianca and cilan when is he gonna shape up plus i wanna see him and ash have another battle.

  9. i would also like to see iris and cilan get more pokemon like a cottonee for cilan and a druddigon or deino for iris.

  10. They are going to east Unova I think so they can make it like B/W where when you go east the old Pokemon start appearing as well as having the other Gym Leaders from B2/W2 in the Anime but I wonder if they are going to the new area of Unova in B2/W2 where Aspertia City is.

  11. Okay this pokemon series is actually looking like its worth watching i like how they brought back old characters and it looks like ash is going to be traveling in a boat because of the flag pole just like the protagonist from BW2? Just all around i can already tell this series is going to be good… Finally! Noo offense to the anime but i wondered if they finally figures out they don’t have as many viewers as in the past i used to love the anime but i can barely get into this series, hopefully this one will make up for season 1.



    Anyway, I saw lucario. And I go crazy for lucario.

    LUCARIO FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. it’s great to see the group in the epic battle against team rocket to save meloetta and unova, but when will the Unova League Championship take place and will Ash bring back his old friends to compete? After losing to trip in the finals of the recent tournament, it would be great to see a rematch in the semis or the finals. It would be great if we see charizard, infernape, torterra and sceptile among the team of 6 if he has to battle trip in the league championship. that serperior is tough to beat. charizard or infernape would probably win due to experience, but he used pignite and got taken out by frenzy plant after fire pledge narrowly missed. seeing trip use his serperior against alder, i knew he would lose because he wasn’t aware of boufollant’s sap sipper ability which renders all grass-type attacks useless.

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