June 2012 CoroCoro Leaks

It’s that time of the month again, CoroCoro has leaked! Here’s a quicklist of info from the scans:

Page 1:
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  • Cheren replaces Lenora as the Unova Region’s Normal-Type Gym Leader
  • Bianca gives you your starter on behalf of Professor Juniper
  • Nobody knows where N is
  • Team Plasma and the Sages make an appearence in BW2 (I guess they payed bail or something?) . Athough at this point it’s really unclear how important they will be to the storyline
  • You meet Alder pretty early in the game


Page 2:
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  • Homika’s father is an actor in Pokéwood, and faces off against Brycen.
  • The Tyranitar Mecha seen in past scans and videos is part of Pokewood (Play on Hollywood)
  • In Pokewood you pick a certain scenario and make a movie out of it
  • There’s a screenshot from the anime that shows a Golurk VS the Tyranitar Mecha


Page 3:

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  • Professor Burnett is the Professor in Pokemon AR Searcher
  • The new kami trio forms are referred to as their Sacred Beast Formes, whereas their original formes will be referred to as their Incarnation Formes
  • The kami trio keeps their same typing reagrdless of forme change
  • Tornadus’ Sacred Beast Form has increased Defense, Special Defense and Speed
  • Thundurus’ Sacred Beast Form has increased Special Attack
  • Landorus’ Sacred Beast Form has increased Attack


Page 4:

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  • The Pokemon World Tournament lets you battle several old Gym Leaders and Champions such as Cynthia, Gary, Brock, Misty, Giovanni, Volkner, Steven, Lance, Erika, Janine etc.


Page 5/6:

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  • Meloetta will be given away in movie theaters across Japan. It will be lvl. 15, holding a PP Max and know the moves Quick Attack, Confusion and Round
  • Screenshot with the badge case shows that Cheren will be the first gym leader and, like Lenora, will give the Basic Badge to challengers that beat him ((The second badge is looking like Homika’s))


Page 7:

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  • The anime will transition into Pokemon Best Wishes: Season 2 on June 21st. This transition will show the return of Dawn, Cynthia and many Pokemon from older generations. As well as showcase the kami trios new Sacred Beast Formes



P.S. SERIOUSLY loving this game more and more with each passing day! Can’t get over how amazing Bianca and Cheren look with their updated outfits! *___*

  1. hey in the page in one of the scans with keldeo it shows the badge case and the first badge is lenoras gym but cheren apparently replaces her as the normal type gym leader and the second badge looks like homikas badge 🙂

    1. I’m wondering why Cheren decides to be a Normal type Gym leader and move to South West Unova?

  2. Guys everyone else is saying the translation says Brycen has a confrontation with Homika father not that brycen is her father

    1. But that was for BW1.

      Cotton: Any Kami Trio, because of their cloud
      Dog: Probably Keldeo because 4 legged
      2 Legs: Meloetta

  3. Also, I just checked the Japanese and the new formes keep their old typing. Weird that tiger Landorus is still part Flying.

  4. I’m frustrated with the whole “3DS-exclusive forms” thing. I shouldn’t have to buy a 3DS in order to complete a DS game. That being said, these games do continue to look more and more awesome with each new revelation. I’d like to know what order the thus-far-revealed Gym Leaders come in, though. That’d be nice.

    1. People do need to move on to the 3DS because the next generation will be on it. Nintendo is just favoring the 3DS so people will just move on to it already. The beasts forms are not important in the game, so you don’t really need it anyway.

  5. Hmm, awesome so this clears up the gym pattern a little- from the screens surrounding cheren and the badge case shown it looks like he is the first gym leader and that his gym is outside on a ledge???, homika appears to be the 2nd gym leader so im guessing she rsides in the new industrial city shown in the map….from there it looks like its back to burgh, elesa, clay, skyla and then a plane ride to gray mountain for a face off which clears up the ice allowing you to go to shizui’s gym in undella maybe? and then onwards to opelucid for the final badge :)…. that seems to make sense to me…of course just guess wor on the most part but it seems logical

    1. im pretty sure Brycen probably replaces elesa or another gym leader since he the only leader that appears stills

        1. He could easily do both fatima was a coordinator an gym leader brycen never retired from being a actor in the original BW

      1. Possibly…although i dont think brycen is a gym leader anymore….im not sure who the gym leaders will be exactly but im pretty sure that will be the general gist of the order in which you do the gyms (give or take a few changes possiby) because the castelia, nimbassa, driftveil and mistrailton gyms are still visible in the map so id assume they are still functioning as well as opelucid so i think cherens gym will be in the first town north of the starting town since his gym is lirealy on an outside platform… then homikas being in the new purple colored industrial city in the new area and then the underwater tunnel will most likely take you to castelia where you follow the normal route up until mistalton where you take a plane to the mountain on the opposite side (if you look closely there is a pane in the cut out portion of the mountain) and after confronting kyurem after badge 6 im guessing the ice will melt allowing you to go right from nimbassa etting you get to undella for shizui’s gym and then around to opelucid and onwards to the league???

        1. Naaaa I think the dragon gym is no longer a running most likely brycen is still a gym leader just like Blaine he could have also relocated the league also could be else where too now a lot of the older gym leaders are probably replaced or won’t be battled till the end of the game

        2. I doubt the plane would be useable that’s just apart of that city an the ice maybe still accessible to walk through

          1. meh..well have to wit and see but im sticking with my theory- you may be right though 🙂

  6. Oh man the anime is picking up. I stand by what I said before, why is giovanni there? I mean, he has the team rocket logo on his suit for god’s sake.

  7. soo….is anyone gonna mention how this was kinda what someone said was gonna happen in that rumor post the while back?

    1. Nope. just checked, Bianca’s wearing glasses with a totally different design from Cheren’s in the original Black and White. Bianca’s new glasses have entirely red lower rims, whilst Cheren’s was rimless so to speak with a red nose piece…

    1. Except there aren’t any new Pokemon, the adventure does not start in Castelia City, and the protagonists are not 17 years old.

      1. i said coming, as in the process of happening. 1. there are new pokemon (new forms count). 2. i think the castillia city thing was a translation mistake because the japanese name for it sounds like the actual city. 3. we don’t know their age.

          1. Yeah I saw it too, the next badge looks really lumpy.
            Homika, your badge looks deformed.

  8. I’m pretty sure the trainer that you said looks like Brendan, is actually just Steven Stone…

    Also, I have a theory that, other than Steven of course, none of the gym leaders from Hoenn will be included in the Tournament. It’s an optimistic theory, due to my hope that a R/S remake is inevitable. I feel like a remake would be more likely if none of the Hoenn gym leaders were included in this Tournament.

    1. ahah Yeah, I put on my glasses right after I typed that and was like, “Oh wait…that’s just Steven” xD


    2. Why would it be inevitable?

      Im confident gamefreak is smarter and that and will give us a new Hoenn game instead, at least, if not something even better.

      1. Ruby Saphire 1 combined with a new Ruby Saphire 2 in one cartridge or something would ROCK.

      2. I doubt generation 3 will be remade in generation 5 as they was on GBA which is still accessible if you has a DS generation 3 probably be out on a new handheld

  9. Are the Elite Four included in the World Tournament???? Or only the Leaders and the Champions?

  10. Are we missing a few scans? Looking at the far right of the scan with N on it, it appears that there is another page. That missing scan also seems to show the unova region. Maybe the took away some ice, or tells us if it is real.

    1. I agree, it does appear we may be missing a page. The page has the main protagonists on it…hrm.

  11. These aren’t from the BW2 booklet that was coming with this Coro Coro are they? We should still be expecting a boatload of information, right?

  12. Also, I’d think Misty returning in Best Wishes 2 would make a lot more sense than Dawn. We just finished Dawn in Sinnoh.

    1. Misty appeared in Advance Generation from time to time, but May also appeared in Sinnoh for a two parter. It’s tradition. Introduce new female character, cameo from previous female character, previous female character put on the bus and never heard from again.

    2. Well it does make sense at least to some degree. Misty made appearances in the Hoenn saga during the Mirage Kingdom and Battle Frontier arcs, and May appeared in the Sinnoh saga during the Wallace Cup arc, so it’s not too surprising that Dawn would appear during the Unova saga. I will agree that having her make a complete comeback is somewhat strange, but I’m sure we’ll get a good reason for why she’s returning (or at least I hope we will).

    3. It makes sense. May showed up in Diamond and Pearl, and Misty was in Advanced Generation.

      1. Yeah, you’re all right. I was just being nostalgically hopeful, haha. At the very least Dawn deserves a new outfit.

  13. These are leaks from corocoro only right? So we could be getting even more info from the special booklet! 😀

  14. skjdhfgfdsjk I cannot get over how cute Cheren and Bianca look in these games!! I can’t wait for them to come out!

  15. Anybody else noticed the Herdier and some other next to the team Plasma grunts (page with N below his image) also that Minccino found in some grass place on one of the previous videos? and how it was moving? could it be that pokemon will be able to follow you again in this game?

  16. Anyone notice how there’s Team Plasma in the scan with N on it. And one of the sages is there. Maybe they all escaped from Looker.

  17. We’re missing a page in all seriousness. The pic with Cheren, Bianca, and N shows a cut off page that is not in any of the other scans.

    1. Yeah, we are. :/

      But I’m assuming it has no real info on it since the person decided not to take a picture of it and let it spread across the internet like wildfire.

      1. maybe because the spreading of “wildfire” would melt the unova region and reveal all the secrets! ^_^

  18. These games gets better and better with every new info we got, I got so crazy with the Kami trio getting exclusive formes from the AR Searcher that I already added the funds to buy it on launch day in America XD.

  19. cant beleve cheren is a normal type gym leader i thought he was gonna be like blue.

  20. and why do all the gym leaders and champions have only 3 pokemon in the tournament.

    1. That’s probably because you fight them in a battle frontier like location, so their Pokemon are capped at Lv 50 like yours and you don’t gain any EXP, which sucks. Hopefully we get some traditional rematches from the Unova gym leaders.

      One thing I wonder though I wonder though is the gym leaders will come at you in increasing difficulty or if they are all just as hard.

    2. Maby you can use only three pokemon aswel, that way you wil have to choose wisely. They can also give them six pokemon of whom they wil choose three to battle with.

  21. Is this all the info, or can we still expect a couple tiny tidbits?

    Like is anything said about Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus’s forms being interchangeable, or are they exclusive to the method in which they are obtained?

    I assume a potential BW2 member of the trio wouldn’t be able to switch forms at will, or else there would be no need for the AR Searcher, but perhaps the Sacred Beast versions obtained from the e-Shop game would be able too?

  22. just noticed where cheren is theres a picture of him in the trainer school in hiogi city mabye he teaches you to catch pokemon.

  23. By the way, I kinda hope the player characters from BW aren’t forgotten. In the canon, they did in fact become champion and help N realize himself. Wouldn’t it be crappy if they weren’t mentioned at all in BW2? I imagine that Black/White Kyurem will be the result of N’s dragon going through experiments since the player characters have already taken a legendary dragon for themselves. Plus, if the player character supposedly caught Kyurem in BW, does that mean there are multiple Kyurem, or did the main character release it?

  24. Are there more scans? I can see hilda 2.0 just hanging out beside the first scan, being all sneaky and what have you

  25. I hope the returning leaders/champions switches pokemon based on their specialty everytime you battle them… Use a wide variety of pokemons please…

  26. All of this is just Amazing news O____O!! wow wow wow! Look at Cheren being Awesome and Bianca sweet and the Kami trio look great!!! I think I’m getting a seizure >.>

  27. So glad the kami trio have those new forms. Always hated how they looked practically the same just recoloured. There’s a bit of a bigger difference now and I actually might bother using one 😉

  28. Here is my idea for the Elitle Four

    Leonra (Normal)


    Elesa (Electric)


    Syla (Flying)


    Drayden (Dragon)


    Champion: Chili,Cress,Cilan (Triple battle)


    1. It has too many misspelled names.

      I kind of understand if someone mistypes Victreebel or Cofagrigus, but wow.

      The people are kind of random and all previous gym-leaders, which I seriously doubt.
      A few maybe, but for example Drayden, no way. The Dragon gym is too important to go away in the sequel, since the story is still about the legendary dragons of Unova.
      Also they will want to avoid having the same types in a gym and in E4 (unlike Johto where they couldn’t)

      Its also farfetched that they would use 6 pokemon each, when the BW E4 had only 4.

      The trio as champs is the most random guess ever. And I’m very confident old starters will not be in the 300 Unovadex anyway.

      Flygon isn’t even Flying (I know there are sometimes exceptions, but there is no shortage with 300 pokemon) and doesn’t even learn any noteworthy Flying moves.

  29. you guys really need to change the comment section layouts..
    on every post theres replies directed to the wrong person.

  30. Just noticed that on the world championship page, in the matchup screenshot, you can see Koga, Erika, Surge and Blaine too.

    Also on the last page, Cynthia appears in the Best Wishes Ad. I guess she’s reappearing in the anime soon.

  31. I quite like those new formes. Loads better than the original ones. I was never a fan but like the new ones.

    I hope Kasumi will make an appearance in the anime again in the future.

  32. So, if page 1 shows a Team Plasma member in the same Team Plasma uniform as Black and White 1, then does that mean that the people in this pic: http://i.imgur.com/sE5WA.png are a different team? I’m really confused on this one…

    1. The scan refers to the members in the pic as being former Plasma members. This that iff team plasma are back, they are formed by the black-wearing remnants of the previous one. Either that or its a new team. (I’m guessing the former though).
      Some people feel it may be Team Rocket, but with Giovanni’s inclusion in the world tournament it is now VERY unlikely. Normally the boss showing up would give plausibility to this argument, but the fact that he’s just a battle drone who has to still be there after the main story is complete kind of destroys any chances of him being in the main plot. The canon of the world tournament itself is very questionable since…
      A. The gym leaders look as they did in HG/SS when there should of been at least a 4 year time difference (possibly more).
      B. Unova seems to change half of its gym leaders over just two years whilst the rest of the world remains the same after that 4 year minimum time jump.
      C. Giovanni has a freakin’ Team Rocket shirt. Surely he would be arrested! (if the sprite retains the HGSS artwork that is).

      1. Maybe they are just remnants from Team Plasma, or a new Team Plasma or something. Definitely do not think they are Team Rocket, though, that just doesn’t make sense at all.

        And speaking of Gym Leaders and Elite Four, I like how they brought both Giovanni and Blue in, even though they are from the same gym. That probably means that both Koga and Janine will be there, and both Wallace and Juan. They’ll probably have both Iris and Drayden as well if they bring in the Unova Gym Leaders.

        Hrm…if this is 2 years into the future, will Iris have grown up too? I wonder how she will look. I wonder if they’ll even still have the same set up for that gym.

      2. Well they simply didnt bother making new art (these are all the most recent: Misty from HGSS, Steven from RSE etc), just for old characters appearing in a “nostalgic rematch place”
        Obviously Giovanni won’t have a huge freakin R on his shirt in the actual game.

    2. What if they are just a form of high ranking security guards? They kinda have a millitary guard feel to them.

    3. What if the team in black are supposed to be a sort of anti- Team Plazma vs the original Team Plazma. XP…..

  33. So it looks like the rumors from a couple days ago were true!

    This is amazing. I want these games now. XD

  34. I love Bianca’s new look! She definitely looks intellectual compared to her old artwork. As for Cheren, he looks more… bland. But I guess that’s to make him look more Normal-type. And N’s nowhere to be found? Finally! I can have a peaceful adventure now… Oh yeah, there’s the new rival.

    It’s great to see some old Gym Leaders make a comeback despite most of them are from Kanto. Cause I’d like to see Johto Leaders such as Falkner, Whitney, Morty, or Jasmine too…

    1. I don’t think Ash actually gets Samurott. His Oshawott is still with him in the picture, right between him and Samurott. I’m pretty sure Samurott’s only there because they’re showing off all three fully evolved Unova starters. (Notice Emboar and Serperior next to and above Samurott?) I think it’s kinda meant to represent the show “evolving”. You know what I mean? Besides, I don’t think they’d ever evolve Oshawott. He’s kinda to Black and White what Dawn’s Piplup was to Diamond and Pearl. Besides having similar appearances, their personalities are almost identical. And they both have that secondary mascot kind of feel to them. The most I could see happening is them having him evolve into Dewott, and even that seems unlikely. Ash owning Samurott, while awesome, doesn’t seem likely.

  35. It seems that Cheren doesn’t have a gym, he’s just standing on that rising or am I just missing something?


    1. As long as its full of beam attacks that explode, wannabe intelligent talk that only gets half of the type advantages right, and trainers yelling the utterly pointless commands to avoid incoming attacks… it will remain a low quality show in my eyes.
      I mean, compared to the potential the franchise offers for it. I have not felt in a single episode like the makers of the anime have played through a pokemon game and/or/because they enjoyed it.

    2. Actually, they just put the three evolved starter forms. Oshawott is still clearly there.

  37. So many amazing things here.

    Who would have ever expected the Kami Trio to get new forms?

    And with Brock being in these games, he might return to the anime again. I guess we’ll see.

    Very much looking forward to the release of these games.

  38. I think the world championship idea is very good. Hmm, I wonder who among the champions like Cynthia and Lance will win?

  39. Love how Bianca has the glasses now instead of Cheren, it suits her. Also love how you can see that they aged. <3 All this information is…MIND BLOWING. hnnnnnnggggg I can't wait. Gah seems like we wont get much information on N until the games are released ;m;

  40. God Dawn still didn’t evolve Piplup? And she didn’t bother to make a return with a new outfit? She’s been wearing Tge same clothes for almost 2 years now that’s just disgusting.

    I’m surprised no one has noticed the problem with the Workd Tournament, it’s badass and everything but it doesn’t make sense.

    How is Giovanni there if he’s not a gym leader anymore, and he left to god knows where after losing to Red. And how is Steven there of Wallace is Champion ? It’s confusing but it’s still super cool nonethelesd

    1. Also if all old gym leaders and champions ( making 45/46 if you count Wallace) are the contestants, why was Akuroma shown being a participant if he’s neither?

    2. There goin by the original games of each generation so Wallace would still be a gym leader in R/S an Giovanni would be a gym leader in R/B blue too over in G/S makes since now the 3rd game of a generation didn’t become canon to the series till gen 4

      1. On the timeline , G/S/C/HG/SS happen 2 years after the events of R/B/G/Y so if they totally ignored that, Lance would just be an elite four member, Red would be champion not Blue/Green/Gary, and Blue/Green/Gary wouldn’t be a gym leader yet either.

    3. Is it confirmed that the World Tournament is specifically for all Gym Leaders from other regions? Obviously, that’s kind of the upshot of it all, but in the game, it could just be described as a tournament for the strongest trainers in the world. In the years since we saw them last, many of these trainers may have moved on from their gyms (we know that at least a few of the Unova leaders have), but they come together because of this huge tournament. That’s why we see Steven, Giovanni, etc.

  41. I felt bad for Cheren at the end of black and white. The whole reason Bianca, Cheren, and the protag left on their journey was to find their calling in life. Bianca found her’s as professor Juniper’s assistant. Cheren got nothing except the knowledge that life isn’t about being powerful. I’m glad that in this game he seems to of found what he wants to do.

    Lets hope its random and doesn’t mean wild Zubats. We’re not ready for that yet D:

    But… theyve been on the east side of Unova in BW…we are screwed.

  43. bianca looks nice but cheren looks boreing. i dont understand the logic in makeing him the first gym leader or a normal type leader. what happend to his starter his monkey his liepard, gigalith and haxorus. prefer old cheren, plus whats with bianca getting glasses and cheren loseing glasses, and dont like his pink checks.

  44. wasent we supposed to have a pamflet thing with loads of info about black and white 2. and has anyone traslated all the text.

  45. Well, I personally love Cheren’s design. I presume that Lenora’s gym is now just an official museum, maybe it has expanded?

    Anyway his updated character design shows development all by itself, apart from the longer hair i think it’s really cute how he put the effort into wearing a tie; i think it shows that he takes his new role as a gym leader seriously. In one screenshot it seems he’s standing outside the trainer’s school? I presume he’ll be the ‘tutor’ for the early portion of the game? I’m happy with that, it means we get to see him interact with Bianca more (I’m totally shipping them)

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