Kami Trio to get new forms?! (June 2012 CoroCoro Cover + Alleged Details)

Poster on 2ch claims: (RUMOR)

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  • Brock and Giovanni appear in CoroCoro
  • Cheren is a gym leader
  • Kami trio formes are available through the AR Searcher 3DS app
  • Movie area is called Pokéwood (A play on ‘Hollywood’)


This part is also not confirmed, and is from a different source:

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  • Blue, Lance, Misty, Steven, Volkner will appear  in the game.
  • Brock and Giovanni are supposed to appear in some sort of battle facility “Like Cynthia.” The poster has now elaborated that there is a World Tournament facility that allows you to fight gym leaders from all over the world (seriously though, take this with a pinch of salt until further scans come up, we could just have a troll on our hands).


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ps- Who knows when the next scans will leak do keep checking back!

  1. I knew theyd improve the kami plot in some way, but different look… didn’t see that coming O:

    I like their initial designs despite everyone hating them like a pest, but lets hope this will make those people stop complaining, eh?

    1. Thundurus has an Eastern Dragon look to it, so they may not all be birds. Tornadus is. Thundurus may be a Dragon, and Landorus may be some land based animal.

      1. -the ice that (maybe) is covering unova
        -somehow kyurem changing into resh/zek (and kyurem is in the game cuz he was in the intro)
        -the absence of the old characters so far
        -now the kami trio are now having new forms

  2. If true, I would be extremely happy because I effing hate the original designs. I know they aren’t the first Pokemon to reuse the same design with minor tweaks (Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf anyone?), but they were just “blargh”. lol They were a bit too humanoid I guess, I like my legends beasty/dragony/etc. lol

  3. I have a feeling that..there will be a fourth Kami Trio flying pokemon called Tordii and the type is Electric/Flying

  4. So the silhouette Pokemon is a Thundurus.
    Can’t wait, hopefully this issue will reveal even more forms. Being fighting types, I always thought the Musketeer trio should have bipedal forms of some sort.

      1. Unless the silhouette was some crappy beta art, I really doubt its Tornadus. The head thing still makes no sense, its not safe to assume it will have a bird body at all (its chest looks humanoid as ever to me), and neither do the wings match any more than any previously suspected pokemon.

        I hate it how serebii is so damn certain about it when there is no way to tell for sure. -___-
        And then, like always, other sites pretend the silhouette mystery is solved just like that too……

        1. I thought the wings matched. There are also the spikes on the silhouettes head, which could be the moustache and antenna things on Tornadus.
          But of course, we can’t be one hundred percent sure. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  5. I might be wrogn but that is just a theory.A Game Theory

    Anyway..if this is true then i am going to bet the Kami Trio will have the same type as before

    1. Okay, I’ll admit, I like this a LOT better than Ho-Oh.
      If the rumor about needing a 3DS to unlock these forms is true, though, I’ll be very frustrated. I don’t want to have to buy an entirely new system (and an entirely new peripheral on that entirely new system) just to unlock three alternate forms. I know Nintendo likes to stretch its fans’ money, but that’s just ridiculous.

      1. Well Nintendo is still trying to push people towards buying a 3DS… It’s really a great marketing ploy to make exclusive forms that one could only get if they own a 3DS. The 3DS is already the inevitable next system that the 6th generation will most likely be on… It’s time to move on from a normal DS.

        (This coming from someone who already owns a 3DS.)

  6. Only question now running through my head is HOW THE EFF is Gamefreak going to explain THIS new form Change. Kyurem’s made some sense in the “Fans demanded Kyurem to be related to the other two” but…the Kami’s is reaching into the random hat and pulling out rainbows.

    1. I’m pretty sure that GameFreak would fully design a Pokemon from the very beginning. They keep the plan stowed away in secret, that certain Pokemon will get new forms. It only makes sense to me that they would be planning the third version of a game just along side the first two – especially when these ones are direct sequels and not just a third version.
      I trust GameFreak, and I don’t think they just pull these new forms out of no where due to fandom demand or pointless reasons. They usually know what they’re doing.

      1. Ya….no they don’t. They do take in Fan consideration hence polls every now and then.

        Still its very random choice. Even though fan speculation put a possible third game (Back when we thought about Grey) as Landorus as the Mascot or Cobalion and apparently both trio’s may play a part in this story.

        The Muskedeers are in the opening sequence (Although the Kami aren’t)

        Still wanna see how they plan on explaining the random Kami upgrade.

        1. So… taking in “fan consideration” made them decide to make two sequel games so that Kyurem could forms that relate to Zekrom and Reshiram. I don’t think so.

          Any video game/movie/book/etc. is usually planned out very thoroughly from the start. These sequels were most likely planned somewhere through the production of Black and White. The story in Black 2 and White 2 is probably going to be even more complex than that of the first games. If they’re giving the Kami Trio new forms, it was definitely planned and not “random.”

          1. Unless they play some part in the story, yes that was pulling crap from a hat. Gamefreak: Lets see we need to add some new forms…who shall it be? *Pulls names from hat* OK Tornadus, Thundorus, and Landorus!

            These three getting a new form can’t be any more of a random selection if someone even tried.

  7. Tornadus’ new forme definitely looks better than his original design, reading more like a Flying type than ever.
    I’m curious what new redesign will befall my fave Kami, Thundurus.
    So far five bouts of new, Platinum still has it beat with seven.
    I’m hoping they really use the size of the DS cart to its fullest potential and really splurge on the forme total. Gamefreak, keep the awesome coming.

    1. If you look closely in the bottom corner, you can see Thundurus’ new form. It appears to have large clawed hands surround by clouds… But that’s really all you can see. He also a bit of a more streamlined design.

    2. Well, at least the forms are spread out over more Pokemon this time. I’ll be happy with the 5 we have I guess, but I wouldn’t mind if they wanted to match Platinum (or add in even more). Toss in the “Original Dragon” as a combined form for Kyurem and then give Keldeo a new design to make it look less like a horrible lightbulb-headed, pig-nosed My Little Pony ripoff. xD

      I’d be ecstatic!

    3. Except for being airborne we CANNOT know what it means to be a real flying type, because there has not been any without another main type before. And unfortunately Tornadus shares its design with 2 pokemon that are not main Flying… well until the formes will have major differences visually, which only THEN will give us the first real clues as to what a true Flying type even means.

  8. im getting a centurion vibe from thundurus…and tornados becomes a bird because of flying then what would landorous’ form be?

  9. Awesome I’m glad they decided to finally involve them in somthing interesting

  10. LOL look at Tornadus trollin’ us, being the actually silhouette. These games just keep on getting better and better.

  11. Guys the person who leaked the cover has stated that Brock. Giovanni, cheren and Bianca are in the magazine!

    Check serebii

  12. Also serebii is reporting that the new corocoro will feature Cheren, Bianca, BROCK, AND GIOVANII.

    So is those bad guys actually Team Rocket!? And what is Brock doing in Unova!?

    1. I did wonder that when I saw them in black outfits. I’m hoping for a Rocket-Plasma face off, and now a lot more formes, especially as no one expected these three due to no placeholder being found. Keldeo could have a ‘grown-up’ forme, there are a lot of Pokémon that would benefit from new formes, the starters for one to give them extra typing, though I doubt that would happen.

    2. Maybe this new evil team is a merge between Team Rocket and Team Plasma? If that’s the case I wonder how they’ll explain it in the games?

    3. The black outfit guys were team plasma. They had the typical X pattern on top of their hoods just like in the white uniforms.

      1. besides, team Rocket is way to simple “bad guys” for the deeper plot of Unova and TPlasma.
        Well except for the part that helped creating Mewtwo… which then reminds me of the energy tubes on Kyurem..

        In other words,
        while I could see some secret special rocket scientists (xDDDDD) coming over to artificially add Kyurem a fake generator tail, causing the formes,
        I seriously doubt typical mass of rocket grunts would make any serious appearance.

  13. I HATE LEGENDARIES. I never use them and I will never use them.
    I just wish there would be 4-5 legendaries each generation.

    1. That makes no sense.

      First off you have to understand that there distinct differences between legendaries, you can’t just put them all in one box because of a broad classification.

      -there is the big real legends, who are insanely strong just from having huge stats (~680), usually being mascots, and having important plots.
      Id understand your hate for these because they are another league and crush normal pokemon.
      -but then there is also the weaker legends (~600), which are either a plot related trio, or simply special strong rare pokemon (heatran, latis etc). HAting these outright makes no sense unless you hate all the non-legendary pokemon who have just as good stats. So these weaker legendaries are basically like Tyranitar, Metagross & co, just without weaker stages.

      Besides some legends are horrible competitively (Entei), while normal pokemon can be broken (Excadrill)…

      so I leave you wit the message of this generation: the world is not just black and white.

      1. I hate all those legendaries. I don’t care about their stats, i don’t care about what place they have in story. I just hate them. I think they’re useless, they’re stupid and they shouldn’t exist. This is my opinion, those are my feelings. You think my hate makes no sense? That makes no sense.

        1. Meaning if say Raikou had a weaker stage and wasn’t called a legendary, you wouldn’t hate it.
          Yea you are making complete sense.

          1. I wouldn’t want Raikou to be non-legendary. Let’s say Heatran is a non-legendary, I would hate it all the way. You don’t seem to grasp my idea and I’m not expecting you to do so.

            In addition, there’s no general consensus about which feelings make sense and which don’t. You can hate something or love something. Anyone can hate something or love something. You have no right to judge people’s feelings. Don’t be hypocrite and look what have you written about this generation’s message!

        2. Your hating legendaries has absolutely nothing to do with this article. This article is about new formes for old legendaries, not an actual legendary discussion. If you don’t like legendaries, well whoop-de-friggin’ doo, NO ONE CARES. I don’t like Farfetch’d. Don’t hear me @%?©™ing about it, do you? If you don’t like them, don’t use them, but don’t whine at us. Also, if you don’t want people to contest your opinions, then keep them to yourself.

          1. We’re on the internet. Point of the internet and these boards are entitling our opinions. So I entitled my opinion about legendaries under a post about legendaries. If you don’t care about people’s opinion why are you visiting those comment sections?

    2. Though I wouldn’t quite word it that way, I agree with you to some extent lol.
      I think legendaries should go back to being rare and not essential to the main plot. It used to be fun stumbling upon them or hunting down the clues. Of course even back then I’d put it in my computer straight after catching them and never use them again, but I always enjoyed the mystery hunt at least lol.

  14. …When they said back when BW were announced that 5th gen would redo the formula, they weren’t kidding. I guess BW were just one last Red & Blue, and then the next titles were what proved them right.

  15. Imagine new formes for all Pokémon? As if they changed or adapted to new environments etc.? Wishful thinking…?

  16. Hmm…Kami trio birds.

    That’s not expected. But hey, if it’s true, I guess that’s kind of cool.

  17. I mean they’re part Flying types lol, no wonder they couldn’t reveal anything on that bird because they were trying to hide it lolz I love the Speculation Game.

    Oh my sweet god…..
    Landorus is so damn ugly, he’s lost 75 man points right there.

  18. I wonder what they’ll be based on. Tornadus is a bird. Thunderus – Garuda? Maybe a Griffinesque form for Landorus?

  19. O_O

    I was not expecting that. I mean, I half expected them to pull a SE Pichu on us an make a new form but Tornadus -> bird is not what I was picturing. How odd.

    And it seems weird that would even make new formes. Why didn’t they put placeholders for them like they did with Kyurem? This means the Kami trio can’t be traded to BW in their bird forme.

    It’s actually kinda funny when you think about it. When we were all arguing about what bird that silhouette was, I don’t think anybody was picturing Tornadus’s face on a bird. XD

    1. This is so true 🙂 Everyone was in a war over Ho-oh or Articuno now everyone was wrong 😛 Good ol Tornadus XD and they didnt have place holders because that was based off black and white so chances are that the new forms in black2 and white2 wont be compatible with the originals.

      1. But why wouldn’t there be placeholders? Kyurem has placeholders, and Giratina, Rotom and Shaymin all had them in DP.

        1. Probably because these forms were not planned when BW was released. They could’ve been conceived as a “Searcher” tie-in or a last minute addition.

    2. Yeah, I doubt anyone would have seen Tornadus coming.
      That said, Articuno didn’t quite match up either.
      Now that the whole “plaCehoLders R GoDD!!11” thing is gone and dead, we can all enjoy pondering possibilities for these games. I knew it was never as set in stone as some suggested.

  20. Well with Tornadus and all only being available in these forms with the AR searcher game ,and pictures of ralts after being caught in the AR game, and the previous rumor ignoring the ralts family I think that that was only a small bit of the rumor or it was fake.

  21. Can someone who understands japanese please tell me what the text says above Black Kyurem?
    If its pokemon related, then the shadow behind it could be as well (note it has the same pink outline as Tornadus btw).

  22. Heres a guess about why there was no data indicating formes for these:

    maybe they are not actual formes (as in seperate stats or anything), but just a visual overhaul with only the sprite being replaced.

    1. You know, I just think we were abiding to this whole placeholder thing way too much. In the end stuff like that will always be overridden by creative freedom.

  23. Huh??? “Giovanni” and other old Gym Leaders in a Battle Facility??? So we can battle them?

  24. Pokebeach.com says:
    “Apparently the facility is called “World Tournament.” It seems you’ll be able to battle every previous Gym Leader and Elite Four Champion there.”

    1. I’m afraid they have it wrong. So long as they’re looking at the same source, what it actually says is that Brock and Giovanni seem to be running a kind of facility LIKE Cynthia.

  25. I really hope that Cheren will be a Dark-type gym leader it seems to fit him very well, especially since he had that Liepard in BW.

  26. This World Tournament would be excellent, then I could finally see Tate & Liza with a Gallade and Gardevoir respectively!

  27. My new thought is that maybe… just possibly… these new formes could be female but my plan is flawed when thundurus looks NOTHING like a female… but then again I could be wrong

  28. With a higher contrast and brighthness the silhouette looks like a three headed dragon in my opinion. Maybe it’s an alternate form for hydreigon or the ‘original dragon’ , but its three brown prominences seem dragon heads to me, scans will tell…

  29. The new kami trio forms seem at least better than the previous identical sprites!!! However, I don’t think that was the silhouette on that thing for the 3ds, to me it seems more like an Articuno…

  30. Tornadus’ new forme looks awesome. Can’t tell what Thundurus and Landorus’ new formes are supposed to be, though.

  31. I believe that it’s true. The bird silhouette featured in AR Searcher matches Tornadus’ new form, if I remember correctly.

  32. looks kinda weird but tornafus looks better than it’s original form. but it’s kinda difficult to see landorus because tornadus and thunderus are covering his body.

  33. “Brock and Giovanni are supposed to appear in some sort of battle facility “Like Cynthia.” The poster has now elaborated that there is a World Tournament facility that allows you to fight gym leaders from all over the world (seriously though, take this with a pinch of salt until further scans come up, we could just have a troll on our hands).”


    1. I hope so too. Maybe they’ll do something like Pokemon XD, where they’ll have a colosseum with multiple rounds where each leader is fought at the end of that round.

      1. That’d be cool. To be honest though, I don’t care all that much in what way they do… as long as this type of feature happens, I’ll be a happy camper! Also hoping Cynthia returns, though I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. 🙁

    1. Greek mythological creature fused with a Japanese Deity?
      Hmmm…that would be, er, interesting I guess lol.

  34. Remember a BW rumor back in the day that we’d get like a Bird, Turtle and some other Land creature, a Lion maybe, or something else. But definitely a Bird and two other creature trio? Well this may be them. The Kami Trio’s new form. Funny how things work out.

    And the AR thing. I thought Sugimori was pulling our buttons by not saying anything but he was actually keeping a secret haha.

    And I’ll have to agree with PokeBeach’s female form theory.

    1. You probably mean Masuda, not Sugimori.. or what are you referring to?

      And the female theory holds no water.
      The bras (wtf.) are on the original designs, and these still look like the most masculine pokemon ever what with the muscles and moustaches………..

  35. Why would Giovanni be in a battle facility with the other gym leaders? Do they not know he is a criminal.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Its hard to tell if there is any truth in these rumours at all.

  36. I’m starting to believe that this cover is a hoax.

    I mean it was weird as hell from the start (but corocoro covers are always a huge mess of flashy bits), but for example, examine the bottom and left edges…

    1. You’re always such a pessimist Charon lol.
      Honestly though, I really doubt this cover is fake. It looks and reads really legit.

  37. Was the “world tournament” thing confirmed or something? People on Bulbagarden forums are talking like it is…

    1. Probably because, being a member there, someone said that people should talk about it like it IS true until conformation is made

    2. It’s most definitely not 100% confirmed yet and IMO quite unlikely. It’s too good to be true in some ways, though I’ll keep my fingers crossed. The guy who posted that info came across as a bit jerky in the way he wrote too. Make sure the bulba-guys know this.

        1. What is difficult is telling fact from truth. The guy who posted the cover was the one who mentioned Brock/Giovanni, hence that much is likely true. The other guy however may have just been an opportunist, making up lies that seem backed up by the stuff the first guy kindly posted for us.
          It could all be true though, for all we know! 🙂 I hope is is.

  38. From the picture of Tornadus, i am not really feeling it right now. If these are indeed the real scans, i hope they show (and i’m sure that they will) the forms in full. Thundurus looks alright but again, i have to see the full form. Over all, fifth generation is turning out to be very interesting. One of my favorites overall actually.

  39. So if the ice is real. The following people survived(LOL)
    Alder, and more

  40. Gosh Cheren is adorbs. But where are your glasses, boy?? And saldjhkfgfdgjkd Bianca why are you so cuuuuute??

    Small question, though: didn’t Giovanni, ya’know, jump to his death in HGSS…? How is he still around now? (Unless I COMPLETELY misinterpreted the time-travel cutscenes…)

  41. Found the really old rumor I was talking about:

    [The three legendary silhouettes will be revealed… One looks like “cotton” (lol wtf?), one looks like a dog, and one is standing on two legs.]


    I guess it hold no base since all of the Kami Trio look like cotton. But if Landurus and Tornadus end up being a dog and something with two legs, here we go lol.

  42. hey in the page in one of the scans with keldeo it shows the badge case and the first badge is lenoras gym but cheren apparently replaces her as the normal type gym leader and the second badge looks like homikas badge 🙂

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