New English BW2 Trailer + Name Change?


A new English trailer for Black & White 2 has been released. Not much has been show as for footage but there is some interesting fact.

It appears that Achroma’s name has been erroneously revealed before as Corless. The in-game footage of the trailer says Colress instead. Colress doesn’t sound too obvious that it is adapted from colourless, and has an easier pronunciation. I doubt the footage has a typo, and I believe the press release earlier was incorrect. However, the trailer also says familar instead of familiar, giving the Pokémon PR-team a rather unprofessional look. It could be that the footage features preliminary translations, but the press release being incorrect is more likely.  Hopefully the official site will update soon with the correct info, and we’ll bring you the news as soon as we have more clarity.

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